CHAPTER 500!!!

There were two modified Jeep Wrangler off-road vehicles, both painted in camouflage colors. Other than the drivers, there were two other heavily armed kidnappers on each side of the car dressed in black. One was holding a rocket launcher while the other was holding a gatling gun whose destructive power was a force to be reckoned with. Evidently, they were dead set on wiping Yang Chen and the other occupants of the car from existence.

Yang Chen soon came to a realisation of the situation when he lifted his head. He smiled mischievously as he dialed a number on his phone. Looking at the two Jeep Wranglers which were only a hundred meters away, he raised the rifle in his hands.

The men on the receiving end of Yang Chen’s rifle, had gone through rigorous training. So even though they were the initiators, they didn’t drop their guards despite having an advantage. The jeeps began to move irregularly, with a curved arc movement in order to avoid getting hit by Yang Chen ‘accidentally’. The people who were in charge of attacking had already started to pull the triggers of the weapons.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Smoke appeared and loud noises echoed. The rocket launchers fired small missiles, leaving a burning trail in its path as they flew towards Yang Chen and the Bentley!

Bratatat! A continuous strafe of bullets was fired. It wasn’t known if it was Yang Chen who had fired or the men with gatling guns!

The immense firepower of the gatling guns was significantly stronger than the rifle in Yang Chen’s hand.

Goodman who was in the Bentley cowered in fear. All he could do was cry helplessly. He wanted to get out of the car and escape but was too weak and afraid to do so.

The siblings Stern and Alice were affectionately clinking glasses of red wine as if nothing happening outside.

Lin Ruoxi who was sitting on the passenger seat could clearly see the fierce confrontation from the rear-view mirror. Her heart almost fell out of her body when she witnessed the two missiles coming at the car and Yang Chen. If it wasn’t for her strong mentality, she would’ve fainted like any other ordinary woman.

That damn Yang Chen! Didn’t you tell me not to worry just now? What’s the difference between reporting to me or not?!

In the midst of the open fire, the two men in black with the gatling guns suddenly stopped attacking while both the jeep drivers were lying unconscious in the car. The cars began to lose control as they swerved in seperate directions!

The two men who were responsible for launching the rockets didn’t understand what was going on. They looked down at the same time and found out that their partners were dead, as a result of having their heads being penetrated with bullets while red and white substances flew out from them.

In the meantime, the two rockets that were about to approach Yang Chen and the Bentley suddenly exploded at a distance of twenty to thirty meters from them!

“How is that even possible?” One of the men shockingly murmured to himself in French. He didn’t want to believe that the man who was fighting them alone not that far away from him could kill his opponents with such accuracy. Not to mention he had no idea on how Yang Chen detonated the missiles!

The moment the rockets exploded in midair, two shuttle bullets passed through the blasting flame of the explosion and hit the fuel tank of the two unmanned jeep... Kaboom!

Not giving much time for the remaining two to think, the fuel tank exploded, causing the jeeps to burn like two large fireballs. Everything was incinerated in the fire. Nothing was spared.

The two men who were caught in the flames were screaming in pain while they jumped off the car. However, a flame that was ignited by gasoline wasn’t something that they could bear. The two literal firemen didn’t struggle for long before dying on the river bank.

Upon dealing with the pursuit, Yang Chen said a few words through his phone before hanging up.

After giving in some thoughts, Yang Chen threw the rifle in his hand directly into the Seine which was tens of meters away. The rifle slid across a high parabola before falling into the river.

Yang Chen then went back into the car. He took out a cigarette from his jacket’s pocket leisurely and ignited it with the car cigarette lighter.

He enjoyed a mouthful of cigarette smoke and licked his lips before starting the car engine and leaving.

Goodman who had been sitting in the carriage for quite some time came to a realisation that nothing had happened to him. He lifted his head in wonders and had a look outside. Then, he looked at the siblings Stern and Alice and asked, “Wha—What’s going on?”

Alice gently caressed her brother’s cheek while laughing. “Mr Goodman, you looked just like  a penguin just now. That’s so adorable. Those people have been dealt with by Mr Yang. Haven’t you noticed up until now?”

“Huh?” Goodman widened his mouth as he found it unbelievable. Being stared gazed upon by the siblings in this manner, he realised that his reactions were rather embarrassing. His face turned red but he acted to be calm. “We’re really lucky... It's great that everyone is safe...”

Yang Chen who had been driving for some time realized something unusual in the car. Turning his head, he saw that Lin Ruoxi seated beside him was staring coldly at him in the dark. The facial expression on her slightly pale face made his scalp turn numb.

“Erm... My obedient wife, why are you showing this kind of expression? Have I done something wrong again?” Yang Chen frowned. Didn’t I report to her earlier? Is there anything wrong with what I said?

As expected, Lin Ruoxi did not answer him. She turned away to look outside the window and started doing what she was best at—keeping silence.

Depressed at the turn of events, Yang Chen held the cigarette butt with his left hand while leaning against the window and at the same time holding the steering wheel with his right. Occasionally, he would peek at Lin Ruoxi. Looking at the woman who once again fell into the cold war stalemate, he felt a headache.

We came all the way to Paris but it feels no different from home. She still isn’t talking to me. At least things were a little better at home, with the presence of Wang Ma, Zhen Xiu and the others. However, now that there’s only the two of us and now we’re just staring at each other. Isn’t this torture?

After a while, Yang Chen sighed deeply and smiled as he felt disdain for himself. He had a glance at Lin Ruoxi but she was totally ignoring him. He began talking to himself, “Actually, I know that you must be dissatisfied at me for repeatedly carrying out worrying tasks. To be honest, Ruoxi, although you always think that I always do stuff that doesn’t make sense or dangerous, there’s actually a bottom line in my heart. I won’t hope to see you getting harm in anyway. I’m a very perverted man, how could I be willing to see you getting hurt? Am i not right?”

Lin Ruoxi seemed to have heard nothing. She remained silent as she watched the night view through the window. The car was still moving on a small path in a grove. Nothing could be seen except the trees.

Yang Chen had no choice but to continue talking, “When I reached there in the afternoon, I had a good look at their equipment. Their rifles are the G36 model produced by the German company Heckler & Koch. This type of automatic rifle is currently the leader in terms of specs in the whole world. As for their uniforms, they are probably specially made. It is not the uniform of the official combat suit. That’s to say that this group of people are from a very high-end private terrorist organisation. When it comes to organisations like this one, it’s pretty much a matter of life and death. I’m curious about their final intention. Oh ya, back then when I just rushed out from the warehouse, it’s not that I didn’t want to open the door in a proper way. Just that I found out that the door is equipped with an explosive device. Without password, no matter how hard you try to open the door, it will still detonate. The best way is to use the bullet to detonate the door before using the air flow from the high speed of the car to drive through the flames. The group of people that may be scaring you are consider to be experienced veterans. Although they do not know the origins of the explosive device, they clearly know that it is not a wise decision to rush into the dark warehouse and so they decided to camp outside. After all, there isn’t anything that we could do in the warehouse.

“However, they probably didn’t expect that we will be coming out from the warehouse this way. So, they have to pursue us with cars. Well, now that we are out, we cannot ignore the others that had been caught. Didn’t Stern say that they heard other people being detained when they got kidnapped in the afternoon? I’m guessing that those who are getting kidnapped are the nobles and wealthy that will be participating in the Paris Fashion Week.”

Speaking of that, Yang Chen finally got to see Lin Ruoxi turning her head back to him. Although she was emotionless, at least she was looking at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen grinned. “I made a call when I got off the car. Do you want to guess whom I called?”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head slightly. Although she was still angry, she was curious about what Yang Chen had done.

“The French cops,” Yang Chen said while enjoying his cigarette. He puffed out a mouthful of white smoke outside the window and added on, “There were so many individuals in there, that helping each and everyone of them would take us too long. I told the cops that there are gangsters detaining people in the warehouse by the river and requested them to send help. Although I didn’t tell them my name and the address, the cops will still be coming as they heard the sound of gunshots and explosion earlier on. Anyway, I already finished off all the bad guys, the others will be free from danger. They just have to wait.”

Upon hearing all those words, Lin Ruoxi’s eyes were filled with tension. She couldn’t hold back and asked, “Will the cops find out that it was you who called them? Won’t they investigate the phone number?”

Yang Chen was relieved upon hearing Lin Ruoxi who was speaking up. He giggled and said, “Don’t worry. I used a satellite network phone instead of a mobile number. The cops will not be able to trace it in a short period of time. By the time when they find out, I would most probably already be back in China. Besides, I didn’t do anything bad, I’m just saving lives.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded and then suddenly realised that she had spoken to Yang Chen. She blushed a little as she initially wanted to have a cold war with him to express her dissatisfaction. She hurriedly added on, “Don’t think that everything has gone back to normal despite your explanation. You’re always doing scary things without bothering about the feelings of other people around you.”

Yang Chen replied helplessly, “I definitely am willing to tell you if you ask. However, it was already too late for me to do so in this case. They had started shooting at us already. I couldn’t very well have sat you down and explained it as bullets and missiles went off around us now, could I?”

Lin Ruoxi thought about it and realised that Yang Chen was right. She ended up pouting her mouth and snorting coldly in order to hide her own embarrassment.

Yang Chen realised that his wife’s embarrassing expression was rather adorable. He couldn't resist but gently caress her face when she wasn’t paying attention.