Chapter 8/8

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Yang Chen’s explanation was disregarded quickly. Disbelief filled Tang Wan’s face, as if she firmly believed that Yang Chen must’ve done something inappropriate before. “You don’t need to tell me about it. I’m not your wife, so I won’t mind if you and Miss Jane are beyond friends.”

Yang Chen knew that any further clarifications would only make the matter worse, thus he helplessly switched a subject. “Tang Huang, hasn’t looked for your trouble recently, has he? Didn’t he say he was staying in Zhonghai?”

Tang Wan obviously frowned a little upon hearing that name. However, she shook his head and said, “He’s not the kind to stir up unnecessary trouble. Although he has indeed been staying in Zhonghai, he’s just having fun all day in famous clubs and wandering around. But the situation in the clan is worsening each day. If Grandpa doesn’t recover soon, it’s only a matter of time before the clan collapses.”

At this moment, the girl Tang Xin whom Yang Chen had met last time rushed out from a building nearby. She ran towards Tang Wan and panted heavily. “Elder Sister, I heard there was a new doctor for Grandpa. Where is he?’

Tang Wan looked at Tang Xin with dissatisfaction. “Stupid Kid, didn’t I ask you to eat first? Why are you so nervous?”

Tang Xin looked wronged and wanted to say something. She then turned to Yang Chen and asked doubtfully, “Aren’t you the guy who came last time? Are you possibly the doctor?”

“It’s not me. I would’ve checked the old man earlier if I was.” Yang Chen waved his hand. He found this younger sister of Tang Wan rather interesting.

Tang Xin was confused and blinked her huge eyes blurrily.

Tang Wan sighed, “I know that you’re concerned about Grandpa, but you shouldn’t run out in the middle of your meal. The doctor has left for the lab, you’ll meet the person in due time.”

Tang Xin said anxiously, “I’ll go over there now. I’m the most knowledgeable about Grandpa’s conditions.”

After speaking, before Tang Wan could stop her, Tang Xin sped towards the laboratory.

“You really have a devoted younger sister,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Affection filled Tang Wan’s face. “Tang Xin is more than ten years younger than me. If I compare our age, she’s just like my daughter. I like her a lot.”

Yang Chen nodded with a smile in silence. Anyone would feel this content to have such a younger sister.

Although Yang Chen had reached the sanatorium not long ago, he didn’t plan on staying for long. He suddenly thought of something else he had to deal with, so he quickly bade farewell to Tang Wan.

Jane had the protection of Hannya, in addition to her highly intelligent self. It wasn’t so easy for the people who wanted to do harm to the Tang clan to hurt her.

Although Tang Wan was reluctant about Yang Chen’s departure, she wasn’t a clingy little girl. Knowing that he had something to do so he couldn’t stay for lunch, she allowed him to leave.

Yang Chen naturally wasn’t heading to his office. These days, as Star of Yu Lei approached the finals, there was basically nothing which had to be done by him as the director, not to mention the fact that he did not want to be cooped up in an office all day.

Yang Chen was reminded of the group of new recruits for Dragon Group training by the sea of Zhonghai. Although he had passed the tutoring responsibility to Sea Eagles, he still held the chief instructor title. Ignoring the fact that he had taken a hands-off approach, it wouldn’t be nice if he ignored them completely.

After driving for half an hour, Yang Chen came to the training camp.

Cai Yuncheng might’ve informed the checkpoints already. Yang Chen wasn’t interrogated at all when he drove in. He directly drove towards the innermost base with no interruptions.

After he got out of the car, he walked on the cement pathway which was repaired recently to the small buildings in the base.

When he came earlier, there was only some simple lodging built at that place. They had evidently improved the place a lot. More than ten houses of different sizes were now there.

When Yang Chen took a closer look, he noticed that no one was at the training camp, while no one was training by the beach. He couldn’t help but look at the time on his phone. He then realized it was lunch time already.

Expectedly, it only took him a few steps for Molin to notice his movement. Molin could be seen walking out from a relatively larger building. When he noticed it was Yang Chen, he quickly rushed over and bowed to him slightly.

“Your Majesty, I didn’t think you would come at this moment. Sorry for coming late,” Molin said with a smile.

Yang Chen waved his hand. “This is called a spot check. I’m here to evaluate the work you have done with these children.”

“To be honest,” Molin said before waving his hand, “I didn’t fancy this task much in the beginning. But I’ve grown quite attached to it now. Earlier, I found it hard to train my teammates, possibly because they were already skilled. But these new recruits only require the slightest tip to improve significantly, which has given me a sense of achievement as the instructor.”

Yang Chen smiled and said, “Don’t get blinded by the current situation. You’re still aware that these people are just rookies. Your true task isn’t to train them. Raising the power level or yourself and your teammates is the key. Of course, it’s another story if you can make them equally as competent as the ordinary members of Sea Eagles.”

Molin hurriedly shook his head. “Your Majesty Pluto, please don’t joke like that. It isn’t possible within a few months’ time. Their foundation alone has an overly large gap. I don’t think any of them can reach the level of Sea Eagles even if I devote five years of my time to them.”

Yang Chen was aware of this fact as well. He couldn’t help but laugh when Molin shook his head in such a terrified manner.

Molin seemed to have noticed that he had been tricked. He awkwardly scratched his head but couldn’t do anything about it, as Yang Chen was the master of his master.

“Are all the members eating there?” Yang Chen pointed at the building Molin came out from.

Molin answered, “You can say so. But… one of them isn’t.”


Molin hesitated for a while before leaning towards Yang Chen to say softly, “She’s rather special. I heard she’s the daughter of General Cai, so I didn’t restrain her too much. She has trained alone at the practice room when we’re eating every time. I have advised her not to push herself that much as training in this manner won’t yield great returns. But she refuses to listen to me, and there’s no rule that requires all members to eat, not to mention she’s General Cai’s daughter, so I stopped pushing the matter and left her to her own devices.”

Yang Chen immediately realized whom Molin was referring to. Who else would it be except Cai Yan?

It was crazy enough for that woman to join the Dragon Group Recruit camp. But she was even unwilling to eat now? Just because Yang Chen said he couldn’t accept her love back then?! Did she have to torture herself like that?!

Yang Chen got an intense heartache and fury instantly. Frowning, he asked, “Which practice room is she in?”

Molin noticed the change in Yang Chen’s expression. He quickly pointed at a building nearby. “It’s the practice room at the corner. She always trains there during lunchtimes and breaks. No one will disturb her, since she’ll request for a sparring session to anyone who goes there. To be honest, General Cai’s daughter isn’t exactly terrible at what she does. But unfortunately, no matter what amount of effort she puts in, it’s still very difficult for them to get a breakthrough to stand among the best in the world, but she’s considered the top in Dragon Group Recruit.”

Yang Chen felt all the more displeased after listening to Molin. He was well aware of Cai Yan’s ability. It was already a huge miracle that she managed to join this team. Now that she became one of the best, it could be seen just how much effort she had put into training.

Yang Chen dismissed Molin and walked to the practice room alone.

Before he reached there, he heard smacks coming from the room. Yang Chen deduced that it was the sound of raw and unrestrained power.

Yang Chen hesitated outside the door for a bit before pushing it open and looking inside with a complicated gaze.

“Didn’t I say I don’t want to eat?!” Cai Yan yelled upon the door was opened.

Dressed in a white martial arts uniform, Cai Yan had her hair tied up, standing at the center of the practice room hitting wooden poles and punching bags.

Cai Yan’s face was red when looked from the side. Sweat made some of her black hair stick to her face. She was heavily panting, and a blazing fire could be spotted in her eyes, flooded with determination and resolution.

“Who told you that by skipping meals, you will become stronger?” Yang Chen asked.

Cai Yan was dumbstruck when she heard that voice, as if she was struck by lightning. Her body stiffened, causing her to stop all her movements.

After a long time, Cai Yan turned around and stared upon Yang Chen who was slowly approaching. Her body shivered while she failed to speak a word.

Finally, when Yang Chen arrived in front of Cai Yan closely, he stared at her black and reflective eyes. Their gazes were filled with complexity, causing too many unforgettable memories to surface.

Due to intense exercise, Cai Yan’s chest moved up and down. The woman drenched in sweat was just like an exhausted leopardess, looking beautiful yet pitiful.

Finally, Cai Yan couldn’t stand Yang Chen’s stare anymore. She opened her mouth to ask, “Why are you here? You shouldn’t be here, you know?”

Yang Chen remained standing in silence. Before Cai Yan could react, Yang Chen launched an extremely precise suplex on her, heavily slamming her on the ground, causing her to face the ceiling...