Chapter 8/8!

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Cliffs which were kilometers in height wasn’t a common sight for the ordinary folk. Before, there would be people standing guard above the cliff. Whenever someone who was permitted to access that place arrived, a mechanism would be activated to hoist that person up. However, there was no one guarding the supposedly guarded place.

Fortunately, Yang Chen and the others were quite proficient in their lightness skill. They were able to scale a cliff like that by using the protruding rocks as footholds to jump off.

The top of the cliff was rather leveled. However, one wouldn't notice without intense scrutiny, an elevator-like mechanism at a corner of the cliff.

Naturally, nobody would wreck that. After all, even if the place was invaded, the enemies would have need for it as an escape route too. There would be no reason for them to cut it off. Not many could rely on the strength of their own bodies to descend from a cliff.

After the four of them entered the elevator mechanism, Cai Ning searched around for a button and pushed it. The elevator began to descend gradually.

Thirty seconds later, the elevator arrived at a secretive, depressed area at the cliff. However, there was a steel platform from inside the depressed area serving as an exit from the elevator.

It was obvious that the place was meticulously designed. The surrounding rocks made it difficult for one to see the elevator from the outside. Every nook and cranny of this place was meticulously designed.

Along the metal platform, they saw an alloy electrical door; it was left open!

"They've managed to get in, I knew it," sighed Abbess Yun Miao.

"That isn't the worst part. It would be if they've already left after destroying everything," Yu Jizi said.

A question suddenly occurred to Yang Chen. "Have you guys come here before?"

The three of them shook their heads. Cai Ning explained, "Had it not been for this current mission, none of us would have known about this secretive aircraft carrier site."

Yang Chen gave it some thought and nodded. "Then, let's go in."

Upon entering, they discovered that the walkway itself spanned at least a hundred meters long tunneling deep into the heart of the mountain. The light in the surroundings only brightened the deeper it was. It was obvious that the lighting of the facility was rather complete.

When they emerged from the door on the other side, they were greeted by a large expansive space!

It was hundreds of meters in height and approximately a kilometer in width. All of it was reinforced with strengthened metals ladenned with mud and clay.

Various types of electronic devices littered the whole area. At the center was a wide river-like structure that should be the docking bay of the aircraft carrier.

What was odd was that for an aircraft carrier, it lacked any form of aircrafts!

"Has the carrier been moved away mid-construction?" Cai Ning muttered, noticing that something fishy was going on.

It would still not seem out of place if there had been traces of battle and destruction there. The place's current state made the others wonder.

"Let's go further in to check it out. Someone was definitely here," Yu Jizi said.

The four of them walked for quite a bit. Within the space that seemed as wide as an underground world, it didn't look nor smell bloody and ruined as it might have been should a battle have occured. Instead, the place was completely clean. There was also nobody there at all. It was as if all the workers had taken a day off.

"Wait a second," Yang Chen said as he stopped and looked at an elevated platform beside him.

The three of them followed his gaze and saw a familiar person clad in an army uniform tied up in a chair. That person seemed to be unconscious.

"General?!" Cai Ning cried. That was Lin Zhiguo, the one alleged to have been captured by the so-called Mahabrahma.

In an instant, more than ten oddly dressed figures appeared into existence on the previously empty tall platform. They regarded the four newcomers with a calm look.

The leader was a pink-skinned man. Given how wrinkled his face looked, he was probably quite old. He wore a gold-embroidered top hat and a long white robe. In one of his hands were a bunch of agate prayer beads and in the other was a normal-looking black bottle.

"For you to be able to arrive here... I believe you must've defeated my subordinates. How surprising and praiseworthy," the man said without a single change in expression.

Yang Chen checked out that person's clothes and asked with a furrowed brow, "Are you Mahabrahma?"

Mahabrahma looked rather surprised. "You must be the newly appointed Pluto. I didn't think you'd be so young. I have long been looking forward to our meeting."

"Enough banter. If you want to fight, let's get on with it." Seeing Lin Zhiguo tied up there unconscious, Abbess Yun Miao fumed with rage. Even though she hated him thoroughly, he was still the man she had wedded before. Though she had brought her granddaughter to live in seclusion in the mountains, she had never mentioned cutting off all relations with Lin Zhiguo. They even got into quite heated fights whenever they met. Abbess Yun Miao's feelings for the man still hadn’t been completely extinguished.

"Humph, big talk coming from a bunch of cowards," a black-ponytailed man who stood beside Mahabrahma said in a cold, raspy voice. It was none other than Mahakala.

Abbess Yun Miao pointed her sword at Mahakala. "Even though I let you escape before, let's see about now!"

"Abbess, don't be reckless! We are outnumbered," Yu Jizi advised in a hurry.

"So what?! We'll fight when we have to!" the Abbess cried. She leaped forward and sent a wave of Sword Qi towards the other group of people.

However, the impressive Shushan Sword Qi that was easily able to cut through metal and break through jade didn't cause them to panic in the least.

Mahabrahma placed the agate prayer beads into the bottle. When he took them back out, the droplets of water that covered the beads flew towards the Sword Qi!


Loud and sharp cries of ghosts rang out. Those water droplets formed into countless greyish skeletal forms of wronged spirits. They widened their mouths and bit down on the Sword Qi!

Following the collision was a period of silence. However, those skeletons didn't seem to be affected much. They cruised straight towards Abbess Yun Miao!

They had shown a display of their demonic art. Abbess Yun Miao mainly trained in the way of the sword, so she'd never seen anything like that before. Given that she was a woman, she feared ghostly creatures to no end! She was flabbergasted almost immediately!

"Duck, Abbess!"

Yu Jizi dashed before Abbess Yun Miao and covered her back with one hand. With the other, he swiftly traced a big dipper sign before him, causing blood crimson True Qi to begin flowing in the air.

"Kunlun Talisman Technique, spiritual scattering!"

Various talismans manifested and attached themselves to the skulls of the skeletons. The crimson talismans emanated a bright gold light and caused the skeletons to dissipate before they were able to cry out in pain.

Kunlun Sect specialized in martial arts, talisman spells and pill making. Their exorcism techniques as well as their evil dissipation techniques were the perfect counter for ghoulish creatures like those.

Yang Chen didn't think that Yu Jizi possessed that kind of ability, causing his impression of the old daoist to grow much better. He said, "My guess was right. The water contained within Mahabrahma's bottle is water from Ganges river. Legend says that Brahma created life through the use of water from that river. Ganges is a holy river in India and it was worshipped by them long before any of us came to be. For some reason, countless amounts of people would kill themselves by drowning in the river. As time went on, the aura of death built up in Ganges's water. Daoist, Abbess, you must be careful."

"Your Majesty Pluto really is well-informed." Mahabrahma wasn't mad at all to see his move countered. He asked with a look of interest, "China is indeed a place with lots of talented people in hiding. The holy water from Ganges was condensed with great amounts of negative energy. I didn't think that they would be neutralized that easily."

"Heh, that's only child's play. The way this daoist sees it, you're not the king! You're a demon!" cried Yu Jizi with anger. He drew the Millennium Wooden Peach Sword from his back. That spirit-repelling wooden sword was more effective against ghostly powers like he ones displayed before him.

"King of the Sky, let me see what this daoist is capable of." an eye-catching man said with a feminine voice as he stood out.

That man looked extremely handsome and had really fair skin. He had messy blue hair and a hairstyle befitting the ancient Indian monks. A silver ribbon was tied on his head and his crescent-shaped earrings shone brightly. He wore a string of terrifying skulls around his neck, each one looking like it would open its mouth and swallow a person whole.

The man's upper body wasn't clad. All he had on was a tiger-pelt which was covering his abdomen. What was even more shocking was the hissing cobra wrapped around his waist!

Yu Jizi didn't care who it was that stepped forward. The talisman diagrams on Millennium Wooden Peach Sword crept along its body as Yu Jizi pierced it straight toward the odd-looking man.

"Humph," the man snorted coldly. He opened his bluish lips and puffed air out strongly!


The loud sound of blowing wind emanated from the man's mouth. From it came a whirlwind, covered in bluish-purple lightning, spurted out from the man's mouth!

"Demon!" Yu Jizi exclaimed. However, his body was suddenly assailed by the wild current, forcing him to be pushed back!

Yang Chen and Cai Ning's expressions fell immediately. Cai Ning had absolutely no clue what she was up against. Having a rough guess about their identities, Yang Chen cried out, "Daoist, that one of the three high gods of Indian myth, Shiva, Lord of Destruction. He can control storms and lightning!."

"Hahahaha, do you think that's all I can do?" Shiva made a sharp cry before he leapt toward Yu Jizi.

Yu Jizi's Kunlun technique was already being circulated to its peak. Yet, he was cautious with his attacks. He whipped out Jade Dragon Bagua Sword and rapidly attacked Shiva's onslaughts.

The cobra around Shiva's waist suddenly shot out in a blur. It opened its bloody mouth and spat out a gorgeous purple-colored flame!

"Taste my World-ending Arcane Fire!"

"How dare you stand there and call yourself the god of destruction when all you do, is resort to simple tricks like these?!" Yu Jizi cried with rage. He infused his Xiantian True Qi into his sword and slashed the purple flame, causing it to dissipate. At the same time, a streak of sword light headed for Shiva's neck!

Shiva didn't sidestep it and only curved his body backwards like a bridge. He managed to avoid the attack at an unimaginable angle.

"Indian Yoga?" Yang Chen could recognize that technique.

However, Yu Jizi's battle with Shiva hadn’t ended just yet. The people on the platform no longer sat idly and watched. Five more of them jumped down and glared at Yang Chen and the other two.

The brothers Mahakala and Balarama faced Abbess Yun Miao and each revealed cruel smiles.

Mahakala said, "I didn't use my full power before as it wasn’t the right time to do so. However, now, I shall bestow onto you my full power while you accept your death."

Abbess Yun Miao snickered. "Try it if you can." Even though she had expended quite a bit of her True Qi, she didn't fear the situation before her at all.

At the same time, a seductive woman with tanned skin appeared beside Cai Ning. Charm oozed out of her being.

That woman was barefoot and wore a long silver bracelet. A simple glance from her was enough to send waves of irresistible charm. That kind of beauty was not normal, yet it was hard to point out exactly what part of it felt wrong.

"Hohohohoho..." the woman laughed as she looked at the earnest-looking Cai Ning, "I heard that the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade has eight guardians. Brahma also has eight guardians, and I am one of them: Asura. Girlie, humor me with your might."

In Indian myth, the devas represented the gods of the sky, whereas the suras symbolized the demons, each having eight guardians.

Among the suras, the males were ugly to the extreme while the females were extremely beautiful. The devas had great food but no women, however, the suras had beautiful women and no good food. That was why the gods and demons fought to no end.

The woman before Cai Ning looked exceptionally beautiful, so it wasn't odd for her to call herself a female sura.

However, to Cai Ning, no matter how beautiful she was, she was still her enemy, one that she couldn't grasp completely. The enemy's moves looked incredibly odd, causing her to feel quite nervous.

Yang Chen looked at the other three. Seeing that they were still not in any grave danger, he focused on the two standing before him.