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Marino’s body finally fell. The headless corpse looked extremely unnerving. Everything happened too quickly for Catherine to react in any way.

“Killing was the only one way to prove that I’m an assassin. I hope you’re satisfied with the answer,” murmured Thirteen. His left hand was drenched in fresh blood. It had stained him and Catherine as well.

The place was once again silent.

Catherine widened her reddened eyes. Wiping her face, she looked in front and mumbled, “It’s… it’s blood…”

Thirteen didn’t give Catherine much time to react to the incident earlier. Ending a person’s life was evidently a normal routine for him. As he swayed his hand to get rid of the flesh, Thirteen said, “Catherine the queen and Jane the eldest princess from the Welsh royal family, am I right?”

Catherine’s body shivered slightly. Thirteen’s indifference made her realize just how invaluable her life was.

“Initially I didn’t actually want to take up this mission since it was a bit too easy, but coincidentally, I’m here on vacation. Since there’s a 10-million-pound reward, I’ll just kill the both of you and free you from the suffering that lie ahead. You at least don’t need to feel pain by dying in my hands. If you get caught by the British royal family, I guess torture is inevitable,” Thirteen said confidently before looking at Jane who was unconscious. “Such a beautiful little girl. It’s unfortunate that she doesn’t have a chance to grow, otherwise she’ll definitely be a beauty whom everyone is attracted to.”


Suddenly, Catherine raised her head and stared right at Thirteen fearlessly, as if she was a completely different person. “Mr Thirteen, my daughter actually has a chance to grow up!”

“Hmm?” Thirteen was surprised. He let out a wicked smile and asked, “How so?”

Catherine took a deep breath and stood upright, causing the curve of her upper body to appear particularly obvious. Her charming face stained with scarlet blood revealed an embarrassing yet incredibly alluring expression.

“Since you can kill me for 10 million pounds, if I offer you a higher price, will that mean that it is possible for me to hire you?”

Thirteen squinted his eyes. “This is a wanted poster. I’m not hired by the British royal family technically. If the price you offer is higher than the poster offers, I’ll agree to work under you of course.”

“Then I want to hire you. I want to return to England and kill the people who want to get me and my daughter killed. I want to become the queen of England!”

Catherine’s voice started soft and became louder as she spoke. The terror and anxiety she displayed earlier had completely vanished. The woman stained by blood stood solemnly, as if she had really become the condescending queen instead of a downhearted wanted criminal.

Interested, Thirteen looked at Catherine from top to bottom. “Although I don’t know why you trust me so much that you think I can achieve what you described, I’m really curious as to whether you actually have sufficient capital to employ me.”

Rip! Catherine tore her clothing apart using her sharp nails!

Beneath the poorly made shirt lay a velvet-like, stunning scenery. It had instantly made the dark room captivating…

“If you’re indeed capable of doing what I said, I believe a person like you isn’t just looking for money.” Catherine caressed her amber hair in a seductive manner. Smiling, she continued, “I have the royal bloodline. I’m the true inheritor of the royal family. I have the most beautiful appearance in the entire England. As of right now, there is no one else that can compare to me. If I die now, I’ll just be a beautiful corpse, but if I’m alive…”

At this moment, Catherine stuck her fragrant tongue out before withdrawing it. As her fascinating eyes shone, she said, “If I’m alive, my body and all of my wealth in the future will belong to you. They definitely don’t just add up to 10 million pounds…”

The disparity between her noble demeanor and inferiority had caused her oestrogen to spike. At the same time, the entire room seemed to have turned rose red.

Thirteen walked forward and extended his right arm to hold Catherine’s chin. Leaning his head forward, he inhaled the scent of her pinkish neck. To the young but experienced youngster, the fragrance of the woman was overwhelmingly tempting.

“I have to admit you’re one of the most attractive women I’ve seen, but it doesn't mean that it would actually be enough to convince me to make a trip to England and slaughter the large number of royals.” Thirteen smiled coldly and said to Catherine in front of her face, “Although I’m not afraid, I am weary of the consequences that may follow.”

Catherine suddenly covered Thirteen’s lips using hers. She bit his lips as if she was a wild cat. When they separated, a silver line of saliva could be seen.

“You will agree with me. That’s because I believe you will never ignore my other identity.” Catherine’s final resolution had filled her eyes.

Thirteen shut his eyes in indulgence. He was able to clearly feel the excitement the curvy woman could bring him.

“You may reveal your final reason. If you still fail to convince me, I don’t mind killing the both of you after I finish enjoying your body,” Thirteen said in an indifferent manner.

Catherine bit her lip nervously. Her seductive expression was nowhere to be seen. Her eyes then turned so clear that they looked like the azure ocean, leaving solely melancholy and regret. She then let out a vague smile.

“I’m a mother. A mother... who would do anything to save the life of her child…”

… …

The white curtains danced as the wind blew, allowing sunlight to shine upon the room, revealing the situation inside.

It was a new day in Paris. Yang Chen quietly opened his eyes.

There were clothing and socks on the floor. The tables and chairs had been repositioned incorrectly. A lamp had somehow ended up on the floor while the bed placed at the center had moved from its original location for more than ten centimeters.

On the huge and soft bed, two bodies entangled together. There was nothing but a thin blanket covering their bodies.

There laid a lazy-looking gorgeous woman with amber long hair had most of her skin exposed in the air. Her bosom was groped by a hand which had changed its shape.

Regarding her lower body, her white and beautiful long legs were pressed by the man in a domineering manner, not allowing her to move at the slightest. When looked closely, there were hand marks on her backside. They were the traces which had stayed throughout the night after it was slapped for countless times.


The woman moved her body and opened her eyes. She then realized that she couldn’t get up at all. Her body was in the man’s arms, so she moved her backside to the back in a naughty manner.

However, the woman had made a big mistake!

“Ouch!” cried the woman. She realized that the gap between her backside was clutching a ‘naughty stick’...

“I knew that you’d move once you wake up, so I’ve stuck my weapon into your backside for the entire night,” whispered Yang Chen delightfully as he opened his eyes.

Catherine pouted her mouth angrily. “You did something evil again when I fainted.”

“Simply put, you’re weak. Having rested for more than two years, you fainted after just the ninth round.” Yang Chen sighed regretfully, as if he didn’t manage to enjoy the madness last night.

Catherine felt that the object inside her body was continuously enlarging, as if it was expanding. While her heartbeat quickened, she started breathing heavily. “Chenchen, please don’t do this. Keep your baby now, can you? I—I want to get up already.”

“Do you not like it best when I insert it from behind? It’s so warm inside and surprisingly soothing after two years. Do me a favor in this morning. Help me calm this fellow down,” Yang Chen said seriously.

Catherine paled. “Please don’t! I’ll be late for the fashion week later if we do it again! I hate you so much. Don’t you know that I’ll suffer even when walking if you place it inside me for the whole night?”

“Actually, I just forgot to take it out, and you held it really tightly. Hehe,” Yang Chen giggled.

Catherine pouted her lips. “You’re such a bad person. Even my Janejane wants to become your woman. If that really happens in the future, doesn’t she have to be bullied by you in the same way?”

Yang Chen was shocked. The wicked smile on his face then dissipated before moved away from Catherine’s secret body part. Sitting on the bed, he said, “Catherine, help me persuade Jane, can you? In her eyes, I might be the person who’s helped you two retrieve the throne and kill the enemies. I believe her main reason for doing so is to repay a favor. I dare not talk about it when I’m with her, my deal was with you and only you…”

Catherine was relieved when the burning hot object got out of her body. Smiling, she said, “Do you expect my baby Janejane to not know about what kind of a deal I had with you?”

Yang Chen frowned. “So she’s aware of it all this time?”

“Of course. I’m not as smart as Janejane. There’s no way I can hide it from her.” Catherine smiled and sat on the bed as well. Having experienced insanity throughout the night, most of her body was now numb, forcing her to rest for a while. “Actually, to us, you’re not just someone who has made a deal with us. In fact, without you, the two of us would’ve been abandoned by the entire world a long long time ago.”

Yang Chen raised his head and looked at Catherine’s fair-skinned back absentmindedly.

“I’m the young lady of the Rothschild clan. To ensure the family’s benefits, I got into the Welsh royal family through a marriage. However, when we were facing the British persecution, the clan had given up on us both. Even our relatives refused to help us. So who else in this cruel world could we have turned to for help?” Catherine turned her head and smiled at Yang Chen. “If it wasn’t for you who had made a stupid deal with me, we wouldn’t even be people anymore.”

Yang Chen opened his mouth a little, but decided not to speak what he had in mind. Smiling, he said, “You make me sound like a pastor now.”

Catherine chuckled a well. Evidently, the sorrowful past had turned into wonderful, nostalgic memories.

At this moment, the doorbell of the room rang.

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