Chapter 7/8

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Yang Chen couldn’t help but reconsider his position when Tang Wan said the word ‘blind’. This woman was especially aggressive in front of Yang Chen, while he had been the passive one. However, Yang Chen didn’t think that Tang Wan was the one who had the advantage, since he was the one who could truly make a change.

“I seem to have… made some cruel mistakes,” Yang Chen said with a faint smile.

Tang Wan shook her head. “You have been cruel, but you didn’t make any mistakes. I’m just trying to get something I want. Of course, you can choose to overlook everything I’ve said. I will talk to you professionally for work related purposes, so you shall be at ease.”

Yang Chen reached to his shirt pocket as he wanted to smoke a cigarette, but soon realized he was in someone else’s office. Embarrassed, he withdrew his hand and said seriously, “This isn’t something that can be forced. In the future, we’ll meet up to have a meal together when we have time. Even if we fail to become lovers, I’m fine with being just friends.”

Tang Wan smiled. “I’m glad enough to hear you say that.”

“Can we talk about work now? Our Star of Yu Lei audition is coming really soon,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Tang Wan nodded. She wanted to say something, but her phone rang which acted as an interruption.

Tang Wan took out her phone and instantly frowned when she looked at the screen. Picking up the call, she asked, “What happened?”

Yang Chen couldn’t hear what Tang Wan was hearing. After she finished talking, she didn’t look too happy.

“Stay put. I’ll be there in half an hour,” Tang Wan said before ending the call and sighing.

Yang Chen had never seen this helpless expression of Tang Wan before. Concerned, he asked, “What happened to Tang Tang?”

Tang Wan smiled vaguely and said, “What will happen to that kid? She’s hiding in her school to prepare for the college entrance exam. It’s my younger brother who got himself into trouble.”

“Your brother?”

Tang Wan hummed in acknowledgement. “Actually, I returned to Beijing a while back when we weren’t in contact. I have just recently returned back to Zhonghai. But this time, my younger brother Tang Jue followed me back here. The brat is a through and through trouble maker. The seniors at home asked me to watch over him, but I didn’t expect a trouble so soon.”

Yang Chen wasn’t aware that the Tang clan was from Beijing. Tang Wan’s younger brother seemed to be a worrying person according to her.

“What happened to him?”

Tang Wan clenched her teeth. She then remembered something. She asked, “How’s your driving skills?”

“How does it compare to your fighting skills?”

Yang Chen found her question odd. He thought for a while before answering, “I’m not the best, but I guess I’m decent enough to be considered a half expert at it.”

Of course, if you want me to compete in a car crash competition, I’m definitely the best in the world since I’m not afraid of death, Yang Chen thought.

Tang Wan clapped her hands once before saying, “How about this? Do me a favor and I’ll immediately agree to your terms for our partnership. I’ll give our most favorable plan to you for sure.”

Yang Chen was confused. “Are you trying to make me your driver?”

“Follow me to a place. You’ll find out soon.” Tang Wan’s mysterious smile made her look like a scheming and cunning fox.

After around twenty minutes, Yang Chen was ushered into Tang Wan’s limited-edition black Land Rover and arrived at an empty land near the suburb of Zhonghai. Signs and billboards could be seen from afar.

Yang Chen finally found out that he was brought by Tang Wan to a place called Maple Racing Club. Evidently, it was one of the businesses owned by Maple Group. Similar to other facilities owned by them, this one was a place for wealthy people who loved cars to have a place where they could enjoy.

Many world-famous cars like Lamborghini, Mclaren, Pagani costed an absurd amount every time the engine was switched on or mileage was added to its meter .

At a few Lamborghini clubs abroad, if tourists wanted to have a test drive, not only did they have to pay huge sums of insurance fees, they were also required to pay hundreds of American dollars to start the engine to test drive one on the racing tracks.

When these cars were driven on road, their owners had to pay for the large amount of petrol consumed together with the high maintenance fees, which would bring high risks. Thus, car clubs were opened to satiate the enthusiasts who weren’t willing to risk the payments of their own car .

Of course, not every wealthy person could set up such a club. Without Tang Wan’s unfathomable background, she certainly wouldn’t dare to start operating such a luxury place. After all, the regulars to this place were not ordinary people after all. Tang Wan had to gain their trust before they were willing to place their highly expensive cars at her place.

Yang Chen had been curious about Tang Wan’s true background. Now that he knew her clan was also in Beijing, he slowly developed a rough idea of what was going on, but he didn’t know what position she held in her clan.

After parking her Land Rover at an exclusive VIP spot, she brought Yang Chen into a modern building which had a design similar to that of an airport. The huge road had numerous connected pathways. In fact, as they walked, Yang Chen saw a few helicopters and passenger planes. Evidently, only only did the building store countless luxury cars, there were also private jets owned by the wealthy inside.

Yang Chen was rather speechless. Although Lin Ruoxi was rich, much wealthier than Tang Wan’s Maple Group, it was impossible for her to build such an airport if she wanted to.

China was not like America. America had more than half of the world’s private jets, so airports were much more common there.

In an extremely strict country like China, not only did Tang Wan manage to set up a club for luxury cars, she had also built an airport for private jets. She was just like an empress from the past.

“Is this shocking to you?” Tang Wan asked, elated. She noticed the surprised expression on Yang Chen’s face.

Yang Chen nodded. He joked, “The more I interact with CEO Tang, the more I feel you have superpowers.”

Tang Wan smiled and answered, “On many occasions, a woman likes a man when she can’t completely dissect him. When a man likes a woman, although it’s less obvious, it is still the case occasionally. This can be considered a good example.”

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He must admit that men would never come to a point where they could have been said to truly understand a woman.

When they came to a beautifully decorated hall, a middle aged, elegantly dressed lady came forward to address Tang Wan respectfully and said , “Boss, Young Master Tang Jue is at the rest area of the first track.”

“Who’s the guy who raced with him? Have you checked his background yet?” Tang Wan asked strictly.

The lady nodded and answered, “Yes, I have. He’s an arrogant racer from the Austrian Formula 1 Redbull team called Webber. He’s the champion of the German race, and the highest-performing racer in this year’s world championship.”

“Why would he come to our club? Who brought him here?” Tang Wan asked doubtfully.

The lady answered, “It’s Young Master Ning. Mr Webber is his friend from overseas. He came to Zhonghai for a race this time, and came here in his downtime. Who knows… Young Master Tang Jue…”

“His gambling addiction took over again.” Annoyed, Tang Wan rubbed her forehead. Suddenly, she continued, “Wait… did you say Young Master Ning? Which Ning clan is he from?”

“He’s Ning Guodong from the Beijing Ning clan,” the lady replied.

“So it’s him…” Tang Wan appeared to understand the situation.

Yang Chen who was standing beside pouted his mouth. Why am I so much fated with Ning Guodong? I came to do Tang Wan a favor, and I’m supposed to compete against the racer he brought over.

However, since he’s Ning Guodong’s friend, I shall leave no mercy. I hate pussies who have their attention fixed on someone else’s wife, Yang Chen thought.