Chapter 7/9

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Holding a box of cakes in one hand and a Thermos flask of nourishing chicken soup in another, Yang Chen walked into the building of Yu Lei International in his slippers. If it wasn’t because the guards recognized him, there was no doubt that he would have been chased from the premises long ago.

Most employees in Yu Lei were celebrating. Elation could be found on everyone’s faces. They were discussing where they wanted to go at night.

No one that was qualified to work in the headquarters was stupid. After this incredibly difficult challenge, not only did Yu Lei gain stability, their future developments were also projected to improve significantly.

They were not unlike a bunch of soldiers who were relishing in their victory together after a war. The environment in the company was harmonious, looking simple yet wonderful.

Yang Chen’s mood was affected by these employees as well. As he walked to the CEO’s office on the top floor, he started humming songs leisurely, without rhythm and lyrics.

However, when he reached the office, Wu Yue suddenly appeared while she held the same poker face. She smiled coldly as she glanced at the stuff Yang Chen was carrying. “Boss Lin is meeting an important client. Come again later if you want to please her.”

Yang Chen wasn’t annoyed. He looked at Wu Yue from top to bottom before gazing upon her flat chests. Shaking his head, he smiled as she said, “Hey Airport, why hasn’t your figure changed at all even after getting yourself into a relationship?”

Wu Yue blushed. “Mind your own business. I won’t allow you to delay Boss Lin’s discussion.”

“Aren’t you bored of guarding the door all day? You should return to your office, or look for your little lover… What is he called again? Xiao Ming? Xiao Li?”

“It’s Vice President Li Minghe!” Wu Yue frowned in anger. “He’s in a higher position than you are, so you better watch your mouth!”

“Alright, alright. You found a great hubby. Your hubby is really impressive.” Yang Chen showed approval on his face.

Upon hearing the term ‘hubby’, Wu Yue’s face instantly flushed. She panicked and placed her hands at an awkward position, turning her head away in silence as she refused to step aside.

Yang Chen found it interesting. Lin Ruoxi’s assistant was actually quite like Lin Ruoxi herself, or was it because she had seen Lin Ruoxi’s good example and followed in suit.

She held a strict expression on her cold face. Unfortunately, her figure and appearance were only average. However, her heartbeat quickened while her face blushed when Yang Chen exposed her secret. Reading her mind was like reading an open book.

“Eh, Vice President Li!” Yang Chen called after turning around.

Wu Yue instantly turned her head to face the direction of the walkway, only to find no one there.

At the same time, Yang Chen gave Wu Yue a slight push to move her away before opening the office door.


When Wu Yue recovered awareness, it was already too late.

She wanted to stop him, but Yang Chen had stepped into the office. At the same time, he gave her a broad grin before closing the door!

Wu Yue stomped on the ground furiously outside the office. But she soon thought of something which made her chuckle foolishly.

Upon entering the office, Yang Chen saw Ning Guodong. He thought Wu Yue was lying about Lin Ruoxi having a visitor, but there he was, a visitor.

Yang Chen tooka glance at Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi looked rather sluggish, while both her eyes seemed empty. It could be seen that her eyes were watery while she held a few pieces of paper. There were even some papers scattered on the ground.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t even look when Yang Chen entered the room, as if she had seen the devil.

Ning Guodong frowned in annoyance when he saw Yang Chen. He smiled coldly but remained silent as well.

Yang Chen quickly noticed the papers Lin Ruoxi was holding were the problem. He had an incredible eyesight, so he only had to walk slightly closer to properly look at the papers on the ground.

When he found out the general information on the paper, Yang Chen said calmly. “Wang Ma asked me to deliver some chicken soup and snacks over. She’s afraid that you’d starve yourself for work. Please eat a little.”

After he finished speaking, he squatted down and picked up the papers from the floor. At the same time, he took the ones Lin Ruoxi was holding away. She remained quiet and motionless.

Yang Chen sighed in his heart. He walked to Ning Guodong and threw the stack of papers to him. In a dull manner, he said, “Take them back.”

Ning Guodong snorted in contempt. “What is it? Do you think they’re fake?”

“Whether or not it’s real, you shouldn’t have brought them here.” Fury filled Yang Chen’s eyes. But he was aware that he couldn’t crush this death-courting man’s skull just because he wanted to.

Ning Guodong stood up and placed his hands behind his back. He slowly walked behind Yang Chen as he sighed, “Zeng Mao was indeed a cunning fox. He must’ve realized that he would lose, so he handed his trump card to me. Even if he did fail, as long as this is in my hands, it’ll be delivered to Lin Ruoxi sooner or later.

“To be honest, I’m aware that Zeng Mao was merely leveraging my background and intentions. But I must admit he had succeeded, even though I don’t like to be used. I still couldn’t resist the temptation these documents brought.”

At this moment, Lin Ruoxi finally raised her head to look at Ning Guodong in silence while desolation and sorrow filled her eyes unexpectedly.

Ning Guodong didn’t understand what her gaze meant. He just thought Lin Ruoxi was refusing to face the truth. Elated, he smiled and said, “Don’t think for a second that the records are fake. Ruoxi oh Ruoxi, I’ve sent someone to investigate the hospital Lin Kun had used when he was alive. His doctor escaped to another country for whatever reason. It looks like Zeng Mao had paid him a huge sum for him to run away. If this record is fake, why would he have escaped?

As Ning Guodong spoke, the smile on his face slowly dispersed. Staring at Lin Ruoxi coldly, “Why would a sterile man give birth to a child… Ruoxi, don’t blame me for being merciless, but I have to say…

“You are actually a shameful child given birth after your mother cheated on Lin Kun! You might be Li Ruoxi, Wang Ruoxi, Zhou Ruoxi… or even Yang Ruoxi similar to this man. But… your surname is definitely not Lin!

“You entered Yu Lei International with the identity of the Lin clan’s inheritor. What do you think the outside world would think if they found out the truth?

“Haha. Fear would start to seep into the people thinking that you intentionally hidden your identity to secure your assets. You might’ve removed your grandma from the picture after finding this out… so that you could inherit this position in the company at such a young age.

“Oh yeah, if I recall correctly, your father who got cheated on Lin Kun died recently right? I believe he entered a mental hospital before that, don’t you not see everything wrong with your non-biological father going crazy and dying?”

Every sentence Ning Guodong spoke caused more suffering to Lin Ruoxi. At last, she fell into despair and collapsed to the ground as she felt depleted of her energy. Her face paled severely while her body shivered.

Ning Guodong seemed like he had witnessed what he wanted. To him, the moment Lin Ruoxi collapsed mentally was the moment she would surrender herself.

However, at this moment, a steel-like arm reached over from the side to clasp Ning Guodong’s neck!

Ning Guodong suddenly felt that he was suffocating. His mouth was half-opened but he couldn’t speak a word. He swung his feet violently as he looked at the man with a terrified expression.

No expressions could be seen on Yang Chen’s face, but his eyes had been filled with ferocity.

There wasn’t the slightest suffering in Yang Chen’s heart.

The medical record was what Doctor Bao had shown him when Lin Kun died. Back then, he thought he only needed to threaten his life to keep it a secret. Killing him wasn’t the best choice as he was in the hospital. Moreover, Doctor Bao only showed him a photostated copy instead of the legitimate record.

Nothing was absolute in this world. Unexpectedly, someone thought of using Lin Ruoxi’s birth to attack her, and even managed to get this record. Doctor Bao failed to resist the temptation of money. He chose to move abroad to hide from Yang Chen.

Yang Chen felt that his heart was almost torn apart when he glanced at Lin Ruoxi who appeared to have lost her soul.

It was exactly the infuriating and insane man in front of Yang Chen who had made an initially wonderful morning this gloomy and dead!

Yang Chen stared into Ning Guodong’s eyes as he had the urge to crush his neck. Yang Chen wanted him dead before consoling Lin Ruoxi, but…

Yang Chen knew that he couldn’t just kill him like that.

It wasn’t because he was a government official or a member of the Ning clan. It was because he was Ning Guangyao’s son…

Ning Guodong’s face had turned into the color of a pig liver. He tried to kick Yang Chen or grab him with his arms, but Yang Chen’s body didn’t move the slightest bit, as if it was made of metal.

At last, when Ning Guodong was almost choked to death and his vision almost turned black, Yang Chen finally let him go.

Ning Guodong fell on the ground as he panted and gazed upon the man looking down on him figuratively and literally.

“You… you’ll pay for your actions…” Ning Guodong said furiously.

Yang Chen ignored him and walked toward Lin Ruoxi before squatting down. Gently, he said, “Don’t sit on the ground anymore. If there isn’t anything else you need to do, come home with me and rest.”

Lin Ruoxi didn’t do anything. She was just staring in front absentmindedly.

Yang Chen remained silent. Stretching his arms out, he held Lin Ruoxi up from the ground.

Lin Ruoxi finally elicited some reactions, but she ignored Yang Chen as she turned around and walked out the office alone.

Yang Chen knew that saying anything was useless now. All he could do was be by her side and wait for her to calm down.

After Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen walked out of the office, a wicked smile surfaced on Ning Guodong’s face. He murmured, “Yes, go now. You’ll come back to me sooner or later and grovel at the likes of me… Also, Yang Chen, you’ll soon find out that you’ve provoked someone you really wished you didn’t have…”