Chapter 6/8!

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“Gray Robe! Where have you been?! Why have you come so late?!” Since Abbess Yun Miao was more worried about Lin Zhiguo than usual, she had assumed Gray Robe, who was responsible for Lin Zhiguo’s safety, to be dead.

Lin Zhiguo had just awakened from his unconscious state as well. He revealed a smile when he noticed Yun Miao had rushed over to check on his safety. “Yun’er, Gray Robe had been given other tasks to do. His capabilities had nothing to do with my capture.”

Gary Robe had his head lowered in silence as he didn’t plan on explaining anything.

“You…” Abbess Yun Miao gazed upon Lin Zhiguo from head to toe. She asked, “Are you fine?”

Lin Zhiguo pointed at the two huge steel plates which had formed a triangle to shield his behind. It stuck out like a sore thumb at the abandoned site. “Yang Chen must’ve covered me with those, which allowed me to survive this disaster.”

“Humph. Look. You were so unaware of your enemies movements. You’ve blinded led the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade for so many years!” Abbess Yun Miao said in dissatisfaction.

Lin Zhiguo smiled bitterly. “I would love to explain things to you but now is not the time nor place. Let us watch the battle between Yang Chen and Ares instead.”

They turned their heads to focus their attention on the two silhouettes in the sky. Although they were so small that they could hardly be seen, Yun Miao and the others were still able to feel their overwhelming auras.

Determining a winner has never been more difficult. There was almost no difference in their power levels. At most, the only comparable difference would be in their combat experience and skills. However, Yang Chen and Ares had both spent long years on battlefields. Thus, yet again, they were evenly matched. They would launch attacks on each other while dodging or parrying the oncoming blows.

Having noticed the ineffectiveness in his attacks, Ares got infuriated. After all, Yang Chen was nothing more than a ‘knock-off’ to him. Him, being the original God of War, why wasn’t he able to defeat Yang Chen?!

“Consider it an honor that I have to use it.” Ares said as he suddenly flew far away. The tattoo of a copper spear on his face shone before disappearing.

Soon, a three-meter-long copper spear with the thickness of an arm appeared in Ares’s hand out of nowhere!

An ancient pattern was carved onto the slightly damaged copper spear. Despite being slightly damaged, the spear was still gleaming bright green. Its spearhead which was modeled after a dagger, had the characteristic of a blood-soaked weapon used during ancient wars!

“The Hand of Ares,” Yang Chen murmured, astonished.

“Haha, Not bad. Props to you for recognizing my divine weapon,” Ares said proudly. “In the beginning when the world was just created, the children of the primal mother goddess Gaia, the Titans, had created a divine weapon for each of their descendants. Hades had his Helmet of Invisibility, which allowed him to hide tracelessly from us gods. However, ever since his reincarnation 3000 years ago, it had been lost. Even if you inherited his comprehension towards space methods, you are still left at a disadvantage without a divine weapon. Although my Hand of Ares is inferior to Zeus’s Thunderbolts and Poseidon’s Trident, it’s more than enough to deal with you! You shall die!”

Ares rushed towards Yang Chen once again upon finishing his speech. Following a few space leaps, he had appeared in front of Yang Chen!

Yang Chen tried his best to dodge the attack, but suddenly noticed the space surrounding him had been frozen!

“Fool! Instantaneous space freezing is the Hand of Ares’ skill!”

Ares laughed as he grasped the opportunity. The spear was heading to pierce Yang Chen’s skull!

Yang Chen knew that he would be forced to reincarnate should he fail to dodge this strike.

What about my family?!

No way!

Almost instantly, Yang Chen instinctively activated his most commonly used technique, Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, exploding True Qi from his meridians!

Since the start, as they had been fighting using space methods, Yang Chen hadn’t thought of fighting Ares with his internal energy. After all, Yang Chen felt that internal energy was useless in a space battle like this one. However, desperate times called for desperate measures. With the surrounding space frozen, all he could do was utilize his last bit of strength as he wouldn’t be able to dodge it in time.

Yang Chen had used it as his last measure of defense. Exceeding Yang Chen’s expectations, the field of Xiantian True Qi had been initiated!

The Qi went rampage like a chained, vicious tiger, exploding in the entire frozen space!

Xiantian True Qi condensed around Yang Chen, forming a huge realm around him as if it materialized. Compared to before, it felt much more powerful when used at a critical moment.

Ares initially expected his attack to hit Yang Chen who was rendered helpless. When the copper spear reached half a meter away from Yang Chen’s body, it froze in mid air!

“How is it possible?! What kind of technique is this?!”

Refusing to believe what he had just witnessed, he forcefully pushed his spear forward.

Yang Chen felt a stabbing pain in his chest. Although he wasn’t pierced by the spear, the overwhelming aura still made his chest ache for a bit.

Having been stimulated, Xiantian True Qi circulated insanely in his dantian. Through the circulation, an enormous force spread to the realm outside his body!

[TL note: Dantian (丹田 dāntián) – literally translates as “Cinnabar Field” or “Elixir Field”. Refers to the region in the body where a person’s Qi is concentrated.]


Ares was flung away violently and with him, his spear. His body travelled for hundreds of meters before he barely managed to stabilize himself.

In a fit of panic, Ares had forgotten to advance in offense. Speechless, he looked at Yang Chen as he found it hard to believe what he had just experienced.

Yang Chen felt that his body seemed to be filled with plenty of Xiantian True Qi, as if its level was pushed up a little after being stimulated. However, as to why it acted in such a manner, he didn’t know.

Why wasn’t Xiantian True Qi constrained by the frozen space? How did it manage to break through the space outside my body and even hit Ares? Yang Chen thought, confused.

Is it possible that… Xiantian True Qi is unconstrained by space?!

As this thought surfaced in Yang Chen mind, he himself got frightened.

“What’s that energy… It isn’t a space method, I’m sure that the space around you was frozen!” Ares asked solemnly.

Yang Chen let out a faint smile. Frowning, he answered, “It’s a form of Chinese martial arts I practise called internal energy. I don’t know why it turned out like this, but it seemed to be very useful. Would you like to have another go at it?”

“Internal energy? Chinese martial arts?!” Ares got so enraged that he laughed. “Who are you kidding! How is possible for a human creation to conquer us gods?!”

Infuriated, Ares took yet another huge space leap. Freezing the space around Yang Chen, Ares swung his spear at Yang Chen to deliver a fatal blow!

Yang Chen turned serious. Circulating Xiantian True Qi on his hands, he clenched his teeth before forcefully taking the Hand of Ares head-on!


The sound of collision between metals resounded. The Hand of Ares was thrown away by Yang Chen’s Xiantian True Qi yet again. Moreover, Yang Chen noticed that the force of Xiantian True Qi he released, felt a few times greater than Ares’s!

A bold thought emerged in Yang Chen’s mind. Xiantian True Qi is unattached from space?!

Doesn’t this mean that there’s a chance for Xiantian masters to become greater than the gods?!

Although he had achieved the ninth level of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture when he was in Japan, in addition to entering the realm of Xiantian Full Cycle, Yang Chen was convinced that it was not the end. There were still levels to explore and deeper realms to discover. However, his suspicions were strengthened as he fought his battle with Ares!

After all, the strength of the gods not only included a tough body, but the ability to control space as well.

Therefore, if Xiantian True Qi was indeed beyond the restraints of space, then the power of which the gods boast isn’t all that uncomparable, regardless of what they think.

Of course, it was merely a hypothesis. Ignoring whether or not Xiantian True Qi was truly beyond space, it wasn’t possible for a Xiantian master to float in mid-air, nor could they destroy large areas with ease or give rise to immense oceanic trenches. Those were only possible through the space methods of gods. It wasn’t easy for Xiantian True Qi to achieve such capabilities. To most people, these feats were impossible to perform.

However, Yang Chen could cultivate Xiantian True Qi and grasp space methods at the same time. It was equivalent to a tiger gaining wings!

Ares was incredibly astonished. Having frozen the space around Yang Chen, he was still flung away twice. This was a direct insult towards his skill and powers as a god.

Before Ares struck again, Yang Chen took the initiative to launch the attack first!

“Just as I wanted!”

Ares swayed his spear to welcome Yang Chen, once again freezing the space around Yang Chen!

Yang Chen ignored him and gave up using space methods. Resting his palms against one another, he generated two tracks of waterfall-like Xiantian Qi energy!

The Xiantian True Qi which rushed towards Ares made him feel uneasy about the impending threat!

“Don’t even think of hitting me with that! Fold!”

The space between Ares folded to another level. He expected the two tracks of True Qi to change directions and shoot off course.

However, the two tracks of True Qi broke through the folded space, disregarding the laws of space, and penetrated the remaining levels of space, before finally hitting Ares in the chest!


Ares felt a severe pain on his chest. The overwhelming force made him vomit a mouthful of fresh blood, while his body fell into the ocean like a kite with a broken string!

Although gods had extraordinarily tough bodies, they weren’t completely invincible. Yang Chen had gathered his internal energy thoroughly to form the two tracks of Xiantian True Qi. If an ordinary person was hit, it was more than enough to split that person’s body into numerous pieces. It was horrifying enough that Ares had merely sustained an internal injury.

In midair, Yang Chen stared at Ares as he fell. He then looked in awe at his palms. Xiantian True Qi really managed to pass through space!

However, Yang Chen wasn’t left with much time to think of the reason. Ares flew upwards through the ocean generating monster waves in his tracks!