Chapter 5/15

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At the eastern business district of Zhonghai, which was often referred to as the section of the city with the highest class, the world's top 500 companies and finance firms operated there.

That place wasn't the same as the western district of the city center where Yu Lei International's building was located at. In fact, it was an economic zone that stood for the rich even more than the western district.

As the core economic center of China and one of the largest economic cities in the world, there was only a small handful out of the many that weren’t well known. There were only those that customers couldn't recall, but never any that customers couldn't find.

In the dense concrete forest of skyscrapers was a rather aged dark-yellow-toned building of about twenty stories or so. It was located at the very border of the economic zone, standing tall and ever so silently.

That building was much much smaller when compared to the other skyscrapers that easily surpassed 80 stories, thus making it the least eye-catching building in the district.

Outside at the front of the parking place of that building were a few sedans as well as a few bicycles, which were really rare in the city.

It was rather stale in comparison to the other busy and magnificent buildings. It was as if no customers visited the building at all.

However, at its entrance stood two caucasian guards who meticulously watched over the building with a prideful look.

It was indeed a rather odd scene, but those who knew the true purpose of the building would understand the necessity. Because, on the flower bed outside that building stood a large granite block with gold symbols etched into a black platform. They depicted three english letters, 'UBS', and a logo of three keys.

That stood for Union Bank of Switzerland in English, and it was one of the most mysterious banking institutions in the world.

Nobody knew how much the bank was truly worth, nor did they know how many priceless treasures they kept safe from the past to present. There were none who doubted their secrecy and prestige, because they were the one and only.

It was said that when a tycoon went there to make a deposit, he was asked by a staff member how much he would like to bank in. The tycoon quietly said that he wanted to deposit five million US dollars.

That staff member smiled warmly and replied, "Mister, you don't have to be so shy about it. Even though many people here are really rich, being poor is not your fault."

Even though it was merely a casual conversation, It was enough for the people to truly realize the worth of the UBS.

The UBS branch in Zhonghai was the headquarters for all UBS operations in China. However, an amazing and established institution like that was actually based in such a nondescript building. It was just like the CIA branch in Washington; the place didn't match the reputation of the institution at all.

Not long had passed since the bank started operations for the day. The dawn sunlight shone on the building, covering it with a golden sheen that seemed to enrapture others.

A red Bentley drove slowly to the parking spot outside that building. One of the guards quickly took notice of it and politely made his way beside the car door and waited for the owner to step out.

Lin Ruoxi was slinging a white Hermes bag as she stepped elegantly out of the car. She turned to look at the bank she had only visited once before with a complicated expression.

"Please allow me to perform an inspection, Madam," said the guard with a smile. Though he was stunned by Lin Ruoxi's looks, he still returned to his duties politely and promptly.

Lin Ruoxi handed her bag to the guard. She truly hated the security protocols of UBS. That was the reason she never went there ever again after opening a savings account there.

After the guard did his check, he motioned for Lin Ruoxi to enter. She then stepped up the platform and was directed through a body scanner at the entrance. There was no reaction, and she was finally allowed into the building.

"Madam, how can I help you?" asked a manager who came out of the hall and walked up to her with a polite smile.

As there were very few customers, each person who entered the bank was a VIP and was treated to personal service.

Lin Ruoxi hesitated for a bit, but she still forced herself to say it. "I'm here to take a loan."

The manager was a pleasant-looking lady in her thirties. Even though she had been rather surprised by the sheer beauty of Lin Ruoxi, she wore a weird expression when she heard what she said.

"Madam, are you one of our customers?" asked the manager.

Lin Ruoxi nodded and flipped her big for a black and silver credit card. "I have a bank account here."

The manager was taken aback as she knew what that credit card stood for. It was only given to people who had minimum savings of 200 million US dollars. The young woman before her looked only to be in her twenties, yet she was already one of the richest tycoons in the whole of China that owned hundreds of millions of dollars!

The manager's attitude became respectful. With a smile, she said, "Apologies, Madam. You might have misunderstood, but our bank doesn't provide loans."

The manager was quite confused. Why would a woman like that require any loans? How much would she need anyway? One billion dollars?

Given that Lin Ruoxi studied industrial management and was quite an avid reader, how could she not know such a simple fact that the UBS didn't offer loans?

However, that man insisted that he could borrow loans from that place!

Lin Ruoxi touched the nondescript ring that Yang Chen put on her middle finger. It shone like black jade, but it was of a metal construction. She didn't understand the engravings on the ring at all.

She recalled the moment when she talked to Yang Chen during dawn at the resort they were at.

"Miss Lin Ruoxi, can you agree to my conditions?" asked Yang Chen as she looked earnestly into her eyes.

Lin Ruoxi's eyes didn't show the slightest tension. It was as if the conditions Yang Chen brought out weren't of much importance at all.

After a moment, she asked, "If I agree, do you really have a way to provide Yu Lei with the five billion dollars of yuan it needs to continue its fight?"

According to Athena Team’s accurate calculations, it would be the safest if she could secure that amount of funds to defeat her well-prepared enemies when Nasdaq started trading again on the next day.

Usually, that amount of money wouldn't be hard for Yu Lei to gather from their own available funds and some bank loans. However, the banks had cut off their working relationship for some unknown reason during the time when the company needed the money most. Lin Ruoxi had no other way to procure five billion within a single day.

"Even if I have done things to anger you in the past, I have never lied to you, have I?" said Yang Chen with a laugh.

Lin Ruoxi narrowed her eyes, making her lotus-like beautiful face carry a slight look of annoyance. But she still nodded and said, "I promise you that I'll follow your orders to the dot if you can return me a promise for your word."

Yang Chen, seemingly relieved, couldn't help but say, "I know this is extremely cruel and unfair to you. But I only need one year. If you really can't take it, I'll give up for good."

"Then tell me your plan," said Lin Ruoxi, seemingly uninterested in Yang Chen's proposition at all.

Yang Chen smiled and took out an intricate, yet ancient-looking ring and slowly fitted it over Lin Ruoxi's middle finger.

"Don't over think this. This isn't a wedding ring, so I won't put it on your ring finger," said Yang Chen as he winked to Lin Ruoxi, "When we wed formally, I'll give you a diamond ring the size of a cow's eye as a wedding ring."

Lin Ruoxi's beautiful face flushed red. She had almost gotten the wrong idea and thought that the ring that was procured was for the same reason she was told it was not.

"And what’s this supposed to be? Is it worth five billion yuan?" Lin Ruoxi gave Yang Chen a dissatisfied glare to stave away her awkwardness.

Yang Chen shrugged. "It's hard to say how much this is worth exactly. However, if you bring this to UBS and request for a loan, you'll be able to get five billion."

"Don't you have any common sense? The Union Bank of Switzerland? Are you not aware that they do not offer a loan service?" snapped Lin Ruoxi angrily.

Yang Chen laughed relaxedly and said, "Calm down. Of course they don't offer normal loans. However, they will consider special cases. Trust me. There’s no reason for me to joke around with you on matters such as this. I too realize the importance and urgency of the matter. Also, you have no choice but to trust me anyway, right? It’s not like you have any alternatives to this."

After some thought, Lin Ruoxi admitted that she could only try the weird method Yang Chen taught her and sighed as she looked at the ring around her finger.

Within the bank, Lin Ruoxi's expression changed completely. However, she raised her head in the end and said plainly, "I know you don't offer loans, but I have this."

Lin Ruoxi raised her hand and flashed the ancient, ink-colored metal ring.

"What is this?" The manager was confused and didn't know what Lin Ruoxi was up to at all.

Lin Ruoxi cursed, Darn that fellow! Did he make this up?!

"I want to request an audience with your president," said Lin Ruoxi with grit teeth.

The manager replied helplessly, "Madam, we really don't offer loans. Even though I'm not sure why you're so adamant on getting a loan here, at the end of the day, you will be disappointed with the result. Even if I call the president over, you'll still be given the same reply."

"I want to see your president." Lin Ruoxi really didn't know how to explain it, so she could only repeat her request.

The manager had no choice. That was a customer she couldn't afford to offend. So, after she read Lin Ruoxi's name off her credit card, she used a nearby phone to call the president's office's number.

"Mr Stephen, there's a lady here that is insisting to meet you. She's here for a loan... Yes, I've already told her that, but she insisted to meet you. Oh, and she's one of our VIP-level customers. Yes, alright..."

After a few moments, Stephen, who had just started work not long ago, made his decision and allowed Lin Ruoxi to go up to his office for a chat.

Though Lin Ruoxi let out a sigh of relief, her worries had only increased. What if the president doesn't recognize that weird ring? Would she have to request meeting the director of the main headquarters of UBS?

She followed the manager to the top floor and eventually arrived at the president's office. Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath and tried to be more alert.

No matter what happens next, all she could do was trust Yang Chen and follow through. She hoped that the ring in her hand really had that mysterious function he promised her.

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