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Having listened to Lin Ruoxi’s speech, Yang Chen once again came to the realization—The contradictions between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are gradually becoming more apparent.

Never would I have thought that I would one day be facing family drama such as this one, Yang Chen thought, but was feeling rather pleased. Smiling, he replied, “Don’t put it that way. I won’t bully you, I’m not willing to do so. She’s just as much your mom as she is mine. She’s just not used to the way we interact. I promise she isn’t biased.”

“I have a rather good grip of the situation myself. I don’t need your explanation,” Lin Ruoxi answered coldly and planned to get into her car.

Yang Chen dashed and blocked in front of her. “There’s no need for you to rush back so quickly. Leave the car here. It’s the afternoon now, let’s head for lunch together.”

“You may eat yourself.” Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t agree to him.

Yang Chen showed a distressed expression. He sighed, “Wife, if you don’t come with me for lunch, I’ll have to carry you out. I’ll carry you out and let everyone on the streets see us… Erm… it does seem like a viable option…”

“You… Why are you so annoying?!” Lin Ruoxi staggered two steps back in fear.

Yang Chen shrugged. “Didn’t you say I was shameless on the day you met me?”

“You just said you wouldn’t bully me. But you’re doing it again!” Lin Ruoxi cried before clenching her teeth.

Yang Chen giggled. “How is this bullying? We’re just heading for lunch together. It’s for your body’s sake. You’ve shopped for the entire morning to buy clothes for me. What if you get a gastric pain?”

As Yang Chen spoke, he slowly leaned forward to Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t dodge him. She was afraid of being carried out by the thick-skinned fellow. All she could do was agree with him. “I’ll go with you. Don’t… don’t come near me.”

Yang Chen smiled. “Now, isn’t that simpler than denying me that from the start? Why mus you force my hand? I even almost had to show my manliness.”

Lin Ruoxi acted like she heard nothing. She knew that if she took him seriously, she would’ve been pissed to death by this man.

The two walked out of Yucong Building and didn’t plan to drive. After all, finding parking at this hour was next to impossible.

Yang Chen walked in front while Lin Ruoxi followed behind. She had her head half-lowered, while her face was filled with helplessness and unwillingness.

Yang Chen wasn’t discouraged at this woman’s resentful look. Compared to when he first knew her, when Lin Ruoxi looked cold and expressionless all day, although she was still very much different from a normal person, at least she was willing to show some expressions in front of Yang Chen.

Suddenly, Yang Chen stopped moving forward and stood right at the middle of the pathway.

Lin Ruoxi failed to notice him as she was walking with her head lowered. Thus, she crashed into Yang Chen’s wide and thick back.

“Ouch!” Annoyed, Lin Ruoxi rubbed her forehead. Aggrieved, she raised her head to look at Yang Chen. There wasn’t anything she could do about it. Getting angry wouldn’t solve anything.

This man is bullying me again!

Yang Chen on the other hand let out a smile. “Babe, it’s not good to walk with your head down. You’ll run into a telephone pole sooner or later. Come, walk by my side.”

Before Lin Ruoxi could react, Yang Chen took a step back before holding her slim and soft hand.

Lin Ruoxi felt that her hand was engulfed by a huge area of warmth, but she couldn’t pull her hand out no matter how hard she struggled. Her cheeks turned pinkish and she wanted to ask Yang Chen to let her go. However, due to the large number of people on the street, she didn’t want to cause a scene.

Yang Chen didn’t spare a second to allow her to consider. They walked side-by-side with their hands held together, just like the other couples walking there.

However, Lin Ruoxi’s look when she wanted to speak up but couldn’t say a single word, was too charming and adorable. At least ninety percent of the passersby would turn their heads to take a second look at her.

Yang Chen was fortunately thick-skinned, but Lin Ruoxi’s heart was filled with nothing but nervousness. Her heart jumped in all directions like a little deer caught in headlights. As a result, she couldn’t be bothered by the gazes she was receiving.

Just like that, she aimlessly walked around for ten minutes while holding Yang Chen’s hand. Yang Chen stopped moving again.

Lin Ruoxi raised her head. She had managed to calm herself down. She was currently immersed in an unfamiliar mood. She asked, “What happened?”

Yang Chen pointed at a merry roadside shop. “Let’s eat here.”

Lin Ruoxi took a look. It was a clean and neatly arranged restaurant selling boiling-hot dumplings from the southeast.

Yang Chen didn’t pick the place because he hadn’t had enough of Mo Qianni’s dumplings. It was because the restaurant was holding an interesting event attracting lots of attention.

Lin Ruoxi also quickly noticed the reason there was such a huge crowd. Outside the restaurant lay a huge wooden plank with a banner in the middle, with the exaggeratingly written words ‘Chinese New Year Challenge of the King of Dumplings’.

Whoever that is able to finish 88 dumplings within ten minutes would have their participation fee waived in addition to getting a reserved table for a dumpling feast and a limited-edition ‘dumpling doll’ customized for yours truly. The big, round dumpling doll instantly caught the attention of numerous ladies.

Whoever failed the challenge had to pay the price of 88 dumplings and leave with nothing.

Events such as this one would always appear easy, but was actually incredibly taxing on the person who was doing the work.

All the dumplings contained meat fillings and were large. A huge-bodied man may be able to eat 40 to 50 of them at most, let alone the southern people whose bodies were usually small, which caused their appetite to be much smaller in comparison, than that of the northern people. One would expect them to make it through the challenge half-way at most.

However, a challenge which gave people a chance of earning a free meal was one that seemed to be well received b the crowd. Moreover, the price for 88 dumplings wasn’t too expensive. Many people would try to complete the challenge. Since many of the ladies were obsessed with the adorable dumpling doll, quite a number of men took part in the competition as they tried to win the doll to gift their girlfriend or wife.

Very quickly, the audience of the competition significantly outnumbered those who actually participated.

Lin Ruoxi was also well aware of the doll that was on stage. It certainly was round and cute. She violently raised her head to look at Yang Chen in excitement. “Are… are you thinking about...:”

“Hehe. Wife, wait for me. I’ll win the prize for you and take care of our lunch together,” Yang Chen said happily.

Lin Ruoxi quickly shook her head. “Are you crazy? Anyone would suffer from eating 88 dumplings!”

“I can do it. Although I’m smaller than the huge guys here, I can eat 100 of them without an issue,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi wanted to stop him, but Yang Chen pulled her to the counter and said to the employee, “I want to sign up. What should I do?”

The worker was a young guy whose face was oily. He thought Yang Chen was some migrant worker from his  first impression. However, he soon noticed that Yang Chen was holding the hand of a stunning beauty and felt incredibly envious. He forced a smile and said, “Sir, you need to show your identity card and sign a contract which states the restaurant would not be held liable for any unfortunate events should they happen, then you’ll be allowed to take part in our event.”

Yang Chen took out his identity card and sign the paper without hesitation before walking to the main area and sat down proudly.

All Lin Ruoxi could do was follow him behind. She received countless gazes, which caused her discomfort. But she acted like she saw nothing. Stupid Yang Chen, what kind of idiotic idea is this? Why do you have to sign up just because it’s free? It’s not like we can’t pay for our meal, Lin Ruoxi scolded in her mind.

The server started serving Yang Chen the first bowl of dumplings. The huge bowl contained 22 dumplings. A lot of the female customers felt full just by looking at it.

Without saying anything, Yang Chen lifted the chopsticks and pinched a dumpling up. He was even too lazy to dip it in vinegar. He put the dumpling into his mouth.

Frowning, Lin Ruoxi who stood behind him said, “Eat it slower, don’t choke yourself… Dip it in the vinegar, or you’ll have problems digesting it later… Eh, why aren’t you biting it before swallowing…”

As Yang Chen chewed, he muttered, “Why are all of these filled with pork and cabbage? Give me some onion and celery stuffings.”

Yang Chen’s words amused the crowd. The waitress let out a strange smile as well. “I’m sorry Sir, pork and Chinese cabbage stuffing is our standard for the dumplings in this competition.”

Lin Ruoxi had nothing else to say. This fellow is complaining about the stuffing. He only finished half of the first bowl, she thought.

Not long after, Yang Chen devoured the first bowl. He still had eight minutes left. The waitress served yet another bowl of 22 dumplings.

Yang Chen continued swallowing the dumplings one after another without stopping.

Lin Ruoxi lost her appetite just by looking at him eat. “Don’t force yourself if you can’t finish them.”

Yang Chen waved his hand, implying that he could do it.

He finished the second bowl faster than the first. He only took one and a half minutes this time. Not only were the servers amazed at this, most of the crowd started focusing their attention on Yang Chen.

“The third bowl. Please enj—” the server said and stopped halfway. She wanted to ask him to enjoy his meal, but it sounded immensely inappropriate for the situation. Thus, she decided to keep quiet.

Yang Chen on the other hand was really relaxed. He had always had a huge appetite. Now that he had a clear grasp on Xiantian True Qi, the dumplings which entered his stomach were quickly digested and acted as grinding material for the True Qi in his body. Although his stomach would still be full, he could finish the challenge much easier than others.

Yang Chen burped after finishing the third bowl. He felt that his stomach was about three-quarters full. He could still continue eating, but he started feeling disgusted after consuming too much pork and Chinese cabbage.

Lin Ruoxi noticed the unnatural look on Yang Chen’s face. She couldn’t help but feel a heartache. The man was her husband after all. Although he would always piss her off, her concern for him had never wavered. Once again, she advised, “Don’t eat them anymore. You’re starting to look pale.”

Yang Chen shook his head. Forcing a smile, he said, “There’s one final bowl left.”