Chapter 9/9

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That person was a female soldier with black, short hair. Her looks were such that she would have been more suited to be a model than a soldier.

She had a well-defined nose bridge, apricot-like eyes and a slight tan from the exposure from the sun. However, the sharp look of her face coupled with her well-curved chest, waist and hips made her seem filled with vigor. She could easily instigate the lust of most normal men.

Cai Yan?! Why is she here?!

Cai Yan who was standing in line, had also noticed Yang Chen’s arrival. However, this woman who had confessed everything to him before acted as if she didn't know him at all. She didn't say anything and kept her gaze looking forward.

Cai Yuncheng acted like he didn't know his daughter was there and told the members, "This is Mister Yang Chen, the chief trainer this time around. As he is occupied with other matters and won’t have enough time to deal with each of you personally, he will be having his two competent subordinates train you over the next two months."

"Instructors Molin and Adeline are from the strongest mercenary group in the world—Sea Eagles. They will let you know what it means to be among the strongest military personnel in the world in the following two months. All you have to do is to obey, obey, and obey!" When Cai Yuncheng finished, he shot Tsunami a glance.

Tsunami stepped forward and said, "During this time, they will be focusing more heavily on combat in the practical sense. As the leader of Dragon Group, I will only be training you in the theoretical sense. Dragon Group doesn't need cowards, only team-spirited warriors. I and the two instructors will provide each and everyone of you with the most comprehensive training in preparation of your test to enter Dragon Group."

Just as Tsunami was going to let Yang Chen say something, he suddenly realized that Yang Chen had made his way to the female soldier standing at the sidemost part, gazing at her intently.

"Did you not hear me or are you only pretending not to? I'm asking you why you are here," said Yang Chen with a furrowed brow.

Ever since Cai Yan left, his emotions would occasionally spiral out of control. The annoying female police inspector that caused her so much trouble had said that she hated seeing Yang Chen during one afternoon within that restaurant.

That really made Yang Chen wonder whether he had masochistic tendencies. Why would he keep thinking about her? Apart from her stunning looks and amazing figure, that woman didn't seem to have any other qualities that attracted him.

Apart from... that time when she showed her gentle side when she helped Zhenxiu.

And today, Yang Chen would not have expected her out of everyone he knew to show up at that kind of place to undergo harsh training to become a special forces soldier. He was assailed with a complex stream of emotions.

At first, he felt joy, but it wasn't the kind of joy one felt after seeing an old friend.

It was worth noting that when he realized that she was the only woman standing among so many beast-like men, he felt a kind of dissatisfaction and discomfort alongside the joy. It left a sour taste in his mouth.

Yang Chen soon came to the realization that he was jealous!

That was a woman who sounded so melancholic when she confessed and left without saying a word for so long. All of a sudden, she showed up amidst a bunch of men, and that made him jealous!

So, Yang Chen had to question her. He wanted Cai Yan to give him an answer and it had to be a good enough one instead of ignoring his existence!

Yang Chen's expression was grave when Cai Yan finally met his gaze. Without the slightest bit of emotion, she replied in an almost robotic voice, "Dragon Group Recruit No. 21, Cai Yan, greets her chief instructor!"

She said it coldly like it was the first time she met Yang Chen.

Feeling his heart burn with rage, Yang Chen really didn't understand what was going on.

"What kind of tantrum are you throwing? We haven't met in months since you left and now you're joining this training session because you have nothing better to do? Isn't a police officer supposed to care for the people? Why are you here to become a special forces soldier?! Don't you know that I... and the others have been exceedingly worried about you?!" Yang Chen really didn't want to look at that woman who pretended not to recognize him.

Cai Yan remained silent and stood there ramrod straight like an unmoving pillar.

Yang Chen suddenly recalled to the time he met Cai Ning yesterday, she had said that he would soon meet her again. So it would seem that Cai Ning was aware of where her sister was and what she was up to!

Back then during that winter night, Cai Ning had suddenly rushed into the villa in Dragon Garden and said something along the lines of 'if anything happens to my sister, I won't forgive you!'. It was obviously referring to her trying to join Dragon Group and the dangers that followed.

"What are you thinking? It's not that you did anything wrong. Why do you have to be so cruel on yourself?" Yang Chen had a feeling that it was because he rejected her back then that she made a decision like that.

Cai Yan bit her lip and remained silent. She cast her gaze elsewhere.

"Chief Instructor, please don't treat Cai Yan like that! It’s obvious that she doesn’t want to speak to you!"

All of a sudden, another recruit next to Cai Yan stepped forward. He was exceedingly well built and he also had a scar that traced across his forehead and  had a beard. He gave off an aura that could rival a steel blade in sharpness.

Just as Yang Chen was stifling his anger, he turned his gaze to the man who was trying to play the hero.

That huge man felt a chill run down his spine, though he didn't shirk back and struggled to resist Yang Chen's chilling aura.

Yang Chen breathed a long sigh and knew he had crossed the line. But for some reason, he felt a sudden urge to rush up to Cai Yan and give her a slap after seeing how she dressed, her sun-tanned skin and cold expression.

There were originally one thousand elites from the nation! 69 of them were picked out and 23 of them were eliminated!

That was an exceedingly low admission rate. How many trials must she have overcome and hardships she must've endured to have come to that point?

Even though that woman had rather decent abilities, she was only an elite in the police force. For her to be able to make it to become a special forces soldier, the amount of effort that went into it must have been unimaginable.

Yang Chen was all the more familiar with that kind of training. Cai Yan must’ve been filled with determination that wouldn't waver even in the face of death for her to make it that far!

It was her act of not treasuring her life that infuriated Yang Chen so much!

After shutting his eyes for a moment and reopening them, Yang Chen smiled relaxedly and said, "Who are you and how has my talking to someone else bothered you?"

"Chief instructor, I am Dragon Group Recruit No. 16 Balgler. I don't believe that you can force my comrade to engage in personal interaction with you, Sir!" said Balgler loudly.

Upon hearing that name, Yang Chen realized that the man was a Mongolian. That would explain the burning, searing look in his eyes.

Cai Yuncheng, Tsunami and the rest wore complicated expressions. They had no idea what had led to the current events. Molin and Adeline on the other hand looked rather excited.

Cai Yuncheng looked at his daughter and looked back at Yang Chen before sighing slightly.

"What would you do if I insist upon it?" asked Yang Chen with a smile.

Balgler felt  his very being, being provoked. Even though he knew that he wasn't a match for the lanky man before him, he still took a step forward.

"On the plains, a wild horse would have to engage in forceful combat to protect its herd! I wish to challenge you, Instructor!"

"Do you think that you stand a winning chance against someone who was able to become an instructor?"

"Even if I don't, I won't step back. I'm only doing what I should!" After Balgler finished, he got into a wrestling stance.

Yang Chen furrowed his brow and turned to Tsunami to ask, "He's using his own moves. You guys don't restrict the close combat styles they use when you recruit members?"

"We don't. Each one of them possesses a unique fighting style that has proven to be quite useful. So, we only focused on developing their own personal traits without standardizing. It is far more effective and quicker this way," explained Tsunami.

Yang Chen nodded. "Wrestling is one of the earliest forms of sport in the world. However, I believe the wrestling you do is the kind one uses to kill others. I really haven't experienced it before, so don't hold back. Come at me with all you got."

At that moment, the stoic Cai Yan finally reacted. She gave Yang Chen a complicated gaze and looked worriedly at her comrade Balgler.

Balgler had shifted his image to that of a rampaging bull. After a loud grunt, he lashed out with both his claws and clamped them on Yang Chen's shoulders!

Yang Chen remained unmoving with a light smile on his face. He stood there with an indifferent expression, in anticipation of the attack Balgler was about to perform.

Feeling as though he was looked down upon, Balgler tensed up both his hands angrily and tried to pin Yang Chen down while raising his knee. He sent a sharp knee jab towards Yang Chen's abdomen!

"Watch out!"

Cai Yan saw that Yang Chen wasn't going to avoid or resist and instead chose to take Balgler's heavy strike head on. She couldn't help but call out.

A dull thump could be heard, but the supposedly kicked Yang Chen remained unmoving. His body didn't budge the slightest from Balgler's attack.

Everyone there could see that Yang Chen was completely unaffected despite Balgler having not held back the slightest!

Yang Chen turned to the panic-stricken Cai Yan and said, "Ah so she speaks."

The moment he finished, he raised his hand and stretched out two fingers to give a slight tap on Balgler's forehead.

Though it looked unimpressive and even seemed like a joke, Balgler's body was blown back as if struck by a great force!

His body lost balance as he fell backwards to the ground right on his rear!

Nobody was able to comprehend what they had just saw before them. How could that giant have fallen to the ground with but a tap from two fingers?!

Even though Cai Yuncheng had read about Yang Chen's abilities from some files before, it was the first time he had seen such an unorthodox method being used. He couldn't help but widen his eyes with shock.

If Cai Yuncheng was aware and still shocked, what more the recruits? This was something that should’ve been impossible for them. Balgler was considered to be one of the best among them, yet he was so easily sent crashing to the ground by two fingers!

Balgler himself seemed like a pile of ash on the ground. His tiger-like eyes were widened with disbelief.

Yang Chen knelt down and stretched his hand out to Balgler. With a smile, he said, "I appreciate your bravery and frankness, but please remember that you're a human, not a horse. A horse won't shrink back because it's a beast. You're a human, so don't go around bullshitting about your moral duty. If you know that you're not a match for an enemy but choose to get yourself killed anyway, then you're even less than a beast."

Balgler sat there for a while in stupor before stretching out his hand and held Yang Chen's in his own.

Yang Chen gave him a pull and patted the man on his shoulders as he said, "Get back to your team."

Balgler stepped back into his rank with his head lowered, no longer in the speaking mood.

Sighing, Yang Chen shot Cai Yan a glance. She was also looking at him and the tears in her eyes were apparent. It was as if she knew that Yang Chen was criticizing her for not knowing how to take good care of herself.

He didn't force her to say anything else. Instead, he loudly addressed all the recruits, "I won't be participating in the daily training sessions because frankly, you are all ants to me. Don't feel frustrated or feel that you're insulted or being looked down upon. However, even I am but an ant in the eyes of some too. That's nothing to be ashamed about. If you hope that one day, you won't be struck down by two fingers like Balgler had been, then go through with your training diligently."

He then pointed to Molin and Adeline. "I will give you a set training routine. The rest will be taken over by the two of them. From today onwards, you will start your first training segment. It isn't endurance, weight nor combat or weapons training. Instead, the first thing that you will learn, is how to escape!"

The moment his words fell, all the serious-looking recruits including Cai Yuncheng and Tsunami almost fell straight to the ground.

Only Molin and Adeline, who remained smiling, knew what was about to happen next.