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Sauron and the rest had started to be on guard subconsciously—they had never seen this white-haired man, and didn’t know his origins, friend or foe.

Looking at their nervous behavior, the man smirked arrogantly. “So this is the standard of the leaders of Sea Eagles and Zero. What a disgrace.”

“What did you say?!” At the man’s provocative tone, Abdullah’s mild manner became sharp in an instant. The expressions of the others had also darkened.

Although they knew that the man had a strange background and was no easy opponent, that didn’t mean that they were afraid.

These mercenaries and assassins felt ashamed to be ridiculed like this in front of Yang Chen.

The white-haired man scratched his ear and took another swig. “I’ve no interest in arguing with you. I just came over to see if this man was that leader of yours who’s been cowardly avoiding his duties for two years—some fellow called Hades.”

At this, everyone present descended into a sort of darkness, murderous intent rising in their hearts...

Looking down on them was no irrevocable offense; they were no longer hot-blooded youths after all. But to speak with such blatant disrespect to Yang Chen—that wasn’t something that they could just let go!

For many of them, they would’ve been no better than driftwood flowing down a river without Yang Chen, with no roots to speak of; or killed many years ago by their enemies; or constantly worrying about their deaths, to say nothing of having a family, and children… After all, they could only rely on themselves—no one else was responsible for their lives but themselves!

It was because of Yang Chen that this group of cold-blooded figures could reenter society in broad daylight, unafraid of the rage or vengeance of any country, and live a normal life once more.

If these warriors, who had survived blades and risen up among corpses, had any sort of faith, it would be no question that their faith—was in Yang Chen!

“You… damn…”

The hot-tempered Abdullah, who had just said that he was no longer a killer, couldn’t hold himself back now—without realizing it, his left hand was already gripping a short scarlet dagger.


In a whip of air, Abdullah had flashed from his original position to the side of the sofa where the man was lying!

The scarlet dagger looked like it was stained by unwiped blood—in the dimness, it was like a maroon lightning slicing across the man’s throat!

Despite being inactive for many years, Abdullah had never lost the title and the skills with being called the world’s top assassin!

An advance quick as lightning! Slashing the throat! Without a single trace of sloppiness—the job was done in less than half a second!

“Humph. This is the price you pay for disrespecting His Majesty Pluto.” Abdullah felt that he had solidly slashed the white-haired samurai’s throat, and tossed this disdainful remark. He thought that the man had died.

Everyone else also thought that the man was no longer alive. They knew of Abdullah’s methods well—even amongst the infamous Yamata Sect, any ninja who wasn’t at least a Jinnin wouldn’t have been able to dodge that attack. And the only Jinnin-level ninja left in Yamata Sect was Hannya.

But Yang Chen only narrowed his eyes at this scene, displaying a hint of astonishment.

In the next second, as Abdullah was about to keep his dagger, the ‘dead body’ before him suddenly became blurred!

Yes, it became blurred!

Like the moon’s reflection in water—disturbed by the waves, it slowly became murky and broke apart, until at last… it was gone!

“Big Fellow, what is so interesting that you are so absorbed in it?” The white-haired man’s voice suddenly came from behind Abdullah.

Abdullah restrained the shiver in his heart, and instinctively recalled the backward stab—and the blade headed straight for the man’s heart!

“Got him!”

Abdullah could feel the blade sliding into the heart. He couldn’t have been mistaken—half of his life was spent stabbing so many hearts!

But once again, everyone including Abdullah saw that inconceivable sight...

The man’s stabbed figure became blurred, and disappeared once more in a ripple.

In the next moment, the white-haired samurai was on the sofa in front of Abdullah, feet propped up, with an opium pipe somehow already in his mouth. He took a satisfying drag. “I’m bored. I’m not playing anymore.” That one line would infuriate any assassin.

Abdullah was about to attack in a rage again, but before he could, he was unexpectedly kicked in the chin by the man’s heel!


Abdullah cried out in pain as his body flew in an arc over three metres before landing heavily.

Although this wouldn’t cause Abdullah a great deal of injury, but the ease of that kick had already proven that it was pointless for Abdullah to keep on attacking.

With this, everyone present saw clearly that, no matter how restless they felt, this man’s ability required someone from a different league to handle. Naturally, everyone turned to Yang Chen expecting him to pull a miracle out of his pockets...

Yang Chen rubbed his forehead worriedly and sighed, before asking, “Although I haven’t seen you before, and have no clue why you are picking fights left right centre, I’m guessing you’re from Takamagahara in Japan? The technique you used wasn’t accomplished by ordinary ninjutsu or magic. Otherwise, Abdullah would have been able to tell the difference.”

The man blew two smoke rings, and said coolly with a sidewards glance, “So what are you trying to say?”

“You’re so bad at conversations.” Yang Chen smiled bitterly and stood up. “And I had wanted to ask why you’ve seeked me out here, and talk things out. I’m here on vacation, not fight. But since you’ve actually kicked a brother of mine, I’ll feel bad if I don’t return the favor.”

The white-haired man grinned. “Exactly what I was looking for. But before we begin, let me tell you my name and history.”


“I’m Nurarihyon, the general of Takamagahara,” Nurarihyon said mildly.

Yang Chen was surprised, because as far as he knew, Takamagahara did exist, but these demons had always kept to themselves, and had close relations with a few humans at most. This man was actually the ‘general’ of Takamagahara—based on that term of address, he must’ve united the demons in Takamagahara.

Back then, Yang Chen had killed Nine-tailed Fox and the Nine-lived Demon Cat at Nijō Castle, who were amongst the more powerful creatures at Takamagahara. If they had already formed an organization, they wouldn’t have fought with him on their own initiative.

Therefore, the unification of Takamagahara must have taken place in the few short months from when he returned to China until today!

“It’s rude to daydream in the presence of guests, you know…”

As Yang Chen was thinking about these matters, Nurarihyon’s voice suddenly spoke beside Yang Chen’s ear.

Without thinking, Yang Chen’s battle instinct made him look back—


A swift cut through the air sounded where his head was.

Nurarihyon’s hexagonal, wood-sheathed blade passed through that space!

Yang Chen’s ability to dodge the strike nimbly didn’t give Nurarihyon much of a surprise. Nurarihyon pulled the blade back, then tapped and rubbed it on his shoulders, as if it was a back scratcher rather than a weapon.

“Ya, ya, what impressive speed. I guess it’s expected that the leader have to be better than the rest.” Nurarihyon said lazily.

Yang Chen couldn’t help laughing, and an uproarious laugh at that, causing not just Sauron and the rest, but even Nurarihyon himself, to raise their eyebrows in bewilderment.

“Pluto, what are you laughing for?” Nurarihyon asked.

“I’m laughing because you act exactly like I do when I’m at work.” Yang Chen stroked his chin and scrutinized Nurarihyon. “No wonder my wife always says I’m indecent—this look, this tone: It’s not a very good look on someone. However, since we’re quite alike, I’ll give you my support: this manner of yours is not too bad.”

A strange expression passed Nurarihyon’s face and he cracked his neck. “Do you know why I came to find you?”

“No idea, and I don’t really care. I’ve killed a few of you from Takamagahara. There are innumerable people who want my head on a spike in this world. If I have to pinpoint every single one of their motives, I’d sooner die from exhaustion than their actual hands.” Yang Chen shrugged.

Nurarihyon’s eyes shone coldly as he sneered. “I’ll tell you even regardless of your need to know… Two years ago, on an island, you killed Snow Girl… who was my fiancée....”

Yang Chen was stunned. This man actually tracked me down because of what happened with Snow Girl?

Nine-tailed Fox and Demon Cat had wanted to avenge her because they were her sisters. And now this man, who was in fact her fiancé?

Yang Chen can’t help but feel vexed. No one could run away from their sins indeed. Because he killed that Snow Girl and the others, Seventeen had left him, he had almost undergone a reincarnation at Nijō Castle, and today, the chief general of Takamagahara was here to finish the job.

“Do you know why I insist on telling you?” Nurarihyon said.

Yang Chen shook his head. “I can’t even figure out the thoughts of humans, much less the thoughts of demons.”

Although no one had ever proven that the Takamagahara creatures were basically flora, fauna, or decaying material turned into demons, it was known that they weren’t human for sure.

“I’ll tell you.” Nurarihyon raised the unused blade in his hand and pointed it at Yang Chen. “Because it really might be the last thing that you hear.”