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Lin Ruoxi wanted to take a file and a paper out from her briefcase to take down important notes at the conference, but she was suddenly encompassed in someone's shadow. Being surrounded, she couldn’t help but raise her head out of curiosity…

The person who appeared was a lady with maroon hair wearing a light pink bucket hat, dressed in a Milanese-style dress. She was at least 170 centimeters, exuding a noble and proud aura that filled her vicinity.

She applied a brilliant lipstick while her nose was tall. Through the pair of sunglasses, her long and curvy brows could be seen. She used a delicate foundation and a Saint Laurent perfume.

There also stood bodyguards beside the lady, two on each side. With sunglasses on, they all looked domineering due to their strong and tall physiques.

Lin Ruoxi furrowed her brows. She was able to tell that the woman didn’t hold good intentions, but she had no clue who she was.

“Piss off,” said the lady in English with a British accent.

Lin Ruoxi was slightly surprised. She didn’t expect such an elegant and grand lady to be this rude.

However, Lin Ruoxi managed to react in just a few seconds’ time. Her face gradually turned ice-cold before lowering her head. She chose to completely ignore the lady, and started searching for what she needed in the briefcase.

“Humph,” snorted the lady. “You’re ignoring me, aren’t you? Is it possible that you’re either deaf or blind?”

Lin Ruoxi stopped moving her hands. Raising her head, she said, “Although I have no idea who you are, I’m not in the mood to argue with an arrogant and crazy woman. This is my seat, I don’t know why you’re asking me to leave, but I’m telling you right now that it won’t happen.”

The lady took off her sunglasses, revealing the eyes of a phoenix. Literally looking down on Lin Ruoxi, she said, “The first row isn’t meant for small merchants like you. Except you, everyone on the first row knows who I am. The only reason you don’t know me is because you’re not qualified enough to sit here.”

“Meryl, behave yourself. This seat belongs to Miss Lin. Since you failed to book a spot beforehand, there’s no reason for anyone else to surrender theirs for you,” Stern intervened. He evidently knew who this mysterious lady was.

“Stern, you should continue hugging your Alice and take care of yourselves. If I were either of you, I wouldn’t be so shameless to walk out of the house. You siblings are scums among the noble. What makes you think you hold a high enough position to talk to me?” Meryl said in disdain.

Alice caressed her hair and pouted her lips. “Miss Lin, this brainless woman with large breasts is called Meryl, the granddaughter of the British queen. She’s this bad-tempered because she takes advantage of her grandmother’s fondness, also because of her clan Stert’s status and authority. There’s no better way to describe her than calling her a good-for-nothing stupid woman. So, I advise Miss Lin to ignore her completely.”

“Alice! Did you just insult me?!” yelled Meryl. “Do you think I’ll be afraid of you just because you’re from the Cromwell clan?! You’re provoking my clan now!”

The noise caused by Meryl had naturally attracted lots of attention from the guests around. Most of them knew who the three noble members were. Although they were aware that Meryl was making a fuss, no one was willing to stand up for the ‘new and tender’ Lin Ruoxi due to Meryl’s status.

Yang Chen found it really interesting. He gazed upon Meryl yelling at Lin Ruoxi while sitting down. Although he had decided to make the lady suffer, there was no need to rush things. He wouldn’t mind taking action at the public occasion, but Lin Ruoxi had a business relationship with most of the people present. If he was overly violent, he’d have to face lots of consequences.

The workers there dared not let a situation surface. An organizer immediately came to solve the problem. A man dressed in a white suit humbly came to Lin Ruoxi and Meryl. Bowing, he greeted Meryl before asking, “Miss Stert, may I ask what you are dissatisfied about?”

It could be seen that Meryl was a highly regarded guest based on the man’s tone.

“I didn’t expect the front row of Tuileries Garden to downgrade this much after merely a year. This woman is a nobody. Why is she seated here?” Meryl asked as she pointed at Lin Ruoxi.

The organizer smiled stiffly. “Miss Stert, please allow me to explain. This seat originally belonged to you, but we were told that you wouldn’t be free to attend this event because you’d be in Sweden instead. Hence, we’ve realloted this seat for Miss Lin, the CEO of Yu Lei International. The company is by far one of the largest companies in the fashion industry, so she’s our VIP as well. Please forgive us.”

“Haha! Yu Lei International? What a joke! No one knows when the stupid company will collapse, but you guys treat this woman like a treasure. How absurd!” Meryl yelled with contempt. “Yes, it’s true that I went to Sweden to attend the crown prince’s marriage, but I’ve returned earlier than expect. Are you guys going to make me sit behind this woman?!”

The organizer exuded cold sweat. Troubled, he looked at Meryl and Lin Ruoxi back and forth. He dared not enrage either side.

Lin Ruoxi had been listening to the conversation silently. When she heard Meryl’s request, she let out a faint smile. Staring at Meryl with her freezing gaze, she said, “I’ll sit here because this is my job. This seat also belongs to me. Whatever you think or intend to do is none of my business.”

After she finished speaking, she stopped paying attention to Meryl. She took a document out from her briefcase before reading away.

Meryl was infuriated when disregarded. “Peasant! Do you think I’m afraid of a cheap looking woman like you?!”

“Meryl, you should stop now, otherwise you’ll end up having to suffer,” said Stern cheerfully.

“Shut up! You do not frighten me!” Meryl clenched her teeth and said, “Since the organizer dares not do so, I’ll personally get rid of you… It was you who asked for this. I originally wanted to let this matter slide if you were willing to surrender this seat which doesn’t belong to you. You’ve challenged the glory of the Stert clan with your inferior status. You Chinese woman, don’t think too highly of yourself just because you managed to earn a bit of money. I’ll let you know just how worthless you are!”

Meryl waved her hand and ordered the four bodyguards, “Throw this woman into the river Seine. I want her to float far away. I’ll take the responsibility for all consequences!”

“Yes, Madam!” The bodyguards were really decisive as they were used to doing stuff like that.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t expect the woman to be this crazy. Meryl dared to pull of such an action despite being around the upper class.

Lin Ruoxi finally got nervous at this moment. Being an ordinary lady, how was she supposed to resist the four tall and strong bodyguards?!

Looking around, she realized that Stern and Alice were sitting with a strange expression. She had no idea what they had in mind. On the other hand, the workers and guests all behaved like they had seen nothing, some of whom were whispering to each other, waiting to witness Lin Ruoxi getting thrown into the river. No one was going to stop Meryl!

In that instant, Lin Ruoxi noticed her only savior was Yang Chen!

However, when she turned around, she saw that Yang Chen had his arms crossed, as if he was prepared to enjoy a good show. He even raised his brows at her!

Is this despicable fellow waiting to see me thrown into the river?! Is he mad about what happened this morning?!

Or is it because he’s afraid as well?!

“Ahhh!!!” A scream of agony could be heard behind Lin Ruoxi.

She violently turned around, only to realize that one of the four bodyguards who was coming to her direction looked like he was in excruciating pain. It didn’t take long before he fainted and collapsed.

A burly, red-haired man appeared behind the bodyguards. His hand had silently grabbed the bodyguard’s neck from behind. He exerted his strength and caused the bodyguard’s arteries and blood vessels to be blocked, instantly making him faint.

“Tsk, tsk. What a wonderful take down!” praised Stern, elated, breaking the silence at the venue.

When the remaining three bodyguards saw the red-haired, middle-aged man, their legs had instantly softened. They subconsciously staggered backwards in fear while their faces paled.

On the contrary, Meryl managed to recognize the man who had come. Terrified, while her lips shivered, she murmured, “Sau—Sauron…”

The sudden change in events came as a surprise to many of the guests. However, being people who had witnessed various events, they were neither agitated or afraid when the bodyguards collapsed one after another. Some of them even started to speculate regarding who the red-haired man was.

“Sauron? What’s happening? Why would he be at a place like this?”

“Brother, do you recognize him? Who’s this red-haired fellow? He looks rather fierce.”

“What? You don’t know who he is? He’s nicknamed Red-haired King of Eagles, but since he has pulled off countless terrifying acts, many nobles actually refer him as Red-haired Demon privately…”

“It’s him?!”

“No wonder he dares to knock out the people from the Stert clan here… I heard that when the former commander of the British Security Service was hunted by the opposition due to a political conflict, he miraculously returned to Britain despite his time abroad, before secretly slaughtering ten or so of the core members in the opposition, forcing the British government to cancel the arrest warrant against him. In that same year, he was made the hereditary earl by the Welsh royal family. The British royal family who had intended to kill him made history when they decided to compromise… Till this date, no one knows how he had managed to achieve the impossible massacre. This man isn’t just any man on the street. Meryl is in deep deep trouble right now…”

Many nobles and the wealthy from Europe were discussing about Sauron’s identity. It was indeed rare for such an impressive character to show up at the fashion week event.

Sauron, however, had utterly ignored the respectful gazes. Instead, he took a step back and bowed his large body sincerely before speaking in ancient English from the Middle Ages which only Lin Ruoxi was able to hear clearly.

“It’s the first time we met. My name is Sauron von Ibroklanka. I’m honored to be of your service, Madam Persephone.”

Persephone? It’s this name again?! thought Lin Ruoxi.

She finally calmed herself down after listening to the name. She recalled being called the weird name by the manager of Union Bank of Switzerland.

Although no one else managed to hear Sauron’s speech, his action of bowing in high regard was not hidden to the crowd.

This time, the nobles were deeply surprised. None of them was able to understand how an ordinary Chinese businesswoman managed to earn the respect of the Red-haired Demon.”

However, before they could understand, the next scene left them dumbfounded.

After standing up straight, Sauron could be seen walking past Lin Ruoxi towards a lazy- and average-looking young man sitting behind, before bowing slightly and seriously paying respect to the man.