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This time, Lin Ruoxi didn’t attempt to say anything that adverse, upon hearing Yang Chen’s request of reconciliation. She acted much calmer than before, as compared to Yang Chen mentioning it earlier.

However, Lin Ruoxi stared at Yang Chen for a short while. Jokingly, she asked, “Is it? Since you said nothing was absolute, and everyone makes mistakes, what if you want to divorce me again in the future after I agree? When you claim that you’re afraid of witnessing me die or something like that once more, am I going to wait for you to say ‘nothing is absolute’ again?”

“This… Why would that happen…”

“Nothing’s absolute, that’s what you said,” Lin Ruoxi said in an innocent manner.

“Erm…” Yang Chen frowned tightly as his forehead exuded cold sweat. Why do I feel like I’m always digging holes for myself?

Lin Ruoxi fiercely rolled her eyes at Yang Chen. “Only ask me after you’ve thought it through. I’m not a piece of junk that can be cast aside at will. You’re throwing me away and picking me up whenever you please. Even if you don’t want to break the marriage, I won’t necessarily abide by your decisions. I implore you to think it through.”

Bitterness could be seen on Yang Chen’s face. “No need. Dear, we’ve already gotten so close. Even our house address is the same and we live on the same floor. But you’re still so merciless...”

“That’s my house!” Lin Ruoxi yelled furiously. “Nothing’s absolute. There may come a day where I’m not merciless if my mood is good. Currently, nothing’s stopping me from being merciless. This is what you taught me.”

After Lin Ruoxi finished speaking, she turned her head away and started ignoring Yang Chen.

Yang Chen’s brows had been scrunched up the whole time while he was driving. His mind was a complete mess. Unknowingly, he returned to the city of Zhonghai.

When their surroundings became well-lit again, Yang Chen finally regained his sense of awareness. Driving back to his area, he relied merely on his instinct. It was still safe even when he had other things on mind.

When the car drove by the business district, Yang Chen noticed that although he had dinner, he didn’t take in much food as a result of playing the fainting role in front of the four people. His stomach was currently very empty. He remembered that Lin Ruoxi who was with him, hadn’t eaten too.

He looked at the time. It was ten thirty at night, but quite a number of restaurants were still operating although there weren’t many customers. He definitely couldn’t eat at home. Even if Wang Ma was willing to, Yang Chen wouldn’t want wake her up to make dinner.

As a result, Yang Chen drove his car into an underground parking area.

Lin Ruoxi noticed and asked, “Why are you parking here?”

“To have dinner of course. You only had a few bites earlier. You can’t just go to bed on an empty stomach, can you?” Yang Chen asked.

 Indeed, Lin Ruoxi did feel rather hungry, but didn’t expect to eat together with Yang Chen this late at night. Although she had an unusual feeling in heart,  naturally she didn’t show it.

Walking on the streets, Yang Chen was slowly looking for an appropriate restaurant. He was so attentive that he looked like he was searching for valuable treasure, while Lin Ruoxi was gloomily following behind.

Compared to other couples who walked together, these two certainly looked rather unique.

Moreover, since Lin Ruoxi couldn’t cover her inborn elegance, she received countless gazes from the passers-by. This made Lin Ruoxi have the urge to rush forward to make some conversation with Yang Chen! It was too awkward!

“Hey, are you done looking? Just pick whichever one.” Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but to complain.

Yang Chen suddenly stopped walking. Turning around with a smile, he said, “It’s my first time going to a proper restaurant to have dinner with you. I have to pick one carefully, so that when I look back at this memory, it will be a good one.”

Lin Ruoxi was stunned. She didn’t expect Yang Chen to say something like that.

A proper restaurant?

Lin Ruoxi finally noticed that it had been almost six months now since the first time they met. Although they couldn’t be considered an intimate pair, they were bound to see each other often.

After such a long time, the two who were only married by law, hadn’t had a proper meal together before.

The only time they even had a meal together with no one else, was at the small storefront where Yang Chen brought her to eat crayfish. However, Yang Chen wouldn’t see it as a proper restaurant.

Regarding their move date back then, they only had cakes together afterwards, which couldn’t be considered a meal.

Yang Chen felt rather ashamed as well. Out of nowhere, he said, “Actually when I was previously looking for a restaurant, I thought about many things. I really don’t come across as a pleasant man. I feel that it’s reasonable for you to treat me this resolutely.”

As he spoke, Yang Chen noticed a restaurant serving Hangbang cuisine. He thought the kind of light and fresh dishes should be what Lin Ruoxi liked. Since there weren’t many people inside, it had a rather quiet environment. Without reacting to Lin Ruoxi’s abstracted look, he waved his hand and said, “Let’s go there, quickly before they close.”

The two were basically the last customers the restaurant had, but the server still held a smile and led the two to a table by the window before taking their order.

Yang Chen knew that Lin Ruoxi didn’t like ordering food. Thus, he ordered Songsao fish, Longjing prawns, gladiolus, and steamed pork with dried vegetables, before asking the kitchen to prepare their meal.

The two sat on either side of the table facing each other. They didn’t know what to talk about. Lin Ruoxi had always been a quiet person. With her head lowered, she didn’t feel uncomfortable because of the silence.

However, once Yang Chen got quiet, his mind was filled with various past events, including the little things between the two…

The passionate kiss which felt like glue and paint in the pub followed by the lingering entanglement at night;

On the balcony of the cafe where she treated death like nothing as she demanded him to marry her;

The tenacity and helplessness facing her ruthless father;

Her cuteness of secretly chewing glutinous rice balls on the sickbed;

Her fearlessness when standing up for her employee;

Her tricks to force him into committing to work;

Also her unwavering quality and coldness while obliterating her opponents;

Also her kindness and affection towards children…

Also, also… also her fate of being heavily burdened in addition to her struggling, stumbling, lonely, yet self-enclosed shadow.

Some have said that women were like diamonds. Before being polished, one would never know her true brilliance.

Yang Chen suddenly noticed his thought back then was rather laughable.

Lin Ruoxi could only be Lin Ruoxi. She would never be the other person in his mind. She was one of a kind, just like there wouldn’t exist two diamonds in the world with the exact same pattern after getting modeled. She was so complex that no one could understand her, but at the same time would torture you into thinking about her all the time.

Maybe, even she was unaware that certain relationships in the world didn’t have starting, but only ending points.

As Yang Chen pondered over the past, a few dishes had already been served. Lin Ruoxi lifted her chopsticks to pinch a small gladiolus before putting it into her mouth and chewing away.

Seeing that Yang Chen had been silently gazing upon her the entire time, her cheeks blushed slightly. Fortunately there weren’t many people in the restaurant, so she didn’t feel too awkward.

“What happened to you? Start eating. Didn’t you say you were hungry?” Lin Ruoxi got stared until she felt uncomfortable, especially due to the surging emotions found in Yang Chen’s eyes.

Worried, she thought, Is he making a decision?

Yang Chen took a deep breath. Solemnly, he said, “Ruoxi, although I said nothing was absolute, I guess there are certain things that are destined to be, even if they will never be absolute.”

“What do you mean…”

“What kind of a man do you think I am?” Yang Chen asked with a faint smile. “What I mean is, not as a woman living in the same house, not as a superior in the company, and of course not as a woman who got into the bed because of an accident. Judging solely from the perspective of a woman, what kind of a man do you think I am?”

Lin Ruoxi’s hand which was holding a pair of chopsticks shivered lightly. She didn’t manage to hold them tightly enough, and caused them to fall onto the table. Silently, she looked at Yang Chen’s sincere gaze, trying to piece together what he said.