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The time was noon. The place: the north bank of the river Seine, right outside the Louvre in Paris.

Having just attended the morning’s fashion exhibition, Lin Ruoxi strolled past the famous glass pyramid structure, Louvre Pyramid, by herself with her handbag.

She wore a short-sleeved black pleated skirt and black crystal heels while her fine ebony hair was let loose. All she wore were simple clothes and accessories—yet she drew the attention of many of the people she passed by.

This pompous city had never lacked flamboyant outfits or avant-garde concepts, so as a result the people were also very particular about aesthetic standards. But Lin Ruoxi had certainly shattered the boundary between eastern and western aesthetics—even when she didn’t dress as tacky as most, people like her were meant to stand out from the rest.

Even those without discerning eyes could tell that the clothes Lin Ruoxi wore, although simple-looking, were in fact from the luxurious new spring line, costing right around twenty thousand euros and only sold to the rich. It wouldn’t be surprising if some talent scout or photographer approached her.

Just then, a beautiful Caucasian couple next to a nearby pond broke their embrace and stood up, calling out to Lin Ruoxi.

“Hi Miss Lin! You’re finally out. We’ve waited for so long.” Of course, the handsome blonde man was Stern.

Lin Ruoxi was just thinking about the fashion show, carefully considering which brand suppliers she should contact in the new year, and stuff like that. So when Stern and Alice suddenly popped up, needless to say she was frightened.

“Mr Stern, Miss Alice, have you guys been waiting for me here?” Lin Ruoxi was confused. After the exhibition this morning, Yang Chen had left her to attend to his own matters. She had not seen the Cromwell siblings since last night at the hotel, even until this morning.

I thought that this ridiculous pair of siblings had gone somewhere else, yet suddenly here they are, thought Lin Ruoxi.

“In fact, we saw you just now at the hall, but it was so stuffy that we came out early. We’ve waited for over an hour,” Alice complained.

Feeling that something was up, Lin Ruoxi asked nonchalantly, “Why did you wait? Is anything the matter?”

Stern laughed mischievously. “Miss Lin, is Mr Yang not around?”  

“Mmm, I think he’s meeting a friend in Europe. He’ll be back maybe tomorrow,” Lin Ruoxi replied honestly.

Stern grunted, and asked, “So where are you headed now?”

Lin Ruoxi became curious at their expectant manner. “I planned on eating something, and then going to visit Harry with a gift. After all, meeting him like this in France, with everything that’s happened—it must be fate.”

“Yes!” After yelling, Stern spoke in a heartfelt manner. “Miss Lin, you are the Virgin Mary reincarnated! We’re too touched. We would also like to see Harry with you. Why don’t we have our meal together, and then go to the hospital?”

Have a meal together?

It became clear to Lin Ruoxi—these siblings just wanted to squeeze a meal and a ride out of her. Although she didn’t know why they always followed her around, she could never reject them harshly. So she thought, Fine, it’s only for a couple days, I’ll just go with them.

“Alright, since it’s just me, might as well have two companions,” agreed Lin Ruoxi.

Immediately Stern and Alice became relieved. Stern said shyly, “Miss Lin, you’re too kind. Last night when Mr Yang said that you won’t mind treating us to a few meals, I was worried that you’d be unwilling. But it seems like my mind got the better of me. But don’t you worry, our main problem is we’re having trouble communicating with our family. Once they hear of our circumstances, we’ll instantly have money to repay you.”

Hearing this, Lin Ruoxi realized, So it was that Yang Chen who blabbed his mouth! Who told him that I was willing to host this pair for the duration of my stay?! The issue isn’t money, these siblings are simply unbearable! What if they do THAT again later in the car?!

Great, now these two were sticking to her! Plus could she even back out now given the circumstances?

Lin Ruoxi’s expression didn’t shift at all, but her heart was itching with hostility…

Damn Yang Chen, repulsive Yang Chen! Go out and goof off if you want, but why abandon these two fools with me after you leave?!

Still, no matter what, Lin Ruoxi could only chat occasionally with the Cromwell siblings as they walked to the carpark.

What Lin Ruoxi didn’t notice was the few figures in the crowd who were also tailing them...

… …
Le Havre, the boarding point of the Louis XVI cruise ship.

Fodessa, the seven members of the Sword in the Stone, and the rest looked toward the approaching man.

The man’s face was rather delicate, but he was dressed sloppily, as if he had forgotten to shave this morning. He had on a black and red checkered shirt, baggy tan track pants, and a dirty pair of Nike’s.

He was walking toward them with a cigarette in his mouth and both hands in his pockets. He looked no different from an ordinary thug.

“Devil? You’re talking about him?”

In fact Fodessa had already recognized the man. Isn’t he the one the Queen of Wales personally released on bail two days ago—Yang Chen?!

This mysterious man had raised red flags all over the place, but Fodessa was too busy with official business to investigate the matter. TIll now he still didn’t know what to make of Yang Chen.

Fodessa wouldn’t be afraid if Yang Chen was a terrorist. But he was certainly fearful of the Queen of Wales.

When he was about twenty meters away from the group, Yang Chen held the cigarette and cracked a grin by way of greeting. “Aren’t you the deputy director, Fodessa? It must be fate that we meet again! And here I was wondering if the security on the ship would stop me—turns out since you’re here, it’s not a problem. Hahaha...”

Fodessa’s face went ashen as he thought, Do we even know each other that well?

“Devil! I challenge you to a duel in which you will die!!”

Suddenly, the young Prince roared with a face full of rage, stepping forward with an open left hand. A crystal sphere of light appeared suspended above his palm, shining brilliantly!

Even if it was daytime, the mesmerizing colours of the light ball mystified them. Fodessa and the rest were spellbound for a few seconds, and had no time to think clearly—what is this ball? How did it appear so suddenly?

“Prince! Stop!!”

Lola, also known as Storm, yelled and smacked Prince’s left hand, causing the ball of light to dissipate.

“Lola! Why did stop me? You know who he is!!” Prince cried, his eyes firing up with rage.

Lola said coldly, “It’s because I know who he is that I stopped you. You’re no match for him.”

The silently observing Yang Chen carelessly threw the cigarette into the sea, and carefully considered Prince, before turning to Lola and the rest. He frowned. “What kind of nonsense do you preach in public? Is this kid my enemy? Why does he want to fight me at first glance? Tch tch, Little Guy, do you even know the meaning of a duel?”

“I do!” Prince’s fair handsome face turned fierce, as if he wanted to skin Yang Chen alive. Loudly, he said, “A duel means your very lives are at stake. Devil, I must kill you!”

Yang Chen scratched his head. “I don’t remember what I did to you. You’re too young for me to have snatched your woman; I’m not poor and I certainly wouldn’t have robbed you. Why do you hate me so?”

Prince’s rage burned up and he roared, “Devil, don’t think you can escape! Surely you know me! Don’t think you can escape!!”

Emma, who was standing worriedly by the side, stepped forward and gripped Prince’s shoulder, softly advising, “Little Prince, don’t do this, okay? You’re frightening the people...”

“It’s none of your business! Scram, Woman!” Prince shook off Emma with an arm.

Being pushed away, Emma could only stare at Prince pitifully but dared not say anything. Instead, it was Lola who brushed her head in sympathy, making her feel better.

Seeing how Prince changed, from someone so solemn, to this raging appearance, Fodessa and the rest broke out into cold sweat.

If it weren’t for Storm, they really would’ve started fighting just now. What exactly is the relationship between this ruthless boy and that hooligan Yang Chen?

Yang Chen curled his lips and rolled his eyes. “How am I supposed to know what I did if you don’t tell me? I can’t even remember when the last time I took a crap was.”

“Pluto, you don’t recognize Prince, but surely you know his father—the heart mage, Les Winter.” Lola’s eyes were filled with hatred as she gritted out each word, but anyone could tell she was restraining her fury.

Yang Chen was stunned. At this, he took a closer look at the seven people, giving it serious thought. Then he laughed and smacked his forehead. “How embarrassing. Too many days have gone by in peace that I had forgotten the lot of you. The members of the Sword in the Stone—I had fought a few times with you years ago, but I’ve met so many people that I momentarily couldn’t remember.”

Yang Chen paused here, and smiled. “Les Winter… Conversely I remember him better; after all I almost died because of him. Hmm... but in the end I still killed him, haha, it’s a duel after all, dying is part of the process.”

Looking at the bristling Prince, Yang Chen clicked his tongue and sighed. “I have to say, that move just now felt so familiar—looks like the both of you are spirit sorcerers; like father, like son? Not bad at all—from what I can tell based on just now, you’re no weaker than you father.”

“As of now, I’ve surpassed my father. I can kill you, you demon, I will avenge my father,” Prince said in a low voice.

At this point, the tall and sturdy man, Wood, from the Sword in the Stone stood up, and called aloud to Yang Chen. “Your Majesty Pluto, still remember me?”

Yang Chen raised his head and thought carefully, before asking slowly, “You’re... the stoneman from that year? You’re not dead?”

Wood grinned. “At that time, I looked on as Your Majesty Pluto single-handedly slaughtered the elite members of the Sword in the Stone, including eleven powerusers. Perhaps it was through God’s blessing that I survived despite heavy injuries. That was also the year Prince joined us at Merlin Magic Association as an apprentice, but he only saw the beginning of the battle before being pulled away. Yet he still remembers you—his father was the first you killed in front of him.”

Yang Chen became silent, unable to help thinking of the days of bloody carnage back then in England.

After accepting Catherine’s commission, he seemed to have overturned the entire British royal family by himself. When he eliminated those royal members who wanted to put Catherine and her daughter Jane, the Queen of England couldn’t sit still anymore, and allowed the Sword in the Stone to make an exception to join in the struggle for the throne.

And among the Sword in the Stone, the leader of the elite group in Merlin Magic Association was the spirit sorcerer known as the heart mage—Les Winter.

Les Winter’s heart magic was a force to be reckoned with, invoking the dark psyche of Yang Chen and causing an intense spiritual suffering. This resulted in a provoked body and an uncontrollable mind, causing pain beyond imaginable.

From the start, Yang Chen already had a dark side to him—under the provocation of the heart magic, he had fallen into a bottomless abyss in a split second.

However, those who are truly strong could strike back even in their darkest time.

With his last shred of clarity, Yang Chen forced himself to cultivate the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture to stabilize his mind and dispel the static. Grabbing this chance, he decapitated Les Winter who was himself completely undefended.

That was practically the closest he had come to dying in a battle, but it had been seven, eight years ago after all, so he failed to recall the event with clarity.

The scene was rather grim. The seven members were full of hatred toward Yang Chen, but dared not simply act out their intentions. Whereas Yang Chen was caught up in remembering the past, feeling rueful about many memories.

The one who was most shocked and disturbed was Fodessa and his group.

Although they didn’t quite understand what the title ‘Pluto’ represented, but this man actually single-handedly killed off an elite bunch of the Sword in the Stone?!

In that case, the mystery person who helped the Queens of Wales reclaim the throne and establish the rightful rule of the royal family was this seemingly unimpressive Chinese man?!

Consequently, it makes sense that the Queen of Wales personally went to the police station to bail Yang Chen out, thought Fodessa nervously. What’s even scarier is that if this man is offended, then won’t the French security bureau be thrown right into the fire?!

After a moment, Yang Chen smiled softly and lifted his head. “I remember it now, since you’ve mentioned it. Well, it’s up to you guys—I’ve killed so many in the Sword in the Stone, so your hatred is understandable. But this doesn’t mean I’ll go without a fight. Take your revenge if you so wish to. I’ve recently worked on my cultivation, so I don’t suppose I’d kill you guys wantonly. But for now I’m going to board the ship.”

Watching Yang Chen about to make his way up, Fodessa asked in a terrified voice, “Erm… Mr Yang, may I ask if you are a participating member for this meeting?”

Yang Chen laughed awkwardly. “Although I wasn’t invited, but no one said that it’s invitation-only. You see, I came all the way here, surely you won’t make me scurry all the way back to Paris. It took me about three hours to drive here, plus more time to find this location, you know.”

“Well… We have guards at every entrance, so without permission it’ll be impossible to enter. Mr Yang, you won’t… do to us…” Fodessa’s words were incomparably dejected, as he was irritated deep down but dared not to express it to this terrifying man.

Yang Chen waved his hand hurriedly, “Of course not, it’ll just be a simple faint.”

Fodessa’s cheek twitched as he thought, What to do now? It’d be incredibly dangerous to try and stop this man, yet would letting him in disturb the plans of this secret meeting?

“Deputy Director Fodessa, let this gentleman go up. Don’t leave him with no choice but to force his way in—you would really regret doing so.”

A refined baritone rose up from the back of the crowd.

Yet Yang Chen wasn’t surprised—he simply looked over to the two figures approaching him, giving them a grin and even waving to one of them.

The approaching man had on a black gentleman’s overcoat with exquisite gold-patterned buttons. He was just about 1.9 meters tall, and was combing his light blonde hair.

His face was handsome and steady, with striking eyes and skin as fine as a woman’s. No matter how you slice it, he was a devastatingly handsome adult man.  

And besides him was a delicate sensual maiden, pouting as if she was angry at someone. The many physical similarities they shared made it easy to deduce that this was the man’s daughter, and not his partner.

“You are… You’re Prince Sargeras?!”

Storm Lola examined him carefully and finally recognized him, her eyes full of alarm.

The appearance of Prince Sargeras caused even the three Knights of the Roundtable, who had not moved this whole while, to get up stiffly.

“Don’t need to look at me like that. I’m just like any one of you, bringing my daughter Lilith to attend this secret meeting. An old man living in seclusion like me surely doesn’t deserve such ceremonious treatment,” said Sargeras amiably.

“Father, there’s no use wasting your breath on them. They’re a bunch of cowards who are just afraid of your title. They haven’t seen you in action yet and they’re already this frightened.” Lilith snorted once, and fixed her gaze on Yang Chen, curling her lips. “Your Majesty Pluto. How unfortunate that we meet again.”