Chapter 4/8

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Having driven on the road for a short while, Yang Chen noticed that the gas indicator light on the display of his BMW was lit up.

So, he drove to a petrol station not too far from where he was to refuel. As he was paying, Yang Chen suddenly noticed the money he was spending, the car he was driving, and the house he was living in, all belonged to Lin Ruoxi.

Back then, marrying this woman was not on his short list of things to do. It was originally supposed to be contract-based, so he wasn’t too bothered as he treated himself as a mere worker.

However, now that he planned to live the rest of his days with this woman, he wouldn’t appear all that useful as a husband if all he could do was mooch off his wife.

It wasn’t because Yang Chen was feel embarrassed. Yang Chen wasn’t afraid to be seen as a man who relied on his wife. His skin was so thick that he wasn’t concerned with stuff like that from the start. But what about Lin Ruoxi?

She had always hoped that he could perform and make her proud. Hadn’t he noticed that he had been a disappointment as of late?

Although Lin Ruoxi had stopped supervising him during work as he recently revealed his true self a little, people not privy to that information will look at them in a negative light.

Having realized that he had been ‘adopted’ all this time, Yang Chen didn’t know what to feel. Although he wasn’t disturbed by it, he shouldn’t rely on Lin Ruoxi for everything he used and needed, not to mention he would always piss her off. He indeed felt sorry for her.

Why don’t I discuss this with Ron to get a few decent items to please my wife?

Yang Chen pondered about various questions as he drove. The more he contemplated, the more he found material items were meaningless. Although Lin Ruoxi wasn’t the richest person in the world, her wealth couldn’t be depleted even if the next few generations were to not work and just live off her money.

Instead of giving her strange treasures which wouldn’t come into much use, he would rather do certain things to please her like proving himself in the business world or avoid staying out of the house overnight without making a call home.

Yang Chen’s mind was really messy. Feeling extremely guilty, he drove to the headquarters of Yu Lei International.

Since it was a day before Chinese New Year, there weren’t many people working in the company. Yang Chen came to the top floor of the building and didn’t bump into anyone he knew on the way.

“Wi—erm… Boss Lin, I’m Yang Chen. Can you open the door?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Nothing could be heard from within the room.

Yang Chen frowned. As he reached his arm out to open the door, he heard footsteps from behind.

He turned around to have a look. A guy and a lady were walking towards him as they chatted happily.

The lady was Lin Ruoxi’s assistant Wu Yue, the ‘airport’. Beside her stood a good-looking guy whom Yang Chen had met a few times before, but couldn’t remember for the life of him, who he was. He looked around thirty-five years old. He looked elegant and he had a well-favored face. There was no question that people would have taken a liking to him on their first impressions.

[TL note: An airport is used to describe a breastless woman in Chinese since a runway is flat.]

“Why are you here?” Wu Yue asked. She looked at Yang Chen with caution upon seeing him, as if Yang Chen was a thief or something.

Yang Chen felt gloomy. “Since you guys are here, why can’t I be here as well?”

“Humph. You look so sneaky. I thought you’d at least behave like someone holding a high position after Boss Lin let you be the director of Yu Lei Entertainment. Why do you still look so detestable like a thug member?” Wu Yue said in dissatisfaction.

“Yue’er, who’s this guy?” The elegant middle-aged man asked Wu Yue intimately after gazing upon Yang Chen out of curiosity.

The man-like lady Wu Yue instantly blushed, causing even Yang Chen to be stupefied.

“This guy is the director of the new entertainment company Yang Chen. He’s not one you should be acquainted with,” Wu Yue answered gently.

The man was shocked before smiling at Yang Chen. “Nice to meet you. I’ve heard of the two generals beside Boss Lin—Department Head Mo and Director Yang. I’ve met Department Head Mo many times, but I haven’t had a chance to see Director Yang. I guess I got lucky this time round.”

Yang Chen shook hands with him as he frowned slightly. “You speak of much nonsense. Who the heck are you?”

“Humph. How disrespectful.” Dissatisfied, Wu Yue replied, “This is the new vice president of our company sent over by Jade Clouds Corporation, Mr Li Minghe.”

Didn’t Ruoxi mention about welcoming a new vice president from Jade Clouds Corporation earlier? I believe he’s an expert in charge of the market for the new material. I didn’t expect him to be this young. I thought he’d be an old man who was 50 at least, Yang Chen thought.

Yang Chen understood the situation as he looked at Wu Yue who appeared to be pleased in addition to the courteous Li Minghe. He was too lazy to continue talking, and wanted to mind his own business so he reached his hand to the door knob again.

“Hey, what are you doing?! Did anyone allow you to enter yourself?!” Wu Yue quickly blocked in front of Yang Chen like a greaved cow.

“I’m looking for Boss Lin. This doesn’t concern you in the slightest.” Yang Chen pouted.

Frowning, Wu Yue said, “Boss Lin went to Yucong Building for inspection. Go there if you want to find her. The CEO’s office isn’t somewhere you can enter at your own fancy ”

“Yucong Building?” Yang Chen was surprised. He knew that it was one of the shopping malls owned by Yu Lei International, thus its name ‘Yucong’, as numerous imported emeralds imported from Myanmar would be displayed and traded there.

“You’re not lying, are you? Then why are you guys here?” Yang Chen asked doubtfully.

Wu Yue’s eyes widened largely. Furiously, she said, “What reason would I have to lie to you? Although I hate you a lot, I don’t have any intentions to lie to you. Boss Lin came over here earlier to ask about our year-end sales. She wants to personally pay the place a visit. Is there anything unusual about it?”

Li Minghe who was beside said, “That’s right. Yue’er isn’t lying. Director Yang, Boss Lin indeed went to Yucong Building. I met with her just now as well. It’s nearing the peak season for sales for companies like Yu Lei and the others. Being a highly responsible leader, it’s normal for Boss Lin to inspect the place in person.”

Yang Chen wondered if he should give Lin Ruoxi a call. However, he didn’t know what to say to her even if he did. Thus, he carefully sensed his surroundings outside the door. When he made sure there was indeed no one in the office, he finally believed the two.

Soon, he thought of something else. Yang Chen asked, “Why should you guys have to enter then? Isn’t Boss Lin away?”

Wu Yue snorted coldly. “Mr Li wants to review some reports and has received Boss Lin’s permission. She asked me here to bring him inside.”

Yang Chen let out a strange smile. “You still came to the office with the vice president to review stuff during the holidays. Erm, don’t exhaust your body too much. Otherwise it’s harmful to your body…”

Wu Yue couldn’t understand what Yang Chen’s smile meant, while Li Mingye returned a smile without speaking; it was evident that he was an experienced man.

Yang Chen stopped fooling with them and left the building

As he headed to Yucong Building in his car, many roadside stalls were doing their sales promotions, merry crowds in addition to streams of endless vehicles could be seen, causing Yang Chen to feel the merry mood of the Chinese New Year. But at the same time, he was rather worried as well. What if Lin Ruoxi went to another place for inspection after he reached the place?

Having gone through miserable traffic jams, it was already afternoon when Yang Chen arrived outside Yucong Building. He followed signs and came to the underground parking area before exhaling deeply.

In the past, he had never witnessed such crowds in a city abroad. Even New York, America was not busy from time to time.

Surprisingly, there weren’t many cars inside Yucong Building. After all, the people who could afford the things there were limited. In the enormous parking area, a little over a hundred luxury cars could be seen.

Yang Chen parked his car and got off, only to find a red Bentley parked two slots away.

It looks like she’s still here.

Yang Chen glanced at his surroundings before heading to wards the elevator. Coincidentally, someone came down from there, and who should show up but the very person he was looking for.

Dressed in the same office wear as this morning, Lin Ruoxi’s originally tidily tied up hair was slightly messy, while there was sweat on her forehead and her face was pinkish. She looked like she had spent quite a lot of her energy.

In her hands, she held five to six huge paper bags. She should’ve been tired as a result of walking a long distance while carrying them.

Lin Ruoxi walked out of the elevator as she wanted to proceed to her car. However, she noticed Yang Chen standing opposite her, staring at her while giggling.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel that it was hilarious. Lin Ruoxi was holding men’s clothing from Givenchy, Versace, and Burberry, all of which ordinary people treasured, unlike Lin Ruoxi who was holding them like plastic bags containing groceries. Only people like Lin Ruoxi treated luxury items as invaluable things.

In the morning, Guo Xuehua merely mentioned about it unintentionally. However, Lin Ruoxi had actually gotten him new clothes for the new year. This made Yang Chen feel rather touched and warm inside. He then looked at Lin Ruoxi’s powdery face, and found her a lot more adorable than before.

Lin RUoxi immediately noticed something, and pulled her hands to her back. However, the bags were overly large; there was no way she could hide them. Instantly, she lowered her head in embarrassment before hurriedly walking toward her car.

“Why do you need to hide? There’s nothing shameful about getting me new clothes,” Yang Chen said with a smile after approaching her.

Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth. Silently, she opened her car boot and stored the bags inside.

“I went to the office to find you. Wu Yue said that you came here for an inspection. I didn’t expect my Babe Ruoxi to have come here to get her husband clothes. Aye, I thought you were mad earlier. I didn’t actually think you were going to listen to your mother-in-law. Good acts deserve rewards. Why don’t I give you a hug?” Yang Chen said jokingly.

Lin Ruoxi instantly dodged aside. She was panting as she had walked quite a distance. But she didn’t fail to give Yang Chen a cold stare. “Try it if you dare.”

Yang Chen’s body quickly stiffened. Smiling, he said, “Alright, I won’t hug you, I won’t hug you. I only wanted to thank you. Look at me, what I eat and where I live all belong to you, and now even my clothes have to be provided by you. How can a man not feel so touched at this? I want to do something for you in return.”

Lin Ruoxi laughed coldly, as if she had heard something funny. “Moved? Thank me? I’ll be immensely grateful as long as you mother and son would be willing to stop teaming up to bully me.”