It was a direct flight to Zhonghai. This time, Yang Chen could finally board business class, since he booked the ticket himself instead of the company.

It was his second time boarding a plane with An Xin, but she wasn’t working as a stewardess this time. She slept on his chest like a lazy cat, ignoring the weird gazes she received from the people around.

Yang Chen sighed as he looked at the business class food, since he didn’t have the space to eat when An Xin was lying on his body.

If his thoughts were broadcasted to the other male passengers on the plane, it was safe to say that they’d be willing to switch their lunches with Yang Chen’s woman.

After a few hours, they arrived at Zhonghai. Due to different time zones, it was only afternoon there.

The two didn’t bring any luggages. Walking to the exit of the airport, Yang Chen planned to take a cab home, since he came to there by bus earlier. He asked, “Why don’t you go back with me? I’ll send you home after that.”

An Xin shook her head. “No need, it’s not like I can’t take care of myself. I know that you’ve starved for the entire afternoon on the plane. You should quickly go back to eat.”

“So you were awake the whole time. I should punish you by spanking your butt,” Yang Chen said gloomily.

An Xin pouted. “We were going to be separated again. I don’t know when a heartless man like you would be willing to play with me again. I had to lie on your body for a while more of course.”

Yang Chen got speechless. He had the urge to bring this chick home, but this would obviously cause the explosion of a certain iceberg, so he dismissed the thought.

After hugging An Xin lovingly, Yang Chen left the airport while she boarded another cab.

Yang Chen came to the parking lot of Yu Lei International to retrieve his car before driving back to the villa in Dragon Garden.

He didn’t feel that there was anything unusual at the airport, but he wished to quickly rush home when he was driving.

The feelings of yearning and joy were too intense, causing Yang Chen to step on the accelerator particularly hard.

Yang Chen could finally feel that he had treated the place as his home. In other words, he subconsciously looked at the two women at home as his family members.

He recalled how he forced himself to bring up the divorce to Lin Ruoxi around two weeks ago. Currently, he didn’t have the intention anymore.

In Japan, the moment he killed the fake ‘Seventeen’ with his own hands, Yang Chen finally realized people couldn’t be resurrected after dying.

The slap he received from Jane made him understand he certainly shouldn’t dwell in the depressing past.

Since it was so hard for him to give up that person in his heart, why should he give her up now for the unpredictable future?

However, the problem in front of him was also very obvious—how was he supposed to take back his words, before calming Lin Ruoxi down?

Evidently, she wouldn’t shed a tear before she saw the coffin, not to mention her stubborn personality. It seemed much harder for him to make her accept him now than before.

[TL note: 不见棺材不掉泪 (not shedding a tear before seeing the coffin): Refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality; resolute.]

She isn’t even picking up one of my many phone calls. Is she silently cutting off all relations with me in the future?

As he pondered about these headache-inducing problems, he arrived outside the villa of Dragon Garden.

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