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In one of the business suites of Hotel Sofitel, Lin Ruoxi settled in after dismissing her subordinates who had all come to welcome her arrival. On the other hand, Goodman who had just entered his room as well, removed his white suit and tossed it on the bed. As if his bones had scattered, he lay on the comfortable sofa nearby.

There was a small, delicately crafted wooden table beside the sofa in addition to a lamp which had lit half of the room up. The lampshade was free from dust.

Having rested with his eyes shut for less than a minute, Goodman opened his eyes again. Being shone upon by the yellow light, the expressionless man turned his head to the table beside him.

There stood a file holder on top of the table. He opened the seal and took out a few photostated documents from within.

Goodman pinched on one of the papers with both his hands, staring at the content gloomily…

This piece of document was a photostated marriage certificate whose owners’ picture could be seen clearly on the paper…

The woman looked indifferent and cold, emotionless as she stared at the camera. On the contrary, the man grinned and looked rather nervous and funny. It was the group picture of Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen which they had taken when registering their marriage!

“Lin Ruoxi… you take me as a fool, don’t you? Do you think I won’t be able to find out your relationship with the savage just because you refuse to tell me about it? Humph… Haha! So what if he can kill? Who is he to insult me?! A lawyer? I’ll get him one for sure… But you won’t see the smelly mutton skewer seller tomorrow morning that’s for sure…”

Goodman held a terrible expression, with the corner of his mouth twitching a little. His arms which were holding the document were shivering. After he murmured to himself, he lifted his phone and made a call.

“Mr Goodman, it’s afterhours now,” joked a man.

“Lawyer Charmo, my friend has been brought to the police station around ten minutes ago. I need you to help me do something for him,” Goodman said coldly while squinting his eyes.

“I never knew you to be the bearer of good news… But since you need it, I’ll pay the police station a visit. What’s the name of Mr Goodman’s friend? What has he done?”

“He’s Yang Chen, a Chinese man. It is a… murder crime,” replied Goodman.

Charmo remained quiet for a short while. He then smiled and said, “What an unlucky fellow. Don’t worry, this won’t be a problem for me, the best lawyer in Paris, Charmo.”

“I believe you’ve misunderstood my intention,” Goodman said coldly, “I didn’t ask you to bail him out.”

“Oh?” Evidently, Charmo didn’t understand what he meant.

“I need your help not to save him, but to incarcerate him!” Goodman’s eyes were filled with coldness. Smiling, he said, “I believe it’s a piece of cake for Lawyer Charmo to get rid of an ordinary Chinese man with little to no background who has committed murder in Paris. He has been captured by the police after all…”

After a while, Charmo finally answered, “Aye. Mr Goodman, you’re such a special employer, but I like it. Alright, I’ll do it.”

“Remember to leave no traces. I have nothing to do with this matter,” Goodman added.

Charmo laughed like a maniac. “Of course. I haven’t received any calls tonight. I’m now going to seek justice!”

At the same time, in the underground base of the Paris police station, Yang Chen stared at a picture in front with a helpless smile.

On the picture given by Fodessa, it was the symbol of the golden sun totem which Yang Chen had seen before. Moreover, the picture was taken from the dead men dressed in black.

Yang Chen rubbed his forehead. He more or less figured the situation out.

Originally, he thought that the police were in charge of this case, so he didn’t expect to be approached in such a short time. However, the Seventh Bureau had been in charge from the start. Thus, even if he used a satellite phone to call the police, his location could still be tracked. They were able to access technology far beyond the likes of the police after all.

Yang Chen didn’t plan to hide anything. Nodding, he said, “As you know, I’m the one who has called the police.”

Fodessa’s gaze turned gloomy. “Then, the kidnappers’ deaths wouldn’t be unrelated to Mr Yang, would they?”

“That’s right. I was the one who had killed them all,” Yang Chen answered honestly.

Fodessa felt all the more uneasy when the interrogation process went on so smoothly. Since they were in a hurry, they managed to find out certain abnormalities in this Chinese man’s background, but failed to obtain accurate information.

Fodessa tapped the table with his fingers. After a while, he said, “The dead kidnappers in the warehouse used to be members of a terrorist group called Infernal Three Headed Beast. Each of their members has for the lack of a better expression,  been baptised with gunpowder. Surprisingly, not only did they fail to carry out any damage, all of them were hit with great precision despite the barrier of helmets. According to our analysis of the scene, such an incident is simply impossible in the dark. Mr Yang, if you’re being honest, I have to say…

“You’re undoubtedly dangerous.”

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders. “Perhaps that’s the case. But legally speaking, I was merely acting on self defence. I believe Deputy Director wouldn’t put me in jail for no reason or end my life here, would you?”

Fodessa snorted coldly. “Self defence is a right given to civilians. As far as I can tell, Mr Yang isn’t any ordinary resident. I am totally able to suspect a dangerous man like you to be of a terrorist group’s origin. Moreover, your background could cause us more trouble than Infernal Three Headed Beast.”

Yang Chen sighed deeply. He initially wanted to head back to the hotel and sleep after the interrogation, but the situation seemed more troublesome than expected.

“Then what does Deputy Director plan to do?” Yang Chen asked smilingly. “As you said, all of these are merely suspicions. Even a detention has a time limit. Also, after my lawyer arrives, this unproven case won’t be able to force my stay. I advise Deputy Director to let me go. I’ve saved quite a lot of noble guests. Shouldn’t it say that I was helping instead of hurting?”

When Fodessa wanted to counter, Bolton who had been standing aside strictly received a call.

Bolton looked at Fodessa apologetically before picking it up. “What is it? Didn’t I tell you that I was interrogating a suspect?”

“Head Bolton, Lawyer Charmo from the Gordon Law Firm has called us. He said he wanted to provide important information to us regarding the Chinese suspect,” a police reported.

Bolton instantly hung up on the call and informed Fodessa about the situation.

Fodessa sighed and gave a complicated gaze to Yang Chen. “Mr Yang’s lawyer has come quicker than I expected. Since that’s the case, let’s go out then.”

Yang Chen had no objections naturally. He too felt that the lawyer came very early. However, the next second, Yang Chen turned around to look at the alloy gate doubtfully.

Clink! The alloy door was suddenly opened. A few silhouettes then rushed inside the interrogation room!