Chapter 2/8

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In the blink of an eye, the initially energized Cai Yan fell asleep. Yang Chen couldn’t help but smile bitterly. How is this even remotely fair? She fell asleep right after she ignited the fire within me… he thought.

However, he didn’t blame her as she had undergone repeated taxing exercises already.

Yang Chen moved Cai Yan away from his body before covering her with the martial arts uniform. After thinking for a bit, he silently channeled True Qi into her body.

Since he had accepted her love, it was his duty to treat her well after all. Although he didn’t know what specifically he was going to do in the future, he needed to condition her body well for now. Having crazily used up all of her energy, her body must be damaged to a certain degree by now. Fortunately, the True Qi of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture could recover most, if not all of the damage.

The two had stayed in the practice room for quite a while. Molin who was aware of Yang Chen’s presence would naturally check to see if he was doing alright and needed anything.

When Molin witnessed Cai Yan in Yang Chen’s arms in the room, he got a little surprised, but his expression soon turned calm. After signalling he wouldn’t allow anyone to disturb the two, he immediately left the place.

Being aware of Yang Chen’s past, Molin knew that he wouldn’t like to be asked. Furthermore, Molin wasn’t qualified to ask any questions.

Without moving, Yang Chen hugged Cai Yan who was in deep sleep for more than two hours while his mind flashbacked to when he first met her.

Less than a year had passed since they had first met. From the initial various misunderstandings to the gradual entanglement in addition to the words Cai Yan said to him later made Yang Chen feel rather confused.

Unknowingly, the heroic female officer had wormed her way into his heart. It wasn’t known if she was really capable, or it was just Yang Chen who had a really low immunity towards beauties.

No matter what, it was all in the past now. The woman in his arms currently looked extremely pitiful after venting her emotions. Yang Chen didn’t think he was able to reject her anymore, since she had clearly made him feel a major heartache.

Slowly, Cai Yan’s eyelids shivered a little. As if she had taken enough rest, she woke up from her sleep.

Upon opening her eyes, Cai Yan made sure that the person in front was indeed Yang Chen. She blushed a little when she felt herself in his arms, but soon changed to a more comfortable position gently.

“Get up if you’re already awake. Since when has my body become a mattress?” Yang Chen joked.

Cai Yan pouted her lips. “I just really want to make sure that this isn’t a dream. So I’ve decided to lie here for another hour.

Yang Chen didn’t force her up. Her weight wasn’t going to do anything to him anyway. “You won’t torture yourself anymore, will you?”

“What do you mean?” Cai Yan asked.

“You should leave this place. Go back to being a police or something. You don’t belong in a place like this. Since I’ve already accepted you, are you still going to torment yourself? I will not allow my women to practice all day and skip their meals,” Yang Chen said while frowning.

Cai Yan stayed quiet for a while while biting her lip, which made Yang Chen shake his head. “I’m sorry. I can’t promise you that. I’ve decided to take part in all of these since the start. I have my pride. I want to stay here until the training ends.”

Yang Chen frowned. “Why? Haven’t you gone crazy enough here?”

“No, that’s not the case,” Cai Yan said hurriedly. “I’m glad that you’re worried about me. B—but I have chosen my path and intend to see it to the very end. Rest assured, I’ll take care of myself. I just don’t want to give up in the middle. At the very least, I hope to complete this training.”

Yang Chen didn’t speak a word. All he did was stare at Cai Yan for a long time. Seeing that the woman didn’t intend to back off, he sighed before smiling bitterly. “It looks like you can’t leave without finishing the training in Dragon Group Recruit. Alright then. But I’ll say this beforehand, I won’t allow you to really join Dragon Group, even if you pass the test.”

“Yeah, I won’t do that. I’m still waiting for you to talk to my parents about our stuff in Beijing,” Cai Yan said with a sweet smile, without the slightest awkwardness.

Yang Chen was stunned. “What? Our stuff?”

Cai Yan complained, “Even if you don’t plan to marry me, you still have to make it clear to my parents, don’t you? Are you going to allow me to stay single for the rest of my life without reason?”

Cai Yan’s words were filled with resentment at last. But one could tell that she was glad deep down her heart.

Yang Chen scratched the back of his head. He found it sensible as well as he had indeed overestimated the simplicity in everything. No matter how rebellious Cai Yan was, she was an unmarried young lady of a major clan after all. Yang Chen certainly had to meet Cai Yuncheng and his wife one day. He somehow had a new father-in-law and mother-in-law.

“I can’t make it for the time being. I need to visit Paris in April to attend their fashion week. I’ll definitely find time to go Beijing with you once I come back,” Yang Chen said.

“Alright, deal,” Cai Yan said before cheerfully kissing Yang Chen.

The two then remained in silence for a moment while staring at each other. Everything appeared so unreal.

“What do you think would have happened if I had removed all my clothing and ridden on you from the start? I might’ve not been driven to do all this and become your woman from the start,” Cai Yan said out of nowhere.

Yang Chen helplessly rubbed his chin as he listened to the speech which had exposed his personality. He put up a serious act and said, “What are you talking about? Am I that kind of a person? Do you think all men think with their lower bodies? The issue wouldn’t be solved just by doing it once.”

Cai Yan looked like she didn’t believe his words. She smirked as she gazed upon Yang Chen before slowly getting up from Yang Chen’s body.

As if she felt discomfort from her lower body, Cai Yan frowned a little, but soon returned to normal.

“Don’t move around if you feel pain.” Yang Chen felt guilty for forgetting to hold back during her first time.

Cai Yan tidied her martial arts uniform before covering the scenery of her upper body. Annoyed, she said, “I’m not that weak. This pain isn’t a big deal. Also, others will be able to spot the reason if I suddenly take a leave. I don’t want to be seen as a joke.”

Yang Chen smiled awkwardly. There wasn’t much for him to speak. He got up and tidied his clothing as well. He felt strange that he somehow had such an experience with Cai Yan while he initially wanted to check out the training situation. Sure enough, even he felt that his desires were slowly spiralling out of control as time passes.

After the noon break time passed, Cai Yan had a little food before going back to the team for training while Yang Chen asked a question or two about the progress before wandering around. He had done what he came to do after all, show his face.

Evening could not have come sooner. Before Yang Chen left the training base, he wondered if he wanted to inform Molin to take good care of Cai Yan. However, it would be bad if Cai Yan noticed his intentions, thus he decided not to do it.

When he wanted to drive home, his phone rang. Yang Chen took a look at it and noticed it was a call from Wang Ma.

“Wang Ma, I’m coming home now. I’ll be having dinner at home today.” Yang Chen assumed that Wang Ma was going to ask him a question of that sort.

However, Wang Ma said, “Young Master, I didn’t call about that. There’s something going on at home now. I’m wondering if you can come home earlier.”

“What happened?” Yang Chen frowned. Is someone looking for trouble again? Rose stays right beside the house. Her people would’ve prevented that from taking place, wouldn’t they? he thought.

“A rather righteous looking young man came. He said he was Zhenxiu’s relative. But, but… you know how Zhenxiu usually is about stuff like this. While she’s usually quite obedient, cases like this one may make her lose control… I really don’t know what to do…”

Zhenxiu’s relative?!

Yang Chen immediately felt doubtful. Zhenxiu mentioned that her mother had passed away while her father had abandoned the two of them since she was young. Was he possibly the father who had run away? Why would he suddenly pop up at this moment? “Wang Ma, I’ll be there soon. Don’t let the kid Zhenxiu do anything foolish,” Yang Chen said hurriedly.

“Sigh. That young man is waiting outside with a bunch of people. Zhenxiu is crying now. I really don’t know what to do…”

Yang Chen frowned and hung up on the call before immediately driving home.

It only took him close to twenty minutes to reach home.

Upon getting out of the car, Yang Chen saw that three black Mercedes-Benz S600 were parked outside his home. There stood at least six bodyguards dressed in black, guarding the place expressionlessly.

The gate was open. Someone had obviously gotten inside.

When Yang Chen wanted to walk in, he was stopped by two of the bodyguards.

“Sir, please prove your identity,” one of them said.

Yang Chen could tell that he was speaking Korean. When he took a closer look, he found out that the bunch of people were indeed Koreans.

Yang Chen let out a relaxed smile. Using Korean, he spoke, “I’m the owner of this house. Can’t I go back to my own place?”

The bodyguards were evidently shocked as Yang Chen had an accurate accent, causing them to doubt Yang Chen’s words even more.

“Give way quickly. Let that man inside,” a deep charismatic voice resounded from the courtyard. He was speaking in Korean as well.

The bodyguards immediately stood aside and made a gesture to Yang Chen to invite him inside.

Yang Chen felt a little gloomy. He felt like a guest in his own home.

Walking into the courtyard, Yang Chen was welcomed by a young man dressed in a casual suit, wearing a pair golden-framed spectacles, whose hair was so long that it touched his ears. He held a gentle smile and had a fair skin. Being shone upon by the evening sunlight, he appeared rather peaceful.

A man who seemed like an assistant stood beside him. However, Yang Chen knew that he was no ordinary character. Solely based on the bullet wound on his hand, one could tell that he was some sort of bodyguard.

The young man offered his hand while saying, “You must be Mr Yang. I’m glad to meet you. I’m Park Jonghyun, Xu Zhenxiu’s cousin brother. I had waited forever to see her.”

Park Jonghyun spoke local Chinese. His facial expression was full of sincerity. He appeared to be extremely delighted.

Yang Chen shook his hand. He couldn’t help but think, I didn’t think today would be any special when I woke up this morning. But to my unexpected surprise, not only did I do Cai Yan, I also met Zhenxiu’s cousin who popped out of nowhere!