Chapter 6/9

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The next morning, every publisher in the city was reporting the great victory Yu Lei International had obtained the night before which took place in America.

Following this financial battle, Yu Lei International somehow managed to survive, shocking all the other companies in the same industry. They realized they had failed to analyze the situation correctly, thus causing their previous estimations to be inaccurate.

On the other hand, being the CEO, Lin Ruoxi’s identity was repeatedly reported and hyped. Very quickly, the number of hits she had on multiple search engines directly exceeded the hottest superstar Christen and the American singer ‘Gaga’.

The youngest beauty CEO, the iceberg goddess, the symbol of wealth, the golden leader, the dream girl of bachelors all around the world… Different kinds of fancy titles were quickly spread all around the world.

[TL note: Golden bachelors: single, wealthy, and unmarried men.]

Since Lin Ruoxi seldom attended public events, there weren’t many pictures of her. As a result, the amount of attention and admiration that was directed towards her, skyrocketed.

To make the situation more exaggerated, a few fanclubs were even set up in Lin Ruoxi’s name by the citizens, however, they could have chosen better names. One of them was called ‘Washing Powder’. That was because when her name ‘xi’ was pronounced slowly, it would sound like ‘xi yi’ (washing powder), while the greatest advantage of washing powder was that it’s uncountable.

Of course, Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t care about these nonsense, so she wasn’t affected very much.

The person who was suffering most was Yang Chen. After Christen exposed his secrets, he became a ‘perverted devil’ to the ladies at home, including Guo Xuehua who was his mother. Although she had held much guilt for Yang Chen, she couldn’t endure a young man living in such a messed up manner.

After the news was reported, as Yang Chen had hidden this major difficulty faced by Yu Lei from his family, everyone blamed him for not thinking about how his actions may affect Ruoxi.

Yang Chen couldn’t just say he had forked out 50 billion for his wife. Even if he was truly generous and was totally qualified to ‘the most extravagant husband in the world’, none of these gave rise to a valid reason. He had indeed let Lin Ruoxi face everything herself, while he went to flirt with other lovers.

Feeling a heartache for her daughter-like figure, Wang Ma made a lunchbox consisting of delicately made snacks in addition to a bowl of ginseng chicken soup for Yang Chen to deliver to her in her office.

As Lin Ruoxi was busy dealing with the aftermath, she hadn’t the chance to return home the night before.

Yang Chen wouldn’t decline to do this favor, he had no reason to. Although, he was rather dissatisfied at the situation. Why is this woman always working this hard? Can’t she take a short break before dealing with other things? It’s not like there’s no one she can use in the company. It’s rare nowadays to see someone with this much passion for work, he thought.

When Yang Chen was driving to the company as he felt a little distressed, quite a few unexpected guests came to the CEO office of Yu Lei International early in the morning…

“Boss Lin, Chief Ning Guodong hopes to see you,” informed Wu Yue via a phone call made from her secretary office. She had stayed there for the entire night as well.

Lin Ruoxi who was dealing with a few final factory rectification documents, frowned. Other than exhaustion and seriousness, helplessness and annoyance could also be found on her face. At the same time, she felt a little perplexed…

Ning Guodong? she thought. Whenever she thought of this man who had an unstoppable persistence to cling on to her, she would think of the man standing beside her mother in the picture which she had seen a few days ago…

Shaking her head, she tried her best to let these matters slide for now. Taking a deep breath, she calmed herself down before saying, “Let him in.”

After half a minute, Ning Guodong pushed open the office door. He was dressed in an ironed suit, while he held a faint smile on his face as usual.

It was this exact smile which had disgusted Lin Ruoxi from the start. She didn’t know why the smile of her shameless man was much more pleasant than this handsome smile.

Was it because of the person, or was it because of her heart?

“Ruoxi, it must’ve been tough for you. Believe me when I say this but I have been worried for your well being all this time. Judging by the situation, my worries were unfounded,” Ning Guodong said as he slowly sat on the leather sofa directly opposite Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi stood up and came to her office table. Crossing her arms, she stared at Ning Guodong coldly as she said, “Chief Ning, just give up. Know that I will never accept you.”

Ning Guodong wasn’t irritated at all. He continued smiling generously. “Can’t we leave those matters for later? Don’t you think that you should serve me a cup of coffee or tea being the hostess?”

If the fellow in front of her wasn’t the son of the premier and a government official, Lin Ruoxi felt that she’d call the guards over to pull him out, or just deny his entry to Yu Lei’s building right from the start.

“Wu Yue, make a cup of coffee,” Lin Ruoxi said after pressing the button on the phone placed on her office table.

Wu Yue proved once again her efficiency. She delivered a cup of hot coffee over within three minutes and placed it in front of Ning Guodong without being informed to do so.

When she noticed the stiff atmosphere between Ning Guodong and Lin Ruoxi, Wu Yue frowned a little before immediately backing out.

Evidently, Wu Yue couldn’t understand why the CEO looked at Chief Ning like her enemy.

“If there’s nothing else you need, Chief Ning can make his way out after having this cup of coffee,” Lin Ruoxi said in an indifferent manner.

Ning Guodong took a sip of the coffee and looked like he found it too hot when he placed the cup down. Smiling, he said, “Ruoxi, am I that unworthy of entering your vision?”

“Chief Ning.” Lin Ruoxi bit her lips before saying, “If you haven’t already noticed, I am swamped with work. There are a lot of things that I need to deal with. I don’t even have time to go home. There’s no need for me to waste my energy on meaningless conversations.

“You should’ve listened to what Yang Chen called me at the parking area back then. That’s right, we’re a legally married couple. In other words, I won’t get into a relationship with you. I’m already married. Now with that in mind, stop harrassing me.

“Actually, based on your Ning clan’s authority, investigating on my marital status is a piece of cake. You should know that doing so makes it difficult for me.”

The smile on Ning Guodong’s face slowly dispersed, while bitterness filled the corners of his lips. “You’re indeed as cruel of a woman as they say.”

As he spoke, he took the folder he brought with him and fidgeted with it. He continued saying, “You’re right. I have indeed checked if you and the fellow called Yang Chen are married or not. The result was really disappointing to say the least. I really can’t believe that you’re willing to marry such a low-class and vulgar man, but not willing to consider me at all.

“Of course, I know I got to know you abit too late. It has been three or four months since the first time I saw you. But it isn’t that much shorter than you and Yang Chen, is it?

“I don’t believe you’re the kind of woman who would recklessly get married so quickly. There must be another reason in your marriage…”

Lin Ruoxi held the same expression on the outside, but she felt discomfort in her heart. The feeling of having one’s heart poked with a needle was terrible.

Brutality surfaced in Ning Guodong’s eyes. “I don’t mind that you’ve been married before. I also don’t mind if you’re able to like me now or later. I even don’t mind your hatred for me now.

“Being the inheritor of the Ning clan, as long as there’s a woman I want, I don’t want to claim a hundred percent, but at least seventy to eighty percent of the young ladies from major clans won’t reject me, but I’ve never truly fallen for a girl before.

“You’re the first one who had utterly given me the desire to own you… I won’t allow myself to fail.”

When Ning Guodong spoke this straightforwardly, Lin Ruoxi panicked a little, but she knew she couldn’t avoid this. As a result, she remained her cold face as and said, “Chief Ning, feelings can’t be forced. Are you looking for someone that hates you to stand by your side?”

“I don’t mind!” Ning Guodong stood up while blaze appeared in his eyes. “I don’t care if you like me or not. I don’t care if you hate or even detest me. How many of the married couples from major clans get together because of true love anyway? Men and women secretly looking for lovers outside is nothing surprising.

“But you don’t have to worry. I’m not such a person, I just need you in my life. I don’t need many women to play with in my life, I just want a woman whom my heart has moved for…”

Lin Ruoxi finally shrank away a little when she witnessed Ning Guodong’s mindless gaze. She was a young lady after all, not to mention she was almost entirely inexperienced interacting with men.

“Chief Ning… you… how can you do this? Even if you’re from the Ning clan and you’re the son of Premier Ning, how can you possibly force someone to divorce before marrying you?!” Lin Ruoxi’s heart was filled with rage. She was already tired to begin with. Currently, her face had severely reddened.

“You’re right. Even if I’m from the Ning clan and my father is the premier, I still can’t touch you at my will,” Ning Guodong said coldly. “You’re the CEO of a multinational company. Everyone’s looking at you like you’re some kind of deity right now. Why would such a highly praised woman be abducted by me and locked up to become my personal canary…”

Ning Guodong’s words made Lin Ruoxi feel a chill up her spine. The beast of a man held his intense gaze. His aggressive and evil had given her a strong premonition.

“But…” Ning Guodong laughed while shrugging his shoulders. “But… if a highly praised goddess turns into falling dust… to the point where she’s not even considered an ordinary girl due to her disdainful, filthy life… what makes you think anyone would be concerned for her well being anymore? At that time, the only one who will take you in might just be me who’s this tolerant and likes you with all my heart…”

Anxiety filled Lin Ruoxi’s elegant eyes. She forced herself to act calm as she said, “Although I don’t know what you’re talking about, I believe you’re just wasting your time and effort.”

“Really?” Ning Guodong snorted in disdain before throwing the folder to Lin Ruoxi’s office table. “Perhaps you wouldn’t think so after looking at this.””

Lin Ruoxi turned her head to look at the folder as she hesitated before picking it up. She then look out a few photostated documents placed within.

Lin Ruoxi immediately got stunned when she saw the file. Soon, her hands involuntarily started shivering. She had always acted calm and cool, but she currently appeared so pale and helpless.

In her mind, the pictures which had given rise to painful memories surfaced. At the same time, she flipped open the folder before reading the information inside…

It only took her around ten seconds for her tears to drip on the folder. She seemed incredibly pale while her lips quivered. Her fingers had stiffened quickly, causing the folder and files in her hands to fall on the ground...