Chapter 4/8

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The director hiring a new secretary quickly become old news as it wasn’t uncommon for a director of a company to do so. Fortunately, Yu Lei Entertainment was a rather huge company, so not many employees were too concerned about the new secretary that had just been hired. However, when they saw just how stunning this secretary was, they quickly understood why she was chosen by their director.

In such a major city filled with people brimming with carnal desires, it wasn’t rare for cases like this to happen. Thus, it wasn’t gossip worthy news.

However, An Xin was in fact a huge help to Yang Chen. Having been involved with numerous business activities of the An clan, she was indeed capable in handling various tasks. In fact, before she became a stewardess, she had been trained by An Zaihuan as a candidate to one day takeover the An clan. She was his only daughter after all.

The businesses operated by the An clan weren’t considered the largest in Zhonghai, but they still held some pull in their respective markets. Otherwise the Liu clan wouldn’t have picked them as a partner to go against the Yuan clan.

From An Xin’s perspective, the newly founded Yu Lei Entertainment was just like high-grade polymer clay which she could shape to her will. Since Yang Chen had delegated a few tasks to her, An Xin had been rather happy about it. She wanted to use her ideas to shape the future of the company.

An Xin’s eyes shone when she found out that the first project undertaken by Yu Lei Entertainment was a talent show. She was a young lady after all, she had a passion for things like dance, music, fashion, etc. Now that she was part of the project, she couldn’t contain her excitement anymore.

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie weren’t ordinary employees. They managed to investigate An Xin’s background within a few days. They were shocked when they found out An Xin was the young lady, inheritor of the An clan.

The An clan today, was unlike what they had been several years ago. Upon taking over the Liu clan, they had truly gotten a foothold in the top positions in Zhonghai. Except the Yuan clan, they were left with no other rivals that could challenge them. It was also rumored that the An clan had close relations with the Rothschild clan which was behind the world’s finance, immediately causing the An clan to attract the most attention among major clans for a while.

Although An Xin was the young lady of the An clan, she had always disliked social events, so not a lot of people knew her. However, people who wanted to investigate her could still find out her background.

Why did the young lady of the An clan come to be our director’s secretary?!

When this news was spread into Zhao Teng’s and Wang Jie’s ears, they quickly formed various horrifying conclusions. At last, they only ended up with one—Director Yang is too impressive.

Yang Chen had no clue that he had gained even more admiration from his two assistants. He was currently sitting on the sofa in his office made of real leather as he enjoyed some green tea made by An Xin. The forty-one-inch LED television was playing the recent news about some upcoming artists.

An Xin sat by Yang Chen’s office table focusing on reading the various documents that he had tasked her to. They were all delivered over by Wang Jie and Zhao Teng, regarding the name list auditions that were soon to be held.

Yang Chen watched the news for quite a while before pressing the pause button on the remote control. The screen stopped at a female singer who looked rather masculine.

Yang Chen said to An Xin, “Little Vixen, what do you think of this brother? He’s been famous for many years already. I believe he debuted in a talent show as well, am I right?”

An Xin glanced at the screen before pouting. “She’s clearly a girl. How is she a brother?”

“Oops, my mistake. It’s mainly because everyone calls her something-Brother, so I thought she was a guy.” Yang Chen scratched his head.

An Xin contemplated for a short while. “We’re in the midst of choosing judges for the show. Although she’s really famous, inviting her would make the event seem too casual. It’s not in line with our vision of professionalism. Perhaps another candidate.”

Yang Chen nodded in agreement. Yu Lei Entertainment wasn’t looking to train a comedian. They didn’t have to sacrifice professionalism just to spice up the event. Thus, Yang Chen continued watching the news.

After around two hours, they picked five judges and planned to pass the list to Wang Jie so that she could personally meet the people who were nominated.

Yang Chen looked at the names. Frowning, he said, “These people all seem to have exceptional backgrounds. In other talent shows, these candidates were picked one or the other, and not altogether. It is very likely for us to exceed our budget if we invite them all.”

An Xin smiled cheerfully. “Hubby, don’t worry. I’m quite sure that they won’t dare to ask for higher prices. They would even request to participate even if we don’t pay.”

“Why?” Yang Chen asked.

“Don’t you remember whom our judge for the grand finals is?” An Xin winked.

Yang Chen thought for a while before smiling and saying, “You’re right. With Christen as our main star, I bet they’re all dying to benefit from her fame. After all, I don’t think even the most famous artists in China have had the chance to collaborate with her.”

Elation filled An Xin’s eyes. “Hubby, how do you know Christen so well? She has obtained the title of most popular person worldwide, just like Michael Jackson did back then. I’m a big fan of hers. When I was in France, she coincidentally took part in a fashion week in Paris. I waited outside for an entire day, but she still managed to slip away. I was so pissed back then.”

“When she comes later, I’ll ask her to stand in front of you and let my Babe An Xin hug and kiss her however much you want,” Yang Chen said generously.

An Xin chuckled. “Hugging her will be fine. Hubby, wouldn’t you be jealous if I kissed her?”

“Why would I get jealous? Seeing the woman get embarrassed is something worth celebrating.” Yang Chen pouted.

An Xin winked. “Hubby, don’t get angry. I feel something is rather odd about it though. Since you’re so close with Christen that she agreed to come to China just because you asked her to, why would you leave such a beauty alone and not mess with her, but instead hold playful hatred towards her?”

Yang Chen pinched An Xin’s cheek. “In what world would a woman speak to her man like this? Although Christen is good-looking, I have absolutely no interest in her. I can’t explain the reason specifically. In short, don’t talk about it.”

An Xin stuck her tongue out and remained quiet.

Yang Chen looked at the delicate clock hung on the wall. It was lunchtime already. “Let’s go and check on Hui Lin downstairs. We’ll invite her for lunch together.”

An Xin nodded gently and stood up to keep her stuff.

It had been a little more than a week since she joined this company. By the end of February, An Xin had been familiarized with the usual operations of the company.

An Xin was also determined to find out more about Yang Chen. Of course, it included the people around him.

Except the time where she left a bad impression for Lin Ruoxi, An Xin had had no issues interacting with other people around Yang Chen.

The most interesting people were Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu. They came over to Yang Chen’s office like it was planned, and introduced themselves to An Xin before leaving.

Yang Chen didn’t know what they were up to. However, as long as they didn’t keep their distance after meeting An Xin like Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen was more than happy to let them get close to each other.

The one who was the closest to An Xin would be Hui Lin. In the entire company, Hui Lin had the purest, most naive, child-like heart. Coincidentally, An Xin behaved like a child who hasn’t grown up as well. She was rather rebellious and held ridiculous ideas. Having been to many places and seen many interesting things, An Xin had a lot to talk about when she was with Hui Lin. She would confuse the heck out of Hui Lin, and get a sense of achievement every time Hui Lin was engaged in the conversation.

During the afternoons on weekdays, Yang Chen would bring the two ladies out for lunch. It wasn’t because he disliked the food in the company, but he would most likely bump into Lin Ruoxi if he dined in the employee canteen.

If he was with Hui Lin and her alone, it would be fine. However, if he brought An Xin along as well, it would mean that he was trying to challenge Lin Ruoxi’s limits. Yang Chen was certainly not that brave and courageous.

Yang Chen and An Xin came to the recording studio together. Unlike what they would usually see before, Hui Lin wasn’t working hard practicing singing techniques and music knowledge. She was just sitting alone on a chair quietly with her head lowered and hands clenched together, as if she was enduring something.

Yang Chen frowned as he approached her. “Hui Lin, what happened? Are you not feeling well?” Logically speaking, Hui Lin wouldn’t have stomach aches or similar discomfort since she could cultivate internal energy.

Hui LIn suddenly raised her head. There were two lines of tears on her face while her eyes were red.

Yang Chen and An Xin were shocked. Hui Lin had been crying badly for sometime now.

“Brother Yang…” Hui Lin said. “My grandpa… Did he… pass away?”

Yang Chen remained quiet, while An Xin was a little shocked. She looked at Yang Chen in doubt.

“Whom did you hear it from?” Yang Chen asked.

As Hui Lin sobbed, she said, “Grandma brought Grandpa Gray Robe over earlier. Grandma told me… Grandpa was harmed by bad guys. She went back to Beijing to host a clan meeting, after asking me to stay here for now and listen to you obediently…”

Yang Chen frowned slightly. Apparently, Abbess Yun Miao chose a half lie than the full truth to keep what her Grandfather did a secret from her. Yang Chen could see the reasons for doing so. Thus, Yang Chen acted like he knew nothing and chose to go with what Yun Miao wanted.

“That’s right. Your grandpa isn’t here anymore. I was afraid that you’d get overly sad so I didn’t want to tell you,” Yang Chen said as he nodded.

Lin Zhiguo was actually brought away by Ling Xuzi from ‘Hongmeng’. It was no different from saying he was dead.

When Hui Lin once again confirmed this matter, she couldn’t hold back the tears that threatened to fall from her face once again.

Although she hadn’t stayed by Lin Zhiguo’s side for very long, to the naive Hui Lin, Lin Zhiguo was her grandfather, which meant he was her family. She found it hard to accept the truth.