Chapter 7/8

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Seeing that the truck was headed for him and had no intentions of stopping, Yang Chen felt his blood turn cold. It was a suicidal attack!

If they collided, the oil truck would no doubt explode! It seemed that the driver of the incoming truck was hell-bent on sending him off to the afterlife, and he was prepared to die as well!

Even though he didn't fear an explosion of that magnitude, Yang Chen didn't think that there was a need for him to ram into that truck. After all, he had spent quite some time with his M3 and felt rather attached to it. Not only that, it was a loan from his wife!

It was no longer possible for him to turn back. Yang Chen pressed the accelerator flat without hesitation!


The BMW was like a frenzied lion. Its engine hummed loudly as the car broke the 249 km/h mark, tracing a white, straight line across the highway, charging forward as fast as lightning!

Half a second before the point of impact, Yang Chen spun the steering wheel and pulled on the handbrake with all the might he had.


The ear-piercing sound of tires screeching across the tar road rang out. It was loud enough to pop the eardrums of the average person.

The BMW drifted in a dangerous arc and had just missed collision with the truck. As the heat from the immense friction of braking was too strong, the tires glowed dark red like molten steel. The car stopped by the side of the road with a thick blanket of smoke trailing behind it.

As the oil truck failed to hit the car, it no longer continued to drive in that direction. After an emergency brake, the truck stopped right in the middle of the highway.

It was already the middle of the night by then. Even though there were occasional cars passing through, nobody dared to get off the car to check out what was going on. After all, that situation was far too abnormal. All the cars that drove past them sped up to get away from the incident.

Yang Chen didn't switch off his engine and got off the car straight away. Two figures stepped out of the oil truck into the illumination of the car's headlights and headed for Yang Chen.

Yang Chen quickly recognized the two men. They were the Sandstorm mercenaries that attempted to kill Sky Dragon and Ye Zi at Mo Qianni's house.

The two white hats on the men's heads were gone. Their white clothes were covered in dirt. The only thing that remained the same was the stench that emanated from the both of them.

Yang Chen was shocked. I threw those two off from a building tens of meters high, yet they're completely unharmed?!

Even though he knew that the Sandstorm mercenaries had achieved power that could rival his subordinates in Sea Eagles, their physical abilities were at least as powerful, if not more powerful, than those of Sea Eagles.

Needless to say, those two Sandstorm mercenaries had been following Yang Chen along the way and attempted to kill him. They sprung forward in unison and headed for Yang Chen from both his sides!

The two of them didn't use any firearms. It was as if they knew they would be ineffective. So, they were armed with stainless steel spiked knuckles. The moonlight glinted off the steel spikes as they headed Yang Chen's way like droplets of rain!

Yang Chen realized that his aura didn't seem to have much of an effect in intimidating them; they seemed rather unperturbed, actually. They were able to ignore the most basic fear, the fear of death!

That was definitely not something normal training could achieve. Those mercenaries must've undergone some kind of special enhancement procedure!

Countless questions filled Yang Chen's mind, but that didn't slow his movements or his reaction speed. Faced with the assault of his two assailants, he didn't use many flashy moves. Instead, he cultivated his True Qi and manifested a swirling Qi condensation on each of his hands before he engaged in battle!

The two warriors' attacks missed completely. Yang Chen's hands shot straight at their heads!

Whap! Whap!

Two low thuds could be heard as Yang Chen's palms crashed against the foreheads of the two with a force that even large boulders could not withstand. Yet, the expected sight of their heads blowing up didn't follow.

While a mist of blood burst out from their heads, they continued to swing their fists towards Yang Chen with bloodshot eyes!

Taken aback, Yang Chen thought, Their bodies have actually been strengthened the point where my attack had minimal effect! Even though I didn't use my full force, even those from Blue Storm's special forces would have had their heads caved in from that slap!

What kind of monster have the Sandstorm created?!


The two Sandstorm warriors said nothing. They merely roared and sent their powerful fists Yang Chen’s way!

Yang Chen didn't avoid them. Even though those punches were far more powerful than an average punch, those steel spikes on the knuckles only pierced through his clothes.

After taking in their attacks, Yang Chen grasped both of them at their throats.

Snap! Snap!

Two crisp sounds rang out. With but a slight exertion of force, Yang Chen crushed the throats of the two into smithereens!

No matter how strong the average person was, the moment their throats were snapped, they would no longer be able to breathe much less move around. However, those two Sandstorm warriors only groaned in agony as they pummeled on!

Yang Chen furrowed his brow. Are they zombies?! Why does it seem to me like they're undead creatures from western mythology?! Don't they need to breathe?!

If all Sandstorm warriors were monsters like those, it would make sense for the Middle East to have been taken control by them in a mere two years. After all, training such an elite mercenary force wasn’t something that could be achieved in two short years.

However, no matter how strong their physical bodies were, they were still no match for Yang Chen's god-level body. They were far from capable of withstanding Yang Chen's Xiantian Full Cycle True Qi!

The two Sandstorm warriors' heads were smashed into the ground. The damage on their heads and necks were painful to look at; indistinguishable red and white matter spilt out of them.

This time around, they seemed to be unable to continue with their attack. It seemed that their brains were their weakest points. After they were completely crushed by Yang Chen, they softened and slumped to the ground.

However, that didn't make Yang Chen feel the least bit relaxed. Even though he could fend off their attacks and crush their brains completely, the other members from the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade would definitely be horribly overwhelmed if they encountered those creatures who attacked without fear of death, they weren’t even close to his power level!

Yang Chen quickly returned to his car and drove towards the aircraft carrier site. At the same time, he dialed Molin's number.

By the time Molin picked up, Yang Chen could hear the sounds of slaughter from the other end of the phone. Even Molin himself sounded like he was breathing heavily as if he was greatly enraged.

"Your Majesty Pluto! Darn it! Someone ambushed our base! These fellows seem like they're from Sandstorm!" Molin roared.

Yang Chen knew that the situation was horrible for it to be able to cause Molin to shout without caring about his tone and lose sense of his position.

"I'm on my way there now," Yang Chen said curtly.

"Don't!" Molin cried, "Since they're from Sandstorm and don’t outnumber us, we want to use our own fists to defend the dignity of the Sea Eagles!"

"Are you sure you can do it?" Yang Chen asked solemnly.

"Please have faith in us," Molin replied in a deep voice.

Yang Chen didn't press the question and hung up before he advanced towards the aircraft carrier site.

However, the doubts in Yang Chen's mind only grew deeper. The men from Brahma and Sandstorm actually knew so much about the Sea Eagles whom he had stationed at Zhonghai. It was obvious that they knew Lin Zhiguo would have asked for his help. But wasn't this matter only supposed to be between me and Lin Zhiguo?! Does anyone else know about it?! Were we sold out by someone from the inside?!

Yang Chen felt the more he thought about it, the more complicated the matter got. All he could be certain about now was that there was no way he could ask any of the Sea Eagles to go to the aircraft site. He had only himself to rely on.

Through the Sea Eagles, Lin Zhiguo had given him a set of coordinates that pointed to the area nearby an abandoned port in Zhonghai. That was a rural place which people usually didn’t give second thoughts about.

Every time the tide rose, huge waves would sweep over the port. According to Lin Zhiguo, the government abandoned the port because quite a number of people were swept away by the tides. At the same time, they had decided to start building the aircraft carrier site in secret.

He traveled along the rocky, curling path and arrived at the grass-covered port. The abandoned concrete structures echoed their prosperous forms back in the day. However, the workshops nearby seemed to have been completely destroyed.

Yang Chen got off his car. Three people showed up in the darkness before him. Yang Chen focused his eyes and spotted Cai Ning, who just gave him a call not long ago, as well as Yu Jizi and Abbess Yun Miao.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly and said, "Are the three of you the only ones here?"

"Unfortunately so," Cai Ning said with a worried gaze, "We weren't able to contact the others. Had it not been for Daoist and Abbess's protection, I doubt I would’ve been able to make it here either."

Yang Chen only just realized the pale look on Abbess Yun Miao's face. It was apparent that she had used too much of her True Qi and wasn't able to recover fully yet.

"Where is the site roughly located at?" Yang Chen asked.

Cai Ning pointed at a cliff nearby. There was an outline of a structure, barely visible, approximately tens of meters in height. Whether that was a cover that was intentionally made to hide the structure, wasn’t known to Yang Chen.

"You'll reach a nearby elevator after crossing over that side. The site's entrance is at the bottom of the cliff."

"Let's go."

Without another word, Yang Chen led the three of them towards the cliff.

On the way, Abbess Yun Miao said thankfully, "I thank you for being able to come. This time, I'm afraid that we'd lose to the enemy without your help."

"Don't thank me. They almost killed my woman, so they deserve to die." Yang Chen could still remember how it felt when the Sea Eagles got ambushed. Based on that alone, if he didn't do anything about it, it would seem that he was too cold-blooded.

Cai Ning creased and asked, "Ruoxi was attacked?"

Yang Chen shook his head. "It was someone else."

An odd look flashed through Cai Ning's eyes, though she didn't ask anything else.

Seeing how ill Abbess Yun Miao seemed, Yang Chen asked, "Do you know who it was that ambushed you?"

Yu Jizi said, "I think they're called Mahaka-something, Garuda and something-Rama. Those three."

Yang Chen gave it some thought and said, "They should be Mahakala and Balarama. According to the legends of old, those two are protective Indian deities and two great avatars of Vishnu. Mahakala is slightly stronger and Balarama is the younger brother. As for Garuda, that's the divine bird mount of Mahakala."

"What? Avatar? Does this mean that they are able to fuse to become one entity?" Upon hearing about the three that caused them to flee with their tails between their legs, and how they were basically one being and one beast, Abbess Yun Miao felt completely unnerved.

Yang Chen shook his head. "I'm not really sure. That's just according to the Indian myths. Brahma is far too mysterious and there are too many versions of the ancient Indian myth that I couldn’t have possibly known of all of them. I only got to hear about a few of them."

"Regardless, even if they maintained their stance, we have to find a way to stop them as soon as possible. Hopefully, the defenses on site haven't been breached yet so the general remains safe," Yu Jizi said solemnly.

Abbess Yun Miao's face darkened. She might have been worried about the carrier or her husband, whose to say which was true.