Chapter 8/14

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Lin Ruoxi exited the room quietly and retreated to a corner. She leaned against the wall for support, taking in a sigh of relief.

Had she stay in the room, her employees would most likely have demanded her to sing. Under such circumstances, she certainly couldn’t decline to sing lest she disappoint her employees greatly. However, if she decided to sing, she would disappoint them further.

Since young, Lin Ruoxi had never felt that singing was this important.

Liu Mingyu who walked out and followed Lin Ruoxi was incredibly worried. She originally wanted to get to the washroom. However, she had completely forgotten about it currently.

When Lin Ruoxi suddenly stopped walking, with her back facing her, Liu Mingyu was certain that Lin Ruoxi wanted to confront her.

Clenching her teeth, Liu Mingyu gathered her courage and approached Lin Ruoxi. “Boss Lin, please give me your forgiveness regarding me and Yang Chen.”

Liu Mingyu’s initially white face instantly turned pinkish after saying it while worry, fear, shyness, and helplessness could be seen on it. Panicked, she silently waited for Lin Ruoxi’s judgement.

She knew that she definitely wouldn’t end up well if the woman in front of her wanted to be merciless. Ignoring the fact that her job was given by Lin Ruoxi, which could be taken away anytime, even if Yang Chen wasn’t willing to leave her, there would still be nowhere left for her to go.

I’m only an outsider after all… Liu Mingyu thought. She despised herself.

Lin Ruoxi on the other hand was a little surprised, but soon understood what Liu Mingyu meant.

In fact, Lin Ruoxi had seen Yang Chen interact with Liu Mingyu rather intimately before, but she didn’t have the luxury of investigating them, so she didn’t manage to confirm her guess.

All Lin Ruoxi knew previously was Mo Qianni, Rose, and An Xin were Yang Chen’s lovers, with Liu Mingyu still in doubt. When she decided to attend this party, seeing if Yang Chen was involved with other female colleagues as well was part of her plan.

Seeing the aggrieved woman who was in fact a few years older than her, Lin Ruoxi let out a faint smile which held sourness and helplessness.

Liu Mingyu relied on her prestige and performance to become the head of the public relations department. So Lin Ruoxi actually saw her as a key player for the future of Yu Lei International and very competent worker. However, today, Liu Mingyu became Lin Ruoxi’s love rival.

To put it in another way, Liu Mingyu couldn’t be considered a ‘rival’, but a mere competitor.

That was because that man would never give up on his other women for Lin Ruoxi’s sake.

“Do you know that…” Lin Ruoxi circled her hair as she looked at Liu Mingyu who had her head lowered. Softly, she said, “Before you told me, I was only suspecting you two. I never knew if my suspicions were right”

Liu Mingyu violently raised her head while her eyes were enlarged in astonishment and mouth was slightly opened. Dumbfounded, she held the look of awkwardness and complex emotions.’

Did I just make a confession willingly?!

Liu Mingyu scolded Yang Chen a hundred times in her heart. Why didn’t that bad guy tell me earlier? She still doesn’t know about my relationship with him! she thought.

However, since she had made the confession herself, Liu Mingyu put on a brave face and said, “Boss Lin… I… I know that I’m sorry to you. I have suffered from accusations and rumors in the company for the past few years, but you have never showed doubt on my performance, and even allowed me to have retained my current position… But… but I really didn’t know Yang Chen was your husband…”

Lin Ruoxi tossed back with a question. “If you knew, would you still have gone for him?”

Liu Mingyu was lost in words.

She’s right… Would I have foolishly followed this married man again if I knew he was Lin Ruoxi’s husband? Would I have avoided him as much as possible? Or would I still act surreptitious like what I’m doing now? she thought.

“You can’t think of an answer, can you?” Lin Ruoxi asked. “You only became what you are now because you chose him, not because of my absence.”

“Boss Lin, I…”

“There’s nothing left to be said. There’s also nothing for me to say on this matter,” Lin Ruoxi said. She then fell into contemplation. “Even I haven’t managed to figure out why I decided to marry that man. So to me, regardless how he interacts with other women, it doesn’t matter.”

Liu Mingyu frowned as she didn’t expect such a reaction from Lin Ruoxi. Not only was she not scolded or treated coldly, Lin Ruoxi didn’t seem like she was blaming Liu Mingyu at all, which made her feel like she was having an illusion. Are they really married? Why would a wife behave so calmly and naturally when her husband has women outside? Liu Mingyu thought.

Lin Ruoxi seemed to have felt Liu Mingyu’s doubt. She snorted as she felt contempt for herself. “To be honest, when I found out you were indeed Yang Chen’s lover, I certainly did feel unhappy deep inside. No women in the world would love to see their man messing around outside. But how am I really supposed to express my discontent?

“I don’t know how to scold someone, nor will I be able to do so, let alone fight you like an insane woman. I even failed to find a way to show my struggles.

“Do you know that I’ve been trying really hard to be a good wife, but things always go the complete opposite? Sometimes I feel that… I was born without the mentality of a woman. Maybe those things that I don’t have, happen to be what you all have, so Yang Chen decided to get together with you all instead of staying loyal to me.”

Liu Mingyu managed to feel the disappointment and loneliness buried in Lin Ruoxi’s words, and the kind of helpless sorrow, causing the supposedly disadvantaged Liu Mingyu to feel empathetic for Lin Ruoxi.

At this moment, Liu Mingyu wanted to say something to make Lin Ruoxi feel better, and the environment less awkward to put this matter at rest. However, a familiar figure approached her from junction in front.

Liu Mingyu instantly turned displeased. She frowned slightly and turned her head away as she was unwilling to talk to that person.

Lin Ruoxi noticed her weird expression. Curious, she turned her head around and saw a man nicely dressed in a stripe suit walk to her direction.

“Mingyu? Have you come to enjoy as well? How coincidental. I didn’t think we could bump into each other here,” the man said happily and walked toward the center of Liu Mingyu and Lin Ruoxi, with a wicked smile on his face.

“Qi Kai, I have no business with you. Would you please leave me alone?” Liu Mingyu asked coldly.

This man was Liu Mingyu’s ex boyfriend Qi Kai who appear a while ago. However, he got injured after being whacked by Yang Chen earlier. After that, he failed to seek help from the police, so he started behaving himself a little and stopped looking for Liu Mingyu’s trouble. Unexpectedly, they had crossed paths today. Moreover, he looked every bit more sinister than before.

As Qi Kai spoke, he reached his arm out as he wanted to touch Liu Mingyu’s face.

Liu Mingyu hurriedly took a step back and stared at Qi Kai in caution. “Go away. Have you forgotten how you were beaten by Yang Chen until you spat blood?! You know what? He’s just in the private room behind me. If you dare to continue, I won’t hesitate to call him over.”

Qi Kai’s eyes looked as if they were on fire. “So he’s here too. Humph. I’ve been finding time to look for that villager one day. I guess it’s better to do it now than later.”

Lin Ruoxi who was listening to the conversation was in contemplation. She seemed to have understood how Yang Chen’s relationship with Liu Mingyu started. Her seemingly useless husband had been another woman’s knight in shining armour.

Lin Ruoxi sighed slightly as she noticed the blaze in Liu Mingyu’s eyes. I guess she must’ve been severely hurt by this Qi Kai guy in the past. She’s a pitiful woman as well. Why would I choose to do more harm to her then? Lin Ruoxi thought.

“Mingyu, let’s go back to the room and ignore him,” Lin Ruoxi said softly after walking closer to Liu Mingyu and holding her arm.

Qi Kai finally noticed Lin Ruoxi. He didn’t pay much attention to her when she had her back facing him. His eyes instantly revealed a violent passion, as if a starved beast had just discovered a fresh and alive sheep. He even started panting a little.

“Where is this beauty from again? Mingyu, why haven’t you introduce her to me?”