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Yang Chen returned home after delivering supper. When he entered the living hall, Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma were both sitting on the sofa. Both of them stood up after they saw him.

“How was it? Did Ruoxi say anything?” Guo Xuehua asked anxiously with high expectations.

Looking at his mother’s gentle gaze, Yang Chen knew that she must have hoped that the whole supper delivery stunt may have changed the ‘iceberg’  Ruoxi’s perception of him. If that was the case, the iceberg would be overly weak.

“Nothing much. She just said a thing or two and ate some before continuing her work. She seemed to have her work laid out for her all night,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma looked at each other and saw disappointment in their eyes.

“Sigh, it’s great that she ate something then. Miss has always been torturing her body,” Wang Ma said, “Young Master, you don’t need to feel discouraged actually. Miss will sooner or later realize the good that you are doing for her.”

Yang Chen laughed. “I won’t be discouraged. We’re an old couple already. Why are you talking about that?”

“Old couple?” Guo Xuehua rolled her eyes. “What are you talking about? You’ve been married for less than a year, how is that old?”

“Isn’t this just a casual joke?” Yang Chen winked and headed upstairs. As he walked, he said, “Oh yeah, Ruoxi said she’ll be going to France with me in a few days’ time for a business trip. We may be there for some time. Are you guys sure that you’ll be fine without us here?”

“What? Miss will be travelling with Young Master?” Wang Ma seemed surprised. Elated, she said, “Of course we’ll be fine. Young Master, you may have fun together with Miss. When the old mistress was still here, Miss used to have time to go out. However, she has basically been staying in Zhonghai for the past few years. The most she gets is a year-end vacation. We’ll take care of the house. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Yang Chen nodded. He wanted to give the seniors some hope, although even he thought that it will be impossible to deepen their relationship with a woman like Lin Ruoxi in Paris, the city of romance.

If he had to name a woman who would leave him no options, it would definitely be the one with the closest relationship with him.

The next morning, Yang Chen had a discussion with his two assistants Zhao Teng and Wang Jie. He then planned the operations for Star of Yu Lei during his absence when he was in Paris.

The work was actually rather straightforward. They would continue to develop Hui Lin who was destined to be the champion of the competition to become a singer of the new generation in China. The specific production and promotion work would be handled by the company staff, so Yang Chen didn't have to worry about that. What he worried about most was her safety. Hui Lin had a naive personality after all. It was expected that she'd get into trouble in the immensely complicated entertainment industry. Yang Chen was incredibly worried about both the manager and assistant arranged for her.

Fortunately, Zhao Teng and Wang Jie were really experienced in that field. They knew what Yang Chen was looking for, so he dismissed the meeting without delay.

Knowing that Yang Chen had to leave Zhonghai for quite some time, not to mention he was going to Paris with Lin Ruoxi, An Xin was naturally a little jealous at how things played out. However, to conceal her envy, the playful woman wrote a ‘shopping list’ and passed it to Yang Chen.

“What’s this?” Yang Chen asked after receiving an A4 paper from An Xin. There were many unknown brand written on it, causing Yang Chen to feel confused.

An Xin sat on the office table, revealing the perfect line of her elegant figure. Lazily, she said, “They’re gifts for me. I don’t need all, they are all just suggestions. But I expect at least some.”

Yang Chen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “Why do I smell jealousy in your words? Regardless if it’s the current An clan ranked among the top in Zhonghai or the one back then, being the only daughter of the clan master, you don’t lack stuff like this, do you? You can just tell me whatever you want. I’ll buy them for you now.”

“I don’t want that. I want your sincerity. And you will achieve that by personally bringing back these items for me,” An Xin said as she pouted her lips.

Yang Chen grabbed her arm and pulled lightly, easily getting her to sit on his lap. Hugging the fragrant woman dressed in a uniform, he laughed and said, “Babe An Xin, are you trying to get me into trouble? If I buy these women’s items there and bring them all the way back to Zhonghai, how is it any different from testing Ruoxi’s limits?”

An Xin pouted her mouth and acted like she heard nothing.

Yang Chen shook his head and kissed An Xin on her delicate and fair cheek. “Don’t throw a tantrum anymore. I know that you’re not an unreasonable woman. Ruoxi is actually extremely tolerant already, you need to appreciate the freedom as well. I’m not someone who would simply abandon stuff. I brought you to Zhonghai all the way from Hokkaido. Are you still worried that I will stop caring about you?”

An Xin blinked her large eyes and sighed. She was naturally aware of the situation, but a woman’s mind was always contradictory.

An Xin hugged Yang Chen’s neck tightly and murmured, “Then come back soon. Otherwise I’ll fly to Paris to find you guys if I feel lonely.  I’m very familiar with the place anyway, I used to go there a lot when I was a stewardess.”

“Alright, alright.” Yang Chen helplessly patted the woman’s back to console her.

After work, Yang Chen left the office on time. He had promised Lin Ruoxi to attend Yoo Yeonhee’s concert tonight after all. Lin Ruoxi would definitely not be pleased if he was late.

Yoo Yeonhee’s concert was much more grand than Yang Chen had imagined. Although he wasn’t very willing to admit, it was true that the woman held a formidable charisma. None of her advertisements for her first concert in China was not done in a large scale.

As promised, Yang Chen drove into the parking area of Yu Lei International and came to Lin Ruoxi’s parking slot. When he arrived, Lin Ruoxi and Wu Yue were already there waiting for his arrival.

Lin Ruoxi was standing with an expressionless look. Even when she was heading to a concert and meeting Yoo Yeonhee who had an outstanding appearance, she didn’t put on extra makeup. In the dimly lit parking area, she was just like a flawless jade statue. Compared to Wu Yue who appeared rather impatient, Lin Ruoxi looked out of this world.

As usual, the flat-figured Wu Yue looked displeased when she saw Yang Chen. In the woman's eyes, regardless of what position Yang Chen held in the company, he would always be the bad guy with wicked intentions for the CEO.

"Why are you here so late? Boss Lin's time is more precious than your tiny mind can imagine?" Wu Yue said with contempt.

Yang Chen didn't mind the way she talked. He joked, "Oh, the flat princess is here as well. Why aren't you having a date with your Vice President Li?"

Yang Chen was naturally referring to Li Minghe who was sent over by Jade Clouds Corporation from Hong Kong. He didn't think the observant Lin Ruoxi would fail to notice their intimacy, considering even he was able to tell.

Wu Yue flushed instantly and gazed upon Yang Chen furiously. Turning her head away, she said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Nevermind, it'll be fine as long as I know. Hehe." Yang Chen found the woman's behavior interesting when she was faced with romance.

Lin Ruoxi frowned a little and said, "Wu Yue, you need not attend tonight. Yang Chen and I will do."

Wu Yue was stunned. Surprised, she asked, "Why? Boss Lin, didn't we agree that I would follow you there?"

"I changed my mind," Lin Ruoxi said in a dull manner.

Wu Yue appeared to be full of resentment, but she couldn't say a word when she was shot by Lin Ruoxi's ice-cold gaze. Biting her lip, she said, "Alright."

After Wu Yue left, Yang Chen boarded Lin Ruoxi's Bentley. As he put on the seat belt, he asked, "Why did you suddenly change your mind? Isn’t it a good thing for her to have gone as well? It is considered a form of support by a business at least."

Lin Ruoxi switched on the engine and drove out of the parking area. Softly, she said, "I don't like to listen to her argue with you."

Yang Chen got speechless but was satisfied with the answer.

After more than ten minutes, the car entered the highway. Yang Chen thought that Lin Ruoxi would silently drive to the destination as usual. Unexpectedly, the unpredictable woman said, "Don't call Wu Yue that anymore in the future."

Yang Chen was confused. "Hmm?"

"Wu Yue was my junior in school. She would sometimes imitate me and behave coldly, but she is actually very insecure about her figure. Also, just act that you're unaware of her affair with Vice President Li," Lin Ruoxi said.

Yang Chen was stunned for a moment. He then laughed and said, "I’ve never felt that my Babe Ruoxi was a cold-blooded and merciless woman, but I just realized that your heart is extraordinarily warm. If Wu Yue finds out that you're secretly worried about her, her impression of you being cold will have to be destroyed."

Lin Ruoxi's attractive face turned a little red. She seemed displeased to be indirectly called a ‘cold-blooded and merciless woman’ by Yang Chen.

Yang Chen knew that Lin Ruoxi had truly started seeing him as the person closest to her. Thoughts like that one were always hidden beneath her ice-cold appearance after all. If Yang Chen were to go overboard by teasing her, Lin Ruoxi might really be pissed off.

After around ten minutes, they arrived at Yoo Yeonhee’s concert held in Zhonghai Sports Centre. This place was big enough to contain more than 30 thousand people. Currently, there stood huge crowds outside. Leave it to the overly passionate fans to completely flood the atmosphere with hype.

Lin Ruoxi seemed to have contacted the organizer beforehand. Being led by a bunch of guards dressed in green uniforms, they passed through a special tunnel which headed straight to the workplace behind the venue.

After getting off the car, Yang Chen shook his head. He was a little dizzy after he was shone upon by the fans’ flashes. Surprised, he said, “That woman really has a lot of fans. I really don’t understand why so many people like her.”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. “Since she was nominated by the Grammy Awards together with your friend Christen, her capability is undoubtedly respectable. It’s impossible for her to show her true self to the public, so it won’t affect her too much. Being the director of the entertainment company, why haven’t you done more research on the industry?”

Yang Chen scratched his head and smiled awkwardly. “It’s not like you don’t know that all your husband does at work is play video games. Why would I know anything else?”

Lin Ruoxi felt yet another headache when the man spoke that way without feeling guilty. Luckily, she had long gotten used to his behavior. She then signalled Yang Chen to proceed to the backstage.

Currently, there stood a large number of security guards. If it wasn’t for the identification card she had received before the event, they wouldn’t be allowed to step their foot inside, even if the two came with a luxury car.

In the long pathway, Lin Ruoxi who was walking in front said, “Most of the singers from Group of Five have received strict training on music and dance since young. Many of them have practiced for decades before their debut, so they’re usually superior to the ones from China. It’s rumored that Yoo Yeonhee already has an extraordinary background, while her appearance is outstanding as well, it’s still impossible for her to achieve the superstar status in merely a few years if her abilities don’t match up. So, no matter how much you hate her, it would be in everyone’s best interest that you do not argue with her in public. Whether or not you’re afraid of her doesn’t matter. Her influence is simply too large and can bring us too many troubles.”

Yang Chen knew that Lin Ruoxi was worried that he might have a conflict with Yoo Yeonhee again since she started rambling on. Smiling, he said, “Since my great wife has made it so clear, I dare not behave reckless no matter what.”

Lin Ruoxi secretly sighed. In fact, Lin Ruoxi had brought Yang Chen here in hopes that they would soothe their dispute. Despite knowing the fact that both of them hated each other, she wished for the negative feeling to at least decrease so that they could partner up in the future again.

However, Yang Chen was having another matter in mind at the same time. It was the scene he had witnessed when Yoo Yeonhee argued with Park Jonghyun outside his house.

According to Lin Ruoxi, if Yoo Yeonhee indeed had an extraordinary background, would she be related to Starmoon Group? If that was true, was it possible that Yoo Yeonhee was in some way related to Zhenxiu?

Yang Chen felt that there were many things worth looking into. However, the clues available were too limited, so he didn't know where to start.

As he walked in contemplation, the two soon arrived at Yoo Yeonhee's makeup room.