Chapter 7/8

The next morning, Yang Chen didn’t head to his office directly. He had made a promise to pick Jane up from the airport yesterday. He felt the need to be sincere so he went there slightly earlier to wait.

Yang Chen arrived at the arrival hall for international flights at the airport and sat alone on a chair, looking around while yawning. Around one and a half hours later, he finally noticed a figure emerging in the crowd.

Dressed in a light brown knitted sweater and a pair of black skin-tight jeans, Jane had a pair of huge sunglasses on, while her amber hair was as eye-catching as the brightest silk.

Even though more than half of her face was covered, it still didn’t stop the passersby from staring at her. However, no one dared to get close to her, as if she was a goddess whom no one was willing to disrespect.

Jane didn’t bring much with her. All she brought was a small, seamlessly woven leather bag by Prada which she carried on her back. That ordinary-looking bag was actually a luxury which the manufacturer was only willing to craft for people with a high social status.

As if they had a connection, upon exiting the passage, Jane directly walked towards the corner where Yang Chen was waiting without hesitation.

Smiling, Yang Chen stood up and said, “Although I am aware of your mental prowess, how are you able to tell where I was seated?”

“It’s simple. I just had to analyse your living habits to determine the way you choose a place,” Jane said lightheartedly and joyfully.

Yang Chen knew that it was the case. He didn’t have the courage to continue talking about the subject. “Didn’t you bring anyone with you?”

“I did. But that person had arrived before me,” Jane said with a smile.

Yang Chen was a little stunned. He then revealed a helpless smile. “So you went to Japan to find her.”

As he spoke, Yang Chen turned around. Not far from behind, a charming lady with an incredible figure dressed in an office attire walked over.

“Master, Miss Jane, the car is ready.” The lady bowed down a little. Her posture was as elegant as a European housekeeper.

That woman was none other than Hannya who had submitted to Yang Chen. Yang Chen allowed her to stay in Japan to do her own thing. Although he technically owned Yamata Sect, he had given up its domineering name. As it was now no different from a business organization, Yang Chen wasn’t bothered to take charge of it.

However, just because Yang Chen didn’t plan on using these resources didn’t mean Jane wouldn’t.

In Asia, there was no better power than Yamata Sect. Thus, before coming to Zhonghai, Jane went to Japan first to look for Hannya, and let her become her ‘guardian’. It was indeed the most appropriate choice.

The task at hand could procure some rather dangerous situations. Although Jane didn’t feel like she would be at risk because Yang Chen would be accompanying her, she didn’t want to rely on him for protection all the time. Hannya who excelled in operating in the dark appeared much more suitable.

Hannya naturally wouldn’t reject such an opportunity to get closer to Yang Chen. It was clear that although she wanted to please Yang Chen as much as possible, in his eyes, she and Yamata Sect were certainly insignificant things. Compared to Jane, Sauron, Makedon, and Edward, she was a new sprout in the circle whose presence didn’t matter.

Thus, Hannya immediately agreed to follow Jane to China. After Noriko Okawa had been killed, Hannya who was used to serving a master needed a new master. Where most people loved their freedom, she was terrified at the idea of having nothing to and no one to serve.

“A car? Forget about it. You don’t need to prepare anything extra, I’m just bringing you guys to see my friend’s grandfather. We’ll go there with my car,” Yang Chen said.

Hannya held the exact same expression and nodded her head.

Jane was all the more pleased with the arrangement. She didn’t plan on letting Hannya serve her nicely. She just wanted a bodyguard who could protect her in the dark.

Yang Chen came to the parking area with two eye-catching women. After boarding his M3, they headed to Ivy Sanatorium.

Yang Chen had informed Tang Wan in the morning already, so she was there to wait for Jane’s arrival.

In Yang Chen’s car, Jane talked about what had happened during the wedding. After Sauron and Makedon became relatives by marriage, they argued about what the surname of their grandchildren would be. They even started fighting after getting drunk, causing Jane to burst into laughter.

Yang Chen scratched his head in distress. “In my absence, they must’ve fought a lot, haven’t they?”

“They’re never serious when fighting. And they are more or less equivalent to each other when it comes to their fighting abilities, not to mention they have aged significantly. All they do is bluff about how impressive they are,” Jane said before pouting, “How boring.”

“They’re the veterans of British Secret Service and Israel Mossad, but you’re making them sound like troublesome children,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“In your eyes, other than the god-tier people, isn’t everyone else a troublesome child?” joked Jane.

Yang Chen smiled in silence. In his mind, when he recalled Ling Xuzi from the organization called Hongmeng who was able to ignore space methods at will, he held great confusion while anticipating what the future holds for him… Although he had never felt that god-level powers were unparalleled, as some were stronger than the others among the Twelve Olympians, when he first witnessed someone who had truly exceeded the god tier, he had craved to reach that level one day.

However, Yang Chen knew that it wasn’t reachable just by cultivating tirelessly.

One’s ability to reach that level highly depended on fate and understanding. No matter how hard one cultivated, there would be no progress if one failed to comprehend the meaning within.

It would depend on Yang Chen himself to see if he was fated to get hold of that level.

Jane noticed that Yang Chen had fallen into contemplation so she kept quiet. Her intelligence allowed her to know when to speak and ask in addition to when to keep her mouth shut.

Hannya who was seated at the back was silent for the whole journey. However, her mind was filled with questions as well. She found it unbelievable that Yang Chen was just driving an ordinary BMW, and he was talking with Jane in such an approachable manner.

Is it possible that gods are really just people?

After close to an hour, they finally arrived at Ivy Sanatorium. Once the three exited the car, Tang Wan brought a few of her people outside to welcome the visitors inside.

Tang Wan seemed to have paid close attention to how she dressed. She wore a dark green vest with a violet silk shirt on the inside together with a grey skirt. A pair of laced stockings wrapped around her beautiful and firms legs, while her elegant, mature face was sufficient to move any man’s heart.

Jane looked at the gracefully approaching Tang Wan and secretly pinched Yang Chen’s arm. Using the Hebrew language which only Yang Chen could understand, she said, “This isn’t just your friend. She’s obviously your treasure. Even I have the desire to have a taste of her fresh meat.”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. Am I that greedy? he thought. Using Hebrew, he replied, “You may help yourself with her meat. I myself have not even touched one strand of hair from her head.”

“What are you guys muttering about?” Tang Wan asked as she frowned. She then generously offered her hand to Jane with a smile. Using English, she said, “You’re welcome, Miss Jane. I’m Tang Wan, a friend of Yang Chen. I’ve long heard of your numerous miraculous science researches. I’m glad that you can come over to treat my grandfather.”

Jane smiled cheerfully and shook her hand. Using Mandarin, she said, “You don’t need to speak in English. I’m honored to meet you as well. You’re very beautiful, just like my mother. Of course, I’m certainly not referring to your age, but just just expressing my praise honestly.”

Tang Wan was a little surprised for how straightforward Jane was, but she could tell that Jane wasn’t joking about her as she felt that she should have a similar age with Jane’s mother. “I have a daughter as well, but she isn’t nearly as beautiful as Miss Jane.”

Jane opened her mouth slightly in shock. “I find it hard to imagine.”

After speaking, Jane threw Yang Chen a weird gaze. What she wanted to say was obvious—so Yang Chen had changed his taste to mothers and daughters… Yang Chen couldn’t express his resentment so he wasn’t bothered to explain himself.

Regarding Hannya, although Tang Wan was astonished by how extraordinary the assistant looked, she felt that Hannya could just be Jane’s assistant, so all she did was nod with a smile. All she had in her mind was to have Jane take a look at her grandfather’s illness.

The few people followed Tang Wan inside Ivy Sanatorium and came to Master Tang’s courtyard. Seated on a wooden chair, he was currently being fed by two nurses. He didn’t look like he wanted to eat, but was humming an old classic song played on the radio instead.

Tang Wan’s eyes turned slightly red when she witnessed her grandfather’s behavior. But she didn’t allow the tears to exit. Forcing a smile, she said to Jane, “My grandpa has been sick for a few months already. His condition is very volatile and fluctuates very frequently to put it lightly. In the past, it has caused him to act out in aggression to the people surrounding him. Miss Jane has a highly respected identity. If you’re faced with a difficult situation, you mustn’t force yourself, or… our Tang clan will be too sorry to you.”

“Grandpa, what song are you singing? Can you tell me about it?” Jane asked gently after leaning over.

Master Tang didn’t have a reaction at first and was still humming away. He then suddenly raised his head before shouting in astonishment, “Ah! Yellow-haired monster!!! Monster!!! Save me!!! I don’t want to be eaten by a monster!!!”

As he shouted, he jumped off his chair and ran behind it, shrinking his body over there as he didn’t dare to raise his head.

The sudden change in situation shocked the people present. Jane didn’t expect this to happen. She stood back up with her brows furrowed, as if she was pondering over something.

The two nurses immediately went over to the old man, but he appeared extremely afraid. He refused to let go of his hands which were hugging the chair.

Jane shook her head before sighing. Walking outside the courtyard, she said to Tang Wan, “Old Man’s condition is severe. I need to analyse certain details carefully. If necessary, there are also a few tests that I may need to run. May I ask if you have a lab here?”

Tang Wan quickly answered, “There is. The equipment and facilities here are very complete. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Then I’ll start working now. This situation will only be more difficult to deal with as time passes. Please ask someone to lead me to the lab,” Jane said seriously.

Tang Wan was naturally happy about her decision. But she couldn’t be at ease about her grandfather, so she had to send an assistant to follow Jane and Hannya.

Yang Chen bade farewell to Jane as he didn’t plan on following her. He knew that Jane wouldn’t hope to be disturbed when working.

After Jane left, Tang Wan daydreamt for a little while standing. A while later, she raised her head and joked to Yang Chen, “You’re indeed impressive. You have managed to sleep with a genius scientist.”

Yang Chen was expecting her to say something else. He almost fell head-down after listening to what she said. As if he was going to cry, he touched his face and said, “Is that all you guys are able to talk about? You said I slept with her while she accused me of sleeping with you. I haven’t slept with either of you before. You guys shouldn’t wrong an honest man!”

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