Chapter 9/14

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Qi Kai’s wicked smile made him lose his original gentlemanly look His stare at Lin Ruoxi’s face was hungry, much like a tiger would look at its prey.

Lin Ruoxi shifted uncomfortably under his withering gaze. She frowned a little, but due to her lack of interactions with people, didn’t know how to shrug him off, nor did she like to speak to strangers. Thus, she ignored Qi Kai and pulled Liu Mingyu before walking toward the room.

Liu Mingyu was more concerned when Qi Kai changed his focus from her to Lin Ruoxi. She was the main cause of that after all, that Lin Ruoxi was at the receiving end of the gazes. How am I still supposed to face Yang Chen? I don’t think I can continue working at her place anymore, she thought.

“Boss Lin, let’s go in quickly,” Liu Mingyu said as she pulled Lin Ruoxi’s arm. She wanted to get back to the private room to look for Yang Chen. It was much better for him to deal with these sort of matters.

“What’s the rush?” Qi Kai was in the special forces. His speed allowed him to block the two ladies from returning. With a strange smile, he turned his head to sniff the fragrance of the two in enjoyment.

Lin Ruoxi had never been teased this way by a stranger. She staggered backwards nervously while her face reddened in anger.

“Haha, you’re quite shy, aren’t you?” Qi Kai asked in elation. He took yet another step forward, which forced the two ladies to retreat. “I’d used the bitch Wang Yue too often I got bored of her really quickly. I had been complaining for the lack of an appropriate woman to fill the gap. I didn’t expect to meet such a treasure today…”

Wang Yue was the lady whom Yang Chen called ‘Matsushima Kaede’ when they met in a restaurant back then with Qi Kai. Apparently, she had been dumped by Qi Kai by now.

[TL note: Matsushima Kaede is a JAV star.]

“Shameless!” Liu Mingyu scolded as she couldn’t stand what she just head.

“So what if that’s the case? Why not you come and have some fun with me?” Qi Kai said as he continued leaning toward Liu Mingyu.

At this moment, the door of the private room was opened. Yang Chen took out a cigarette from his shirt pocket as he smiled at Qi Kai in a teasing manner.

Although the room was filled with loud music, Yang Chen’s acute hearing allowed him to listen to the conversation outside just now. Thus, he gave his colleagues an excuse to come out.

Qi Kai felt cold sweat run down his back. When he turned around, he saw Yang Chen as expected.

“It’s you.” Qi Kai clenched his teeth. It was this average-looking man who beat Qi Kai up and embarrassed him severely back then. Now that Qi Kai had met his enemy, his eyes had turned particularly red. “Thanks to you, I had to consume more medicine than you may ever see in your life. I won’t allow you to leave easily today,” he said with a hoarse voice.

Yang Chen ignored his provocation. He was too lazy to entertain an oddly high confident guy like him. He walked past Qi Kai and said to to Lin Ruoxi and Liu Mingyu, “Are you two fine?”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head, while Liu Mingyu looked at Yang Chen apologetically.

Yang Chen smiled faintly to signal everything was under control. He then turned around in an indifferent manner before saying, “Are you done?”

Qi Kai thought Yang Chen would say something angrily. But he noticed Yang Chen had nothing he wanted to say, but asked him what else he wanted to say instead.

Yang Chen was straight-up not taking him seriously!

Qi Kai got so mad that he laughed. Widening his eyes to give a cold gaze, he said, “Did you just ignore me? Do you believe that i’m powerless against you just because you have someone’s backing and the police force doesn’t dare to touch you? So what if you’re good in fighting? Do you know who I came here with?!”

Yang Chen had already taken his much loved cigarette out. He was too embarrassed to smoke in the room earlier as there were many ladies there. He had wanted to smoke much earlier out of boredom, so now he lit his cigarette up.

Yang Chen inhaled the smoke in satisfaction before exhaling the sharp-smelling secondhand smoke of his poor-quality tobacco.

Qi Kai frowned as he looked at Yang Chen in disdain. “Why aren’t you talking? Do you think you’re the boss of an underground syndicate just because you can afford a stupid cigarette worth a few cents?”

Yang Chen snorted in contempt. Suddenly, he slapped Qi Kai’s left cheek quicker than lightning!

Unable to react to the incredibly abrupt attack, Qi Kai was flung violently as a result of the momentum from the slap!

Having witnessed Yang Chen’s sudden strike, Lin Ruoxi and Liu Mingyu retreated behind Yang Chen as they were shocked, albeit happy that Qi Kai was struck.

Qi Kai’s left cheek instantly swelled up, while blood started to leak from the corner of his lips.

He refused to believe he was slapped as he touched his left cheek. Soon, his lips twitched repeatedly while he stared at Yang Chen furiously. Enraged, he yelled, “You… you dare strike me again?!”


An even louder slap could be heard from Qi Kai’s right cheek!

Qi Kai only finished speaking a sentence before he received yet another blow, causing him to slam into the other side of the wall.

As a result, both corners of his lips were drenched with blood!

Qi Kai was astonished. What’s wrong with this guy? Why doesn't he say anything before striking?! he thought.

Also, Yang Chen’s speed was far beyond his imagination. He was trained in the special forces, but still had no clue why Yang Chen could strike him without him realizing it. Both the times he was slapped, after regaining awareness, he saw Yang Chen standing at the same position, smoking his cheap cigarette looking it him like a fool!

Qi Kai who had a proud heart was unable to accept being looked upon this way. The hatred within him yet again intensified.

“Are you expecting me to express my anger just like what you did, before taking action? You’re very wrong unfortunately. There’s no need for me to waste my breath with the likes of you. I’ll grant you a slap for every sentence you speak. I won’t kill you, but I don’t mind slapping you all day. If you want to be slapped again, speak,” Yang Chen said as he frowned while exhaling smoke.

Lin Ruoxi and Liu Mingyu had been surprised by Yang Chen’s merciless behavior. They started feeling sympathetic for Qi Kai, as he was beaten so terribly that his head swelled up to that of a pig.

Infuriated, Qi Kai wanted to say something again, but immediately stopped himself from doing so. His face had gotten so numb that he had lost sense of it.

Qi Kai soon thought of the person he came here with who could take revenge for him. Staring at Yang Chen, he didn’t plan on continuing the fight with Yang Chen. As he sprinted away, he shouted, “Faggot, stay here. I’ll call someone over to take care of you!”

Qi Kai then ran into a private room nearby.

Yang Chen turned around to face Lin Ruoxi and Liu Mingyu. “Get inside first. I’ll deal with this here.”

Lin Ruoxi’s gaze at Yang Chen held complex emotions. She knew that she couldn’t be of much help if she stayed here. However, she wasn’t too worried as she knew a thing or two about Yang Chen. “Be careful,” she said, before pulling the anxious Liu Mingyu back into the room.

After the two returned to the room, he looked at the direction Qi Kai ran to, only to find a people who rushed out from there.

There were four bodyguards dressed in black who emerged. They appear to be cultivators who were trained in the military, since their temples bulged, while their faces remained stoic.

Qi Kai soon returned as well with a huge guy while pointing at Yang Chen and speaking.

The guy had a few ladies following behind dressed in revealing clothing. They were evidently prepared to watch what was going to happen next.

“Mr Tang, this prick believes he can do all he wants just because he has connections in the Zhonghai police force. He whacked me until I spat blood earlier at the hotel, and you can see how he has beaten me now. I haven’t even raised a mere pinky at him!” Qi Kai complained in a resentful manner.

However, before Qi Kai finished speaking his script, the guy referred to as  ‘Mr Tang’ looked elated and excited. “Brother-In-Law!” he shouted as he rushed toward Yang Chen.

Everyone there was instantly astonished. Brother-In-Law?

The person whom Qi Kai claimed to be his support was coincidentally Tang Jue, the person Yang Chen had just met a few days ago who happened to be Tang Wan’s younger brother.

Yang Chen smiled helplessly when he saw Tang Jue. He was rather afraid of seeing this huge guy who would call him ‘Brother-In-Law’ like nobody’s business. He felt a sharp pain in his gut everytime he saw Tang Jue.

“Haha, Brother-In-Law, fate has brought us together again. I had been wondering why my left eyelid twitched so badly when I left home today. It must have been because I would meet my saviour!”

“Are you back up for this jerk?” Yang Chen asked as he refrained from laughing as he looked at Qi Kai who was dumbstruck.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense! His father works for us. He had begged me for quite a few days to have fun here, otherwise I would’ve come here today. But he’s under our clan. Being a member of the clan, I have to give him a little respect, don’t I? He came into my room and told me someone was looking down on the Tang clan and came to challenge me. If I knew he was referring to Brother-In-Law, I would’ve caved his head in with a beer bottle!” Tang Jue said before laughing.

Qi Kai instantly felt a chill up his spine as he found it hard to stand still.

He naturally knew who Tang Jue’s sister was. There could only be one woman. Since Tang Jue calls him ‘Brother-In-Law’, is he possibly Tang Wan’s husband?!

No, Tang Wan is not married. There were no rumours, not even one of a boyfriend. But Tang Jue doesn’t look like he’s fooling around. Although he isn’t the brightest, he’s known to be arrogant and reckless. He wouldn’t entertain anyone without real power and support. Qi Kai thought.

No matter what the situation was, Qi Kai was obviously damned.

Originally, he thought that he could obtain the support of the Tang Clan as he was vaguely connected to them.  But judging from the situation, he was far inferior to this ‘villager’!

“Get your ass over here!” Tang Jue yelled in dissatisfaction as he moved his finger.

Qi Kai was as silent as the cicada in winter. Looking bitter, he walked toward Tang Jue helplessly while avoiding to look at Yang Chen.

“Kneel down,” Tang Jue ordered.

“Eh?” Qi Kai was shocked. Being stared by Tang Jue furiously, he didn’t dare to resist. Thus, he decided to kneel down.

Tang Jue scolded, “God damn it! Where are your pathetic eyes? Is my brother-in-law someone you can provoke?! What makes you think you deserve my help? The Qi clan will end at your generation!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he kicked Qi Kai’s face without hesitation!

“Ouch” Qi Kai shouted in agony. He fell on the ground after being kicked, while the outline of a leather shoe could be seen on his face!

In an imposing manner, Yang Chen looked at Tang Jue teach Qi Kai a lesson from the beginning to end. He was too lazy to voice his opinion. After finishing his cigarette, he threw the bud on the ground. “Since he’s one of the Tang clan’s dogs, take him and watch him. Of course, there’s no need to feed dogs that don’t learn.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Brother-In-Law is right, hehe,” Tang Jue said happily. “Brother-In-Law, when can you teach me how to drive? My sister gave me a McLaren! Also, when are you going to officially marry my sister?”

Yang Chen felt a headache. Frowning, he waved his hand and said, “There’s no need for you to step between your sister and I. I’m still having a party with my colleagues. You may leave with your men.”

“Aye, no problem.” Tang Jue wasn’t angered. He even felt that that Yang Chen’s behavior was what an impressive person should have. However, he didn’t leave immediately, but waited for Yang Chen to walk back to his room instead.

Yang Chen didn’t know if he should cry or laugh. Having a naive personality, Tang Jue had repeatedly tried to get on Yang Chen’s good side since he started seeing Yang Chen as his brother-in-law.

Yang Chen had originally wanted to torture Qi Kai, since he never seemed to be able to change his bad habit of bullying his women. However, Qi Kai was in a much more unfortunate position as his clan might have just lost their support.

Yang Chen shook his head before entering the private room.

Tang Jue sent Yang Chen off happily before sighing. It wasn’t known what he was sighing for. After a while, he finally turned around.

He appeared to be reminded of something. He squatted down and picked up the cigarette bud thrown away by Yang Chen. He held it in his hand like a treasure before calling one of his bodyguards over. “Do you know what brand this cigarette is? Is it nice?”

The bodyguard looked at Tang Jue awkwardly. Softly, he said, “Sir, this is the cheapest kind of cigarette with the lowest-quality tobacco. It costs 2 bucks per packet by the road. It’s the worst kind a person can smoke. It can burn someone to death.”

“You ignorant prick! The cigarette my brother-in-law can’t be ordinary!” Tang Jue slapped his bodyguard’s head. He then said, “Go and buy a box of cigarettes like this. I’ll start smoking this from now on. Don’t give me that cigar bullshit anymore.”

“Huh?” The bodyguard doubted his hearing.

“What part of that do you not understand?! This is the cigarette a man should smoke!” Tang Jue looked joyous. “You will never understand. I’m learning Brother-In-Law’s charisma. Didn’t you guys see how domineering Brother-In-Law was? That is what a real man should be like. Sigh… I’ve wasted too much of my life. If I had met Brother-In-Law earlier, Formula 1 would’ve been my playground, or I could become a national racer… Sigh…”

The bodyguards looked at each other after observing Tang Jue’s behavior. Qi Kai who was lying on the ground since he didn’t dare to stand up even had the urge to kill himself. Are the members of major clans all insane?!