Chapter 1/8

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Cai Yan was suddenly slammed for no apparent reason, as if an anvil had fallen and smashed into her chest!

Did he just throw me down?!

It’s all because of Yang Chen that I’m this heavily scarred and injured. I’ve stuffed so much indescribable bitterness in my heart and i’ve been silently avoiding him. Why is he unwilling to let me go?!

Why? Why is it that even after I’ve chosen to back off, he still refuses to let go of me? Why did he throw me down for no reason?! she thought.

The agony, helplessness, terror, reluctance, and resentment which had been restrained within her heart suddenly surged like a gushing river!


Even an utterly exhausted leopardess would stretch her sharpest claws after being provoked!

Cai Yan’s body bounced from the ground like a spring, leaping towards Yang Chen. At a meter away from him, she spun her body to launch a roundhouse kick!

Yang Chen looked like he saw it coming. Calmly, he raised one of his arms to catch the oncoming foot…

Slam! The powerful kick which exerted a force enough to smash a rock into pieces was caught by Yang Chen’s hand like it was a feather floating in the wind.

“Do you still have energy? That’s great…” Yang Chen said with a deep voice expressionlessly. He then pulled his arm which was holding onto Cai Yan’s foot!

Once again, Cai Yan was uncontrollably flipped in the air like a floating catkin, before finally falling on the ground!

Slam! Once again, Cai Yan was thrown onto the ground like a stuffed toy. As if the skeleton in her entire body was burning, the sourness and pain finally made her eyes tear a little.

“You… Come again!”

Unwilling to surrender, Cai Yan got up again. Enduring the exhaustion her body was experiencing, she pounced on Yang Chen once again. This time, she struck an attack using her fist, delivering an uppercut to him!

Yang Chen stood still at the same position. When Cai Yan’s punch almost touched his body, he once again blocked the attack with ease, with one of his hands holding Cai Yan’s tightly clenched fist…

“Do you still not understand? No matter how hard you work, you’re still… too weak.”

As soon as Yang Chen finished speaking, he pulled Cai Yan once again, causing her body to spin behind him before falling on the ground three meters away from where he was standing!

All Cai Yan felt was an unimaginable amount of force which appeared to be tearing her body inside. Soon, she was thrown on the ground before her body rolled for a while and finally stopping…

Crawling on the ground, Cai Yan couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. The burning pain in her body made her fail to cover her misery after the resistance lying within her last line of defense was utterly obliterated.

As if the pain she had experienced recently was lit with fire, Cai Yan lost what remained of her logical rationing. Except for crying out her emotions, she held no other intentions.

Just like a helpless little girl, Cai Yan sobbed in front of Yang Chen for the first time, experiencing a heart-tearing and lung-splitting pain…

Yang Chen stood beside her silently for a long time. At last, he shut his eyes tightly and raised his head before taking a deep breath.

After that, Yang Chen slowly walked towards Cai Yan and squatted down. Ignoring how hard Cai Yan tried to resist, he hugged the withering woman in his arms who had cried so hard…

Cai Yan leaned her head against Yang Chen’s chest. The warmth she received allowed her to calm down a little. Soon the sounds of crying that filled the hall began to soften slowly…

At last, Cai Yan’s sobbing became weeping. Her reddened eyes were watery. Looking like an innocent teenage girl, she refused to have even the slightest movement.

Yang Chen inhaled the scent exclusive to Cai Yan as he involuntarily patted her head and hugged the stubborn woman even tighter.

“Do you think hiding is a good idea? Do you think you can hide forever? Your elder sister was really mad that night. She asked me what I had done to you… If I knew you came to take part in this useless training, I would’ve definitely come over to try and take you back…”

Cai Yan stopped crying. Looking blurry, she raised her head and said, “I just wanted to make myself stronger… Although I know it’s stupid… I feel that if I become stronger one day, y—you’ll start to accept me…”

“Why must you act like a childish and ignorant girl? I’m not someone who requires protection. Why would I want you to become stronger?” Yang Chen asked and blamed her.

Cai Yan bit her lip. “Don’t you know that love has always been childish? Only because of love do women become foolish.”

Only because of love, do women become foolish…

Yang Chen felt that a part of his heart was violently bitten off. The words spoken by the woman who had finished tearing made him fail to remove his intense gaze from her face.

At this moment, words were about as useless as a bird trying to fly with broken wings.

Cai Yan had been staring at Yang Chen for a long time. As if she was heartened by something, or she finally thought something through, she made a firm decision.

Suddenly, Cai Yan got out of Yang Chen’s arms and stretched her long and slender arms to hook Yang Chen’s neck before blocking Yang Chen’s mouth with her delicate and pink lips!

All Yang Chen felt were sweetness, moisture, and saltiness. However, he was filled with more softness and a burning-hot breath, causing a violent flame to explode in the carnal side of his mind!

Cai Yan wasn’t rejected for the first time by Yang Chen. She instantly went crazy like a wild lioness. Pushing Yang Chen on the ground, she pressed onto Yang Chen’s body using hers!

Cai Yan was just like a proud knight. Her firm and alluring legs straddled Yang Chen’s waist. Gazing upon Yang Chen’s confused expression, she revealed a perfect faint smile on her face.

At the same time, Cai Yan reached to the belt of her martial arts uniform and pulled the knot, removing all traces of her robe from her upper body, leaving just a tight-fitting white undergarment.

Due to prolonged and tough training, her body was much stronger than the average girl, causing her figure to look extraordinary. Except the natural beauty of a woman’s curves, she held a wild and immense pride.

Her elegant skin was a little tan. She was what one would describe as a masterpiece of God.

Being starred upon and admired by Yang Chen, Cai Yan bit her lower lip out of embarrassment before removing the final shred of cloth on her body…

The moment the two groups of turbulent waves were revealed in the air, the woman who was crying just a moment ago instantly became the most eye-catching scene, just like a blooming tulip shone upon by sunlight, seeming exceptionally brilliant!

Yang Chen swallowed his saliva audibly. His eyes had turned bloodshot. The unbelievable scene in front of his eyes made him feel that this whole situation was too surreal to be real. All he knew was if he let go of the opportunity to grasp onto the woman, he would truly lose her forever…

He didn’t want that to happen!

“You’ll pay the price for doing this, Woman…”

Yang Chen let go of his restraint, what was left of it anyway. Standing up, he pulled Cai Yan’s body to press against his before he forcefully kissed her lips. He took full advantage of her and invaded her body, while unwilling to miss any trace of sweetness found on Cai Yan’s body.

Cai Yan’s body was much more attractive than he had imagined. Yang Chen’s palms swept across her firm and abundant flesh. As if she was a flawless adult toy, her body heat made Yang Chen lose control of his mind and his actions!

“Mmh… You… go lighter…”

Cai Yan felt that she was almost crushed by that man. Their bodies were so tightly entangled that there was no gap to breathe.

This was the moment she had wished so badly for in the past. It happened so abruptly. It came so suddenly like a storm!

Yang Chen ignored Cai Yan’s subconscious appeal. He ravished through most of her body before the high-spirited dragon horn finally inserted into Cai Yan’s final holy place.

Cai Yan violently shot open her eyes. Before she could analyze the situation, a long stretch of heat inside her body made her lose the chance to think!

Due to years of training, although it was Cai Yan’s first time being owned by a man, she didn’t feel the pain for very long. She merely felt the initial tear for a split second before she was able to enjoy the overflowing excitement brought only the way the man she love could!

Wave after wave, as if she was pushed to the clouds, burning-hot tears dripped from the corners of Cai Yan’s eyes. However, her lips still revealed a satisfied smile.

After more than half an hour, Cai Yan’s firm legs extended straight as she entered the final stretch, feeling as if her soul wanted to escape from her body!

Yang Chen had never imagined he could conduct the activity with a first timer for more than half an hour from start to finish, not to mention the woman had been training intensively prior to this.

He initially thought that Cai Yan would lose balance and faint. However, he realized that she didn’t look the slightest tired after their first connection. On the contrary, she looked energetic and magnificent, filled with charisma like a beaded flower!

Cai Yan displayed an elegant smile on her seductive face. Suddenly, she pushed Yang Chen aside before sitting on his waist proudly…

The two were completely naked and tightly attached together, but Cai Yan didn’t intend to leave him so easily.

Her slender arm with perspiration dragged across Yang Chen’s chest. Cai Yan’s gaze was resolute and persistent, as if she was going to make an announcement…

“Yang Chen, listen properly. I, Cai Yan, want to become your woman. Regardless if you’re Lin Ruoxi’s husband or an internationally wanted criminal, even if you’ve committed the most severe crimes, none of that matters! I don’t care at all!

“Tidying up, enduring, constraining, avoiding my emotions, and everything of that sort! It has and always will be too exhausting! Get the heck away! I can’t do them anymore!

“No matter how many women you have, regardless of where you’re bringing me to, heaven or hell, I don’t care anymore. Just allow me to stay by your side and walk with you till the very end…”

Each of the words spoken acted like nails hammering into Yang Chen’s heart.

Yang Chen was stunned while his gaze was fixed on the woman who was smiling like a blooming flower. His ears were filled with her totally ridiculous love confession. He somehow lost the energy to even open his mouth to say something.

After a long time, Yang Chen sighed. Looking at the woman sitting on him, he smiled weirdly and said, “Since you want to become my woman, can’t you feel that little junior has woken up again? Quickly, start moving your butt.”

Cai Yan was stunned for a while. She soon noticed something before suddenly feeling astonished. She didn’t start moving like what Yang Chen asked her to do, but weakly shut her eyes instead, before heavily collapsing on Yang Chen’s chest…

“Bastard… I… I’m tired…”

As soon as the woman finished murmuring, she entered her dreamland...

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