Chapter 8/8

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After the manager explained what had happened in the club, they walked to the rest area of the first track.

It’s official title was a rest area, but was actually a spacious living hall. Sunlight shone through the transparent tempered-glass window, while the heater in the area warmed the room. Quite a few plants were placed around the area giving it a very nice and inviting feel.

“You’re richer than I could have imagined,” Yang Chen said after looking at the sumptuous facilities around.

Tang Wan smiled as she smiled, “No one would be willing to come if you cut corners to try to save money. The people who come here have money as their lowest priority.”

Yang Chen nodded his head in agreement.

As they spoke, a few figures could be seen clearly standing at the parking area in front.

Expectedly, it was the subject of the matter Ning Guodong. However, he wasn’t dressed in a suit today. He only wore a casual Armani shirt with a scarlet necktie, looking stylish as usual.

There stood a well-built western guy beside Ning Guodong who had a thin face with moustache which made him look masculine. He wore a multi-colored dad hat and held a bottle of Martell in his hand. He was happily chatting with Ning Guodong while gulping the occasional mouthful of his drink.

A huge-bodied silhouette suddenly rushed over from there. He shouted, “Elder Sister! Elder Sister!”

Yang Chen was surprised to see him. He was in every way, the definition of a burly man from the north. Being around 1.9 meters tall and weighing around 100 kilograms, he had curly hair and a square face in addition to abnormally large nostrils. Wearing a leather coat, he appeared to be distressed and resentful which caused him to look rather childish.

Such facial expressions came across as odd on such a body. Yang Chen almost burst into laughter after seeing this man.

“How many times must I remind you not to gamble anymore? When are you going to change your bad habit?” Tang Wan scolded. Although she had to raise her head to look at him, she used the tone of a senior to teach him a lesson.

The huge man lowered his head as if he was wronged. Using his hoarse voice, he spoke softly, “Ning Guodong brought a westerner to show off at our place. Shouldn’t we continue our ancestors’ excellent tradition to rise and resist?”

“Get a kitchen knife if you want to rise and resist. Why on earth would you agree to race him? Are you a racer? Or have you started joining running competitions since the Eight-Nation Alliance? Do you think this is the Olympics?!” Tang Wan yelled.

The huge man forced a smile as he tried his best to put on a cute act to get on Tang Wan’s good side. He reached his huge hands out to get a hold of Tang Wan’s before swaying it from side to side

“Elder Sister… Elder Sister, you’re the only one I can turn to. Please help your pitiful Little Tang Jue… The 599 GTO is my birthday present from you. How can I lose it to someone else?”

Yang Chen who had witnessed this scene behind almost fainted. The huge man’s tone and actions were extremely triggering, making any ordinary man go crazy. How much longer can I endure this?! he thought.

The employees and bodyguards nearby had to act like they had seen nothing. It was really difficult for them.

At this moment, Ning Guodong brought Webber over. He passionately greeted Tang Wan upon seeing her. However, when he noticed that Yang Chen was there as well, he started looking irritated.

“Why are you here?” Ning Guodong asked as he frowned.

“Why can’t I be here?” Yang Chen tossed a question back.

Ning Guodong smiled coldly. “Are you even aware of the kind of fees required to be a member here? Based on your unimpressive wage, I don’t think you can even pay ten percent of the upfront fee.”

Tang Wan replied calmly, “Yang Chen is my friend. I have asked for his help to compete with Mr Webber for the car.”

As soon as Tang Wan finished speaking, not only did Ning Guodong start looking at Yang Chen with a strange gaze, even Tang Jue widened his eyes largely as he examined Yang Chen. To Tang Jue, Yang Chen was nothing more than a supporting role. He didn’t expect such a person to be his elder sister’s friend, let alone his saviour.

The more Tang Jue looked at Yang Chen, the more he noticed some form of intimacy…

“Miss Tang, are you taking my friend and I as jokes?” Ning Guodong asked with a weird smile. To him, Yang Chen and Webber had a day-and-night difference.

Even if Tang Wan simply picked a cab driver by the road, Ning Guodong felt that the person would still be more reliable than Yang Chen.

Webber couldn’t understand Mandarin, so he asked the person beside him to help translate.

When he found out that the man surnamed Yang wanted to race him to get back the car Tang Jue had lost to him earlier, it sparked his interest and he looked at Yang Chen with an interesting gaze.

It was true, an expert had no reason to fear the common folk. Instead, they spend the better part of their lives in search for a worthy opponent.

Webber had no reason to look down on Yang Chen based on looks alone. The only way a racer could truly have been said to stand above the rest is when they have had respected each and every other racer.

The more Yang Chen listened, the more confused he got. He interrupted them and said, “I’m still not sure what’s happening here. You’ve been talking about car racing and winning back the car. What’s going on? Can someone explain to me?”

“I’ll tell you!” Tang Jue volunteered, acting like a bystander to the incident. He started explaining what had happened in the past few hours like an outsider.

So, Tang Jue only came to Zhonghai with Tang Wan from Beijing because he was bored. Since he had nothing to do, the various facilities owned by the Maple group became his own personal playground.

He coincidentally came to the racing club today. He was trying out a few new race cars that had just been imported, and Ning Guodong who happened to be in Zhonghai brought his friend over to pass time.

When Ning Guodong described how skillful his friend Webber was, Tang Jue wanted to show off and shine through a race…

Thus, Tang Jue challenged Webber to a race, with the the prize being the others car.

Lastly, not only did Tang Jue embarrass himself, he also lost his Ferrari 599 GTO which was given by his elder sister on his birthday. He was unwilling to surrender his car. Ignoring the fact that the car was produced in extremely limited quantities, it wouldn’t be the same if he bought one himself. There was no significance in the value behind the car.

After that, Tang Jue called Tang Wan for help in hopes of retrieving his car.

Yang Chen felt gloomy after listening to Tang Jue’s story. Apparently, he came over to take care of the mess caused by Tang Wan’s foolish younger brother.

“Hey, Brother-In-Law, are you very good in driving? Are you confident in winning?” Tang Jue let go of Tang Wan and put his arm on Yang Chen’s shoulder.

“Stupid Rabbit! What are you talking about!” Tang Wan kicked Tang Jue on his thigh as she instantly blushed. It wasn’t an occasional kick by the looks of the strike.

Tang Jue took a few steps back awkwardly before saying timidly, “Elder Sister, you’ve never brought a boyfriend home before. Now that one is finally here, can he not be my brother-in-law…”

Tang Wan had the urge to smack his idiotic younger brother with a brick. She clenched her teeth as she stared at him angrily before saying to Yang Chen, “I’m sorry. His brain is filled with nothing but nonsense. Don’t treat him too seriously.”

“I’ll really suffer if I treat him seriously.” Yang Chen rubbed the cold sweat off his forehead.

Tang Wan rolled her eyes before looking at Ning Guodong who was shocked. “Mr Ning, you should be well aware of the car’s price. You also know that it’s a car I gifted my useless younger brother on his birthday. Although he has indeed lost, I hope you could give us a chance to compete again. What do you think?”

“Miss Tang, you should also be aware that a fully cooked duck can’t fly anymore. There should be no reason for us to gamble away the car.” Ning Guodong smiled wickedly.

Tang Wan frowned in contemplation. After a while, she said, “How about this? I’ll let Yang Chen pick a car from my garage to race with Mr Webber. If we lose, the car Yang Chen picks will also belong to you and Mr Webber. If we win, we just want our Ferrari back.”