Chapter 3/8

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The night of debauchery didn't make Yang Chen forget about the work he had due the next day. It wasn't just a normal work day, but instead the day when Hui Lin would be participating in the selection match of the top three of Star of Yu Lei.

Nowadays, Yu Lei's reputation had grown considerably. After all, the country in which it operated in had a population that made up a quarter if the world’s total population. People loved to talk, especially during their meals, and Star of Yu Lei had been making the front page news in recent times. Lin Ruoxi even spent a large amount of money to set up their very own corner in lots of fashion magazines.

In some sense, it was her way of caring for her little sister. After all, even though Lin Ruoxi supported Hui Lin's choice of becoming a star, she still didn’t want any negative publicity to reach Hui Lin’s ears. Money was still the answer in the confusing and convoluted entertainment world.

Having such a personage watching the show coupled with her own beauty and stunning voice, Hui Lin had earned the attention of many and didn't seem to be one to go down easily.

It was only Yang Chen's second time at the studio. Back then, he had come with An Xin and only had time to take a rough look around the place. But now, he was at the backstage with some of the producers and staff from the TV station, watching the rehearsals patiently. He intended to stay all the way until the show ended.

Even though the ones in charge in the TV station weren't familiar with Yang Chen, they were soon notified that he was one of the top executives in Yu Lei from Zhao Teng's introduction. To those normal staffers, Yu Lei International was not unlike a mothership in which they placed all their hopes and dreams in. Those billions of yuan in investments were no joke. So, they held Yang Chen in a position that rivaled a deity and made sure that he had everything he needed to feel at home.

When the performance started, Yang Chen sat quietly in his VIP booth with nobody else but Zhao Teng and Wang Jie. Not a single one of them said a word.

After the show host finished the introductions, the ten remaining Star of Yu Lei contestants were sent on stage. The judges for this elimination match was Yoo Yeonhee and two other famous musicians.

"Is Miss Yoo going to be the judge for the final match too?" asked Yang Chen to Wang Jie, seemingly having thought of something.

Wang Jie was rather surprised. Since she had tagged along by Yang Chen's side for quite some time, she more or less understood what he intended. With a smile, she said, "She won't be. We don't need that woman with Miss Christen here."

Yang Chen was quite satisfied with this answer. Actually, he believed that Yoo Yeonhee would've long been dismissed from the panel if he had his way with things.

All of a sudden, the entrance of his booth was pushed open. Yang Chen was shocked because the one who came in wasn't someone from the station, but rather Lin Ruoxi, who was dressed in a white-lace dress.

It was a rare thing, seeing her out of her usual work attire. Her casual attire made her seem like she was going to take a walk by the spanish-coast-like beaches of Zhonghai. A waft of soothing jasmine fragrance filled the room announcing her entrance.

Wang Jie and Zhao Teng nervously stood up and greeted her. "Good day, President!" After that, they gave each other a look before leaving the booth sensibly.

Lin Ruoxi merely gave a curt nod and waited for the two of them to leave before slowly walking to Yang Chen's side. She pulled a rattan chair towards her, placed her bag on the rug and arranged her hair before she sat down.

Yang Chen looked at her elegant movements and felt the tingling sensation grow stronger by the minute. He really wondered whether his wife was secretly cultivating to be an immortal. At this point, he would even be surprised if she suddenly ascended to become a fairy

"I didn't think someone as busy as you would find the time to attend," said Yang Chen with a smile. He actually wanted to ask what she talked to the crazy woman, Christen, about, but he later thought against it. If Lin Ruoxi wanted to talk about it, she would. If she didn't, she would just respond to him coldly leading him nowhere.

Lin Ruoxi gave him a look without saying a single word. But the meaning behind her gaze was clear: 'Since even you are here, I have to be here as well.'

Yang Chen shrugged. The two of them actually understood each other quite well. He instantly understood what she was trying to convey and said nothing more, save for a bitter chuckle.

The performance soon began on stage. The ten female contestants sang competently and looked brilliant. The tension they had with one another was also quite pronounced. Even the so-called 'besties' didn't hold anything back when it came to the competition.

Everyone was aware that Christen would be the judge for the finals, which would make the ratings for that episode shoot through the roof. Becoming one of the top three meant rising to an unimaginable amount of fame in an instant. Had it not been for the fact that already established singers couldn't participate in the match, there wouldn't be a chance for fledgling stars like them.

When Hui Lin got on stage, the audience got even more worked up. It was quite apparent that the support Hui Lin got was far beyond anyone’s expectation.

When Hui Lin and another contestant were being rated, only Yoo Yeonhee gave the other contestant a high score.

Lin Ruoxi furrowed her brow slightly at the sight of that. She was obviously not satisfied with Yoo Yeonhee's actions.

"It seems that the woman has something against us. Even though she knows that Hui Lin will enter the final round, she's still pulling stunts like this one. She knows that we're watching from here, so she wants to displease us," said Yang Chen.

Lin Ruoxi nodded, agreeing for once with what Yang Chen said.

Yang Chen merely yawned. To be honest, he wasn't really interested in shows such as these. Had it not been for his promise to Hui Lin that he would be there to watch, he wouldn't have been willing to come.

When Yang Chen was about to say something else to Lin Ruoxi to stave off his boredom and use the chance to improve their relationship, a rather uncomfortable atmosphere could be felt from outside the booth.

Yang Chen creased as he turned back to see the door of the booth being pushed open.

Lin Ruoxi noticed that Yang Chen wasn’t looking quite right and faced in the direction he was looking. When she saw the person there, even she was surprised. There was a look of slight panic in her eyes.

The one who came was clad in a low-collared, purple sheepskin shirt and a pair of tight-fitting jeans. He seemed to be dressed really energetically. Coupled with his manly face, he would no doubt make many a girl turn their heads. "Apologies. I seem to have interrupted the quality time you two were spending. Long time no see, Brother, Sister-in-law."

Yang Lie wore an insidious smile with a hint of darkness in his eyes that seemed like and endless well of ink.

Yang Chen knew that at some point in his life, he would once again be reunited with this man. However, he didn't think that their reunion would be that soon.

Back then, he only knew that Yu Jizi brought Yang Lie back to Kunlun to recover. Now, it seemed that he had healed up. It almost seemed like he had relied on some kind of precious medicine that even raised his power by a level.

Yang Lie's power back then could only compare with the likes of Sky Dragon in the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. But now, it seemed like he could be considered among the strongest agents in the world.

Naturally, that level of ability was still far from the Xiantian realm.

When he heard Yang Lie call him 'brother' and Lin Ruoxi 'sister-in-law', he didn't feel anything. Lin Ruoxi on the other hand blushed slightly. Even though she was aware that Yang Chen's relationship with him wasn't that good, she was technically still his sister-in-law.

However, Lin Ruoxi soon realized that Yang Chen didn't look too pleasant."

"It wasn't that long. At least, I felt it was rather short," said Yang Chen calmly.

Yang Lie shrugged and snickered. "Is that so? Naturally, you don't think that it has been that long because you're all standing. I, on the other hand, felt like dying when I was still bedridden."

"If you're here to talk about what happened, then I suggest you make your leave now." Yang Chen didn't really want to butt in those matters. Yang Lie's appearance had disrupted his pleasant state of mind.

Even though his training in the martial realm kept on rising, his mental training was only at the level of a young man in his twenties.

"I'm here to see the woman I love. You don't have to avoid me like this, you know," mocked Yang Lie.

Yang Chen stomped and squinted. "Don't even think about using Hui Lin to get stronger. If I find out that you did anything to her... I'll see to it that you be sent back to your bed. I can just as easily do that as I can let you rise up from your bed again."

"Are you threatening me?" said Yang Lie solemnly, no longer smiling.

"I'm only telling you the truth," said Yang Chen, before he turned to leave the room.

Yang Chen had a hunch that Yang Lie's appearance in Zhonghai wasn't just because he wanted to see Hui Lin. When he thought about the election, a troubling thought entered his mind. Seeing Yang Chen leave, Lin Ruoxi also stood up. She wanted to face Yang Lie alone and felt quite bothered by how she was somewhat afraid of that man. It was as if she was facing a panther that was crushed beneath a stone that could break free at any time to bite into the innards of any enemy.

"You will definitely regret it. He can't make you happy," said Yang Lie with a laugh all of a sudden.

Lin Ruoxi, who was about to leave the room, stopped. But she didn't turn back.

Yang Lie turned around and teased, "He will... bring you to ruin with him..."

She took a deep breath and felt her heart calm down. Looking back, she smiled nonchalantly and said, "Is that really so? But before I met him, I've already been ruined a number of times. So really, what’s the worst that could happen."

When she finished, Lin Ruoxi left the booth.

Yang Lie heard the sound of the door being shut and touched the round table beside him gently.

Bam! He let out a pained growl and the wooden table was powdered after enduring that rampant force, leaving nothing but a bunch of sawdust on the ground.