Chapter 6/8

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Yang Chen managed to discuss with Lin Ruoxi about their upcoming trip with Hui Lin, but had to put it on hold as they both still were the directors of their respective companies.

When Yang Chen reached his office the next day, Wang Jie was already inside waiting. She looked rather disparate, as if she had run into difficulties.

“Manager Wang, is it possible that you got teased by a client?” Yang Chen joked.

Wang Jie forced a smile. “Director, stop joking around. I won’t mind something like that, not to mention there aren’t many people who dare to hold intentions toward employees from Yu Lei.”

“Then what happened?” Yang Chen asked.

Wang Jie sighed and thoroughly explained to Yang Chen.

So, there were less than two weeks left until the official launch of the audition of the Star of Yu Lei. However, they have not set the venues for their registration and auditions yet.

After discussing with the team, Wang Jie decided to partner up with a nationwide company from the tertiary industry. However, Wang Jie ran into a roadblock midway through the process.

When the company found out that Wang Jie was the department manager of Yu Lei Entertainment, they chose to reject the negotiation as they only wanted to deal with the director himself.

Yang Chen frowned. “Which company is it? Why do they behave like kids?”

“I know right!” Wang Jie yelled angrily. “What’s the point in doing this if we are both listed companies?”

“You haven’t told me which company it is eh.”

“Oh,” Wang Jie said as he passed a folder to Yang Chen. “It’s the largest entertainment company in Zhonghai which is ranked top ten in the nation—Maple Group.”

Yang Chen was stunned. He took a careful look at the summary as he smiled bitterly. Maple? Isn’t it Tang Wan’s company?!

Yang Chen quickly understood why Wang Jie was turned down and requested to ask the director over for the negotiation. Tang Wan must be aware that Yang Chen was the director of Yu Lei Entertainment and did it intentionally to meet him.

Since Tang Tang’s incident, Yang Chen hadn’t contacted Tang Wan as often. Although Yang Chen was hungry, he didn’t shamelessly approach the mature beauty who had confessed her love to Yang Chen out of the blue for her meat.

He had been busied with various events recently. Moreover, it wasn’t as if he had no trouble with the women currently in his life. He already got into fights once in awhile, why would he have time to mess with Tang Wan?

Although Yang Chen had admitted that he was unfaithful, he wouldn’t fall in love with just any woman in the world.

He was attracted to Tang Wan’s body at most. He lacked the same feelings which he held for his other women to her. The two had seldom interacted up till today, not to mention there was a sizeable age gap between them, he found it hard to fall in love with her as natural as he did with An Xin. Thus, he wouldn’t miss Tang Wan even when they hadn’t met in a while.

Tang Wan was a proud woman. Lots of people wanted to but hadn’t had the chance to take advantage of her. When she told the man more than ten years her junior that she wanted to have something between them, the man didn’t give her much attention. This evidently challenged Tang Wan’s pride. Since Yang Chen didn’t take the initiative to look for Tang Wan, she naturally wouldn’t contact him either.

However, just because she had not taken the initiative to seek Yang Chen in awhile, that didn’t mean that she had fell out of love with him. Having been single for so many years, Tang Wan had finally fallen in love with a man. It was impossible that she’d cut ties with him just because she said so. As a result, it was totally reasonable that she was feeling resentful.

“I know why it happened more or less. I’ll pay Maple a visit personally. I don’t blame you for it since it’s mainly due to my past interactions with them,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Wang Jie was dumbfounded as she was at a loss for what truly transpired. Forcing a smile, she left the room to continue with her work.

Yang Chen sat in his office for quite a long time before An Xin arrived with her handbag. She wore a light brown winter clothing together with a pair of high leather boots, which made her look like someone shopping at Avenue des Champs-Élysées instead of an office woman.

Yang Chen had no objections toward this little vixen’s appearance. He’d be fine as long as she looked stunning. He had to just ignore the whispers of the common folk.

“Babe An Xin, stay in the office. I’m going to a place to talk business,” Yang Chen informed.

An Xin didn’t expect Yang Chen to go out this early in the morning. She blinked her eyes a couple times as she felt confused. “Business? Can’t you bring me along?”

Yang Chen knew that the current Tang Wan must have much dissatisfaction toward his behavior. If he brought a soul-hooking female secretary along, the consequences would be dire. Thus, he waved his hand and answered, “No need. Stay here. This is something that I have to take care of personally.”

An Xin stopped asking questions and obediently nodded. She gave Yang Chen a kiss as an encouragement before he left.

Yang Chen checked the address of the headquarters of Maple Group before driving there alone. He was at a loss as for what to expect. Being liked by a woman like Tang Wan was considered a blessing, but he would have to suffer if he took a misstep. The present was a good example. He had to visit the other side to apologize before even being involved with her, to explain why he hadn’t contacted her for so long.

When he came to the headquarters, he noticed that the building was slightly aged. However, there were still many luxury cars parked outside. Maple Group naturally had large amount of reserves, reserved for the upper management.

Yang Chen came to the counter and reported his name and origin before the lady working there smilingly brought him to Tang Wan’s office.

Expectedly, Tang Wan had been expecting Yang Chen’s arrival, otherwise he wouldn’t have been let inside so easily, without being asked questions like the appointment made beforehand.

Yang Chen came to the office and knocked the door which hung a ‘CEO’ sign. Soon Tang Wan’s familiar voice could be heard, “Come in.”

The lady working at the front counter made a gesture to invite him inside before turning around and leaving.

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders and cleared his voice before opening the door and entering the office.

Tang Wan’s office was about half the size of Lin Ruoxi’s, but was grand looking nonetheless. The various furnitures were all carefully crafted using redwood. Yang Chen had guessed that they were hand crafted by some Italian crafter.

There hung an imitation of the Fan Kuan scroll on the wall. The fact that Tang Wan was a fan of such ink paintings was largely correlated with her mature mentality.

[TL note: Click here to see how a Fan Kuan scroll looks like.]

Behind the office table, sat Tang Wan who had her head lowered while she was reading something. She showed no intentions of paying Yang Chen any mind.

Yang Chen smiled faintly as he recognized the signs of anger, but he wasn’t annoyed. He walked to a sofa made of real leather before sitting down and shutting his eyes to take a rest.

After a while, Tang Wan finally raised her head. Her water-like, smooth and shiny face was alluring as ever, but displayed a hint of dissatisfaction. With an unfriendly gaze, she looked at the man who was leisurely resting and said, “Director Yang really is bold to have come here and taken a rest on my couch.”

Yang Chen opened his eyes and sighed, “Wasn’t it because CEO was busy? I didn’t want to interrupt you rudely.”

Tang Wan snorted coldly as she stood up before walking slowly toward Yang Chen. Her monochrome cardigan and tight-fitting black jeans made her look gorgeous. Her swaying butt and upright bosom was no doubt the cause of many mens fantasies.

Yang Chen swallowed his saliva audibly. This chick looks so much more seductive in winter clothing, he thought.

“Do I look good?” Tang Wan asked.

Yang Chen nodded. “You’ve always looked good.”

“Then what took you so long to come have a look?”

Yang Chen scratched his head as he giggled. “It’s because I’ve been busied with many tasks, not to mention Chinese New Year is here. I have to stay with my family, don’t I?”

Tang Wan snorted before laughing as she refused to believe him. She then sat opposite to Yang Chen before gracefully sipping on a cup of hot coffee. “I don’t believe all you did was stay with family. You were playing the snatch-the-bride game instead.”

Yang Chen was stunned. “You know about this as well?”

“I’m a lot more capable than you imagine,” Tang Wan replied with a smile.

Yang Chen pouted before nodding his head. He really couldn’t hide anything from this woman. Judging from the fact that the Party Secretary Fang Zhongping had liked her for so many years but hadn’t had the guts to displease her the slightest, she naturally wasn’t just the CEO of a major corporation. She had other things to back her position as well.

“You know why I’m here today, don’t you?” Yang Chen asked.

Tang Wan shook her head. “I don’t know.”

Yang Chen got gloomy. Smiling bitterly, he answered, “Do you have to do this? We’re not enemies. I admit that I don’t ask about you often enough, but it doesn’t mean we we don’t have a substantive relationship, does it?”

Tang Wan’s cheeks turned cold while her gaze at Yang Chen was as sharp as knives. “So this is how you see the relationship between us?”

Yang Chen’s heart contracted violently for a split second. He smiled awkwardly and said, “Erm… that isn’t totally the case. But I feel that dwelling in small matters is beyond us as we’re both adults. We should talk about work when we’re working.”

Tang Wan smiled coldly. A worrying light flashed in her eyes. “Yang Chen, do you know that I won’t hesitate to slap a guy who tells me ‘I’ve fallen for you’ after knowing me for only a few days? Because it’s the same as telling me ‘I want to sleep with you’, but said in a different manner.

“However, when I tell a man whom I had interacted for just a few days ‘I’ve fallen for you’, to me, it’s the same as saying ‘I want to entrust everything to you’. But obviously, the man I confessed to treats it as something to not be taken seriously.”

Yang Chen remained quiet. He didn’t expect the degree of importance of the conversation that they had to be so high. If what Tang Wan had said was true, he had indeed gone over the line.

“Actually based on your qualifications… I am not the right match for you. You should be very aware that I can’t give you a lot of things that you want,” Yang Chen said.

Tang Wan let out a pathetic smile. “Do you know why Cupid would always cover his eyes before firing the arrow of love according to the ancient Greek mythology?”

“Why?” Yang Chen asked, as he had never heard of anything of that sort before.

“Because,” Tang Wan calmly stared at Yang Chen while her eyes were filled with agony and complexity, “Because, love is blind.”