Chapter 8/8

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After analysing the situation, not only was Tang Wan not able to relax, she felt even more worried instead.

What was the use of realizing the real motive of the culprit if there was nothing she could do to effectively stop the situation from worsening.

As long as Master Tang didn’t recover, it meant the clan was left without a master. Tang Huang had even dared to provoke Tang Wan in Zhonghai, let alone the pile of mess he left behind in Beijing. Their minds weren’t on the same page, causing the direction of the clan to go downwards.

When Yang Chen left Tang Wan’s home, he had originally wanted to cheer up this pitiful woman. However, no matter how hard he thought about it, there was nothing he could say; all he could do was give her a hand. He believed that Tang Wan didn’t hope to be seen as weak, so he chose to keep quiet.

It was dinnertime when Yang Chen reached home. He realized that he had been busy all day removing listening devices. He couldn’t help but mock himself.

When the meal was ready, Yang Chen noticed that Lin Ruoxi wasn’t at home where she would be in the past. Wang Ma seemed to have expected Yang Chen’s question. Smiling, she said, “Miss is going to Miss Christen’s place tonight. She said she wanted to have a discussion with her, so there’s no need to wait for her to return.”

Yang Chen initially thought that Lin Ruoxi was still working at her office. He was stunned into silence when he heard that she went to look for that crazy woman. Is she going to spill everything out of her mouth again? he thought. The more Yang Chen thought about it, the more Yang Chen felt that was very likely the case. However, he couldn’t just stop Lin Ruoxi from meeting Christen. All he could do was sit and wait in anguish while secretly hoping that Christen wouldn’t stir up any trouble.

Guo Xuehua noticed Yang Chen’s look. She couldn’t help but ask, “Son, why do you look so discouraged when Lin Ruoxi went to look for Christen. Is it very surprising?”

Yang Chen barely raised his hand to signal that he was fine. “I’m a little surprised indeed. Ruoxi seldomly chats with strangers after all.”

“Why do you think she’s chatting instead of talking about work?” Guo Xuehua asked.

Yang Chen was stunned a little. He then thought that it was very possible that it could have been for work instead. He might really have overthinked.

After dinner, Yang Chen watched television with his mother and Wang Ma for a while before going to his room. It should be around noon in Europe now. So, he turned on his computer and logged into the video-call software which he often used.
After a short while, the red-haired Sauron appeared on the screen. Dressed in a black suit, the big guy solemnly saluted Yang Chen.

“Your Majesty Pluto, is there anything you require from us?” Sauron asked.

Yang Chen looked at Sauron’s attire and smiled. “I seem to recall you having a hatred for western suits. Why are you suddenly dressed so formally?”

Warmth filled Sauron’s eyes while a smile surfaced on his face. “I didn’t know Your Majesty still remembers that.”

“You’re my friend, and to be honest one of the very few that I have. I naturally will remember my friends’ habits,” Yang Chen said naturally.

“It’s because my daughter Isabella is having her wedding today,” Sauron said with a smile.

Yang Chen was surprised. He then laughed and said, “Isabella? The wild little cat? Who’s the groom then?”

Sauron looked displeased upon hearing the term ‘groom’. He snorted disdainfully before saying, “Unfortunately, the damn fellow is Makedon’s grandson.”

Yang Chen finally burst into laughter like a maniac while slamming his bedsheet. “Are you referring to Brewster, the one with a bucket-like figure?”

“Yeah, but I like to call that brat Wild Pig more,” Sauron said as he pouted.

Yang Chen found it heart-warming. Both Sauron and Makedon were his close partners, so Yang Chen was familiar with their families. Compared to the two, their families treated Yang Chen with less respect but with more intimacy, just like his own family.

Isabella and Brewster were both considered his juniors. Although they were around the same age as Yang Chen, he couldn’t help but feel contented when he was informed of their marriage.

“I’ll ask Ron to deliver a gift on my behalf,” Yang Chen said straightforwardly. “Sauron, you and Makedon have disappointed me so. Why didn’t you guys inform me about something so important? Am I not considered a relative of the two?”

Sauron felt moved and said, “Of course not. Your Majesty Pluto, if it wasn’t for you, my family and I would’ve been killed by the damn British military. It was you who had given me permission to live to this date, and allowed our family to live peacefully. You’re our most respected relative. Makedon and I didn’t tell you about it because we didn’t want you to travel all the way to Europe again. You should know that there will be major power shifts if you should so choose to return after only a year, which will only bring you trouble. We don’t hope to disrupt your life.”

“You don’t need to consider these problems actually.” Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “I’m going to Paris next month to attend a fashion week. Even if you and Makedon are concerned about me, I still have to visit Europe soon.”

Sauron instantly widened his eyes in shock. He was surprised that Yang Chen was going to attend such an event.

Yang Chen stopped mentioning about that and talked about the main subject. “Sauron, I actually need your help today to check something. It isn’t urgent of course. You may enjoy your daughter’s wedding first.”

“Your Majesty, please let me know what I should do.” Sauron recovered his strictness.

“I need you to check the American-made listening device MLK 760. See what sales channels it has had before, especially China. Please help me check if it has entered the black market at anytime,” Yang Chen said

Sauron frowned. “Your Majesty, I believe I have the answer to your question.”

“Oh?” Yang Chen frowned slightly.

“So this is what happened. We actually tried to purchase the MLK 760 from the FBI through a special channel, but failed. That’s because the model has been completely controlled by the military. If China wants to access something like that, the only way that it would even be remotely possible is if they formed a contract with the military,” Sauron said seriously.

Contemplation filled Yang Chen’s eyes. He nodded and revealed a smile. “Alright, that’s all I want to ask. You should attend Isabella’s wedding now. May you live in happiness.”

Sauron wasn’t the talkative type. After bidding farewell to Yang Chen, he exit the video call.

Yang Chen pondered for a while before calling another video address. He waited for more than five minutes before getting a response.

When the call got connected, a blonde lady dressed in a white royal lace dress appeared on his screen. The woman’s front and rear gave her a perfect figure. One’s blood vessels would dilate upon seeing her curves. She was none other than Jane.

Jane appeared particularly pleased to be contacted by Yang Chen. Excitement overflowed on her flawless face. She had her blonde and slightly curly hair combed behind her head, causing her to exude the elegant aura of a princess.

There was a sumptuous bed behind Jane. Bright light filled the room around her. This was, obviously, her room.

“My dear Yang Chen, what happened that has made you grace me with your call? I would’ve missed it if I didn’t come to my room to take my lovely hairpin,” Jane said with a smile.

Yang Chen admired her look for a while before saying, “If you’re dressed this way, you’ll attract all the attention from the bride Isabella.”

“Oh, you know?” Jane asked in surprise. “I thought Sauron and Makedon planned to hide it from you. Did your housekeeper Ron tell you about it?”

“I just found out just now, but it isn’t the point. I need your help for some other stuff,” Yang Chen said.

Jane pouted. “I knew you’d only find me when you need help. How boring. Alright, tell me what you want and I’ll go back to being the bridesmaid.”

Yang Chen let out a helpless smile. He then explained the illness Master Tang had and the series of events including how Professor Andre was killed.

“When it comes to the research of mental illnesses, I believe no one is better than you in the world. After all, you have managed to control the madness within me… So I think letting you treat Master Tang is the best and only choice. Of course, I know that you’re really busy dealing with your students and various research conferences. I don’t expect you to come over immediately. But if you’re unwilling to take up this task, you may send someone over whom you think is capable enough. I won’t mind,” Yang Chen said.

Jane looked a little saddened at the newsl. “Oh, Andre is dead… He was a good learner, albeit a little greedy. Don’t worry, Yang Chen. I’ll come over personally. I’ve finally got a chance to see you in China, why give it to someone else?”

Yang Chen smiled awkwardly. “I’m talking about something serious.”

“And so am I.” Jane winked with a smile. “I’ll purchase a flight ticket to China after attending Isabella’s wedding. You’ll have to pick me up at that time.”

“No problem. But after something so terrible happened to Andre, your safety is of utmost importance. I don’t wish for you to be harmed helping my friend,” Yang Chen said seriously.

“Won’t you be there as well? You’ll definitely protect me. Just like a few years ago when we met for the first time. Didn’t you guard me and my mother properly as well?” Jane asked as she felt nostalgic.

Yang Chen opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but decided to keep it to himself at last. Smiling, he said, “It’s impossible for me to be by your side at all times.”

Jane chuckled. “Don’t worry about it. I have my ways, as do you. Don’t you trust me? I’m one of the smartest women in the world.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Yang Chen agreed and nodded. “You’re closely related to The Johns Hopkins University as well, aren’t you? Tell them not to make a big fuss about Andre’s death and stop them from filing a lawsuit. We’ll provide them with a satisfactory explanation in due time.”

Jane nodded. “I understand. Don’t worry, they have a lot of important partnerships with me. They won’t dare to disobey me.”

Yang Chen felt that there was nothing else he needed to be involved in after listening to her answer. In fact, he was just delivering the message along the way. He wasn’t willing to sit there and be a part of the whole journey.

The effort of helping Tang Wan wasn’t worth mentioning to Tang Wan. However, to outsiders, this series of actions was an incredibly tough task.

After bidding farewell to Jane, Yang Chen shut down his computer, and felt silence in his dark room. He then had an idea in mind which made him slap his own forehead. He felt that he was becoming more and more stupid as time went by. Why would he pitifully lie in his own room when two of his women lived next door! Was it really difficult for him to leap over a wall?

As he thought, a naughty smile surfaced at the corners of Yang Chen’s lips. He turned his head to look at the balcony...