Chapter 4/9. Sorry for posting late, I've not been getting any sleep because of my cough, for 4 continuous days.

Lin Ruoxi herself couldn’t explain her actions. The energy circulating inside her body had gathered at the instant she saw Yang Chen, with only one intention in mind—she must hug the man tightly! Other than pouncing over to hug the man, her mind couldn’t process anything else. Self-restraint, worry, courage—nothing else mattered in that moment!

Having felt the woman’s arms crossed around his waist forcefully, Yang Chen was stunned for quite a while before slowly regaining awareness. He revealed a small smile and felt an indescribable emotion which had made him feel the long-awaited warmth.

Slowly, Yang Chen held Lin Ruoxi’s back with both his arms. Although she was covered with silk, Yang Chen still managed to feel her smooth and flawless skin.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Chen placed his chin on Lin Ruoxi’s head. Tapping her back with his right arm as if he was comforting a child, he said gently, “Alright, stop crying. I’m back now, am I not?”

Lin Ruoxi had stopped tearing up but was sobbing a little. While her eyes were covered with tears, she felt that she had depleted her energy.

Yang Chen noticed that Lin Ruoxi seemed to be struggling to stand. Feeling a heartache, he bent down and held her legs from behind before carrying her up horizontally.

Lin Ruoxi subconsciously hooked Yang Chen’s neck with her arms. Blushing, she asked out of surprise, “What are you doing?”

“Carrying you to sleep,” Yang Chen answered before walking into the room and closing the door with his foot.

Lin Ruoxi’s heartbeat instantly quickened upon hearing the term ‘sleep’. She was all the more worried when Yang Chen looked like he was expecting something.

Probably because she was abroad, she had felt incredibly insecure as she had no close friends and families there, not to mention she wasn’t close with her employees there. Furthermore, having been kidnapped in addition to experiencing the life-and-death explosion scene, Lin Ruoxi felt that there was only so much more that she could take.

During Yang Chen’s absence, she finally realized just how huge of a difference the man’s presence made.

However, even if that was the case, it didn’t mean that she was required to do anything with Yang Chen!

Although she had long realized man’s importance, through her experience, she too realized his usual worrying behavior.

As Lin Ruoxi was overthinking, Yang Chen had placed her on the large, comfortable bed already.

At this moment, Lin Ruoxi quickly noticed that she was wearing nothing but a thin layer of silk pajamas. Clothing made of such material was see-through to some degree.

Embarrassed, Lin Ruoxi nervously pulled the blanket on the bed to wrap her body, only did she have the courage to raise her head to look at the man standing by the bed.

The elegant woman was wrapped in a rose-color blanket, sitting on a white bed sheet. Her black hair was smooth and slightly reflective. This stunning scene was indeed tempting, especially when the lady was Yang Chen’s own wife. However, all he did was stand, quietly observing Lin Ruoxi’s actions as if he was immersed in a very interesting movie.

“W—why are you looking at me like this?” Lin Ruoxi slowly noticed that she might have had over thought. The man’s eyes were crystal clear. It was clear that he held no dirty intentions towards her.

“I’m wondering if I’m just a guy who would try to trick you to bed all day in your eyes. Although I really want to sleep with you, I’ve never intended to do it by force. I’ve always respected your decisions. Must you raise your guard around me as if i’m a thief?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi bit her lips as she was troubled by the question. If she answered yes, she could hurt his feelings. He wasn’t currently forcing her into doing anything after all. If she answered no, however, she would be contradicting herself as it was true that Yang Chen loved to mess with women outside.

“I don’t need an answer. Although I’m not a very smart man, I’m not considered stupid. I know that you only hugged me by the door just now because you were worried about me. Everyone behaves impulsive sometimes, am I right?” Yang Chen asked and winked.

Lin Ruoxi lowered her head as she dared not look at Yang Chen. Indeed, her long-restrained emotions had burst earlier. She didn’t intend to completely accept Yang Chen.

Lin Ruoxi remained quiet for a while before raising her head to ask, “How did you come out? Were you helped by the lawyer Goodman hired?”

Yang Chen seemed a little confused. “Lawyer? What lawyer? Did Goodman get me one?”

Lin Ruoxi frowned. “So there was no lawyer? Did the police let you go then?”

Yang Chen waved his hand. “I have a close friend in Europe who had helped me speak to the police and got me released. It was a misunderstanding after all. I’m not a criminal.”

“I see…” Lin Ruoxi suddenly recalled that Yang Chen had 100 billion euros in the Union Bank of Switzerland. Why wouldn’t someone like that have connections? The whole time, Yang Chen might have notw taken the police seriously.

“Look at how foolish you appear. Don’t overthink anymore. It’s not my first time getting into a police station. Wasn’t I always arrested in Zhonghai back then?” Yang Chen smiled.

Lin Ruoxi looked at him in dissatisfaction. “You’re the one who’s foolish. But when you mentioned the police station in Zhonghai, I’m starting to miss Yanyan…”

“Cai Yan?” Yang Chen suddenly regretted bringing it up.

“Yeah,” Lin Ruoxi said, worried, “Since Sister Cai Ning came over last time, I haven’t managed to contact Yanyan, not even once. I’m quite worried about her as I have no idea where she is. I don’t have many friends to begin with. I wondering how she’s doing recently.”

Yang Chen rubbed his nose awkwardly. How else can she be? She’s still foolishly training at a seaside. Your husband had even slept with her before. After a while, I even have to report the ‘marriage proposal’ to her family in Beijing! he thought.

Of course, Yang Chen would never confess the truth. He had just proclaimed himself as an innocent guy. He couldn’t afford to be exposed at this moment no matter what. Hence, he acted sincere to comfort her, “Don’t worry. The Cai clan is not an ordinary one, so nothing bad will happen to Cai Yan. Take care of yourself for now, Ruoxi. Aren’t you going to attend the fashion week tomorrow? You should go to bed early.”

Lin Ruoxi didn’t notice anything unusual. Nodding, she said, “Alright, I’ll rest now. Go and find Goodman at the eastmost business suite, he’ll pass you the key to your room.”

“Oh, so I’m not sharing the same room with you,” teased Yang Chen.

Lin Ruoxi was too lazy to entertain him when he became playful again. Indifferent, she asked, “When can you finally change your habit? You were serious just a second ago. Don’t talk nonsense anymore, remember to attend the conference tomorrow morning with me. We came here to work, so you mustn’t slack.”

“Tsk, tsk. You’re back to your usual self again to monitor my work. Alright, alright, I understand.” Yang Chen waved his hand and blew a kiss before leaving the room.

Upon getting out of the room and closing the door, Yang Chen saw a figure rushing out from the elevator.

“Director Yang! God bless! You’re finally back. I had been so worried just now!” Goodman looked anxious. He panted heavily as he approached Yang Chen in his pajamas.

Yang Chen laughed and said, “Little Girl, you’re right on time. I was going to get my key from you but it seems you have beat me to it.”

Goodman was stunned. He slapped his head and said, “I’m sorry, the key is still in my room. I made a call to the police station and was informed that you had returned safely, so I quickly came up to see if you’re with Ruoxi, and you’re indeed here. Director Yang, you’re not harmed, are you? The lawyer I sent to you was delayed.”

Yang Chen looked at Goodman for a while as he suppressed his laughter. “Little Girl, you’re surprisingly enthusiastic.”

“This is what I’m supposed to do. Director Yang is my lifesaver, so I have to of course try my best to help.” Goodman wiped the sweat on his forehead and giggled. “Since Director Yang is fine, I can finally be at ease.”

Yang Chen tapped his shoulder and whispered to him, “I’m really happy as well to see that you’re fine.”

“Huh?” Goodman was shocked as he didn’t understand what Yang Chen meant. Thus, all he could do was smile.

After getting the key from Goodman, Yang Chen slowly walked to his business suite. His room was the furthest from Lin Ruoxi’s. It could be seen that Goodman had ‘worked hard’.

However, right before Yang Chen opened the door, he noticed something wrong. As expected, before he inserted the key, the door was opened from the inside!