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Chen Rong’s elder brother?

Yang Chen was shocked for a while. Isn’t that Chen Bo, my former colleague whom I haven’t seen in some time? When he was still working at Yu Lei International, Yang Chen and Chen Bo were colleagues who worked in the same office.

Yang Chen could clearly remember the time that Chen Bo was chased down by gangsters and forced to serve men since he was extremely feminine. He heard that Chen Bo left to become an editor, and he hadn’t seen him since.

Yang Chen and Rose stood up and looked towards the entrance. It was indeed Chen Bo.

Wearing a black jacket, Chen Bo looked a lot more lively than before after cutting his hair short. At the same time, he started growing out his moustache, which made him look more like a man.

However, what surprised Yang Chen more was the lady dressed in red winter clothing who was clinging on to Chen Bo like a child.

The lady had a figure which could rival Rose’s. At the same time, she had snow-white skin while her long hair was dyed slightly yellow, giving her a hint of a Japanese beauty.

“Rongrong.” Chen Bo’s voice had gotten a lot louder than Yang Chen remembered. He didn’t sound like the cowardly man he was back then anymore. Although he sounded gender-neutral, it was the tone of a man. Patting Chen Rong’s head, he said, “Didn’t you say you wanted to meet my girlfriend? Here, this will be your future sister-in-law.”

Sister-in-law? Chen Bo’s girlfriend?

Yang Chen and Rose looked at the person beside Chen Bo out of curiosity. However, they were instantly dumbstruck upon seeing her appearance.

Chen Rong’s face had fear written all over it, with her mouth wide open, as if witnessing something terrifying.

The charming lady smiled faintly and said, “Nice to meet you. I’m Chanel.”

“Ni—nice to meet you too…”

Chen Rong replied in shock. She couldn’t believe that the person in front was Zhou Dongcheng from Dongxing whom she last met at the bloody scene of the banquet!

Of course, she was the lady who casually bade farewell to Yang Chen after her father Zhou Guangnian was killed by Yang Chen—Miss Chanel.

At that moment, Chen Bo noticed Yang Chen who was standing beside Rose. Happily, he laughed and yelled, “Yang Chen! You’re here as well? What a coincidence! Ah, Boss Rose, thank you for taking such good care of my sister.”

Yang Chen forced himself to greet back even though his body was stiff in shock. He then smiled awkwardly at Chanel.

Chanel wasn’t at all shy or acting unnaturally. She acted like it was her first time getting to know Yang Chen. Using her gentle female voice, she said “You must be my hubby’s friends. Nice to meet you all.”

“Yang Chen had assisted me on countless occasions in the past. Dear, why don’t we treat him for a meal?” Chen Bo asked.

“You shall make the decision,” Chanel said obediently.

“Erm… I can’t make it today, I still have to return home to eat.” It wasn’t that Yang Chen wasn’t willing to eat with them. He promised Lin Ruoxi that he’d have dinner at home, and didn’t want to break his promise.

“How unfortunate. Maybe next time. I’ll give you my phone number,” Chen Bo said before forcefully asking Yang Chen to type his number on Yang Chen’s phone. He even gave himself a miss call to record Yang Chen’s number.

Yang Chen gazed upon the overly active Chen Bo who looked every bit like a successful man. He couldn’t connect this with the man Chen Bo used to be, timid and shy. Is it possible that one year was enough to elicit this amount of change?!

Also, when did Chanel’s voice changed to one of a lady?!

Chen Rong too noticed that everything is happening too quickly and she couldn’t keep up. Pulling her brother’s hand, she said to Chanel, “Sister… Chanel, I have something to tell my brother. We’ll be back soon.”

“Alright, go ahead. You haven’t met in so long after all. Of course there are somethings you want to say,” Chanel replied.

After Chen Bo was pulled away to a corner by Chen Rong, Chanel looked at Yang Chen and Rose with a teasing gaze. “You’re very curious to how all of these turned out, aren’t you, Mr Yang and Miss Rose?”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly, while Rose looked at Chanel waiting for an explanation.

Chanel looked at Chen Rong lovingly who was chatting with Chen Bo afar. She said, “More than six months ago, I received a sex reassignment surgery from the best doctors in Thailand. After that, I truly became the woman I had always wanted to be. I was very lost abroad and didn’t know what I wanted to do next. Should I live all my life in solitude… or should I look for a man who didn’t mind my past… In the end, I met Chen Bo who came to Thailand because of his job for a magazine interview. I guess you can call it fate. He recognized me. I felt bored and started playing with him… At last, I quickly realised that he was an extremely kind man.

“So, I worked hard to change his appearance, to make him what he is today, and we fell in love at the same time.”

Yang Chen was sure that there were more absurd twists and turns in the story, but it wasn’t appropriate for him to question any more than he should. “Then he knows about your past, while you know about his as well. Don’t you guys feel awkward together?”

“Love is a magical thing. Because of love, we got to know each other all over again. He is the masculine editor Chen Bo, while I’m his woman Chanel he raises. Isn’t this great? Our lives should’ve been simple and blessed from the start,” Chanel said happily. “I’m actually a true woman now. I can even give birth to children.”

Seeing Chanel’s proud look, Rose couldn’t hold it in anymore and turned her head away while smiling.

Nothing is certain indeed. Within a year, such significant changes have happened to these two, Yang Chen thought.

However, despite of what has  happened, Yang Chen genuinely felt happy to see them this happy together.

Before long, the siblings regrouped with the rest after quite a long chat. With a slight smile, Chen Rong called Chanel, “Sister-In-Law,” causing Chanel to become incredibly shy.

After chatting with Yang Chen for a while more, Chen Bo left the bar together with Chanel, with the view of a loving couple’s back fading in the distance.

“Rongrong, do you feel that it’s fine?” Rose asked.

Chen Rong smiled and answered, “Elder Brother said that he found love. What else can I do anyway? I’ll just hope for their happiness.”

Smiling, Yang Chen said to Rose, “Babe Rose, we have true love between us as well. Look at how loving they are. Don’t you feel that we should do something to express our love?”

Rose blushed before rolling her eyes. “Didn’t you say you had to return home for dinner?”

Yang Chen pointed at the clock hung on the wall. “I’ll be able to make it even if I leave at 5 o’clock. It’s not even 4 now, we still have an hour.”

“No, I’ll give you half an hour at most. An hour will tire me out,” Rose said in dissatisfaction.

“That isn’t for you to decide.” Yang Chen laughed before carrying Rose to the bedroom behind the bar.

Chen Rong looked at the two walk inside with a little envy. She mumbled, “Can’t you do it when you two are alone? I’m still standing here, you know.”

After more than an hour, Yang Chen walked out from the room feeling rather pleased with himself. Contentment was sprawled all over his face. After waving goodbye to Chen Rong, he rushed home for dinner.

When he reached home, Wang Ma and Hui Lin were taking the freshly cooked dishes onto the dining table. Upon seeing Yang Chen’s return, Hui Lin who was worried the whole time immediately asked, “Brother Yang, how did it go?”

Yang Chen smiled and answered, “How else could it have gone? He’s was treated and is now resting.”

“Phew…” Hui Lin relieved herself. “I knew that Brother Yang could do it. I’m sorry Brother Yang. I didn’t know it’d turn out this way.”

“Let sleeping dogs lie. It’s in the past now. Since I promised your grandma that I’d take care of you, I couldn’t allow you to be snatched away by someone else, can I? Let’s eat.” Yang Chen looked around. “Where’s Ruoxi? Is she out? Or is she still working upstairs?”

Before Hui Lin answered him, Lin Ruoxi walked out from the kitchen. Wearing a pair of thick cotton gloves, she held a big white bowl which contained their soup and placed it onto the table.

Smiling, Wang Ma said, “After you left, Miss insisted that she cooked. She made a bowl of snow fungus for you. Young Master, make sure to eat more of that, it’s good for your body.”

Lin Ruoxi looked at Wang Ma in dissatisfaction. “Wang Ma, who said I purposely made this for him? I… I just wanted to eat it myself.”

Yang Chen looked at the blushing Lin Ruoxi who was trying her best to refrain herself from smiling. This housewife-like woman wearing an apron and cotton gloves looked a lot more adorable than before.

Lin Ruoxi felt her ears start to heat up when she noticed Yang Chen’s gaze. Pouting, she said, “What are you looking at? I said I didn’t make it specially for you. Don’t overthink it. Just eat!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lin Ruoxi ran back to the kitchen like a little rabbit scampering away.

“Young Master, Miss has always behaved this way. Don’t mind it at all,” Wang Ma said happily.

Yang Chen nodded and took a bowl from the table. He scooped a large bowl of snow fungus cooked with jujube before devouring away.

Lin Ruoxi wasn’t very skilled in cooking, so the fungus was a little burnt. However, Yang Chen wasn’t somebody who would let a little thing like that dissatisfy him. He felt that it was tasty.

When Lin Ruoxi got seated, and the four started eating together, half of the huge bowl of snow fungus had already entered Yang Chen’s stomach.

Lin Ruoxi was extremely pleased. She then noticed that Yang Chen winked at her, which made retort with a fierce stare. “Is eating the only thing you know? Who asked you to eat this much? Can’t you leave more for us?”

Yang Chen smiled foolishly and replied, “It’s because my wife’s cooking is too excellent.”

“Stop sweet talking me.” Lin Ruoxi acted strictly and ignored him as she lowered her head to start eating. However, everything that she ate became too sweet. Did I put too much sugar into this?

After the meal was over, Wang Ma busied herself cleaning up in the kitchen, while the sisters Lin Ruoxi and Hui Lin started watching Korean drama on the television. The exceedingly sentimental show full of sobbing whose actors and actresses would cry and run frequently made the two ladies cry and laugh occasionally.

Back then, Hui Lin hadn’t had the chance to watch these programs, living in the mountain and all. Now that she had spent lots of time with Lin Ruoxi, she got infected by Lin Ruoxi’s habit of binge watching dramas, which allowed them to become close ‘drama partners’.

Yang Chen wanted to watch the news, so he was forced to go upstairs to watch it in his room. Why does it feel like I’m living in a female only accomodation?

However, as he watched the news, Yang Chen’s mind was filled with the time he spent with Lin Ruoxi recently, and her various behaviors.

It felt like his wife was slowly starting to accept him, get concerned about him. For example, she intentionally erected her cold mask during dinner earlier. But in fact, she was so happy that flowers bloomed in her heart.

As he thought of Lin Ruoxi’s perfect appearance and figure, Yang Chen’s hormones which he couldn’t fully release on Rose’s body earlier started to get active. Is it possible that… I can try a strategic attack tonight?

Having brought forward the intentions which he had restrained since his marriage, Yang Chen waited for the TV to be turned off and the footsteps of the two ladies to walk up the stairs. When he heard the sound of two doors shutting, he finally slipped out of his room in his pyjamas.

Lin Ruoxi’s precious room was right beside his. Yang Chen realized that he was too good at enduring! Having lived beside such a treasure for half a year, I have never dared to test my luck before. I’m indeed well-deserved of receiving the title of a gentleman!

In the blacked-out hallway, silently, after making sure that Wang Ma and Hui Lin wouldn’t appear, Yang Chen walked towards Lin Ruoxi’s door and lightly twisted the knob.

To Yang Chen’s surprise,—Lin Ruoxi’s door wasn’t locked!