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Following the sudden ring of the doorbell, Yang Chen instantly leaped out of the bed and gestured Catherine to keep quiet. Softly, he said, “Get dressed quickly. I’ll check who it is outside and open the door.”

Catherine, who was still sitting on the bed seemed to have realized something. She suppressed her laughter and said in a playful manner, “I initially thought that your marriage was just a farce. It sure seems that there’s more lurking under the surface than I originally thought. Even I’m feeling a little jealous now… Oh yeah, are you afraid of having all of these seen by your wife and failing to explain?”

Yang Chen knew why she was laughing. Back then, he had basically treated women as nothing more than objects. Now that he was this worried and nervous, it was evident that he had changed a ton.

“Good, so you know. If it really is her, once she sees you in my room naked, even if I survive, I would have to endure being frozen by her eyes for three months minimum,” Yang Chen said gloomily.

Catherine snorted in dissatisfaction before sticking her tongue out like a child. The fact that her behavior varies this greatly made it hard to determine which side of hers was real.

“What made you think I was fine with being seen naked? I’ll put on clothes myself even without your order,” complained Catherine as she picked up the clothing on the floor before putting them on one by one.

The doorbell rang several times more. Yang Chen quickened his pace as he walked to the door, scratching his messy hair, before looking through the peephole.

Despite having a high-level cultivation, Yang Chen felt that observing with his eyes was the better choice. He dared not rely on his senses to determine who the person outside was.

Yang Chen relieved when he saw the person outside. Tapping his chest, he turned his head back and said to Catherine, “It’s Edward. He must’ve come to pick you up.”

Catherine had used a relatively thin white shirt to cover her curvy figure. Through the translucent shirt, her purple laced underwear was showing slightly. She wore light blue jeans which had wrapped her round and firm thighs tightly, allowing the already young-looking Catherine to exude a lively and playful aura, similar to that of a lady in her twenties.

She might’ve chosen this clothing to hide her identity, otherwise it would be overly casual on a social occasion.

“I actually know that already. Yesterday night, I asked Edward to pick me up in the morning. Since Janejane isn’t with me, I’m more comfortable asking him for help than anyone else.” Catherine walked to the door and hugged Yang Chen’s neck before giving him a fragrant kiss on the lips. Smiling, she said, “My dear Chenchen, I’m leaving now. I shall return if you still want it tonight, but no going through the backdoor this time…”

The words she said before leaving almost caused blaze to ignite in Yang Chen’s eyes. Not only did the woman look like a soul-hooking, alluring spirit, her speech and movements were incredibly seductive as well.

“You’re still behaving the same way even after your ascension to the throne,” Yang Chen said with a bitter smile.

“I just want to be a pathetic and dependent woman in front of you forever, just like how I was in the beginning. I like how it feels,” Catherine said with a smile.

“I really have no way to deal with you.” Yang Chen patted her cheek with his hand. “You should go out now. Although Edward isn’t an outsider, we can’t make him wait for too long.”

Catherine stopped fooling around as well. “Wardward, you’re up so early. I hope the menopause doesn't come as early as you did.”

Edward who was about to joke about Yang Chen and Catherine instantly have the urge to spit blood. Rolling his eyes, he said, “Aunt, you’re surprisingly pre-emptive.”

“Of course. Janejane came out from my stomach after all. That apple didn’t fall too far from this tree.” Catherine pointed at her tummy cheerfully.

The two joked and bade farewell to Yang Chen. Standing by the door, he wanted to say goodbye as well, but he couldn’t speak a single word…

That was because a slender figure had appeared at the corridor after taking a turn.

She wore in a blue blouse and a short pleated skirt with a laced edge. Beneath her bright white stockings wrapping her beautiful legs was a shiny pair of black heels.

Lin Ruoxi who was properly dressed up seemed to be in a good mood as her footsteps were light. She walked over with a posture elegant as ever. However, when she raised her head, she witnessed the moment when Catherine walked out from Yang Chen’s room…

At that moment, Lin Ruoxi’s cold face was filled with shock…

Yang Chen had naturally noticed the change. When he sent Catherine out of the room, he even smacked her backside once. His actions were irreversible.

Gazed upon by Lin Ruoxi’s astonished face, Yang Chen’s heart suddenly turned bitter, especially when her face slowly formed glaciers. Yang Chen held a bitter smile on his face. Except crying, he had no other intentions, but he found out that he didn’t even have tears.

Catherine and Edward had noticed Yang Chen’s odd expression as well. They turned to the direction Yang Chen was looking at, only to find a woman standing nearby at the corridor. Almost instantly, they realized the predicament that they were in.

Catherine looked no different from a child who had made a mistake. She lowered her head and secretly signalled Edward to leave quickly before running away.

Edward displayed a helpless expression before quickly escaping from the scene with Catherine.

When Catherine passed by Lin Ruoxi, she couldn’t refrain from taking a glance at the latter. Catherine would’ve been totally fine if she avoided taking a look. However, since she failed to do so, she suddenly felt the air around her freeze her bones, causing her to pout her lips and almost tear up. Yes, she’s really beautiful, but what’s wrong with the terrifyingly cold aura? I’m almost frozen to death! thought Catherine.

The bad guy isn’t an ordinary person indeed. I can’t imagine anyone else having the courage to marry such a wife. Catherine was extremely anxious but she didn’t stop moving. It didn’t take long for her and Edward to take the elevator downstairs.

Yang Chen stood at the door without moving. He felt that his legs were immensely uncomfortable and his hands were awkward no matter where he placed them. Faced with Lin Ruoxi’s expressionless look, he let out a guilty smile and said, “Erm… Wife, why are you awake so early? I thought you wanted to rest for a while longer. I’ll tidy up my appearance and I’ll be with you soon.”

Lin Ruoxi ignored Yang Chen utterly, as if she had heard nothing. She turned around and walked away immediately.

Yang Chen swiftly rushed to her. In the blink of an eye, he had appear in front of Lin Ruoxi. He placed his hands on her shoulders, forbidding her from walking away.

Yang Chen wanted to calm her down, but he realized he was totally clueless on what to say. What could be a logical explanation? Catherine was just a visitor or an ordinary friend?

Even he himself found excuses like that contemptible.

Lin Ruoxi raised her head, revealing her freezing abyss-like gaze. Smiling coldly, she ridiculed, “What is it? I bet you have no way of explaining it to me, don’t you?”

Yang Chen stayed quiet. He knew that he wasn’t able to trick this woman. Although Lin Ruoxi had little to no experience on romance, it didn’t mean that she was completely oblivious to everything in that nature.

More importantly, Yang Chen didn’t want to lie to her.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes had reddened, but she wasn’t going to cry over something like this. It was exactly for this reason that Yang Chen felt a major headache.

“Let me go. Don’t touch me,” ordered Lin Ruoxi coldly while staring into Yang Chen’s eyes.

Yang Chen’s hands shivered a little. He wouldn’t shake the slightest bit even after holding a gatling gun with a single arm for the entire day. Currently, he felt that his energy had been sucked away completely. His arms fell to his sides like boneless sticks, letting go of Lin Ruoxi’s shoulders.

“I am sorry.” Yang Chen shut his eyes. “Although I know that these three words are disdainful, especially at times like this, I really have nothing else to say except ‘I am sorry’.”

“Nothing else to say. Humph, what a perfect answer.” Depressed, Lin Ruoxi forced a smile and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. Turning her head away, she said softly, “Didn’t you ask me yesterday if you’re, in my eyes, a man who intends to trick me to bed all day? I couldn’t figure out an answer then, so I didn’t give you one.”

Lin Ruoxi stopped for a while. She sneered, “I’ll answer you now. What I think of you doesn’t actually matter. You are exactly that and nothing more.”

Ding! The sliding door of the elevator opened. A server then walked out from there.

Without saying anything else, Lin Ruoxi walked into the elevator.

Yang Chen didn’t turn around. Listening to the door of the elevator closing slowly, he stood at the exact same position, stunned.

After a long time, a self-mocking smile appeared on the corners of his lips. As if he had gotten insane, he laughed while his body moved back and forth.

Slapping his forehead, Yang Chen sighed yet again. He murmured to himself, “Yang Chen oh Yang Chen, it is indeed tough to be blessed with multiple women.”

In the grand and large living hall of Hotel Sofitel, when Lin Ruoxi exit the elevator, her eyes were reddish and watery. However, her rationale made her aware that it wasn’t the time to tear up for that man. At the same time, he wasn’t worthy of her tears.

When no one was paying attention, Lin Ruoxi used her fingers to wipe the corners of her eyes. Although her eyes were still rather red, no one wouldn’t notice anything without taking a double look.

Goodman was a dependable employee. The driver for these few days that she was here, was arranged. He was waiting outside the hotel at the VIP parking spot.

Knowing that she had work to do, Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but speed up her footsteps as she dared not delay her work schedule.

No matter how painful and resentful she felt, she managed to conceal it well. Her strong mental strength had been her largest dependence throughout the years since the days when she had to go through everything alone.

When Lin Ruoxi walked past an Italian cafe, she heard that someone was calling her name.

“Miss Lin! Miss Lin!”

Lin Ruoxi looked towards the cafe as she found the voice rather familiar.

“Over here, over here! Could you please come here for a while?”

Wearing a pink Versace shirt, a handsome guy with a great figure was waving at her from one corner of the cafe. There sat a slender, silver-haired lady beside him who was similarly greeting Lin Ruoxi with a smile.

“Mr Stern, Miss Alice,” murmured Lin Ruoxi. Aren’t they the Cromwell siblings? Why are they calling my name?

In Lin Ruoxi’s eyes, members of the ancient and established Cromwell clan wouldn’t take businesspeople seriously. As a result, despite having been through a catastrophic event with the siblings, she didn’t expect to have anything to do with them in the future after returning to safety.

Thus, when Stern passionately greeted Lin Ruoxi, she felt deeply confused. She had even forgotten about the heart-tearing matter caused by Yang Chen.

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