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Actually, Yang Chen wasn’t sure if Lin Ruoxi had the habit of locking her door when she slept. However, such questions weren’t of importance now. The most important thing was he could enter the room with ease.

Click! The sound the knob made when twisting was so minimal that ordinary people couldn’t possibly tell that the door had been opened.

Upon entering the room, he was hit with a wave of a female’s scent. The indistinct smell of Lin Ruoxi’s body was just like the fragrance of a cape jasmine, which made Yang Chen deeply inhale multiple times in satisfaction.

Yang Chen regretted the fact that he was only half-conscious during the night of entangling with this woman at his rented apartment. If his mind had been clear back then, he was sure, it would’ve been a much more enjoyable experience.

However, fortunately, the fate had allowed them to arrive at to where they were now. At least, over the course of six months, their relationship has improved. Even if it was the cave of a tigress, he still intruded the room!

Since the lights inside weren’t switched on, the room was basically pitch-black. However, because of Yang Chen’s keen sense of vision, he only needed minimal amount of light to allow him to briefly look at the surroundings in the room.

Lin Ruoxi’s boudoir had a combination of warm colors, including pink, light yellow, light blue and red and white polka dots. Her blanket, bed sheet, and pillows all had pictures of cartoon characters… Although the structure of the room was almost similar to Yang Chen’s, its tone was basically one of a little girl who liked love fantasies, totally contrasting Lin Ruoxi’s cold behaviour.

However, the more Yang Chen thought about it, the more it made sense to him. She was a woman who loved cheesy dramas, it was natural that she enjoyed dabbling in romance. However, she only usually puts on her icy cold facade which drives people away, when facing the men who hit on her.

The decorations and designs of the room was secondary at the moment. Yang Chen only paid attention to whether there was anyone on the bed.

He took two steps closer before getting surprised—no one’s in bed?!

Before Yang Chen could analyze why Lin Ruoxi wasn’t in her own room, footsteps could be heard coming from the pathway outside!

He listened carefully to the footsteps. They seemed to be headed towards the room. Yang Chen finally thought that it must be Lin Ruoxi returning to her room!

Being himself, Yang Chen wouldn’t hide somewhere like a fool, or walk out of the room.

He was filled with resolution tonight. Wasn’t he trying to regain his pride as a man from his legitimate wife’s body?

Yang Chen seemed to have made a firm decision. Even if Lin Ruoxi struggled, he would clench his teeth and make her surrender herself to him tonight. Their relationship was slowly improving each day anyway. After getting so close, it was only natural that they should lower their restraint.

As a result, Yang Chen moved to the side of the door, before quietly awaiting for Lin Ruoxi’s arrival. He had planned to give her a memorable hug… As the footsteps approached closer, Yang Chen’s heartbeat became faster. He was so used to the affairs between men and women that he almost took it for granted. Despite being highly experienced, he still held the same excitement of a little boy, who was about to experience his first love, the moment he thought about the ‘honorable feat’ which he was planning on tonight.

Click! The door finally got opened.

A delicate figure walked inside. One of her arms was outstretched reaching for the light switch on the wall in an attempt to switch on the lights.

Yang Chen didn’t give Lin Ruoxi the opportunity to do so. Everything was better in the dark after all!

As a result, the moment Lin Ruoxi wanted to switch on the lights, Yang Chen turned around and moved towards her back in the blink of an eye. Both of his arms were like winding vines as they wrapped around Lin Ruoxi’s chest and waist!

“My dear little Ruoxi, you’re finally back,” Yang Chen whispered to Lin Ruoxi’s ear with a smile.

After he finished speaking, Yang Chen sniffed her hair. Frowning, he said, “This is weird… Did you apply a different perfume? Why do you smell different than before? But it’s okay, you still smell great, quite like an orchid…”

Yang Chen leaned his head forward, past Lin Ruoxi’s shoulder and towards her tender cheek. He gave her a kiss on her earlobe, one of the more sensitive parts of a women. The texture of the cold, jade-like skin caused Yang Chen to take a deep breath in enjoyment.

“Brot—brother Yang… Brother Yang… don’t… don’t do this… I’m H—hui Lin… I’m Hui Lin…” Hui Lin said with a crying tone.

The moment the ‘Lin Ruoxi’ in his arms slowly uttered those words, Yang Chen’s body became stiff.

“Hui Lin?!”

Yang Chen violently let go of his hands and backed off aside.

Losing Yang Chen’s support, Hui Lin’s body softened and almost fell onto the ground. Luckily, she managed to grab the door frame, and used her other hand to clutch on to her chest, as she panted.

Without saying anything more, Yang Chen switched on the lights, causing the room to become bright.

He took a more careful look. She’s indeed Hui Lin! Where’s Lin Ruoxi?!

Hui Lin wore a thin, white cotton pyjamas. Under the loose pyjamas, her delicate and exquisite, but immature body portrayed a completely different beauty from that of Lin Ruoxi.

The pitiful, frightened girl’s eyes had reddened and were filled with tears. She didn’t have the courage to even raise her head to look at Yang Chen!

Yang Chen looked at Hui Lin in an incredibly awkward manner before taking a look at his left palm. The softness I pinched on earlier, belonged to Hui Lin?!

No wonder the measurements didn’t feel right, and her fragrance was completely different from the one in Lin Ruoxi’s room!

My brain must be infected with parasites! Why did I fail to notice such obvious differences?!

Staring at Hui Lin’s resentful and wronged look, Yang Chen was even considering to end his own life!

Back then, he refused to admit he’d do anything to Hui Lin when Abbess Yun Miao accused him for having such intentions. However, today, he hugged her, felt her, and worse, kissed and teased her!!!

Although it was because he mistook her as someone else, how was this matter supposed to slide this easily?

Silence ensued for some time. Yang Chen couldn’t stand it anymore. He asked, “Erm… Hui Lin, stop crying. Let’s talk this out… Wh—why did you come to this room?”

Hui Lin bit her lower lip, while the flush on her face was still very visible. Lowering her head, she muttered, “Elder Sister took out a set of Korean drama discs to my room and said she wanted to watch them with me… She asked if she could sleep over in my room tonight and discuss the drama. Since she wanted to take a shower at my room as well, she asked me to get a set of pyjamas for her…”

Yang Chen got speechless. He then took a look at Lin Ruoxi’s room again. There was indeed no form of multimedia entertainment devices in her room.

Since Hui Lin’s room used to be a guest room, everything was complete there. It was normal that Lin Ruoxi wanted to watch in that room.

“Why are you guys watching Korean drama this late at night?” Yang Chen smiled bitterly.

Hui Lin pouted. “Elder Sister went to buy DVDs to continue watching tonight after we finished the episode on the TV just now…”

These damn TV stations! Can’t they just play everything in one sitting?! They made my woman impatient and forced her to leave to buy discs! Yang Chen scolded in his mind.

Also, what’s so great about these Korean dramas? Is it so addicting that Lin Ruoxi can’t walk to take a set of clothes?!

However, all of these weren’t the main problem now. He had to think of a way to explain to Hui Lin regarding his ‘foolish’ act.

“Hui Lin, don’t get angry, I was just…”

“I know.” Hui Lin didn’t let Yang Chen continue his words. “I know that Brother Yang mistook me as Elder Sister, I—I’m fine…”

Yang Chen felt more guilty after listening to Hui Lin’s words. However, what had been done couldn’t be undone. If he were to act like nothing happened before, wouldn’t he be no different from a rogue?!

“Why don’t we settle it like this,” Yang Chen said after thinking for a while, “Hui Lin, slap me twice on my face, and you may call ‘moron’ or ‘idiot’ or something similar. This way, you can treat it as something bad I did to you, which you beat me for afterwards.”

Hui Lin’s heart was beating intensely as she was feeling extremely shy and wronged. After listening to Yang Chen’s suggestion, she couldn’t stand but to burst out in laughter. Looking at Yang Chen, she said, “Brother Yang, what a stupid idea you came up with I’m not going to do as you say. I really don’t blame you for that. It’s not like you did it intentionally.”

It’s exactly because it wasn’t intentional that I feel bad about it!

Yang Chen mourned in his heart. Why do I have to be this unlucky? I finally had the courage to test my luck tonight. Not only did I fail to sneak onto my wife, I accidentally touched her sister instead!

Something more unfortunate hadn’t happened yet. When Yang Chen was talking to Hui Lin, Lin Ruoxi noticed that Hui Lin took a lot longer than she needed. She thought Hui Lin couldn’t locate her pyjamas in the closet, or something insignificant happened. After pausing the show, she finally forced herself to move away from the television and scope the situation herself.

Lin Ruoxi’s approaching footsteps could be heard by Yang Chen and Hui Lin, but they had no clue what they should do!

Yang Chen wouldn’t break the window and jump down from the villa just for this. However, there was nothing in Lin Ruoxi’s room he could use to cover himself, let alone a place for him to hide at!

Thus, when Lin Ruoxi came to the door, she noticed that the suspicious-looking Yang Chen was standing beside Hui Lin who was nervous and blushing.

Lin Ruoxi was slightly confused at first, but she soon realized Hui Lin’s unusual behavior. Knowing that something was wrong, she frowned and asked Yang Chen, “Why are you here?”

Yang Chen wanted to explain, but nothing decent came up to his mind. There was no proper explanation he could think of for why he would end up in Lin Ruoxi’s room!

Lin Ruoxi didn’t expect an explanation from him. Her charming eyes soon became thousand-year-old stalactites as they pointed at Yang Chen, causing his senses to go numb and bones to freeze.

“What is it? You don’t seem to be able to explain yourself,” Lin Ruoxi said coldly.

Yang Chen remained quiet for a long time. He then smiled awkwardly and said, “We’re husband and wife after all. Hehe, it’s not wrong for me to take an interest in you sleeping is it?”

Lin Ruoxi knew that Yang Chen would come up with an explanation regarding their married status. She asked, “Then what happened to Hui Lin? You’re not going to tell me Hui Lin’s ears are flushed just because you looked at her once, are you?”

Hui Lin lowered her head so much that her chin almost buried itself on her chest. She slowly moved towards Lin Ruoxi to stand beside her, and didn’t dare to speak a word.

Yang Chen scratched his scalp as he ran out of ideas. He wasn’t a soft persimmon that anyone could pinch. Thus, he decided to be honest. Loudly, he said, “I’ll be honest with you then. Your husband, who happens to me, wanted to ‘take the bow by force’! However, the ‘bow’ didn’t end up here, while I mistook the ‘crossbow’ as the ‘bow’ and touched it for a bit! But don’t worry, I didn’t ‘fire an arrow’, so the ‘crossbow’ is still a crossbow, ‘Bow’, please don’t be angry anymore!”

The ordinary man would have absolutely no clue what nonsense Yang Chen was spouting.

However, Lin Ruoxi was smart by nature, in addition to Hui Lin’s expression and Yang Chen’s usual behavior, she immediately understood what had happened.

Lin Ruoxi was exasperated to see Yang Chen’s shameless and indifferent look. He was well-aware of his wrongdoing, which made it more annoying to punish him.

Take the bow by force?! Is this guy’s brain filled with nonsense?!

I’ve taken the initiative to express my approval to him. Can’t he use a more appropriate way to communicate with me about it?

Which husband in the world actually sneaks up to his wife’s bed to do it forcefully at midnight?!

In fact, Lin Ruoxi was actually rather reasonable about it, but she failed to take the pressure she usually exerted on Yang Chen into account.

They had been married for half a year. She had mostly treated him coldly and never given Yang Chen a chance to get close to her. Why would Yang Chen dare to toy with the sharp edge of the knife?

Thus, Yang Chen was led astray which caused him to come up with a series of absurd ideas. He didn’t think Lin Ruoxi would straight-up agree to sleep with him on the same bed.

To make the matter worse, Yang Chen’s plan went completely sideways because of Hui Lin’s appearance.

Lin Ruoxi treated Hui Lin as her own sister. It was totally reasonable for her to be mad after finding out that her sister and her husband had a vague but existing affair.

“Get out. You’re not allowed in my room in the future,” Lin Ruoxi said expressionlessly in an ice-cold manner as she tried to suppress her anger.

Yang Chen could tell that Lin Ruoxi got pissed, severely pissed. He regretted that he spoke so ‘rudely’. Even if that was indeed his honest thought, he should’ve used a euphemism instead.


“Get out!!!” Lin Ruoxi stared at Yang Chen fiercely while her shoulders shivered.

Yang Chen felt helpless. He knew that all he could do was to wait for her anger to disperse. Otherwise, any attempts would be as ineffective as trying to catch fish with a broken net.

Gloomily, Yang Chen walked back to his own room, leaving Lin Ruoxi and Hui Lin standing outside. The two women remained silent for quite a while.

At last, Hui Lin murmured, “Elder Sister… I’m sorry…”

Lin Ruoxi shut her eyes. “You don’t need to apologize. I know that it wasn’t your fault.”


“Enough, there’s no need for you to explain anything. I’m not blaming you for what happened. I’m tired now. I want to rest early today, its best you take your rest as well,” Lin Ruoxi said before walking towards her bed and arranging her blanket.

Hui Lin was shocked. She wanted to ask Lin Ruoxi if she still wanted to watch Korean drama or not. However, she soon thought that Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t be in the mood for that.

Sourness and complexity surged in her heart. “Goodnight Elder Sister,” Hui Lin said before quietly going back to her room.

After Hui Lin left, Lin Ruoxi fell powerlessly onto her bed. Gazing upon the ceiling, she muttered, “Lin Ruoxi… even I’m starting to hate you…”