I would never treat you guys like how Yang Pojun treats Yang Chen. Yes, I have abandoned all of my children, but pointing a gun at one's offspring is unacceptable!

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Immediately after noticing Yang Pojun point a gun at Yang Chen, just like an over-protective  lioness, Guo Xuehua used her body to block Yang Chen!

“Yang Pojun! Are you crazy?! Yang Chen is your own son! Only a savage tiger would feed on its child! You are no better than the common animals!”

“Animal…” Yang Pojun paled. “Xuehua.... did you just say… I’m inferior to an animal…”

“Isn’t it true?! I withstood the pain when you refused to let me search for him. I’ll act  the same if you don’t let me leave with him. But why are you pointing a gun at him? If you really want to pull the trigger, you’ll have to go through me first! I’ve been feeling extremely guilty for what we have done to him. So much so that I won’t be able to repay him in this life and the next. If I should die with him, then so be it,” Guo Xuehua said before extending her arms, staring at Yang Pojun resolutely and coldly.

Yang Chen looked at the fearless woman who looked like a swaying reed in the wind. For whatever reason, he felt as if huge waves surged in his heart…

In Yang Chen’s memory, when he was in Hong Kong, Mo Qianni who wasn’t aware of his ability at the time, used her body to block on coming bullets before.

That was due to her love that erupted, having struggled repeatedly for him.

Much like Mo Qianni, Guo Xuehua had used her body to shield Yang Chen. Similarly, she had no clue regarding his abilities, but she rushed over just like that without hesitation!


The corners of Yang Chen’s lips revealed a smile, like a warm light shining late in the night.

Yang Gongming was furious. He got so mad that he panted heavily, tipping him off his balance, causing him to stagger a few steps backwards.

Fortunately, the old woman nervously held him up, so that Yang Gongming didn’t fall onto the ground.

The old man looked at his own son pointing the gun at Guo Xuehua and Yang Chen, while disappointment filled his eyes. However, he didn’t say anything to try to stop him.

Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t have in his current state.

“Master, are you going to stop them?” the old woman asked as she felt deeply concerned.

A light flashed in Yang Gongming’s eyes. Shaking his head, he said, “No need.”

At the same time, Yang Gongming gazed upon Yang Chen while contemplating some things…

If everything that’s said about him is real, this child should be fine… Yang Gongming thought.

Yang Pojun’s anger was at its peak. He was not prone to tremors when dealing with firearms. However, his hand was currently trembling, with only a small pistol in hand.

Yang Pojun whose eyes turned bloodshot, with his voice all cracked up, said. “Xuehua, having been married for so many years, am I not more important to you than some kid whom you haven’t seen before?! All my hard work, all my hours invested, all of it will be in vain! Our clan will suffer huge losses! You… don’t you know who I’m doing all of these for?!”

“It’s you, Yang Pojun, who is so ignorant about our marriage. I’ve had enough of your so called perfect ideals. All I’m asking for is to live peacefully as I watch my children grow and prosper, have happy family reunions every now and then. However, you’ve been undermining my plans and always putting something in its way… You know more than anyone who you’re doing this for. Don’t tell me you shaped me, modeled me, this way for my sake. Are you still going to say you’re doing everything for me?” Guo Xuehua looked at Yang Gongming apologetically. “Father-In-Law, I’ve been so busy running orphanages and managing their funds all these years. I haven’t had enough time to take care of you, I’m really sorry. Thank you for allowing me to leave with Yang Chen. After I fulfill my responsibilities as a mother, I’ll definitely serve you by your side…”

After she finished speaking, Guo Xuehua turned around and pushed Yang Chen’s back. “Yang Chen, you’ll walk in front. Mother will be behind you. Don’t worry, he won’t dare to pull the trigger.”

Yang Chen was downhearted and felt complex emotions when Guo Xuehua spoke as if it was something insignificant.

“I don’t need a woman to take bullets for me, regardless if she’s my lover or mother.”

As Yang Chen spoke, he pushed Guo Xuehua to the front, exposing his back to Yang Pojun’s gun.

Elated, Guo Xuehua said, “Yang Chen, you… did you just refer to me as your mother? You’ve accepted me, haven’t you?”

Yang Chen didn’t answer her. Putting one of his hands on Guo Xuehua’s shoulder, he brought her to the direction he was.

Yang Chen knew that Guo Xuehua was fully relying on her adrenaline to walk, otherwise she would have fainted long ago. He guessed that Guo Xuehua hadn’t had anything to eat or drink for the past day or so, nor had she gotten any sleep.

Yang Chen was glad that he listened to Lin Ruoxi’s advice. This woman would’ve slowly deteriorated further had he not come today. A person like Yang Pojun wouldn’t admit his mistake for this.

“When we get back, take a shower and eat something. You should be really hungry by now. The house is pretty big, you’ve been there before. I”ll ask Wang Ma to arrange a room for you. Just rest there peacefully for a while,” Yang Chen said.

It was his first time so close to his mother. Yang Chen had no clue how to speak to his mother, so he tried his best to remain plain and sincere.

Guo Xuehua reached her hand out to wipe the unstoppable flow of tears. Pleased, she sounded like she was crying when speaking. “Alright, Mother will listen to you. You may make the arrangements however you want.”

Guo Xuehua had hoped that Yang Chen could actually start calling her ‘Mother’. However, she was aware that Yang Chen had started accepting her through his show of consideration earlier. It was good enough that he was willing to let bygones be bygones.

It wasn’t realistic for Yang Chen to immediately accept her as his mother, as he hadn’t met for more than twenty years. There was a large gap between them that needed to be bridged with lots of love. However, she believed that as long as Yang Chen was willing to see her, there would come one day where they could finally interact properly.

“Stop moving! Are you going to leave just like this?! Do you guys think I don’t dare to pull the trigger?!”

Being ignored by the rest, Yang Pojun was further exasperated. His arm finally stopped shaking, while he flicked the safety switch off.

Yang Chen and Guo Xuehua stopped in their tracks. Worried, Guo Xuehua looked back and wanted to say something, but Yang Chen voiced out first.

“I’m standing right here, the gun is in your hand. Whether or not you dare to pull the trigger doesn’t depend on me, but you yourself.”

After he finished speaking, Yang Chen turned Guo Xuehua back and continued their journey.

Anxiety filled Guo Xuehua’s face. Based on her understanding towards Yang Pojun, he wouldn’t go so far as to shoot Yang Chen. However, she wouldn’t be able to accept it even if it was just a slight graze.

However, Yang Chen looked extremely calm, so Guo Xuehua did not know what to say. Silently, she prayed that Yang Pojun wouldn’t do anything foolish. Otherwise their marriage would really be finished.

However, Guo Xuehua had underestimated Yang Pojun’s current fury.

When Guo Xuehua left with Yang Chen without turning back, Yang Pojun felt as if the entire world had betrayed him!

The agony he felt in his heart was akin to being bitten by a trillion ants, causing Yang Pojun’s gaze to reach its freezing point!

In his mind, the treatments he used to give Guo Xuehua included love, tolerance, and care flashed. Why? Yang Pojun couldn’t understand Guo Xuehua’s unwavering decision to leave.

Holding a high position, amongst every man of his age, there weren’t many people who could rival his qualities. He had been so faithful to one woman, but she decided to leave him for a stupid kid who would affect his future and the development of the clan.

Even if my blood flows in that kid, he still can’t snatch the woman I love the most away from me!!!

Yang Pojun couldn’t rationalize his thoughts anymore. The surging rage caused him to violently pull the trigger.


The sound of gunshot echoed in the pathway!

Guo Xuehua’s body shook in fear. At first, she was stunned, but soon felt a heart-tearing pain, causing her to be terrified!

“Yang Chen!”

Guo Xuehua turned around hurriedly. She felt Yang Chen get shot!

However, the indifferent-looking Yang Chen turned his head to smile at her.

At the same time, Yang Pojun who had finally calmed down upon firing the gun was dumbfounded, as if he just witnessed a ghost. Staring at Yang Chen’s back, his mouth was wide open while he failed to utter a word.

Not only was Yang Pojun stunned, the soldiers around them were all astonished. They looked at Yang Chen’s back which they felt possessed magical qualities.

Yang Gongming and the old woman smiled at each other and nodded, with their eyes expressing approval.

Guo Xuehua noticed that Yang Chen seemed to be fine. Did he miss? But why would he miss at such a close distance? He could even hit a flying mosquito, she thought.

As Guo Xuehua doubted the events, she turned back to have a look, before finally understanding why the entire scene was in silence.

Around three feet away from Yang Chen, a golden, bean-sized grain could be seen floating in midair!

Is it a bullet? The bullet shot at Yang Chen?!

A series of complicated thoughts emerged in Guo Xuehua’s mind. She looked at Yang Chen, then at Yang Pojun. After making sure that it was a bullet, she got completely speechless. Things like this only happen in the movies!

The best part was that, it wasn’t the end of the magical display!

Guo Xuehua heard that Yang Chen sighed a little. The bullet hung in the air became a golden straight line!



The bullet directly flew back into Yang Pojun’s handgun, faster than the speed of sound!

Upon getting hit by the enormous force, the gun got flicked out of Yang Pojun’s hand!

The series of metal-clunking sounds confused everyone!

Earlier, the people present doubted what they just witnessed and heard. However, the pistol lying on the ground was proof that the series of events did take place!

What’s that! Is it a superpower?!

Yang Chen turned his head back and let out a disdainful smile as he gazed upon Yang Pojun. “I have a quirk. I don’t like being threatened, and I hate being pointed at with a gun.

“However, the old man told me that because you gave birth to me, I owe you a favor. I personally don’t like to owe anyone anything. So, I didn’t stop you from pointing your gun at me earlier.

“If the bullet had hit my heart, it would have killed me. I declare this act to void the favor I owe to you. But it isn’t my problem that you failed to kill me. It’s your own inability.

“In short, we have nothing to do with each other anymore. Commander Yang, I highly advise you to not point your gun at me anymore, nor should you say anything that could displease me.

“Otherwise, the bullet you fired wouldn’t just end up going back to your gun…”

Yang Chen didn’t care how Yang Pojun looked or felt. He only wanted to say that everything had ended. Killing Yang Pojun without hesitation was entirely possible should he try to harm him again.

No one shall even think of stopping him!

Guo Xuehua failed to recover awareness from the shock earlier. Being held by Yang Chen, she slowly walked out of the military camp, while her mind was replaying Yang Chen’s magical performance earlier.

Yang Pojun stood at his original position absentmindedly as he looked at Guo Xuehua being brought away. He didn’t move the slightest bit. It wasn’t known if he was afraid or dumbstruck.

“Pojun,” Yang Gongming said as he walked towards Yang Pojun. Looking exhausted, he sighed and said, “Stop daydreaming. Premier Ning and the others are still waiting for you. Go back to your office…”