Chapter 5/14

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In the presidential suite of a five-star hotel in Zhonghai, stood Ning Guodong who had just finished attending a banquet. He removed his handmade suit made by a designer from Milan. After pouring a glass of Bordeaux wine, he made his way to the leather seat by the window, before sipping on the wine. He stared into the distance, mind filled with countless thoughts.

His phone vibrated. Ning Guodong had a look at the number before taking up the call. Expressionlessly, he asked, “How did it go?”

The person sounded rather downhearted. It was the hoarse voice of a man. “I’m sorry, Sir. We were discovered by a man named Yang Chen…”

“What?!” Ning Guodong said, hoping he heard wrong. “What kind of shithole have you guys com from?! Aren’t you all supposed to be trained in the special forces?! If so, is a simple task such as this one too difficult for you to carry out?!”

“Sir, even we are not sure of how he managed to discover us. Our stalking methods were flawless. We have no idea why Yang Chen managed to identify us. He even paid for our bill… He’s… he’s really too damn godlike…”

“Godlike your ass! Fucking pigs!” Ning Guodong scolded. “You’re fired. Go home. I have no need for incompetent trash in my life”

Ning Guodong ended the call as soon as he finished speaking. He looked disappointed as he stared outside the window. He murmured, “It looks like… the prick really knows a thing or two. I even met him at the Yang clan’s military camp… Yang Chen… Yang Pojun… Yang Gongming…

“Hmm… is there possibly a connection between them?”

Ning Guodong wasn’t a foolish person. He was far smarter than most wealthy children. Otherwise he wouldn't have been able to obtain such a position in the government at such a young age. Combing the time where he met Yang Chen at the military camp, Yang Chen’s driving skill he witnessed earlier today, and the fact that Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen appear, Ning Guodong was sure that Yang Chen was more than just an employee of Yu Lei International, contrary to his earlier belief.

“Yang Chen… no matter who you are, count your days for I am coming for you. Lin Ruoxi… no women can reject me, including you!”

Ning Guodong poured the wine and ice into his mouth before crunching the ice cubes into pieces.

In the living hall of Dragon Garden, Lin Ruoxi looked at Guo Xuehua’s gaze which held high expectations. Troubled, she said, “Aunt Guo… I… Yang Chen and I are not planning for children at this moment.”

“It’s fine, I know that you two are busy these days. It’s not too late to have children after moving to a new house.” Guo Xuehua conveniently set the time to after they move away.

Yang Chen noticed Lin Ruoxi’s blushing and pale look and felt sympathetic. Smiling, he said, “You guys haven’t suggested where we should move to. Since Wang Ma mentioned it first, do you have a house in mind?”

Wang Ma asked, “Why look for a new one when we have a perfectly fine one waiting for us? Our old house is still empty and available for use. I send people there to clean the place every week. We can move in anytime. The house is so huge that fitting all of us and more would not be a problem.”

The old house Wang Ma was referring to was none other than the one occupied by the late Lin Kun.

Since Lin Kun’s death, all of his assets had been transferred to Lin Ruoxi’s name including the villa.

However, Lin Ruoxi had been busy with other tasks. Moreover, she tried her best to avoid the house as it brought back memories of her family, both good and bad ones.

Sorrow surfaced in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes now that Wang Ma had talked about it, but she remained silent.

Wang Ma sighed, “Miss, I know how you feel about the house. I sometimes think of the old mistresses of the house. But avoiding the issue isn’t going to solve anything. That is our true house after all. Now that i’ve mentioned it, the only reason why we moved here was due to your fights with the late master. In my heart, I’ve always hoped to move back one day.”

Lin Ruoxi bit her lip. After a while, she finally nodded. “Yeah, I think it’s about time we went back to the house. Wang Ma, get us a moving company to help shift all the things we need. We’re bringing Hui Lin out for a day soon, just pick that day.”

“Alright, don’t worry. I’ll be sure to watch them.” Wang Ma felt pleased.

Guo Xuehua and Hui Lin had heard about the past of the Lin clan from Wang Ma. They knew that Lin Ruoxi wasn’t feeling too great about this idea. They walked forward and each held Lin Ruoxi’s hand, the latter of whom smiled faintly to signal she was fine.

Yang Chen went upstairs and left the four ladies to chat. He came to Zhenxiu’s room and knocked on the door.

The door was soon opened. Zhenxiu’s naive and pretty face popped out looking tired. She had a ponytail tied while her lips were dry. It could be seen that she had been working hard for the approaching college entrance exams.

“Brother Yang, you’re back. Do you need anything?”

Yang Chen pinched her cheek and said, “Don’t exhaust yourself. You have plenty of time. Rest if you must. Do you need help with any questions?”

Zhenxiu smiled sweetly and answered, “It’s fine. Studying for an exam is still easier than opening a stall to earn money. Brother Yang, you’re the one who should rest well. I’m not as tired as working people such as yourself.”

Yang Chen actually felt guilty. His work was basically stress-free. Everything was done by An Xin. His job was to delegate. Today, for example, all he did was flirt with Tang Wan.

Zhenxiu was a child who had to bear hardships. Yang Chen knew that his concern wasn’t needed. On the contrary, his concern might make her feel uncomfortable. So he stopped asking questions and returned to his own room.

The next morning, Yang Chen came to his office in the morning. When he entered, An Xin was already inside shifting through some documents. She was seated on the directors chair. This vixen actually looked like a successful businesswoman.

“Ah.” An Xin immediately put down the stuff she was holding when Yang Chen entered. She approached Yang Chen and bowed, much like what the people in dramas. “Welcome, Master.”

Yang Chen couldn’t refrain his laughter. “What are you doing now? I’m not a feudal ruler.”

“I have no options. Every time I go home, my dad would inform me to properly serve you. He warned me to not anger you no matter what, and I’m not supposed to throw a tantrum.” An Xin pouted before saying, “So the best I could come up with was to find new ways to please my boss.”

Yang Chen walked forward and hugged An Xin’s soft body before sitting down on the chair, putting her firm and round backside on his thighs. He asked, “Since your dad is so annoying, why don’t you move out?”

An Xin pouted before leaning against Yang Chen’s shoulder. Softly, she said, “So what if he’s annoying or despicable? He is my father despite everything. I wouldn’t have been born without him, and he’s the one who raised me… When I was disobedient back then, he would still deposit money into my card. Although he has done a few ridiculous things to me in the past, he has always seen me as his daughter.

“I’ve thought it through already. In this world, no one would unconditionally treat someone well. It just depends on whether or not the temptation is worth abandoning the person. Back then, my dad was willing to give me up for the Liu clan. Right now, because of you, he’s unwilling to let me go.”

Yang Chen frowned. “What you say makes sense. But why is it that I still have the feeling that something is off? What if you meet a man stronger than me one day? Does it mean that you will have to follow him then?”

An Xin blinked her huge eyes a couple of times in an innocent manner. Smiling, she said, “Of course I won’t. I’m only clinging onto you because I’m aware of that. I’m very different from my father. This apple fell very far from the tree. I’d find myself detestable if I ever do so one day. Moreover, is anyone out there more impressive than my hubby?”

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders. “In such a vast world, there are bound to be people who are.”

“I still won’t change. Although you’re just like the ruler of a feudal society, having lots of women and power in your hands, I still like you a lot. What can you do about it?” An Xin asked gently.

Yang Chen rubbed An Xin’s butt with one of his hands. “Little Vixen, we didn’t manage to do it yesterday. Let’s make up for it now.”

An Xin’s cheeks suddenly turned so red that they looked like blood could come out anytime, while her eyes appeared rather watery. “It’s so early morning in the morning. What if someone comes in for something urgent?”

“What’s the worst that can happen? Look at you. Your lips are so pouted that they’re practically waiting to be kissed.” Yang Chen held an evil smile on his face.

An Xin immediately shut her mouth tightly as she stared at Yang Chen. She could only blame the overly enticing feeling of exercising with this man pounding in her head. Other women may not get a single climax after doing it for tens of times, but she was pushed to the clouds every single time.

When Yang Chen’s demon claw reached into An Xin’s skirt, the phone on his office table rang.

Yang Chen sighed. He picked up the call and asked, “Who is it? It’s so damn early now.”

Who would call over so early in the morning? An Xin rolled her eyes.

Silence remained for a short while. A familiar female voice could then be heard. “Am I disturbing you getting intimate with the vixen An Xin, my little lover?”

Yang Chen instantly felt cold sweat roll down his back. Awkwardly, he answered, “Oh so it’s Babe Mingyu. Erm… how do I put it? I had been thinking about you earlier. I wanted to look for you but was interrupted by your call, so that’s why I was displeased.”

Liu Mingyu burst into laughter although she knew that it was a lie. “All you know is lying. Alright then, since you miss me now, come to my office for a while. I have something to tell you.”

“Right now?” Yang Chen looked at the temptation right in front of him waiting to be consumed. He licked his lips and asked, “How about one hour later?”

“No, I have a meeting to attend. Do your naughty business later,” Liu Mingyu said angrily.

Yang Chen giggled and answered, “Alright then. It’s not like I can’t do it with you.”

When Yang Chen ended the call, An Xin looked at him with disdain. “You’re flirting with another woman right in front of your woman, and even said something so direct. You’re behaving more and more like the ruler of a feudal society in ancient times.”

Yang Chen pinched her cheek. “What else am I supposed to do? I can’t just get rid of all of you, can I? Since that can’t happen, I can’t be expected to try and resolve this in a depressed mood all day, can I? Since I can’t cry, all I can do is face the problems head-on.”

Although An Xin knew that Yang Chen was talking nonsense, she silently admitted his reasoning.

Yang Chen put An Xin down from his legs and stood up as he prepared to leave to Liu Mingyu’s office. Ever since becoming a department head, Liu Mingyu had been busy all day like Mo Qianni, but had taken the initiative to invite Yang Chen over today, which made him curious.