Chapter 7/15

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100 billion euros could get a lot of things done. If it was given to a war hungry man, more than two thousand of the most technologically advanced fighter aircraft F-22, or hundreds of nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, while stuff like missiles and submarines were simply too cheap.

The most powerful country, America, only had less than 200 F-22 aircrafts. That was basically due to a lack of funding, although they had the technology to do so.

It wasn’t an overstatement to say that this amount of money could be used to purchase half of Africa! This amount of money was also enough to start a world war!

Most importantly, this figure didn’t consist of invisible, illiquid assets. All of it was cold, hard cash!

Lin Ruoxi suddenly felt that her business-like mind wasn’t big enough to process the situation. Although she wasn’t an extravagant woman, she was well aware that her net worth of tens of billions made her extremely wealthy. It was common knowledge that the most passionate shopaholics would require several generations to spend all her wealth completely.

However, all of her assets combined only amounted to less than five percent of 100 billion euros!

Regarding cash, she had less than one percent of that!

She looked at the unremarkable, ink-colored ring in her hand and felt that she was dreaming.

As long as one had this ring, 100 billion euros was within their reach?!

What about the wealthiest people on earth with net worths of merely tens of billions US dollars? Were they just jokes who had peanuts then?

Silence remained for a while before Lin Ruoxi finally calmed herself down. She recovered her usual appearance. “There’s no need for so much money. I only need 50 billion Chinese yuan.”

Stephen obviously found it unbelievable. “50 billion… Chinese yuan?” He felt the need to make  a confirmation.

“Correct, you’re right,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Although Stephen found it ridiculous to believe that she was only asking for so little, he couldn’t force Lin Ruoxi to take more money than she asked for. That just wouldn’t make any sense. Thus, he immediately made a call to the bank’s finance department to make a transaction.

50 billion Chinese yuan wasn’t too large of an amount for Union Bank of Switzerland. Stephen didn’t need anyone else’s authority to move this sum of money. He just had to make a report to the headquarters after that.

Within ten minutes, Stephen returned to Lin Ruoxi smilingly. “Madam, 50 billion in cash will be credited to your account within the next ten minutes. Oh yeah, your account has been upgraded from VIP level to diamond level. Due to the cards of diamond account holders requiring special processes, your card will be sent to you by someone in charge within the month. The new overdraft limit will be one billion euros. Of course, based on your much respected identity, money is nothing more than numbers to you. Treat this as a form of respect to you and the other being.”

Although Lin Ruoxi was still incredibly confused, she knew that she wasn’t dreaming.

She had spent hours preparing a script to voice her trouble, but as it turns out, it wasn’t needed at all. She spent a mere half an hour using the small, ordinary ring she was holding to effortlessly obtain 50 billion in cash, an amount she could never have gotten no matter how hard she tried to brainstorm.

Lin Ruoxi was then grandly sent out of the bank by Stephen and a few other highly ranked individuals in the bank. She felt exhausted when she returned to her car and sat on the real-leather seat of the Bentley.

Looking at the busy city roads through the windshield, Lin Ruoxi felt an unprecedented exhaustion and confusion.

Her mind currently only contained one thing—the lazy figure who had treated everything lightly all the time.

He relied on her for food, shelter, clothing, and even used her car… His living expense was almost entirely paid by Lin Ruoxi, as if he was being babysat the whole time.

She then thought of his past. He used to sell mutton skewers and live in a little, broken, rented apartment, and smoke poor-quality cigarettes…

She had always been annoyed for his unambitious personality, and had hoped he could succeed on his own.

However… he would come up with absurd excuses, mess with other women outside, and disappoint her all day…

Recently, she gradually found out that he had an extraordinary past. He had unimaginable fighting skills. However, when she thought she had understood who he was, she quickly realized she knew nothing about him!

This man was not unlike a black hole of mystery, but would tempt people to explore his truth…

Lin Ruoxi was glad that she made the request at the resort to know more about his past. Otherwise she felt that she wouldn’t dare to pass her everything to him at all.

All of these combine to form a worrying mystery, which should be slowly solved in the future I guess… Lin Ruoxi thought as she rubbed the ring which was faintly shining a black light.

At the same time, Yang Chen arrived at the old house they had moved into with the intention of taking care of his family members.

“Achoo!” Yang Chen rubbed his runny nose. He murmured, “I wonder which Little Obedient is missing me again.”

Raising his head, he glanced at the house from left to right. There was a spacious courtyard in front of the three-storey, old-fashioned bungalow. It was indeed much bigger than the previous villa in Dragon Garden. The environment also made it feel more like a home.

When Yang Chen was on the way here, he made a phone call to Molin from Sea Eagles. He quickly exuded cold sweat when he was informed that no one from Sea Eagles was sent to this new spot.

After Sea Eagles was assaulted by Ares last time, they had suffered a serious loss. Quite a number of their members were injured. Thus, the mission of protecting Yang Chen’s family was passed to Rose’s Red Thorns Society.

So far, there hadn’t been any bad news from the people of Red Thorns Society, so Yang Chen wasn’t too worried.

Yang Chen couldn’t enter the house normally since he had no keys. He looked around to make sure no one was passing by, before jumping over the fence to land on the courtyard and walking to the front door.

Unexpectedly, before he could reach the door, it got pushed open before a familiar female voice resounded. “Who is it?!”

When the elegant figure saw Yang Chen, she instantly stopped moving. “Hubby?!”

This lady was the same Rose whom Guo Xuehua had gotten to know this morning. Guo Xuehua had developed a liking to this beautiful and generous girl after having been saved by her earlier. She invited Rose over to have breakfast together, and talked about certain interesting matters in the past.

No matter the time, place or circumstance, women would never run out of things to talk about. Now that Rose had delegated most of her tasks to her people in Red Thorns Society, and started letting Chen Rong take over a portion of the association in preparation for her inheritance, she had a lot of spare time.

Coincidentally, her ‘roommate’ Mo Qianni was busy because of the disaster in Yu Lei International, and didn’t have time to go home at all. Thus, Rose who had not many friends felt really bored.

Rose was naturally elated to find out that she had a new neighbor. Guo Xuehua, Wang Ma, and Zhenxiu all treated her really nicely, so she was more than happy to stay at Yang Chen’s house.

When she cried out, “Hubby,” the people inside the house including Guo Xuehua, Wang Ma, and Zhenxiu came out curiously. They were surprised to find out Rose had a husband, so they wanted to take a look at her husband.

Both Yang Chen and Rose were incredibly confused at the fact that they were staring at each other face to face.

The three who had come out from the house looked weird when they noticed Rose was facing Yang Chen.

Guo Xuehua was first frowning, before she quickly noticed something while her expression turned terrible. Wang Ma and Zhenxiu were both shocked, but didn’t manage to think of too many other things.

Rose was completely unaware that Yang Chen was the man of this house. She thought he came to visit her, and felt overjoyed. She rushed into Yang Chen’s arms. “Hubby, you’re finally here. You haven’t come to visit me and Qianni before since moving here. But you’re at the wrong house. We’re staying at the house beside this one. This is someone else’s house.”

As she spoke, Rose smilingly introduced the few people to Yang Chen. “Hubby, this is Aunt Guo, Aunt Wang, and Sister Zhenxiu. They’re my new neighbors who just moved i—”

Before she finished speaking, she finally realized Yang Chen’s strange expression. He looked like he wanted to cry and laugh at the same time.

On the other hand, Guo Xuehua had gotten an answer to her guess. She glanced at the charming Rose before her son Yang Chen who was looking at her helplessly. Sighing, Guo Xuehua said, “Rose, you don’t need to introduce us anymore.”

“Eh?” Rose felt a premonition. “Aunt Guo… you guys are…”

“Do you remember I told you my son and daughter-in-law were trying to work their relationship out at the moment? I wanted to introduce them to you when they come back… The man you’re leaning against now is my son Yang Chen,” Guo Xuehua said with a bitter smile.


Rose immediately reacted to that information, much like someone who was being stabbed by a needle . She withdrew her arm which was hugging Yang Chen, while her cheeks had reddened so much that they looked like juice would be discharged when pinched upon. She bit her lips as she panicked. She had the urge to bang her head into the wall and end her life!

However, at this moment, a strong arm pulled her body backward!

All Rose felt was she collided on a familiar chest. She widened her eyes in shock while her face paled. She raised her head, only to discover Yang Chen’s gentle and loving smile.

“Mom, the one I’m now hugging is another woman I love—Situ Qiangwei.”

[TL note: Qiangwei is her name in Mandarin which shouldn’t have been translated to Rose.]

Yang Chen put it very lightly, but every single word he spoke acted like landmines, greatly shocking their souls and hearts!

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