Chapter 1/8

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The two expressionless, puppet-like members from Brahma, looked completely different from the others.

One of them had a red face and was clad in a red and gold robe. Vedic mantras were embroidered on the robes. In one hand was a short, golden sword on which a symbol of flame was engraved.

The other person wore dark blue pants and was topless. His raven-black hair clung loosely to his waists. He wasn't armed. Instead, he held a small ancient silver bell in one hand and a thin, silver snake coiled on his other hand. There was a fine line stretching from the head to the tail of the snake.

Yang Chen gave them an inquisitive look. With a laugh, he said, "If I'm not mistaken, you must be the Fire God Agni and the Water God Varuna respectively. Whoa... You may look intimidating, but let’s see if you can match your looks to your might."

"We dare not claim to be gods before Pluto," Agni said expressionlessly. At the same time, golden flames enveloped his golden short sword.

"Ah, and I thought you were being polite. Is that all it took to anger you?" Yang Chen said jokingly.

The flame on Agni's sword cast a shade of red on his bronze-colored face. He looked as if he was a deity who was born out of flames. "Today, it is my desire to learn a thing or two from clashing with you, Pluto. That was the reason we've come to China, so please don't disappoint me."

"For my sake?" Yang Chen looked at the empty aircraft carrier site and his heart sunk with the realization. Could the aircraft carrier base be nothing but a red herring?!

"We want the God's Stone!" exclaimed Varuna as the silver snake on his arm snapped upwards. What was odd was that the silver snake's tongue was actually light blue!

The silver snake continued to spin quickly in the air. Frost began to congeal around its body. At the same time, the silver snake was frantically devouring the frost in the surrounding area!

In an instant, the silver snake that used to be as thick as a finger had expanded into a gigantic cobra as thick as a man's thigh after ingesting the frost in the air!

The gigantic cobra bared its fangs, sending a white mist of bone-chilling cold wind toward them.

Yang Chen said with a thoughtful look, "Why do you seek the stone as well? Is the stone really that valuable to you?"

Actually, Yang Chen already had a hunch that this was completely different from what he first expected.

The people from Brahma dared to target him with no reserve. That only showed that they had indeed come for God's Stone. That was why they were willing to antagonize him without hesitation.

The question was: why would they use the aircraft carrier as an excuse? Was it solely to lead him there? Or was there another reason for it?

Regardless, the current situation didn't provide Yang Chen the luxury of contemplating the situation. Agni and Varuna's intertwining attack of ice and fire was about to reach him!


When the searing, flame-covered short sword was a few meters before Yang Chen, it was swung downwards all of a sudden!

A blade of light carrying intense heat came slashing down at Yang Chen!

The silver bell in Varuna's hand rung clearly. Its crisp ringing sounded like a tune to summon the spirits. When the gigantic frost serpent heard the seemingly unrhythmic tune, it leapt into the sky and swung its ice-crystal-covered tail towards Yang Chen!

Seeing as the blade of flame and the snake's tail were about to strike him, Yang Chen chose not to evade their attack. All he did was take one step forward. He conjured a field surrounding him with his Xiantian True Qi that managed to disperse the blade of flame as well as mitigate all the force of the gigantic cobra's strike!

Agni and Varuna weren't surprised to see their attacks ending up futile.

Agni was fast, swift, and agile. After swinging out the two blades of flame, he appeared right in front of Yang Chen and raised his sword, preparing to strike again with his flaming, golden sword!

Varuna, on the other hand, dashed behind Yang Chen and rang the silver bell in his hand at a quicker pace. The gigantic frost cobra tried to coil itself around Yang Chen with its huge body.

However, Yang Chen's field wasn't something that could be broken easily. When Agni's sword crashed into Yang Chen, it was bounced towards the ground and wasn't able to touch him one bit.

That golden flame fell onto the stainless steel platform and a loud hiss ensued. The terrifying heat actually liquefied the metal it fell on!

Agni's gaze turned dark. He was well aware of the heat his short sword could generate. However, that man's odd protective field rendered his attacks useless!

Seeing that Agni's high-temperature slashes were futile, Varuna instantly instructed the frost cobra to start constricting Yang Chen in an attempt to break his field with pure force. At the same time, it was releasing a mist that was a few degree Celsius below zero!

Shards of frost scattered around in the air. The gigantic cobra seemed to be turning into a crystalized snake as it glowed blue with the cold.

Agni saw that Yang Chen's field wasn't broken despite the cold. The short sword in his hand burned brighter than ever as he leaped into the sky and sent a streak of crimson-red flame into the frost flow created by the gigantic cobra!

Ice and fire clashed around Yang Chen, grating against one another nonstop, creating various explosive bursts of air!

Yang Chen revealed a slight smile. "It seems that you may possess some skill. However, you're far too naive to think that you'll be able to obtain God's Stone just like that!"

The moment he said those words, Yang Chen was no longer interested in watching their 'performance'. He decided it was time to deal with them. Knowing Brahma’s intentions for obtaining God’s Stone in such peculiar manners was secondary.

Yang Chen stretched one hand into the midst of the ice and fire and grabbed onto the weak point of the cobra near its heart and gripped it tight!


A clear sound rang out as Yang Chen's True Qi smashed through the cobra's head unabated!

The frost in the area began to dissipate. The moment the gigantic snake died, Varuna spat out a mouthful of blood and slumped back a few steps with his face completely pale!

Agni, sensing that things were turning south, quickly fled the scene.

However, Yang Chen didn't intend to let him escape. In a flash, he flew right above Agni's head!

Agni would've never imagined that he could be so terrifyingly fast. With a swift but firm kick, Yang Chen shattered Agni's head! It exploded in mid air like a watermelon being smashed to pieces!

Mahabrahma, who was standing on the platform up high, wore a grim expression. He had finally realized that he did not possess the capabilities to deal with Yang Chen. While Agni and Varuna could only be considered subpar subordinates of Shiva, they were still far stronger than the most elite special forces in the international sphere. Yet, they were unable to take even a single of Yang Chen's strikes!

At the same time, Mahakala and Abbess Yun Miao's battle was already nearing its climax. Though she had expended most of her True Qi, Mahakala was still unable to take her down.

Cai Ning and the female sura's battle was incredibly chaotic. Flower Rain made use of her agile lightness skill and swift hidden weapon techniques while Asura responded in kind with her crescent-shaped scimitar at a similarly fast speed.

The strongest among them, Yu Jizi, on the other hand was beating back Shiva gradually at the sea port. The various demonic techniques used by Shiva were completely useless before Yu Jizi's Kunlun Talisman Techniques. His Xiantian True Qi contributed to the countless number of cuts across Shiva's body, causing the latter to be bleed profusely.

Yang Chen calmed down and looked at the high platform. With a laugh, he said, "Mahabrahma, I see that your subordinates aren't faring too well."

"Humph." Mahabrahma smirked. "Pluto, the general of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade is still in my hands. If you force my hand, I'll personally ensure his ascension to heaven. Also, did you not take note of the absence of those from Sandstorm?"

Yang Chen was shocked with realization. There wasn't a single person from Sandstorm present at the carrier. It was the thing he feared most. Even if those from Sandstorm were pursuing the scattered members of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, they would return to regroup after they had completed their mission, unless they were completely wiped out. But that didn't make any sense.

There was another point which Yang Chen found to be odd. He only saw Lin Zhiguo alone while Gray Robe was nowhere to be found.

Don't tell me that the old man that is only second to Abbess Yun Miao was also killed by those of Brahma and Sandstorm?

"If you know what's good for you, hand us the God's Stone. We can promise you that we won't bother you about the loss of Agni and Varuna and release Lin Zhiguo as well. Otherwise, you will have to face the consequences of your actions," Mahabrahma said with a sinister look.

"Don't! You can’t give them the God's Stone!" cried Cai Ning, who was still in combat with Asura after hearing about Mahabrahma's desire for Yang Chen's God's Stone.

Yang Chen was stunned. He didn't think that Cai Ning would say something like that. The one taken hostage was none other than their general. It would seem that the sacrifice of their general was a small price to pay for god’s Stone not to end up in the ends of their enemies.

Looking at Yu Jizi and Abbess Yun Miao's expressions, Yang Chen could confirm that they were willing to give up Lin Zhiguo than having Yang Chen hand over the God's Stone.

That was especially the case with Abbess Yun Miao. Even with her eyes bloodshot at knowing the fact that her husband, Lin Zhiguo, was most likely going to die, she still grit her teeth and followed through with her decision.

"It seems that you don't have enough chips to gamble with," Yang Chen said with a sigh. He began to consider whether he should slaughter the rest of them before doing anything else. If he was quick enough, he might have enough time to save Lin Zhiguo. However, given the distance between them and the Brahma members standing before them, that chance was slim.

Suddenly, Mahabrahma squinted as Mahakala whispered something to him. He cracked a bright smile as if victory was already in his hands.