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Lin Ruoxi’s skin was flawless. The texture of her skin was delicate and smooth rivaling that of fine silk, making Yang Chen enjoy the sensation.

Lin Ruoxi blushed instantly upon the sudden contact on her beautiful face. His actions spoke of him teasing a little girl.

“W—what are you doing?!” exclaimed Lin Ruoxi furiously. She was fortunate that no one had witnessed the scene. Being the highly regarded CEO of a multinational corporate, it was extremely inappropriate for her cheek to be caressed like a little girl .

Yang Chen incongruously replied in a perfunctory attitude, “Ah! My obedient Babe Ruoxi, take a look. We are reaching the city soon. The city lights are already visible. Hmmm, do you want to grab a bite? Some fast food like McDonald’s? Wendy’s? Or Burger King? Since we’re abroad, having some western fast food could be part of enjoying the different cultures the world has to offer. Or do you want to have a better western meal in Paris? It’s up to you. Haha!”

Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth. This guy is trying to change the topic again! However, she suddenly recalled a matter and asked. “By the way, how did you know of this place? Have you been here before?”

Yang Chen felt relieved as Lin Ruoxi didn’t pay too much attention on the touch earlier. He explained, “Although the driver drove northeast, his real intention was to confuse us—just in case. As night fell, he changed the direction to southeast and even specifically chose a woodland path in rural areas. It was very carefully planned out. Even if we were unable to communicate with the outside world, they had done a lot to remain undetected.

“Logically speaking, we should be nearby Esbly in the northeast of Paris following the driving route and time. However, this kind of trick can only outsmart ordinary people, not me. I calculated the distance and found out that it should have been Romilly-sur-Seine instead. In addition, back when we were in the warehouse, I detected high humidity in the air. Besides, there was a faint sound of a river. So, I managed to guess that we were near Seine River which is past Romilly. And as for why I know these places, it isn’t that I had visited prior to this, it's just that I memorized the world map.”

Memorized the world map!?

Even Lin Ruoxi who had met various talented people didn’t understand how Yang Chen pulled it off. She looked at Yang Chen in a complicated way and she found it hard to believe that her nominal husband was being ‘picked up’ by her in the market.

Lin Ruoxi turned her head away and looked at the brightly lit urban night scene. Just when the car was about to enter the city, Lin Ruoxi muttered as though she was talking to herself. She asked, “Why is it that the more you explain, the more I don’t understand?”

Yang Chen pouted and enjoyed a mouthful of cigarette smoke before throwing the rest out from the window. He said, “It’s actually very simple. Don’t treat me like a human, just think of me as a monster. Wouldn’t things be easier that way?”

“Stop your nonsense!” Lin Ruoxi raised her voice suddenly and reprimanded him.

Yang Chen was dumbfounded as he didn’t understand why Lin Ruoxi was making such a fuss.

“You...” Lin Ruoxi knew that she overreacted and yet she finished off her words clearly. “You are not a monster! No matter how the others look at you, I will not think of you that way. So you shouldn’t either.”

Looking at the seriousness of the woman with her beautiful glowing eyes, Yang Chen grinned. “Silly.”

“You’re the silly one!” Lin Ruoxi said in a serious manner.

“Right! You’re silly and I’m silly too. We’re the silly couple.” Yang Chen laughed and accelerated the car, entering the city of Romilly.

In the 13th arrondissement of Paris, an ordinary residential area, houses were scattered in the sparse lights.

Most of the houses there had decades worth of history. The exquisite and delicate building structures which were uniquely built portrayed the long-established style of the country.

One of them was a double-storey building with grey walls and a red roof. A family of three was surrounding the oval dining table while enjoying bacons, mashed potatoes, toasts and some other homemade food.

Under the warm and faint light, a boy with yellow, curly hair who was about ten years old put down the spoon in his hand. He lifted his head and looked at the big-sized man who was sitting next to him and said, “Dad, can we go to Disneyland on Sunday? Many of my classmates have already been there.”

“Harry, don’t be absurd. Dad is very busy recently,” whispered the mother while pretending to be angry.

The burly man with whiskers, Harry’s father, reached out his hand to stop his wife from scaring their son. He turned his head to the little boy and revealed a warm smile. “Dad is very busy with work recently. Wait for another month then dad will accompany you to Disneyland for circus performances. Is that alright?”

Harry pouted and said, “But Dad will never be free from work.”

Upon hearing their son’s grievance, the man almost cried out. His wife was rather sad and helpless. She was totally speechless.

At that moment, the man’s cell phone which was placed by the table rang.

The man had a look at the incoming call before frowning his brows and answering the call.

“I’m Fodessa, what’s the matter?”

There was an urgent report from the other end of the phone. “Deputy Director! We received the news from the cops that the group of missing noble and wealthy individuals have been found in a warehouse by the Seine river in Romilly. According to the report,an anonymous witness tipped us off. We have let the cops to seal all sorts of information from being leaked and rescue the important VIPs as quickly as possible. However, there are quite a number of VIPs expressing their anger and their emotions are rather unstable.”

Fodessa remained silent for a while and asked, “Have you identified the origin of the particular kidnappers yet?”

“Yeah. As expected, it is done by Apollo’s Realm of God. The marks of the golden sun totem could be seen from the dead bodies of the kidnappers. However, there is a much deeper background to this organisation. They belonged to an organisation called the Infernal Three Headed Beast. The analysis result shows that they might have submitted to the Realm of God.”

“Three Headed Beast?” Thoughts flashed through Fodessa’s mind. He asked, “Wasn’t the organization on the verge of dissolution?”

“We used to think so too. However, it is obvious now that the elites of the Three Headed Beast whom we had wiped out were fake. The core power of the organization has not been eliminated yet...”

Fodessa held his hand tightly in a fist upon hearing all his words. “Noted. You have to placate all the VIPs to prevent them for making things worse. I’ll be coming soon. By the way, does Director Depney know about it?”

The staff on the other end of the phone hesitated for a while and whispered, “Director Depney as—asked you to figure it out yourself and meet him after you finish dealing it.”

Fodessa paled. He then took a deep breath before hanging up the call.

The woman noticed her husband’s expression. Concerned, she asked, “Dear, what’s wrong?”

Fodessa finally realized that he was still at home. He forced a smile and said, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing much. I will be back real soon. Continue with the meal, I have to go now.”

Fodessa got up and put on his coat. He took a few steps towards the door before coming to a pause in his footsteps.

Fodessa turned back and had a look at his son Harry who was looking at him helplessly. Fodessa flashed him a loving smile and said, “Harry, Dad promises to bring you to Disneyland next month. Dad will bring you to Zhonghai for the cruise during your summer break. Deal?”

“For real?!” The little boy who was about to cry was overjoyed.

Fodessa nodded heavily and gave her wife a smile before turning to the door. At the same time, on the highway from Romilly to Paris called N4, Yang Chen and the others who were on the Bentley had another situation.

In the middle of the carriage, Goodman who was holding a bag of McDonald’s packaged meal, held a dull expression while staring blankly into the air.

The siblings Stern and Alice who were sitting at the opposite of Goodman also got a bag of McDonald’s. Unlike Goodman, they were enjoying their chicken burgers with relish.

It was about ten minutes ago when Yang Chen drove to a McDonald’s at the city edge. He bought a few bags of McDonald’s set meals at the drive-thru. Naturally, everyone in the car got a share of the food.

“Mr Goodman, aren’t you going to eat? In fact, the hamburger is quite delicious,” teased Alice.

After all, the siblings were born from a wealthy family. Eating fast food like these were a treat. It ended up that they were eating with excitement.

Goodman said hatefully, “I really don’t understand what’s on his mind. How can he buy something like this for us? Ruoxi can’t be eating all these low-cost food, how can he serve the two of you with this?”

Stern didn’t even care about Goodman’s words. Finishing the burger in hand, he clicked his tongue and looked at Goodman who hadn’t started eating yet. Without hesitation, he snatched the packet of McDonald’s from his hands.

“Mr Goodman, if you’re not going to eat, might as well just give me your share,” Stern said smilingly and pulled out a hamburger from the packet impolitely.

“That’s right! Let me have the french fries too. McDonald’s fries are pretty good,” Alice added on happily.

Goodman widened his eyes and looked at the unscrupulous siblings. He almost burst into tears. Although he felt that the food was too low-end, he was still a hungry man at the end of the day!

In the meantime, Lun Ruoxi who was being abused in Goodman’s eyes was sitting at the passenger seat while holding the double-layered beef burger with cheese that Yang Chen bought for her, hesitating to open her mouth.

Lin Ruoxi was unable to recall if she had eaten burgers before. Foods like that was a cool western thing in the eyes of the Chinese.They preferred to sit in McDonald’s or KFC to enjoy their meals. However, in foreign countries, the main purpose of a fast food restaurant was to allow quick orders as well as quick consumption. Most of them would only buy when they passed by, without the need to get down from their cars. The food that was bought would be consumed in the car and that was that.

In regard to the price of the food when compared to the social status of Lin Ruoxi, such food would be too low grade for her.

Looking at Lin Ruoxi who wasn’t eating, he asked curiously, “Why aren’t you eating? Your stomach has been grumbling for a while now. Aren’t you hungry?” Yang Chen drove using one hand while he munched on a burger.

Lin Ruoxi bit her lips. I haven’t eaten anything since I got off the plane. Half a day has passed since then, how can I not be hungry? she thought.

“Are you doing this intentionally?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

“What do you mean?”

Lin Ruoxi pointed at the thick beef burger in her hand. “This hamburger is so thick! How am I going to eat it?”

“You just have to open up your mouth and bite it,” Yang Chen said before having another mouthful bite.

“Bu—but...” Lin Ruoxi felt particularly hard to open her mouth when she thought that she had to open her mouth to the maximum accommodate the burger.

Yang Chen said, “Yo, your stomach has been grumbling for some food for the past half a day and you care about your demeanor? Are you looking down at people who like hamburgers? Hmmm, only a boorish person like me will eat food like this. It turns out that my Babe Ruoxi has the princess syndrome.”

“You’re the one with princess syndrome! Don’t treat me like a little kid. It’s just a hamburger, you don’t have to use reverse psychology to trick me. You’re childish!” Lin Ruoxi was irritated by his sarcasm. She gave him a stare before fixing her eyes on the hamburger in hand.

Lin Ruoxi closed her eyes and took a bite with her mouth wide open.

If she was being honest, the beef burger was rather aromatic. Although it was fattening, the fragrance of the burger was tempting. Lin Ruoxi was so hungry that she couldn’t hold back after taking the first bite.

For the first time, Yang Chen saw Lin Ruoxi eat in such a manner—with her two cheeks bulging. The originally beautiful oval face now no different from a bun.

“You should look at yourself eat.” Yang Chen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Finishing the food in his hand, he reached out and scratched his finger on the corner of Lin Ruoxi’s mouth.

Perhaps she was eating too fast that the white sauce remained there.

Lin Ruoxi was filled with embarrassment. She wanted to jump off the car to hide from embarrassment.

However, the next scene made Lin Ruoxi feel a sudden urge to commit suicide. Yang Chen had sucked the sauce off his finger!

Lin Ruoxi suddenly felt shy and shameful, causing her to almost choke.

Yang Chen realized that his actions were overly intimate. However, his face was thick enough that he didn’t felt a single bit of shame. Looking at Lin Ruoxi with her red ears, he smiled evilly and said, “This doesn’t mean anything. It’s not like we’ve never kissed before. If Babe thinks that she has been wronged, I will allow you to wipe the sauce at the corner on my mouth. Are you going to help me scrape the sauce and suck it?”

Lin Ruoxi almost fainted, thinking how shameless he could be. Knowing that it was pointless to speak, she continued to vent her resentment on the hamburger in hand—by taking large bites on it. However, this time, she had her back facing Yang Chen to prevent Yang Chen from touching her face.

Yang Chen stopped making fun of her as he knew that Lin Ruoxi was really hungry. Everything had to have a limit. So, he focused on the highway ahead and drove quickly to the downtown of Paris.

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