Chapter 7/9

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An Xin who was at the other end of the call, sounded like she was on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion. Yang Chen wondered what kind of impression Lin Ruoxi had given off to reduce the usually bold An Xin to this state.

Yang Chen touched his forehead as he said worriedly, “Share your location, I will come find you now.”

Yang Chen felt that the only way to make the stubborn Lin Ruoxi give up, is if he went over to personally convince her to stop this madness.

An Xin heaved a sigh of relief when she heard the news. She told him where she was and added in the end, “Hubby… whether or not I can survive and give birth to a little baby for you will depend on your ability to save me from Elder Sister Lin’s clutches…”

Yang Chen nearly fell from his bed after hearing that.

Although Yang Chen had tried his best to reach there as fast as possible, half an hour had passed before he arrived.

The park was mostly filled with joggers and fitness enthusiasts in the morning, but it was nearing lunch hour so there weren’t many people around. Yang Chen followed An Xin’s directions and found the playground next to an artificial lake.

When Yang Chen looked over, there were two familiar figures nearby.

Lin Ruoxi wore a white blouse with a korean-style jacket draped over her shoulders, with a pair of skin-tight jeans, showing off her flawless curves. She was clearly not dressed for the office.

When he arrived, Lin Ruoxi was standing before the doll-shooting station. Two big baskets of plastic balls were placed in front of her. One by one, the balls were thrown at the dolls on the stair-like racks.

However, it wasn’t clear if Lin Ruoxi was deliberately missing the targets or not, as every throw she made flew past the dolls! Not one single ball managed to hit any of the dolls!

It looked like Lin Ruoxi had been throwing for some time as her cheeks reddened significantly while there were visible droplets of sweat on her forehead. She had such an astonishing amount of perseverance that after hours of throwing, her stare was as determined as ever.

Standing next to Lin Ruoxi was An Xin, who was wearing a purple shirt and a light-violet mini skirt. What was once a lovely and attractive lady, was now a haggard looking one. An Xin was dispiritedly massaging her calf and arms due to the pains she was contracting from having to stand and throw plastic balls the whole morning. Yang Chen pitied her painful and helpless state.

The thing that made Yang Chen surprised was the owner of the shooting stall. The owner was a lady who seemed to be in her fifties or sixties. She was resting her head on the table dozing off.

As Yang Chen walked closer to them, An Xin quickly spotted him and rushed over. She sped toward him and pulled him over. She gestured to Lin Ruoxi’s direction, “Hubby, quickly persuade Elder Sister Lin to stop. She’s going insane!”

Yang Chen patted An Xin’s cheek lightly to signal her to keep quiet for now. He walked over to Lin Ruoxi, pouted and said,“Babe Ruoxi, is winning the game that important to you?”

Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen as he spoke. She frowned and shot a look at An Xin who stood with her head lowered in silence. Obviously, she knew that it was An Xin who had informed him. She puffed her cheeks and said, “Did you come to persuade me for your little lover, or did you come by your own free will?”

Yang Chen smiled. “Both, actually.”

“I don’t think the agreement we made forbids me from playing games with your lover,” Lin Ruoxi stated, dissatisfied.

“While it is true that our agreement contains no such term, but for your own sake, you shouldn’t be out here throwing plastic balls for the whole day,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi snorted. “Who said I was going to be here all day… I… when I practised at home I always hit the target on my third throw. I can’t figure out for the life of me why I can’t replicate it. I was sure to have been able to hit one by now. I’m sure that with a few more throws I’ll be able to hit one.”

Yang Chen smiled and said, “It’s just a game, why are you being so serious about it?”

“I just don’t want to lose to her, can’t I?” Lin Ruoxi argued before turning her gaze to An Xin who looked sorrowful. “If she is able to hit a target, then so can I.”

“But Ruoxi, An Xin is incapable of doing some of the things that you excel in. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. You’re already an outstanding person. Not many women can manage such a huge corporation. Must you win in every aspect over everybody?” persuaded Yang Chen.

Yang Chen’s words seemed to have brought some realization to Lin Ruoxi. The sharpness in Boss Lin’s eyes seemed to have disappeared while her cold expression had softened. She said, “Very well then, let’s stop here for today.”

An Xin jumped happily after listening to her. She rushed to Lin Ruoxi’s side, grabbed her hand and said thankfully, “I knew that Elder Sister Lin wouldn’t be so heartless. It’s true that you are capable of doing so many other things. Compared to you, I don’t even come close. Please don’t waste your time and energy on small fry like myself.”

Lin Ruoxi strenly replied, “Stop assuming, I only said it's enough for today. We will compete again when I believe that I have sufficient practice.”


If Yang Chen had not given An Xin support, she would’ve passed out and fallen on the ground.

Since it was already lunchtime, the three of them went to find a restaurant for lunch. Yang Chen brought the two ladies to a quiet western restaurant. He ordered 3 sets of New York steak and started to eat in silence.

Despite the fact that the mistress An Xin was present, there was no tension in the air.

An Xin was so afraid of Lin Ruoxi that she flattered Lin Ruoxi to please her.

Yang Chen pitied An Xin as he watched her flatter Lin Ruoxi, however there was no way he could side so readily with his lover in front of his wife. The fact that Lin Ruoxi was prepared to have a meal peacefully with his lover was a testament to her tolerance.

Therefore, Yang Chen had to turn a blind eye and pretend that nothing had happened.

Suddenly, Lin Ruoxi thought of something. She turned to Yang Chen and said, “I received a message from Yu Lei’s Paris branch yesterday, saying that the Paris Fashion Week will be postponed to mid-April. When the time comes, you will be representing us. I have to pass because I still have to deal with some matters regarding the new raw materials and products.”

Yang Chen’s mind went blank. The Paris Fashion Week? he thought. It was the classiest fashion week when compared to the ones in Milan, New York, etc. Paris Fashion Week had always been ranked the highest. It wasn’t surprising for Yu Lei to receive an invitation considering its worldwide influence. However, he thought,Isn’t she casting pearls before a swine by asking me, an uncultured man, to represent them at the Fashion Week?

“Why didn’t you assign Qianni or Mingyu instead? I am most certain that they would have been better picks than the likes of me” Yang Chen questioned, puzzled at her choice.

Lin Ruoxi shook her head. “Qianni and Mingyu are now my greatest assistant. They have many other important things to do, I can’t send them away. I will be assigning people from headquarters to accompany you of course. Your job is just to lead the group. I am not expecting you to benefit from it or conduct any negotiations. I really couldn’t find any other suitable candidate. Among Yu Lei’s current top executives, you are the only one with the most time to spare.”

Yang Chen was embarrassed, realizing that his goofing off was what got him picked.

“Director, just attend it. If not for the fact that I am hosting the Star of Yu Lei, I would’ve jumped at a chance like this…” An Xin’s eyes were filled with excitement. The Paris Fashion Week was obviously a meaningful event for her as she was an active person.

“Even if you were free, you may not attend, unless you attend under your own name,” said Lin Ruoxi coldly.

“Oh…” An Xin lowered her head and dared not give anymore opinions.

Yang Chen looked at the pitiful An Xin and couldn’t help it. “Why are you scaring her? She’s just expressing her thought.”

“I didn’t scare her,” said Lin Ruoxi with a stern expression, “I am giving orders to a branch employee as the CEO of the corporation. Since she is your secretary, she should perform her duties accordingly. I have already given her special privileges by allowing her leave her post to host the event. I’m not targeting her just because of her other identity.”

Yang Chen rubbed his nose, knowing that he could not outspeak her regarding regulations and work.

“By the way, how did Hui Lin do in the auditions?” Yang Chen hadn’t met Hui Lin recently as he was busy with other things. He didn’t know anything about the girl’s competing status.

“How can you not know that she has passed the trials when she cares so much for you?!” Lin Ruoxi shot Yang Chen an unpleasant look.

An Xin raised her head. Her sorrow from a moment ago disappeared. She said with a big smile, “The open auditions just ended yesterday. Hui Lin got a pass from all of the three judges, and was qualified to enter the elimination round.”

Yang Chen wasn’t surprised. Hui Lin’s voice was sweet and airy, plus she had undergone professional training and put in much effort already. If she could not even pass the first trial, Lin Ruoxi as the CEO should check for foul play amongst her employees.

“Should we bring the girl to celebrate? No matter what, it is indeed a proud thing for the family to have a singer,” Yang Chen suggested.

“We’ll celebrate after she gets first place,” Lin Ruoxi said calmly.

Yang Chen laughed. “You’re so sure that your sister will be the champion?”

“Why wouldn’t she?” Lin Ruoxi was proud of her sister.

“She will be. Hui Lin sings better than many famous singers,” An Xin also betted for her best friend.

Yang Chen shook his head. Of course he wanted Hui Lin to get the first place, but in the end it highly depended on the professional judges. He was not a fan of bribery. Also, Yu Lei wasn’t necessarily in need for cash so there was no need to please anyone.

As they were finishing their steak, Yang Chen’s phone rang.

Yang Chen took out his phone and had a look. It was a call from an unknown number. After hesitating for a bit, he answered the call.

“Is this Yang Chen?” the voice at other side of the phone sounded familiar.

Yang Chen replied, “ You’re…”

“I see that you have already forgotten me even though we have met recently .” There was a polite laugh at the other side of the phone. “I am Cai Yuncheng, the father of Cai Ning and Cai Yan. We’ve met once before.”

Cai Yuncheng?

Yang Chen remembered about the time he went to the Cai clan’s mansion to heal Yang Lie where he met Cai Yuncheng. “An unprepossessing, well disciplined but strict man” was Yang Chen’s first impression of him. It was hard to judge that man from his looks. It was hard to tell anything when you have nothing to go on. With that in mind, he was someone who was just hard to keep in mind.

“You caught me by surprise so I was unable to answer. Is there anything I can help you with, General Cai?” Yang Chen remembered that Cai Yuncheng had the title, but he didn’t remember what rank Cai Yuncheng had.

Cai Yuncheng replied, “I need you to fulfill your promise, that is if you are free to do so today.”

Yang Chen contemplated on his words for awhile. He then quickly recalled what Abbess Yun Miao had said. Thus, he stood up and walked to a quiet corner ,ignoring the gazes from Lin Ruoxi and An Xin. He asked, “Am I supposed to congratulate General Cai for becoming the new general of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade?”