Chapter 1/8

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As the sky turned dark, the dining table in the villa was filled with a variety of plates and bowls. Since Guo Xuehua came from the north of the country while Wang Ma cooked southern dishes, there was a healthy mix of dishes that were prepared.

Because most of them weren’t big fans of alcohol, they immediately started digging in upon sitting down.

“Brother Yang, let’s set off the fireworks we bought,” Hui Lin suddenly said during the meal while she looked at Yang Chen with high hopes.

Yang Chen who was currently chewing on a chicken drumstick,  lifted and waved his hand as he mumbled, “What time is it now? Why not we finish diner first. Aren’t there new year's galas later? We’ll set off the fireworks after that.”

“But aren’t we supposed to watch the TV after the new year's gala?” Even Zhenxiu started talking during the meal after breaking out of the awkward barrier of non-familiarity.

Yang Chen giggled. “Fine, we shall wait till the boring program is finished before we go out to set off the fireworks.”

Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma looked at each other, then glanced at Yang Chen who appeared to be the king of the children before laughing.

Lin Ruoxi on the other hand was silently eating as usual. She didn’t appear too excited even during a cheerful new-year night. However, she would pinch some meat and vegetables for Zhenxiu once in a while.

Zhenxiu was rather embarrassed. It was understandable for Lin Ruoxi to serve her husband or mother-in-law, but pinching vegetables for an outsider was not something that happened normally. However, Zhenxiu really appreciated the love she was shown in the house.

Before they even finished their meal, the new year's gala started playing on television. After the opening dance performance, the hosts of the event introduced themselves one after another.

Hui Lin hadn’t had a chance to watch such a TV program in the past. Thus, she paid lots of attention on the television. She suddenly noticed a familiar logo on the stage. It was the logo of Yu Lei International!

“Elder Sister, why is your company logo there? Is this event sponsored by Yu Lei?” Hui Lin asked excitedly.

Lin Ruoxi nodded slightly. “We have been sponsors of the event before, some two years ago. But we’re spending a lot more this year. The new material will launch in the market soon, so we must raise our reputation significantly throughout the country.”

When Lin Ruoxi talked about work, pride and resolution could be seen on her cold face, causing the people who were listening feel interested.

“My daughter-in-law is such an independent woman. How impressive,” Guo Xuehua praised with a smile.

“Yeah, yeah, I look up to Elder Sister so much for being able to manage such a large company. I get headaches just by thinking of it,” Hui Lin said honestly.

Lin Ruoxi wasn’t humble when it came to her work. Why should she be? She had been working so hard all these years just to prove her value in addition to keeping the pride of her late grandmother.

“I want to take over around ten more factories this year and more than two thousand acres of industrial lands. When that happens, Yu Lei would be truly left with no competitors in the country,” Lin Ruoxi said confidently.

“Miss, don’t say frightening things like this during Chinese New Year. It’s really horrifying to imagine the scale,” Wang Ma said with a smile as she patted her chest.

“I find one acre of land very huge already,” Zhenxiu said before pouting.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly noticed she was at home as opposed to facing the senior managers in her company. She couldn’t help but blush. She just couldn’t refrain herself from talking about work like this.”

Yang Chen was secretly smiling beside heer. It was certainly hard for a housewife like Wang Ma to imagine the scale. What Lin Ruoxi usually did in her company, was alien to Wang Ma’s comprehension. Perhaps this was the reason why Lin Ruoxi behaved so differently from the ladies of her age.

Quietly, Yang Chen leaned forward to Lin Ruoxi and whispered, “I hope no one will come here to seek revenge in the future after you destroy more families.”

Lin Ruoxi knew that Yang Chen was referring to what had taken place at Yuping Garment earlier. Frowning, she said, “I do what I must. I need more labor in order to expand. I can’t stay put doing nothing just to avoid some sad people.”

“You’re right as well. I’m just saying you should bring your husband out in the future when you inspect factories or something,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes, but felt comforted by his simple words.She felt glad as she could finally feel like there was someone she could rely on.

After a while, Wang Ma carried a few plates of boiling-hot dumplings from the kitchen. Although some of them looked damaged, they appeared to be rather fresh in general.

“Let’s eat some dumplings. Young Master, please don’t buy so many dumplings anymore in the future. We have more than we can eat,” Wang Ma complained.

Lin Ruoxi pouted. “Wang Ma, we told you we didn’t buy them. A restaurant gave them out for free after Yang Chen took part in their competition.”

“What competition is it? Why did they give out dumplings?” Guo Xuehua asked out of curiosity.

Yang Chen smiled embarrassingly before explaining what had happened outside the dumpling restaurant. When the ladies heard that he had swallowed 88 dumplings, their jaws almost dropped to the ground.

“Stop eating like this. What if your stomach gets sick after that?” Guo Xuehua advised.

Yang Chen didn’t bother explaining he merely wanted to win the doll for Lin Ruoxi. “I won’t do it next time.”

Lin Ruoxi naturally wouldn’t tell them Yang Chen had noticed that she had taken a liking towards the dumpling doll as she felt shy. She couldn’t help but feel warm inside when Yang Chen decided to keep quiet because he didn’t want Guo Xuehua to blame her for it.

After dinner, Yang Chen obeyed Hui Lin by setting off all the fireworks he bought. When he was done, New Year’s Eve could finally be wrapped. The women were as tired as they were content, they had worked really hard cooking after all.

One by one, they left for their rooms. Yang Chen also switched off the television before returning to his room on the second floor.

Upon entering his room, he took his phone out and sent a message to Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi walked out from the bathroom wearing a thin white bathrobe as she had just showered. She was surprised to receive a text this late at night.

She was even more shocked when she found out it was from Yang Chen, as he had never sent her a text before, let alone during this hour at home.

‘Come to the rooftop.’

Yang Chen only sent four words.

Lin Ruoxi wrinkled her brows slightly. This message was sent a minute ago, which meant Yang Chen had expected her now.

There was an empty rooftop, west of the villa. There were only a few flower pots there, so she didn’t usually visit the place.

Should I go or not? Lin Ruoxi bit her lips. She didn’t take long to decide, and walked to the changing space in her room. She wore simple thermal underwear before putting on a light orange marten coat. This was to protect her from the chill that came with the night.

Although she didn’t know what he was up to, she was quite sure that he wouldn’t force her into doing anything.

Lin Ruoxi contemplated in worry, but still walked out of the room. She didn’t make too much noise while walking upstairs, so nobody was awakened.

When she reached the rooftop, she felt a sharp pain on her face after it was blown by the cold wind of the night. Lin Ruoxi tightened her coat, while her black hair was blown messy. Her goddess-like, charming face appeared particularly touching, like a flower which was blooming in the night.

Lin Ruoxi blurrily widened her eyes, only to see a familiar figure standing near the railing far away, waiting for her arrival.

“What do you need?” Lin Ruoxi asked softly after approaching him. She was rather nervous, as it was her first time standing on the rooftop with Yang Chen alone at night.

Yang Chen didn’t turn around. He replied, “Look, look at Zhonghai City over in the distance. The lights tonight appear much brighter than before.”

Lin Ruoxi walked near the railing as she rubbed her hands together to fight the cold. “Really? I can’t tell the difference.”

“That’s because you exhaust yourself working like a dog day in day out. You don’t see the things boring people would, to experience the world from their eyes,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“Why do you still look if it’s boring?” Lin Ruoxi frowned.

“The view, yes it may seem boring, but when you have something to watch it with, it doesn’t really matter what you’re looking at,” Yang Chen said as he turned his head back before smiling mysteriously at Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi got nervous upon being stared at. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Wife, would you let me hug you?” Yang Chen suddenly asked.

Lin Ruoxi’s cheeks blushed. She stared at him angrily and said, “Lame. If this is all you want, i’m going back to sleep.”

“If you don’t let me hug you, I’ll jump down from this third floor,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi pouted. “Do it. You always love to show your capabilities.”

“I’m really going to jump.” Yang Chen looked serious.

Lin Ruoxi ignored him and turned around before leaving.

Suddenly, she heard a few thuds from behind. The sound of the wind soon echoed, as if someone had disappeared!

Has he really jumped?!

Lin Ruoxi’s heart violently contracted. She quickly turned around. Expectedly, Yang Chen’s figure was nowhere to be found!

“Yang Chen!” Lin Ruoxi shouted subconsciously. She ran to the railing again and looked downward. Suddenly, a silhouette shot up from beneath!

When Yang Chen jumped down earlier, he held onto the edge of the railing with one of his arms. He lifted himself back onto the platform. This was an act people considered impossible, but to Yang Chen, Jumping from the third floor and back up was child’s play.

Lin Ruoxi panicked after getting frightened. She felt her vision blur, but Yang Chen soon appeared in front of her again, unharmed with a smile.


Lin Ruoxi almost cried from the shock. She wanted to scold him furiously, but before she could open her mouth, she failed to say a single word.

That was because Yang Chen had widened his arms and hugged her boneless-like, soft body.

Lin Ruoxi’s big, watery eyes opened widely. She felt a pressure in her heart, while a familiar scent could be detected through her nose. Soon, her mind went completely blank.

She was still hugged at last, after getting tricked to come back.

Dong! Dong! Sounds of large bells echoed from the direction of Zhonghai City.

Is it the sound of the bell from the city?

Is it 12 already?

Lin Ruoxi then heard Yang Chen’s voice and felt the heat of his breath next to her ear, which caused her to feel shy. “Wife, Babe Ruoxi, did you hear that? That marks the end of the night while signifying a new day, a new year. We’ve known each other, argued, gotten married, fought, been through thick and thin, regardless of the painful, joyous, or sweet moments. No matter what, this year has come to an end…”

Lin Ruoxi quickly understood why Yang Chen asked her to come upstairs. She involuntarily reached her arms toward Yang Chen’s back and hugged him at his waist. Although it was a light movement, it was a hug, true in every way, shape and form.

“I want to go through the rest of the year with you. Just like now, the next year and every year after…”

Yang Chen’s voice became blurry near the end, because fireworks were set off in the distance from numerous other houses.

The colorful and brilliant fireworks filled the sky, deafening sounds of explosion rang throughout the clouds.

The light coming from the gorgeous fire was a peaceful and gentle moment of the two.