Chapter 13/15

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The sudden force made Zhenxiu freeze in her tracks. She widened her eyes in shock as she refused to believe that the door had been knocked down.

Outside stood a brutish and huge figure. He filled the door frame with just his body, blocking out all sunlight.

He had dark skin, large eyes and thick brows, while his moustache was slightly gray. There were a bunch of unknown characters tattooed on his left cheek in a line, which looked like Sanskrit. He wore a short-sleeved leather coat and a pair of boxing gloves modified with steel nails. There were also two chains of machine-gun bullets hung in front of his chest.

More terrifyingly, a portion of the front of the gatling gun he was carrying on his back could be seen!

This type of heavy gatling gun, could deliver up to 6 thousand bullets rounds a minute. This is several times more than a regular machine gun!

When this gun is fully reloaded, it carried a weight of over 30 kilograms. Due to its overwhelming recoil and power, it was often equipped on helicopters for a large-scale, ground-level sweep!

When an area was targeted by these guns, there are no living organisms in that area who would be able to survive this rain of bullets.

The man in front of Zhenxiu was carrying both the gun and the bullets himself, as if he was trying to say ‘I am the armed helicopter’!

Machine aiming devices were always used for similar guns to this, since the recoil was more than anyone can bear. If this guy could operate this gun without external help, the strength in his arms could be compared to those of the gods.

Pushing the large door down was a piece of cake to this huge guy.

The man only took a glance at Zhenxiu before turning around and walking to the courtyard, leaving her in her wake.

At this moment, Guo Xuehua, Yuan Hewei, and Yang Jieyu had already fled from the scene. They appeared incredibly nervous after witnessing this disturbance.

Lin Ruoxi was the only one who looked calm. She frowned slightly when she realized what had happened, before walking toward the petrified Zhenxiu and pulling her up, and asking her to hide inside the house.

Although Zhenxiu had always been involved in fights with thugs, she hadn’t experienced anything of this sort. She was just a nineteen-year-old girl after all. Shivering, she hid behind Lin Ruoxi, but her curiosity caused her to fail to avoid looking outside.

There stood more than ten people, each dressed in a different manner, at the courtyard, as if they had fallen from the sky. All of them were armed, massive guys. All of them had guns in their hands, while some had additional knives around their waist. They all looked unwavering, while their gazes were extremely sharp.

Gao Guoxiong who looked the same as usual stood in the middle of the courtyard, with a cigar in his mouth and a pair of sunglasses on his head. When the huge guy walked back, he said smilingly, “Leader Delon is indeed stronger than all the others.”

The guy called Delon held no expressions on his face. “Boss Gao, as you promised, one million for one kill count.”

The man had a strong accent. It was obvious that he wasn’t a Chinese.

“Of course, of course.” Gao Guoxiong took out his cheque book from his pocket and removed his cigar with another hand. Smiling, he said, “You’ll get the money once you finish the job.”

“We don’t takee cheques,” Delon said.

“Oh, you’re right. I almost forgot. Don’t worry, Leader Delon. Do you possibly think we’ll lie to you guys? We’ve already paid for the deposit,” Gao Guoxiong said.

Delon nodded. Evidently, he was confident that this cowardly Singaporean businessman didn’t dare to provoke them. Thus, he raised his hand and made a bunch of orders to the two closest men.

“They sound like Vietnamese,” Yuan Hewei said solemnly.

“They don’t look like people we can negotiate with. Based on my experience, these people must’ve come from the military. They scream army from their auras,” Yang Jieyu said.

Currently, Gao Guoxiong made Delon wait for a while. He walked toward Yuan Hewei and the others with a cunning smile. “You two from the Yuan clan, I haven’t seen you in a while. I didn’t expect you’re still here.”

Yuan Hewei instantly understood something after listening to what he said. “Gao Guoxiong… Zeng Mao intentionally exposed his location, didn’t he?!”

“It’s too late that you only found out now.” Gao Guoxiong wasn’t bothered to deny his claim. To him, the person in front of him was just a dead man walking. “I’ll tell you this. I won’t give you special treatments today just because you’re from the Yuan clan. Originally, all I wanted to do was kill the bitch Lin Ruoxi, but… since the heavens has fated your deaths as well, I’ll have to listen to the heavens’ orders then.”

“Do you think you’ll end up fine after going against us?” Yang Jieyu asked coldly.

Gao Guoxiong snorted in contempt. “I wouldn’t end up fine anyway if I didn’t kill you guys. I was left with only this path to choose after the bitch left me for dead. When you’re in the journey of becoming a ghost, you may give the slut a few slaps as she’s the reason you’ll die. I still want to enjoy a few more years of my life in this world.”

As Gao Guoxiong spoke, he glanced at Lin Ruoxi who was standing inside the house occasionally, while greed filled his eyes. “How unfortunate… It would’ve been perfect if you had obeyed me back then. You’re such a beautiful woman, but you will be turning a red skeleton today…”

Lin Ruoxi remained silent. She showed no fear.

To her, Gao Guoxiong looked pathetic, just like an insane dog who had come to a dead end. She was just regretful that she had gotten Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu involved in addition to Zhenxiu and Wang Ma…

If she could, she hoped to walk forward and surrender her life to Gao Guoxiong in exchange for the lives of the others.

However, Lin Ruoxi knew it was impossible. Gao Guoxiong had spent so much effort into tricking the Yuan clan, so he naturally wanted to finish this entirely, leaving nothing at all behind.

Only annihilating everyone was worthy of them doing so.

“I’m sorry. Although I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong, I’ve certainly gotten you involved…”

Lin Ruoxi ignored Gao Guoxiong, and spoke to Guo Xuehua and the others softly instead.

Wang Ma who was cooking in the kitchen had come out to the living hall. Afraid and nervous, she tightly held one of Lin Ruoxi’s hand with both her hands as she felt panicked. She looked left and right repeatedly, hoping that someone would come to their rescue.

At this moment, Gao Guoxiong stepped backward after he finished speaking what he had in mind. Delon knew that it was his time to take action. Thus, he raised his head and signalled two of his men to equip their guns.

The two cruel-looking men removed their AK hanging on their back and armed themselves. They felt nothing at all toward the people inside the house whom they were going to kill, like butchers in a slaughterhouse.

“Let’s run inside. Withing here to die would do us no good. We need to think of a way to escape from behind!” Yuan Hewei said to these women.

However, as soon as they finished speaking, gunshots echoed in the courtyard!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The repeated gunshots didn’t come from the AK the two men were holding, but some pistols instead!

The turf, tree leaves and branches were penetrated by a few bullets, causing smoke to appear from the friction. Some of the bullets even hit on the walls, directly leaving scars behind!

“We have enemies! Retreat and strike back!”

Following Delon’s calm order, the few unprepared Vietnamese armies who had almost been hit by the bullets swiftly and calmly armed took their weapons before launching a counter attack by shooting back!

They were still completely fearless even when milimetres from death.

Delon carried the frightened Gao Guoxiong away with one arm before putting him behind a bush.

Lin Ruoxi and the others were shocked once again to see this turn of events.

More than ten ordinary-looking guys and ladies had entered the courtyard, while each of them was armed with a handgun, rapidly firing at these Vietnamese soldiers!

“Eleven from the north,” one of the Vietnamese soldiers said in Burmene.

“Six from the west,” another soldier yelled.

“More than ten from the east…”

While these soldiers communicated with each other, the highly agile individuals surrounded them in the courtyard. Most of them were armed with guns, while some of them were holding daggers.

These people were naturally Rose’s elites from Red Thorns Society, but they didn’t usually have this many people guarding the place. Rose had strengthened the security as the situation was unique today. She didn’t expect that the extra manpower was actually going to be used.

However, although these guards could be considered elites in Red Thorns Society, they appeared a lot more unorganized compared to these exceptional Vietnamese soldiers. Their aiming was much inferior.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the guns were fired, a deafening sound which could break the clouds echoed in the entire courtyard!

A few of the Red Thorns Society members were quickly shot to death, while screams and shouts could be heard!

However, since the courtyard was indeed too small, around thirty guards had rushed nearer to the Vietnamese armies.

The scene was soon filled with forty to fifty people, causing a huge mess!

Under such a situation, guns seemed to only be a burden. Using army knives against daggers was more straightforward. Punches and kicks could also be used in the battle occasionally!

The combat skills of these army bred men were just too much for the Red Thorn Society to bear. The people from Red Thorns Society launched attack after attack, in an attempt to tire the soldiers out. They had much difficulty in knocking them out, let alone killing them!

Delon expressionlessly took out his army knife from his boot and violently stabbed a few people from behind. He then said something to his nearest subordinate.

The army received his order and instantly turned around before dashing toward Lin Ruoxi and the others inside the house!

Delon was evidently trying to eliminate his targets before going on full offense. If they stayed there for too long, the likelihood of a success retreat would be a lot less.


Yuan Hewei was the first one who reacted, and hurriedly asked the few women to escape!

However, the bloodshot Vietnamese soldier was so quick that he had raised his AK and aimed at the living hall. He was going to pull the trigger!


The sound of broken metal could be heard while a white light glared. The AK held by the soldier was cut apart!

A black and red figure had appeared behind the soldier out of nowhere. When the soldier finally came to, the cold and slim blade had swept across his face!

A scarlet-red line gushed out from the soldier’s face. Soon, blood shot out from his throat, causing the person holding the blade to be splashed with some of the steaming-hot blood.


Guo Xuehua was the first one to recognize the person who came to their rescue. Holding a long blade, Rose was currently dressed in a black and red tight-fitting clothing.

Rose’s face was currently ice-cold, while a frightening killing aura filled her eyes. When the blood of the dead Vietnamese soldier splashed on her charming and fair cheeks, she seemed just like a thorny rose, looking immensely terrifying.

Her gaze swept across the people inside the house. There was a change in her expression when her glance reached Lin Ruoxi.

At the same time, Lin Ruoxi looked at Rose with complex emotions.

Lin Ruoxi remembered who Rose was, but had never asked Yang Chen for her identity. It was impossible for Lin Ruoxi to forget a woman whom Yang Chen was willing to put on shoes for in front of Lin Ruoxi.

When their gazes met, too much feeling unable to be explained by words was passed. They currently felt separated from the outside bloody scene, so indistinguishable like illusion and reality.

Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu naturally recognized Rose. They were the ones who had helped Red Thorns Society destroy Dongxing. Thus, they both felt relieved when Rose appear.

“Be careful!” Zhenxiu shouted nervously.

Rose tipped her toe and swiftly dodged the attack. She was a few millimeters away from being slashed by Delon!

“Die, Woman!”

Delon was infuriated. Each and everyone of his subordinates was a specially chosen veteran from the Vietnamese military. Any one of their deaths would be a huge loss, not to mention the situation wasn’t in his control. He initially thought this was an easy mission, so he had lost his mind after realizing the predicament he was in.

Delon wasn’t willing to waste his time on Rose who was nimble. He took the gatling gun from his back domineeringly. The massive gun looked like a toy in his hands!

“President Situ, be careful! The gun has a large firepower!” Yang Jieyu’s brother was a commander, so she had knowledge in various guns. She tensed up instantly when she saw the gun.

“All of you shall die!!!”

Delon wasn’t bothered to aim. The firing speed of 6 thousand rounds per minute allowed him to finish the task with an easy sweep!

As soon as he yelled, Delon had pulled the trigger on this monstrous beast!