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Yang Chen had a hunch that this was the case, for the fellow called Gais had the faint aura resembling the blood race. It looked like they were indeed of the blood race. They were, however, different from the ones more commonly found. Compared to the ones he’d seen before, who were like graceful medieval nobility, these ones were more vicious and ugly.

Just then, the two black men behind also stood up with intense murderous aura, like shadows steeped in the dark night.

At this, Yang Chen was taken aback. He had shattered their hearts—they should have died as that was the blood race’s weak spot. Or are these not of the blood race?! he thought.

The middle-aged woman who was called viscount instantly tossed Harry to the stooping Gais with an excited expression. The nimble-footed Gais caught Harry and immediately retreated to one side, as if witnessing a spectacular show.

“You’ve disturbed our beautiful time of afternoon tea, you damned maggot.” As she spoke, a red blade tip gradually emerged from her right hand. In no less than a few seconds later, she was gripping a blood red cavalry sword.

It wasn’t the first time Yang Chen had seen the blood race use blood spells; it only confirmed his deduction that these people were of a special subset of the blood race. Being able to revive even with shattered hearts was no ordinary feats.

This is going to be quite a pain in the ass, he thought.

In a flash, the viscount’s silhouette appeared directly above Yang Chen, aiming her scarlet sword straight at his skull!

Yang Chen merely met the blade’s point with his deceptively fast left hand. The blood sword could slice gold and jade, but once it reached Yang Chen’s palm, it shattered into fragments like glass!

In a flash, the viscount had returned to where she initially stood, staring at her own right hand in disbelief. My own blood sword was shattered by a human’s palm?!

“All of us, now!”

The viscount gave a shrill whistle, directing the two blood race minions to attack Yang Chen again. This time, she crystalized blood claws on her fingers, and with all her might, lunged at Yang Chen swooping down on him like shadow.

The strength of the blood race was shocking by itself. Generally, those with noble ranks aged at least hundreds of years. Although she was female, her strength alone could deliver a shock of tens of tonnes!


A devastating thump shook the surrounding space. The viscount’s claw gripped Yang Chen’s shoulder tightly, creating the ear-shattering sound.

The ground beneath his feet sunk in, creating a smashed crater!

What made the viscount highly alarmed was how Yang Chen only stared at her indifferently, completely immobile and far from being injured.

This made the viscount, who originally planned to ripped of Yang Chen’s arm, suffer from cognitive dissonance, and forget what the next step should be!

“Let’s see if you’ll de this time.” Yang Chen spoke mildly, then in a sudden spin coolly kicked at the chests of the two black men who were about to pounce on him from behind!

Although those two were already swift, to Yang Chen they were comparable to tortoises. Before they could react, Yang Chen had already kicked them both on their chests!

The two figures practically flew into the invisible wall, the area where they were kicked caving in instantly—it seemed like their internal organs had sustained some severe damage by the kick!

But it was like they were special effects in cartoons—despite their recently crushed thoraxes, these two blood minions quickly got up again!

Although they were spitting blood, the two black men had indeed recovered, and once more stood up shakily!

“What’s going on?” Yang Chen frowned. Although their strengths weren’t enough to be a threat to him, such resilience to his powers had made him question wha he knew on the blood race.

Seeing Yang Chen lost in thought, the viscount saw her chance, and opened her bloody mouth, diving greedily for his neck with her fangs!

“Don’t even think about it…”

Of course Yang Chen would know, and—without turning his head—immediately delivered Xiantian True Qi of the Restoration Scripture from his hand!

The Xiantian True Qi from his palm was no small hit. Even though it was no significant exertion for Yang Chen, certainly incomparable to the level of strength he had used when battling Ares, but in all the days of her life, the viscount had not felt a blow quite this strong. She could only feel her chest being corroded by an unbearable force as it completely agitated her internal organs!


A tragic bitter cry arose from the viscount as the Xiantian True Qi induced violent eruptions in her body, grinding her already-decaying viscera into fine powder!

However, Yang Chen didn’t let up—as he expected, twenty seconds after she crumpled softly to the ground, the totally collapsed viscount raised her head again!

“Bastard… you’ll never kill me! I will destroy you!!”

Looking at her malevolent face, Yang Chen’s face finally fell. This blood race had restorative powers beyond his imagination, they could even recover from injuries which rendered even the most resilient people dead. What demonic power was it?!

Yang Chen kneaded his hands. The only thing to try now was to pulverize them into fragments and see if they’d still resurrect.

But before Yang Chen could begin, the sealed boundary behind him was suddenly released!

“Heh heh heh, you’re too careless, Manny, why would you try to catch such a big fish?” A vaguely familiar and charming voice interjected.

On the invisible wall, a ripple slowly split apart to reveal a beautiful alluring figure walking into this dimension.

With her black British overcoat, her white royal blouse with embroidered collar, her lively figure, fair skin, and dark blonde curls, the seductive maiden entered the scene without warning.

“Lilith… damn you…” The viscount who was called Manny immediately glared at this newcomer with eyes flaming with fierce hatred.

This delicately smiling woman was the same Lilith who had crossed paths with Yang Chen during the struggle for the Holy Grail in Zhonghai.

Yang Chen never thought that he would meet a female vampire, whom he had shared a kiss with, here in Paris. But as far as he could tell, Lilith and the one called Manny were enemies. Moreover, Manny didn’t want to be discovered by Lilith.

“Long time no see, Your Majesty Pluto.” Lilith paid no attention to Manny’s rage, and instead smilingly approached Yang Chen, pressing her plump soft breasts up against his arm.

Although the female vampire was a feast for the eyes, Yang Chen reminded himself that this woman was well over two hundred years old. He smiled faintly without unnecessary movements, and said, “It’s not that long. Plus, now is no time for reminiscing.”

“How aloof of you! I’ve thought about you everyday since we parted in China,” Lilith grumbled breathily. Then she looked at the panting Manny before her face became cold. “It’s too bad that I couldn’t catch up with you the last time you were changing shells. Good thing you won’t escape this time, Viscount Manny.”

Manny seemed afraid of what Lilith would do, darting her eyes around, evidently thinking of escape. She laughed nastily. “Don’t celebrate just yet! I am still in possession of a hostage!”

As she spoke, Manny pointed at Gais who was waiting in the corner—in his hands Harry was still in a stupor.

The gaunt Gais was even more fearful of Lilith. His knees were weak, as he held onto Harry for his dear life.

Lilith turned to Yang Chen doubtfully. “Your Majesty Pluto, did you want to save that child?”

Yang Chen scratched his head, saying, “Since you’re about to come to blows with your opponent, I’ll snatch back the kid first.”

As soon as he spoke, Yang Chen had already vanished from where he stood, and when he appeared it was in front of Gais.

Before Gais could see how Yang Chen did that, Yang Chen had already taken Harry from Gais!

“Thanks for holding on to him.” Yang Chen gave an evil grin, not neglecting to send Gais flying with a kick.

Manny’s eyes were filled with alarm. Only now did she realize that she’d underestimated this mysterious Eastern man. His speed had far exceeded her imagination!

So from the start there was never a hostage?!

Yang Chen carried Harry to where Lin Ruoxi and the rest were lying, and dusted off his hands. He said to Lilith, “Now there’s nothing in the way, you can start your fight. I had put in enough effort as of which. I want to see how you fight now.”

“I won’t let you down.” Lilith gave him a coquettish glance. Simultaneously, she reached out behind her in a sword-drawing posture, and mysteriously pulled out from thin air a machete that shined like the moon.   

Yang Chen recalled that this was the Massacre Blade, one of the blood race’s thirteen magical weapons. During the battle in that Zhonghai forest, Lilith had used this blood-stained weapon, leaving no soul behind. In the end, if it wasn’t for Yang Chen, she would’ve split Cai Ning in two!

A dark smell of blood surged up and permeated the surroundings. The Massacre Blade flickered with a soul-stirring glint, making Manny and the rest almost break down all at once.

Looking at the Massacre Blade in Lilith’s hand, getting closer step by step, Manny fell back slowly, shouting, “Stop her now! Attack!!”

The two black men knew that they were no match for Lilith, but the absolute social hierarchy of the blood race compelled them to lunge at Lilith without hesitation!

Without even turning back, Lilith brandished the blade behind her. A fire with the color of blood and darkness flared in the air, like the spray of the tide, submerging the two minions before burning them in a flash!

The two men could only roar deeply before they were turned to dust, disappearing into the wind!

Yang Chen gave a start. If he recalled rightly, this move was the high-level blood spell—blood blaze. This fire had an absolute zero temperature, yet it was terrifying, being able to disintegrate any living thing it touched right down to its cells. Once, Lilith had used that high level blood technique, the blood image, to fool Cai Ning; and now another ultimate technique. The powers of the pure-blood vampires were indeed extraordinary.

Looking at the minions that could always recover from his blows, Yang Chen wondered, Can they only be killed by fire? No wonder my blows were useless.

At the other end, Manny stared helplessly as her minions burned up so easily, panicking even more. Yet as she turned to escape quickly, Yang Chen, who was behind her a moment ago, appeared before her!

Yang Chen grinned somewhat bashfully. “Turns out you have to be burnt to die. I can use fire, too—I think you’ll be my test subject.”

With that, Yang Chen’s right hand shot out before Manny’s eyes and a ball of emerald flames erupted!

Manny couldn’t even react before feeling the leaping flames flow onto her body like water. But although this fire looked soft and wasn’t very hot, it made her body slowly melt, starting from the point closest to the flame!

By the time Manny had come to her senses, the flame had already swollen up and swallowed her whole body!

Before she could even scream, Manny’s body was thoroughly evaporated in the midst of the ball of flame!

“Huh, would you look at that. Turns out it was quite useful.” Yang Chen looked at his right hand. He had just thought of forming the shape of flames with Xiantian True Qi, otherwise known as the True Flame. Surprisingly, it worked.

Nearby, Lilith’s Massacre Blade descended softly, and the weak-kneed Gais was also delivered from this world by the blood blaze.

In a flash, the surrounding dimension broke apart, and everything returned to normal.

The Massacre Blade in Lilith’s hand vanish in the blink of an eye, and she walked towards Yang Chen with a curious smile. “Your Majesty Pluto, were the emerald flames you used some type of magic?” As a creature who had lived for over two hundred years, being one of the blood race, she was extremely curious about anything new, because there weren’t many things that her race didn’t already know.

Yang Chen smiled but didn’t reply immediately, walking to Harry instead. He crouched down to inspect Harry’s state of coma, replying Lilith as he did so. “That was the True Qi produced by the internal energy I cultivated. According to Chinese martial arts, this is a type of Xiantian energy; by itself it encapsulates all kinds of elements—I merely used it to alter its representation into flames.”  

Lilith nodded, somewhat getting it. Noticing how Yang Chen was inspecting Harry, she pursed her lips. “No need for that—Manny must have had consumed too much of his blood, making him pass out.”

Indeed, Yang Chen spotted tiny teeth marks in Harry’s neck. Frowning, he passed a stream of True Qi near the wound, allowing it to heal quickly. If anyone saw the wound, they’d naturally think of vampires.

Looking at the unconscious Lin Ruoxi and the Cromwell siblings, Yang Chen knew they were only sleeping and would be fine. So he glanced at Lilith and asked, “Those were the blood race, right? Since when did you guys become so powerful until extreme blood techniques like the blood blaze are required to kill you?”

Lilith restrained her smile, and spoke in a rare display of solemnity. “Your Majesty Pluto, please don’t lump me together with those unsightly beasts. That Manny is from one of the two main clans in the devil association Savath—the ugliest of them all, the Tzimisce clan.

“Tzimisce clan?” Yang Chen seemed to have a vague impression of them, but no real understanding.

“Yup. Since ancient times, the Tzimisce clan has been the most brutal, faithless, immoral disgrace of the blood race. The only merit they have is their incomparable thirst for knowledge and capability in investigating scientific knowledge. However, they covet eternity more than any other clan,” said Lilith.

“Eternity? Again? The blood race already possesses such extended lifespan, how is that significantly different from eternity?” Yang Chen was puzzled.

Lilith shook her head. “It’s not the same. Besides a long life, the kind of immortality the Tzimisce clan seeks includes invincibility, plus eternal youth as well.”

Yang Chen was struck dumb. Not even the Twelve Olympians could have physical eternal youth.

“Actually, even though their methods are frowned upon, you have to still admire their drive for the research. At the last turn of the century, through physiological analysis and experiments involving the blood race and humans, the Tzimisce clan became the only clan whose hearts aren’t their Achilles’ heel,” explained Lilith. “They also possess a unique, innate ability—they can reorganize scattered cell groups, recreating their bodies. It’s through this method that the Tzimisce clan obliterate the bodies of human or vampires, before molding the body cells onto their own. This… is also what they call ‘shell reconstruction’.”

Yang Chen curled his lips. “No wonder that lady said she’d found a good ‘shell’ when we met just now. So she wanted to kill my woman and take on her appearance. What an off-putting power.”

“Yea, it’s why the Tzimisce clan has always been one of Savath’s biggest two clans—they know that we’d never allow them to join Camarilla.” Lilith nodded, and then sighed. “Although we are still in a good measure of control on the blood race world, including the Dark Parliament, these few years, the strengths of the Tzimisce clan and other Savath clans have been increasing. Tzimisce members by themselves are constantly growing stronger, causing our clan members who don’t know high-level blood techniques to be no match for them. So I’ve been going around killing the big ones of the Tzimisce clans these few years, trying my best to prevent them from becoming too rampant.”

Yang Chen saw that this was also the Dark Parliament’s internal worry. With Lilith bringing up these topics, he couldn’t help his curiosity. “Lilith, you said Manny was from the Tzimisce clan. So which clan of Camarilla are you from?”

Lilith wrinkled her nose and snorted softly. “Oh, so now you decide to ask about my origins. Your Majesty Pluto is a slow one indeed.”

Yang Chen rolled his eyes. It’s not like I’m the paparazzi, why should I ask about everything?

“I’m from the Venture clan, and my father is the current clan leader, Prince Sargeras,” said Lilith proudly.

Yang Chen suddenly understood something. “So that’s why you have the Massacre Blade. I was thinking, even if you are from a pure-blood clan and your parents are some third-generation demigods, there’s no way you could have gotten your hands on that weapon even if you were over two hundred years old. If I’m not wrong, the Venture clan is the highest clan, with the most nobility in Camarilla. Tsk, tsk, I didn’t expect that you’re from an aristocracy. In the human world, you could still find a man with family wealth to marry, and become an upper-class debutante.”

“Fi—find a man with inherited wealth?” Lilith almost couldn’t believe her ears. Is he trying to give me a heart attack? Since I’ve told him my origins, he should say something nice, but he actually lumped me in with those tacky ladies from large clans?! Can you even compare royal princesses to me?!

Yang Chen saw that Lilith’s pretty face almost spouted smoke, and gave an embarrassed smile with a wave of his hand. “I’m just kidding around. I know you’re very easygoing. Since we so rarely meet, I should buy you a drink; but you see, I have plenty to attend to unfortunately, like bringing this child to the hospital, to say nothing of finding his parents and all that. I think you may leave first.”

Lilith almost rushed at Yang Chen for a duel. Not a single nice word, and he wants me to leave?!

“Your Majesty Pluto, I have to say that even with all the strength you possess, you still are a terrible man.” Lilith was almost cursing him by then. Even if she had decided to leave, her mood was still terrible!

But before Lilith could take a step, Yang Chen called out from behind. “Wait! Lilith, I have something to ask you.”

Lilith cracked a small, wicked smile. See that? This man still knows my worth. How quickly he has found a reason to make me stay.

Lilith turned around nonchalantly and asked, “Does Your Majesty Pluto have any questions?”

Yang Chen rubbed his chin and pondered, finally deciding it was better to ask. “Actually it’s nothing serious. It’s just that I’m not so familiar with Paris, plus you’re so old, and have been in Europe for so many years—surely you’re familiar with all the places. I just wanted to ask, which one of the nearby hospitals have reasonable charges?”

“Wh—what?!” Lilith suspected that she had heard wrongly.

“Hehe. Well, I’m about to send this kid to a hospital, and since it’s nothing serious, I’ll put him there and wait for his family. But if they’re not rich, and I sent him to somewhere too expensive, whose pocket do you think will have to fork out the bulk of the money? So I wanted to ask, which hospital is the cheapest?” Yang Chen waited expectantly.

Lilith’s fair face was practically stormy. She resisted the overwhelming impulse to draw the Massacre Blade for a quick fight, and broke two cement slabs with a fierce stamp, leaving the scene in a furious huff.

Yang Chen stared at her departing figure, bewilderedly muttering to himself, “Just admit that you don’t know... What are you angry for? Could it be that the vampires also undergo menopause?”