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Wu Liangzhu’s malicious gaze allowed Lin Ruoxi to understand the situation!

Yang Chen consumed something similar to sleeping pills. It was a trap planned beforehand!

Little Liu who was drinking with Yang Chen walked to the exit of the room and guarded there, to block Lin Ruoxi from leaving.

The deputy director and union president revealed a perverted look as well. Greedily, they stared at Lin Ruoxi’s beautiful face and bosom.

“Elder Brother, this chick is too damn hot. We still get to entertain ourselves with such a beautiful chick. Will we get reluctant to leave in the future?” Meng Hao asked with a smile before licking his lips.

“We should just tie her up and bring her with us!”

Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth and gazed upon the few people furiously. “They aren’t even the employees from the factory, are they?!”

Judging from the aggressive looks they displayed, it was evident that they wouldn’t be intellectuals who could manage a huge factory. No wonder when Meng Fan was asked to present the accounts, he looked utterly clueless. He was a fake accountant!

“Did you just notice this? It’s a bit too late.” Wu Liangzhu stood up proudly and used an arm to support his body on the table while using the other to tidy his hair up. “Lin Ruoxi, you came to us yourself. I would’ve fled long ago if you simply sent someone over. However, since you came here personally, I might as well enjoy myself.”

Lin Ruoxi’s heart shivered. She forcefully pushed Yang Chen who was beside her, hoping that he’d wake up. However, Yang Chen directly fell onto the ground and remained unconscious.

“It’s useless. He got drugged. He’ll be sleeping for at least an hour or so. You were supposed to be the one unconscious, but who knew this idiot would drink the liquor on your behalf. Well, it’s great either. Either of you fainting is a good thing to us.”

Seeing that Wu Liangzhu walked towards her, Lin Ruoxi quickly stood up and took two steps back. Cautiously, she looked at him and yelled, “Wu Liangzhu, if you dare to do anything inappropriate, I’ll see to it that you will be put in the prison for the rest of your life!”

“Haha! Prison?” Wu Liangzhu let out an evil smile. “After I’m done with you, I’ll immediately bring my brothers out of the country. How would you still have the time to catch me?”

“So the money was stolen by you...:” Lin Ruoxi finally understood why the wages weren’t distributed, not to mention so much profits disappeared into thin air. It was all part of Wu Liangzhu’s plan to escape abroad! Although it wasn’t known where he was going to, as long as he managed to leave silently, it would be really difficult to catch him again.

Furthermore, Wu Liangzhu evidently had been planning for his escape long ago. He may have built a foundation in another country. This would further decrease the likelihood of his repatriation.

Wu Liangzhu snorted in contempt. “Bitch, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have to take such a huge risk to steal money and escape. All of this is because of you. This is karma… You landed in my hands at last.”

Lin Ruoxi finally felt afraid when she noticed Wu Liangzhu’s hostile gaze. No matter how calm she usually was, she was still a young lady after all, not to mention she was rarely involved in social events. Facing four of these atrocious fellows, Lin Ruoxi couldn’t stand still anymore as her legs softened.

“Just what did I do that made you hate me so much…” Lin Ruoxi didn’t understand his intention. Why did he intentionally come for me? Logically speaking, since he had everything in place to leave, he should’ve fled earlier. Why did he stay because he heard I was coming?

Wu Liangzhu’s eyes were filled with blaze of anger. Revealing a wicked smile, he asked, “Do you still want to act ignorant? Think carefully about how you treated our family three years ago…”

Three years ago?

Lin Ruoxi contemplated the past. Frowning, she said, “I bought Liangyu Garment owned by your family three years ago, and changed it to Yuping Garment to go under Yu Lei International. But can that even be considered the reason why you hate me?”

“Bitch! What do you know!” Wu Liangzhu shouted. “Do you know that Liangyu Garment was built by my grandfather together with his brothers in their generation! Ever since i was a boy, I witnessed my grandpa and father work so hard for factory and get sick in the process. My grandfather collected pebbles to build the pebble walkway in the factory. The tree which stands at the factory was grown by my father and I. All of this was a result of our family’s hard work! Before my grandfather died, he told me to take care of this business properly. I mustn’t let anything happen to it…

“I had been working so hard to ensure this factory to pass down to the next generations, only then would I feel worthy for the efforts of the past two generations.

“Three years ago, when the economy wasn’t doing so great. I was forced to take up a loan of a few million bucks, so that I could get some cash flow to allow the business to continue operating.

“What about you? Being the dignified CEO of Yu Lei International, you exploited your connection with the local government and banks to give our loans pressure, to force us to merge into the low-level factories of Yu Lei International. Otherwise you wouldn’t stop troubling us!

“Why didn’t you build your own factories if you want to develop Yu Lei? Why did you have to devour this business built on top of our family’s sweat and lives? Was your conscience tainted by dogs?! Do you know that the mayor and party committee secretary all came to our house because the government wants to establish a good relationship with you, and forced my father to finally decide to pass the factory to Yu Lei International?!

“In that same year, my father died from his sickness. Before he died, he told me to not deal with you, since I can never defeat you… That’s right, I certainly can’t defeat you. In this society, whoever’s the richest rules. As long as Yu Lei wants to invest and expand, even the party committee leader in Zhonghai has to obey you to a certain degree, let alone the government in charge of our district…

“But so what if that’s the case? At the end of the day, you’re still a monster that swallows the bones together with the meat!!!”

Wu Liangzhu was so furious that his face reddened. At last, he smiled disdainfully. “I made a mistake. How would a beautiful lady like you be a monster… In the past three years, I thought of every possible way to hide almost half of all the money. Needless to say, I took more this year. The amount of money is enough to let me live comfortably for the rest of my life abroad. You caused the Wu family to lose our pride. We’re forced to work under your feet like stray dogs… In the end, haven’t you eventually landed in my hands?”

After listening to his story, Lin Ruoxi had calmed herself down, while sorrow appeared in her eyes.

“It’s not what you think it is…” Lin Ruoxi said. “I’m very sorry for your father’s death. Believe it or not, when I decided to purchase your family’s factory, all I thought was such a small family business like yours, which was stagnant in development, like a headless mosquito, was better off coming under Yu Lei International, to integrate into our management. Also, if I wanted to build my own factories, not only would I waste resource, it would be ineffective as well, not to mention your factory would similarly go out of business if we built our own factories.

“I only tried my best to invest rationally… I didn’t think that the leaders and banks here would treat you that way because of a sentence I said. That really wasn’t my intention. I didn’t force you guys to sell your factory. It’s their fault for doing it, I was completely unaware of their doing.”

“Humph, nonsense! At the end of the day, if it wasn’t for you, why would the shameless officials treat our family that way?” Wu Liangzhu shouted angrily.

“But you should’ve noticed how the factory has been developing for the past two years. Following the route I planned, the number of employees has more than quintupled. The profits the factory yields increased from a few million to hundreds of millions, not to mention Yuping Garment is already the biggest clothing manufacturer in the district. Wasn’t this what your ancestors wanted?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Wu Liangzhu burst into laughter. “Are you really dumb or are you just acting? Yuping Clothing… What I, my grandpa, and my father wanted was Liangyu Garment! Liangyu Garment! It was what belonged to our family! We want our pride, not your rusty machines or useless workshops! As a son, when I witnessed my own father kneeling before the director of a bank, do you know how I felt? You’re cold-blooded. You only know how to expand and earn money. Bitch, do you even understand everything that i have said?!”

His words made Lin Ruoxi widen her watery eyes. She couldn’t speak a word anymore. She didn’t know how to refute these seemingly absurd statements.

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