Chapter 4/9

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Listening to Yang Chen’s question, Liu Mingyu remained quiet for a bit before smiling. “My parents are… as average as parents get. My mom is the average housewife. All she does is cook and socialize by playing Mahjong with other middle-aged ladies. My dad runs a business in Beijing and doesn’t come home often. Back then, I would only usually manage to see him a couple times a year. I believe he’s planning to develop his business in Zhonghai, so he has been home more often nowadays.”

“Then what are their hobbies?” Yang Chen asked.

“I don’t think they are particularly interested in anything. Also, they don’t like to be high-profile. Don’t buy them too many gifts. They won’t be able to appreciate it,” Liu Mingyu reminded.

Yang Chen guessed that her parents would have been ordinary family seniors. He asked, “Have you told your parents about what kind of a person I am?”

“I… I just said I knew you at the workplace and you’re the director of the subsidiary company,” Liu Mingyu said.

“Didn’t they asked about anything else?” Yang Chen didn’t believe that anyone’s parents would be satisfied with such little information.

“They… they asked when we’re going to get married. I… I didn’t know how to answer, so I made the arrangements for them to meet you, and for you to answer them,” Liu Mingyu said softly. She was usually confident, but she found it hard to speak now.

Yang Chen knew that he had been terrible on this aspect. Evidently, he couldn’t just submit a ‘wedding date’, nor could he promise anything of that kind in the foreseeable future. Thus, he had to think of ways to convince her parents so that they wouldn’t oppose their relationship.

An ordinary approach definitely wouldn’t solve this problem. Therefore, Yang Chen felt that he might have to use some ‘unconventional means’.

But the more he pondered, the less he could come up with. All he could do was cross the bridge when he came to it.

The dinner was booked at a quiet vegetarian restaurant in Zhonghai. He heard that Liu Mingyu’s father was a vegetarian, so no meat would be served for the meal.

From this point, her father was placed as the center of the family, which made Yang Chen feel that there shouldn’t be a problem as long as he could convince her father.

He drove to the refined and quiet restaurant. When he got off his car and walked to the entrance, Liu Mingyu could be seen waiting there anxiously. Yang Chen couldn’t help but smile when he noticed her nervous expression after approaching her. “Are you this nervous? Are you worried that they might eat me?”

Liu Mingyu wasn’t in the mood to joke around. “If my father suddenly does something later, please don’t do anything reckless. Just talk nicely.”

Yang Chen was wondering what she was implying. However, he soon dismissed the thought as he followed her into the private room they had booked for this occasion.

Liu Mingyu held his arm tightly as they walked. He felt her soft body shiver.

Since it was a vegetarian restaurant, it was colored in  dark green, causing the place to look peaceful. The restaurant was also decorated with indoor plants, while a few pots of spider plants were hung on the ceiling.

When the door was opened, a man and a woman were revealed seated at the opposite.

Liu Mingyu’s mother had a similar look with her daughter. Although she had slight crow's feet, it could be seen that she used to be stunning and elegant. She revealed a complicated expression when Yang Chen came inside, giving rise to confusion within him.

The man seated beside the woman wore a grey striped suit. The hair on his slightly bald head was combed tidily to the back of his head. His eyes stared at Yang Chen, sharp like knives, but he held a faint smile on his face, making the whole scene rather confusing.

When Yang Chen saw Liu Mingyu’s father, he finally understood why she was so nervous. He definitely wasn’t an ordinary person, as his body contained killing aura.

He was a man who had taken numerous lives. He certainly wasn’t the businessman whom Liu Mingyu had described him as.

Yang Chen suddenly found it interesting. He wasn’t very annoyed by the matter regarding how he would face the marriage anymore.

“You must be Yang Chen. Please come inside and have a seat,” the mother said smilingly. “I’ve wanted to meet you for some time now, but Yu’er wasn’t willing to meet us. She’s almost always busy. It’s good for young people to be busy, but you can’t always delay your marriage, can you?”

It became painfully clear that  Liu Mingyu’s mother wasn’t someone who was easy to convince. He had just sat down for not longer than a minute before she had mentioned marriage.

“Liu Qingshan. Yu’er’s father.” Liu Qingshan raised his the cup containing apple cider in a toast to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen smiled slightly as he answered, “I should’ve come to meet Uncle and Aunt earlier, but I had other things to attend to prior to this.”

Smiling, Liu Qingshan said, “I heard from Yu’er that you’re the director of Yu Lei’s subsidiary company. You should be really impressive to sit on such a high position at this young age.”

Liu Qingshan’s eyes held no praise. This made Yang Chen feel that he was hiding a knife in his smile.

“I’m flattered, Uncle. I just happen to be one of the lucky few.”

“Luck plays a role in strength as well,” Liu Qingshan replied before turning to Liu Mingyu. “Yu’er, please ask the waiters to commence serving.”

Liu Mingyu was overly nervous. She instantly stood up after listening to him. However, she lost balance on her high heels and fell from her wooden chair.

Yang Chen reacted instantaneously and held Liu Mingyu’s waist, stopping her from falling on the ground.

Being hugged by Yang Chen in front of her parents, Liu Mingyu felt that her face had gotten a little hot. She then hastily rushed outside, leaving only Yang Chen, Liu Qingshan and her wife there, causing the atmosphere to get a little stiff.

The mother held a smile on her face, but Liu Qingshan’s expression turned serious.

“Yang Chen, how long have you known Yu’er for?” Liu Qingshan asked.

Yang Chen calculated for a bit. “Almost six months I guess.”

“Then do you plan to get married anytime soon? You know that Yu’er isn’t getting any younger, while both of you are successful in your respective work. Marriage shouldn’t be a problem for you.” Liu Qingshan was really straightforward.

Yang Chen didn’t expect to be asked that question so quickly. He couldn’t help but smile and say, “I am actually married already.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the mother covered her mouth in surprise. She was obviously shocked.

Liu Qingshan, however, held a cold smile on his face. “You’re surprisingly honest, Young Man. I thought you were going to bullshit us into thinking otherwise.”

“Why did Uncle ask Mingyu to bring me here then, if you already know about it?” Yang Chen asked out of curiosity.

Liu Qingshan wanted to say something, but the door was opened from the outside!

“Dad, Mom! Where’s Brother-In-Law?!”

A tall and slim guy dressed in loose hip hop clothing whose hair was dyed yellow and waxed up right suddenly rushed inside. He used his small eyes to sweep across the room before fixing his gaze on Yang Chen. He looked disappointed. “Is this fellow him? Why does he look so mediocre?”

“Minghao, why have you come so late? Did you get in a fight again?” Liu Mingyu’s mother asked in dissatisfaction after standing up. She walked toward the guy before pulling her to sit beside her.

Liu Qingshan looked contented when he saw his son. He said to Yang Chen, “This is Yu’er’s younger brother Minghao. He used to live with me in Beijing and doesn’t come to Zhonghai very often.”

Yang Chen felt that Liu Mingyu’s family situation was more complicated than he originally imagined. Liu Mingyu stayed in Zhonghai with her mother, while her father and younger brother lived in Beijing. Evidently, Liu Mingyu and her mother were ordinary residents, while Liu Qingshan and Liu Minghao didn’t look like good people.

No wonder Liu Mingyu suddenly told Yang Chen that he didn’t have to come if he wasn’t free. However, didn’t she know how her father and brother were like before that?

“Are you finding it strange that Yu’er has such a father?” Liu Qingshan seemed to have seen through Yang Chen’s thought.

Yang Chen nodded. “I’m indeed a little bit shocked.”

“Shock your ass! How dare you marry my elder sister looking like mold on rotten cheese? You should take a look at yourself in the mirror. You’re not handsome or cool at all, and you don’t look strong. You definitely can’t fight. My elder sister’s husband has to be at least listed in The World’s Billionaires by Foobs!” Liu Minghao yelled disdainfully.

Yang Chen scratched his nose. “It’s Forbes.”

“Yes, yes, that one!” Liu Minghao chuckled. “I was trying to say that something Forbes!”

The mother didn’t blame her son for talking nonsense. She caressed Liu Minghao’s cheeks affectionately as if she was treating a kid.

At this moment, Liu Mingyu returned to the room and noticed her younger brother. Displeased, she said, “Minghao, you got into another fight again, didn’t you? Why did you come back so late? You should just live by the streets starting from now!”

After she finished speaking, she turned to Yang Chen. “He’s my younger brother who’s really playful, but he actually has a kind heart.”

Yang Chen smiled. “I can tell. He said I wasn’t handsome, but didn’t give me a slap on my face.”

Liu Mingyu smiled a little. However, when she noticed her father’s expression, she started getting worried.

“Yang Chen, the reason I called you here for a meal knowing you’re already married is really simple.” Liu Qingshan sipped on his apple cider before looking at Yang Chen with a sharp gaze. “I don’t oppose you two from getting together.”

Liu Mingyu violently raised her head and looked at her father weirdly. Out of everything she expected to come out of his mouth, this wasn’t one of them.

The mother, however, smiled helplessly without saying anything, as if she had known about this decision already.

Liu Minghao was most dissatisfied. He wanted to raise objections to his father, but withdrew his intention after Liu Qingshan stared at him furiously.

Yang Chen didn’t know what he was feeling. He had prepared a speech tirelessly, but realized everything was in vain. However, he was happy for what had happened as well. Blinking his eyes, he smiled and said, “Uncle is indeed reasonable.”

“Are you trying to be sarcastic? Although I’m not a righteous man with only one wife, I don’t really like the idea of giving away my only daughter to be a man’s lover,” Liu Qingshan said. Soon, he smiled and said, “President Situ from Red Thorns Society is your lover as well, isn’t she?”

The smile on Yang Chen’s face instantly dissipated. He quickly realized something as he recalled what Rose had told him. Frowning, he asked, “Uncle, is it possible that you’re… Rose’s gang partner?”