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After leaving the sanatorium, Yang Chen rushed back to the television station to supervise the backend work for Star of Yu Lei.

The rehearsal had neared its end. Hui Lin and the other two contestants were not present. According to the employees, they were brought out to partake in some promotional activities.

Evidently, though Hui Lin was merely a participant, she had become rather influential. This made Yang Chen feel a little amused at the whole situation. The girl who used to be a nun when Yang Chen first met her was quickly becoming a superstar.

Since Yang Chen wasn’t clear about the backend operations, he merely took a spin around the place. When it was almost evening, he went home without hesitation.

He originally thought that he could peacefully watch the television as he waited for dinner to be served. However, upon reaching home, Yang Chen felt two auras which were very distinct…

Sighing, Yang Chen held a strange gaze. After parking his car, he walked into the house.

He pushed the door open and raised his head to take a look. As he had expected, there sat two guests on the living room sofa.

A blonde lady with an elegant figure looked flawless even from the side. Her delicate and attractive face was currently filled with dissatisfaction and displeasure. Wearing a silver skirt, she crossed her slender legs gracefully. She was none other than Christen.

On the other hand, the person seated opposite Christen was a short-haired, lazy-and-rough-looking, mixed-race Middle Eastern man. He was Ares whom Yang Chen had not met in a long time.

Christen’s appearance was not unexpected. As that woman was talkative, it was normal for her to look for Guo Xuehua to chat. In addition, the finals of Star of Yu Lei were coming really soon. She had nothing to do in China while she waited for the event.

However, hadn’t the God of War Ares returned to the Middle East? Didn’t he proceed to search for the God’s Stone? Why is he sitting on my couch without informing me beforehand? Yang Chen thought.

Yang Chen was more confused when Christen and Ares looked at each other like they were enemies. Although they appeared normal on the outside, their gazes were filled with contempt and fury.

“You’re back,” Christen said without turning her head.

Ares turned his head a little but didn’t say a word.

Yang Chen frowned and walked forward to sit on the couch between the two. He said to Ares, “I don’t remember us having this close a relationship. Why didn’t you tell me before coming to my house?”

“I go wherever I want. You should be honored that I’m sitting on your broken couch. At my house, the sofas were all made of gold and buckskin. I may not have even sat on this if you had invited me over,” Ares said arrogantly.

Yang Chen wasn’t in the mood to compare his wealth with the spendthrift. Sighing, he said, “Did anything happen? Also, why are you two here together?”

“Don’t lump me in with the likes of him!” Christen cursed loudly. “Damn it. This wild pig will never change his shitty attitude no matter how many times he is reborn. Just because I didn’t want to fight him, he crushed my new Ferrari 250 GTO!”

“250 GTO?” Yang Chen was a little confused. “Isn’t that a model from the sixties to seventies? Are you into old cars?”

“Humph,” Ares snorted in disdain. “Isn’t it just a little more than ten million dollars? I’ll just give you twenty million if you’re so upset about it. Women are all the same.”

“You can’t buy it even if you have all the money in the world! That model is out of production already!” Christen yelled in anger. Her superstar like behaviour was nowhere to be found.

At this moment, Guo Xuehua who was busy in the kitchen came out with a pot of hot tea. Smiling faintly, he said, “You’re both Yang Chen’s friends. Why are you guys arguing? Miss Christen, Mr Orenos, this Xinyang Maojian tea is the freshest in the house. Please have a try. I’m going to guess green tea isn’t very common in the Middle East and America.”

Christen behaved herself when Guo Xuehua walked outside. Receiving a cup of tea from her, she gave Ares a furious stare. The color and fragrance of the Xinyang Maojian tea were appealing. Of course, to both Christen and Ares, the green tea which cost a few thousand every hundred grams was just an ordinary but good-looking drink.

Ares received the tea expressionlessly and drank some of it without thanking Guo Xuehua.

“Ah! The water is still boiling-hot,” reminded Guo Xuehua.

Ares had no response. Nodding, he said, “It’s good.”

Guo Xuehua got speechless when she witnessed the scene.  She couldn’t help but wonder why her son had such a weird friend whose tongue and throat seemed to be made of steel.

“You guys may continue. I shouldn’t interrupt. I’ll go back to prepare dinner.” Guo Xuehua felt rather uncomfortable. After hinting Yang Chen to treat the guests well, she returned to the kitchen.

After Guo Xuehua left, Ares looked at Yang Chen weirdly. He found it odd that Yang Chen had a mother whom he lived together with. He then said, “Hades, I failed to find the God’s Stone.”

Yang Chen was stunned a little before smiling. “Did you come just to tell me about this? Do you suspect me for being behind all of these?”

“No,” Ares said in a displeased manner, “Just you alone will not be able to outsmart me.”

“All you do is talk big. How cocky,” Christen murmured and gazed upon Ares with contempt.

Ares stood up violently with his eyes wide open. Pointing at Christen, he yelled angrily, “Aphrodite! Are you picking a fight with mel?!”

“You unreasonable cow, don’t point your fingers at women. I won’t fight you no matter what.” Christen snorted coldly before turning her head away and ignoring him.

The corner of Ares’s mouth twitched a little but he managed to contain his anger. Sitting down again, he said, “I originally came here to fight this despicable woman. But since she’s this timid, it’s meaningless for me to force her into a duel. So since you were here as well, I thought that I might as well have briefed you on my findings. It certainly looks like you failed to find it as well.”

“I didn’t fail.” Yang Chen took a sip of the tea. “I’m not even bothered to search for it.”

Doubt filled Ares’s eyes. “Why? Don’t you know what the God’s Stone represents?!”

“I know. Solving its secrets will grant a power beyond the god tier. One could even… surpass the limits of space,” Yang Chen mumbled.

“Since you’re aware, why do you…”

“Because I want to enjoy my peaceful life.” Yang Chen pointed at Christen. “You’re not the only god. Isn’t Aphrodite unbothered about the God’s Stone as well? I’m a regular employee while she’s an international superstar. Although I don’t know what the others are doing nowadays, they might be enjoying something they love as well. Although I have no clue why you and Athena have to fight so hard for it, I’m certain that most of us don’t care about that thing. Exceeding the god tier or breaking the space limits are fine. As long as the world is in order and the people I care for are unharmed, I actually hope that the God’s Stone can vanish forever.”

Ares snorted coldly. “It’s not that they don’t want to obtain the God’s Stone. No one can resist the temptations it brings. The God’s Stone allows us to break free from our human shells and become gods. Isn’t this astounding enough?! This is significant to us from the god race. It’s only because they know that they can’t defeat Athena and I that they’ve given up.”

“Zeus and Poseidon didn’t participate as well. Do you think you can take them on? You’re talking big again…” Christen murmured.

Ares’s face flushed. Pointing at Christen, he said, “Woman, don’t challenge my limits! You two are straight-up cowards. If you dare, why don’t you fight me?!”

“They’re too lazy to do anything to you. Except yourself, everyone is aware that only Athena can match Zeus, even Poseidon is a little inferior. While for you… everyone’s just too lazy to entertain you,” Christen said before rolling her eyes.

“Nonsense! 500 years ago, Athena only managed to defeat me by relying on her prophecy! That didn’t count for anything”

“Athena didn’t even use her divine weapon. Do you really think she had fought with her best? She just coincidentally wanted to reborn at that time,” mocked Christen.

“Alright, alright. You should stop talking as well,” Yang Chen said to round it up. “I really don’t know where the God’s Stone is. You may continue your search if you want. Don’t stay at my house, oh, don’t throw a tantrum anywhere I can sense. I still need to eat with my family, and my wife and sisters will need to have a home to come to as well. I don’t want you to scare them away. Do whatever you have to.”

Ares had nothing to say. Staring at Christen furiously, his figure flashed and disappeared from the hall without saying anything.

Yang Chen scratched the back of his head. Actually, he had an interest in the topic regarding other gods. However, if he further provoked Ares, he would have taken it out on Zhonghai smashing it to pieces.

“Aren’t you leaving? Why are you smiling like a fox?” Yang Chen asked after turning around.

Christen stretched her body in a lazy manner. Her elegant posture would make every other man go crazy. Letting out a charming smile, she said, “I’m really glad that the cow had almost gone crazy after being pissed.”

“This is nothing worth getting happy about. His temper has always been this way. But you are indeed unfortunate. I remember the last time he went to America to look for you, and now he managed to bump into you in Zhonghai,” Yang Chen said before waving his hand.

Christen pouted her lips. “His nose has always been this sensitive. No one can do anything about it. It’s his fault for being a wild pig. Oh yeah, I haven’t asked you about the end result for your fight with him yet.”

“It was a draw I guess. I don’t know what it was considered since the fight stopped halfway. His spear is really impressive,” Yang Chen said. It was best to keep the true winner to himself.

Christen didn’t give it much thought. “The old Hades’s divine weapon is already lost. It’s rare enough that you managed to get a draw without fighting with a divine weapon. Although he isn’t the strongest, he has the most fighting experience.”

Out of curiosity, Yang Chen asked, “You mentioned that Zeus and Athena are the strongest among the twelve of you, didn’t you?” It was his first time listening to this news.

Christen smiled and said, “It’s ‘us’, not ‘you’. You’re now one of us as well. Although Zeus and Athena have not yet battled officially, the only one who could defeat Zeus is her. Having two divine weapons, she had never lost to anyone in the past. That woman’s intelligence… Actually, her intelligence is her most terrifying weapon.”

Yang Chen nodded. He was merely asking about it casually. He hadn’t even seen either of them before, while he was unaware if they had been awakened or not. Thus, he didn’t take that too seriously.