Chapter 7/7

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Christen wasn’t too surprised at her question. She smiled elegantly toward the people at the table before turning to Yoo Yeonhee. “I don’t have a bag similar to Miss Yoo’s. You’re overestimating me. But I noticed that Boss Lin seemed to have one.”

As she spoke, she turned her gaze to Lin Ruoxi who was beside Yang Chen. Smiling, she said, “I believe Boss Lin’s handbag is from Hermes as well, isn’t it?”

Lin Ruoxi was taking a sip on her red wine as she tried to come up with a way to deal with the Yan clan. She looked confused when Christen called her out, but soon understood what had happened. Nodding, she said, “You are not wrong, it is in fact from Hermes.”

Yoo Yeonhee was immediately dissatisfied. To her, even if Lin Ruoxi owned a Hermes bag as well, it couldn’t possibly be as rare as hers. Yoo Yeonhee was confident that her bag was unique in Zhonghai.

Being gazed upon by the others, Lin Ruoxi lifted her white handbag which she had placed on the ground.

They didn’t think it was any good even if it was indeed by Hermes, as Lin Ruoxi placed it on the ground like nobody’s business. Why Christen had asked Lin Ruoxi to show hers was beyond them. It was no different from humiliating the CEO in public.

However, when the bag was placed on the table, an informed person among the surrounding few quickly noticed something unusual about the bag.

The well-known producer took a deep breath as he reeled in shock. “This… Is that an inverted ‘V’ at the opening of the bag?”

“I think so… You’re right,” another producer answered as he had noticed something abnormal as well. “I remember this symbol represents something.”

The producer giggled before remaining silent. He then looked at Yoo Yeonhee with disdain.

Yoo Yeonhee felt extremely uncomfortable throughout her body. To her, the white handbag wasn’t the trending model, and even looked outdated. It wouldn’t be anything impressive. It was placed on the ground like a tool. However, it could be seen from the gazes of the others present that they were waiting on Christen for her explanation.

Christen saw that it was time to speak. She let out a naughty smile from the corners of her lips, but innocence filled her light blue eyes. “Among the Birkin bags from Hermes, the rarest material used isn’t any crocodile skin, but the leather from pure, wild crocodiles. As wild crocodiles are incredibly difficult to catch, their skins are extremely rare, unlike the bred crocodiles which have a timed production. Therefore, every bag made with wild crocodile skin has an inverted ‘V’.”

The people present nodded their heads after her explanation. Having lived the life of an upper middle class person all their lives, they were well aware of it even though they have never actually seen one in person.

Yoo Yeonhee’s face quickly flushed. She had the urge to leave the venue instantly!

Christen’s words were no different from knives which were stabbing into her heart.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t expect Christen to use her bag to criticize Yoo Yeonhee. Being the owner of the bag, she had no reason to worsen her relations with other celebrities, she was trying her best to do the opposite. However, the loss couldn’t be recovered. All she could do was quietly put her bag back to the carpet.

“This bag actually isn’t mine. My grandmother had used it many years ago before passing it on to me. It’s really old already, Miss Yoo’s looks much nicer than mine,” Lin Ruoxi said with a vague smile.

Lin Ruoxi gave an excellent speech, but everyone was aware that Yoo Yeonhee hadn’t retrieved her face.

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A bag made of the precious wild crocodile leather, although old, it was an antique and valuable collectible. That bag was possibly one of its kind in this world. Its true value was not measured in the hundreds of thousands or millions.

Lin Ruoxi placed such a valuable bag on the ground. Compared to Yoo Yeonhee who had placed hers on the table, it look incredibly ironic.

The comparison between bags was only a short drama of the table. No one was willing to linger in that topic so they moved on.

While the others were talking about other subjects, Yang Chen who had been enjoying the meal all this time had remained silent from the start. Except raising his glass to a few of the guests out of respect, he seemed to be unrelated with everything else.

When they once again talked about Christen, a musician asked out of curiosity, “Miss Christen, is it because of your association with Boss Lin that you decided to take part in the talent show organized by Yu Lei International?”

Actually, everyone had assumed it to be the answer to the question. Otherwise an incredibly busy superstar like Christen wouldn’t have the time to be a judge of a new show in China. The only person who could possibly invite her over must be the beautiful, low-profile CEO.

However, Christen shook her head. Smiling, she said, “This is just my second time seeing Boss Lin. I only came for this event because Director Yang is my old friend. Am I right, my dear Yang?”

Yang Chen gave her a dissatisfied glance. Can’t she just say yes? Why do I have to be involved? he thought. “That’s right. We knew each other in America, but we weren’t very close.”

This time, no one believed Yang Chen’s words. Not close? Why else would she help you then?

The people present started to look at Yang Chen with admiration once again. No one had expected the average-looking man to be the key character as all he did was eat and drink.

At this moment, Lin Ruoxi frowned and took a piece of wet tissue before stretching her arm to Yang Chen’s mouth and wiping the oil around his lips.

“You’re no different from a kid. Can’t you eat properly for once? Like an adult would.” Lin Ruoxi complained.

Yang Chen was first stunned, but he soon said using a voice that only Lin Ruoxi could hear, “Your movements are surprisingly well practiced. I haven’t seen you do it before.”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him and stepped Yang Chen’s foot violently under the table.

Yang Chen acted like he was suffering from the pain, but it was because he was sure that women all hoped to see such an expression when they did that to a man.

The people around had naturally noticed their intimacy, but no one dared to ask despite their curiosity.

Yang Chen was all the more surprised. He didn’t expect Lin Ruoxi to behave so affectionately in public. It was a day-and-night difference when he compared it to their relationship back then.

When he thought about it, the only reason was, deep down in Lin Ruoxi’s heart, she had long recognized Yang Chen as her husband. At the same time, her man was more important than her position in the company or even the way people viewed them as a couple.

Yang Chen felt it rather sweet, but Lin Ruoxi who was beside him looked unaware. Perhaps, to her, all of these were nothing special. She had never cared a day in her life how she looked to the rest of the world.

The guests gradually left the venue, while the ones from Yang Chen’s table were naturally the last to leave. When Yang Chen felt it was time to leave as well, he stood up and took his suit from the chair before giving Lin Ruoxi a signal.

“I’ll ride home with you. We’ll let Zhao Teng and Wang Jie take care of the extra-long Lincoln,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t object his suggestion. She had stopped avoiding interactions with Yang Chen in public but even she herself didn’t know why.

Christen naturally had a bunch of security to escort her, so Yang Chen didn’t have to worry about her.

After shaking hands and bidding farewell with the producers, Yang Chen wanted to leave, but a shiny little object fell from his suit pocket.

Yang Chen slapped his forehead. It was the platinum crescent pendant given by Zhenxiu. Although he didn’t wear it on his neck, he still kept it in his shirt pocket. Until now, it had fallen out twice already.

He bent down and picked up the ornament. Yang Chen wanted to put it back into his pocket, but Yoo Yeonhee who was also about to leave called out in surprise.

“This is…”

Yoo Yeonhee looked like she had witnessed something terrifying. She couldn’t tear her gaze away from the crescent pendant in Yang Chen’s hand. She quickly walked over to Yang Chen and asked nervously, “Director Yang, can you let me have a look at this pendant?”

Yang Chen thought gloomily, Wasn’t this woman pretending I didn’t exist? And didn’t she leave without saying goodbye? Why is she back again, is my pendant really that special?

“This is a souvenir given by someone really important to me. I don’t plan to show it to others.” Yang Chen naturally didn’t want to obey her.

Yoo Yeonhee finally noticed she had acted inappropriately. She couldn’t help but bite her lip in anger while her face flushed red as she suppressed her anger.

“Since that’s the case… Goodbye.” Yoo Yeonhee gave her a furious glance before looking at Lin Ruoxi with a complicated gaze. She then left with her assistant.

After Yoo Yeonhee left, Lin Ruoxi sighed slightly. She approached Yang Chen and said, “It’s not a big deal. Do you have to be this stubborn?”

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulder. He whispered to Lin Ruoxi, “Would I still be your husband if I’m not stubborn?”

Lin Ruoxi was too lazy to retort, so she turned around and left.

Yang Chen giggled before immediately following behind.

However, the two weren’t aware that the first thing Yoo Yeonhee did was go to the toilet and dialed a number with her phone.

Not long after, the hoarse voice of a mature man spoke in Korean, “My daughter Yeonhee, aren’t you busy with your concert in China? Why do you have time to call Father?”

Yoo Yeonhee was still agitated. She tried her best to lower her voice. “Dad, I… I seemed to have… seen the crescent…”

The man instantly became silent. All Yoo Yeonhee could hear was her own heartbeat…

After a long while, the man said, “Tell Dad in detail and Dad will take care of it…”