Chapter 7/7.

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When Yang Chen took a step forward, Sauron and the rest, who were behind, were well aware that if Yang Chen really wanted the sword for himself, he would have done it himself. However, having followed and served Yang Chen for many years, they knew that he didn’t like to be questioned, so they remained silent.

Abbess Yun Miao was rather confused. She didn’t understand why Yang Chen would help the Dark Parliament go against the Vatican. But since she was alone and unaffiliated to these organizations, she chose to stay out of it.

Sargeras, who had initially shut his eyes and admitted his defeat, couldn’t help but open them again when he heard Yang Chen’s reply. Spending much effort to turn his head, he looked at Yang Chen with his eyes filled with depthless incomprehension.

On the other hand, Lilith’s body shivered, not because she was crying or afraid, but due to her over excitement!

She had used this move as a cry of help when she was backed into a corner. She didn’t expect the seemingly carefree Pluto to be soft-hearted. However, her final attempt in obtaining victory somehow worked!

Thank you… Lilith’s eyes were currently filled with nothing but gratitude.

Yang Chen found it hard to bear with the blood-race woman’s gaze, as if a thorny rose had suddenly turned immensely gentle, causing a huge disparity.

Yang Chen chose to ignore Lilith and Sargeras. Actually, he had stood up only because of his little friendship with Lilith in addition to slight sympathy. As his opponent was the Vatican, Yang Chen had all the more reason to help.

The Vatican had tried to kill him in Japan by colluding with other organizations after all. While Yang Chen didn’t have to take revenge, since they were here right in front of him, overestimating their own powers, he figured why not right?

When Cruyff heard Lilith call Yang Chen ‘Pluto’, he was instantly stunned. When he focused his attention on Yang Chen who had stood in front of Lilith and Sargeras, he opened his mouth to ask, “Are you really Pluto, the new Hades?”

Yang Chen didn’t give an answer immediately. Instead, he squatted down and held Sargeras’s arm before channeling Xiantian True Qi into his body.

Sargeras had never felt such a vigorous energy given off by the True Qi of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. All he felt was the agony on his chest instantly cease, allowing him to breath in relief.

So this young god is even capable of doing this?! thought Sargeras.

Being the leader of Crusaders, Gabriel who was behind Cruyff had seen Yang Chen in Zhonghai before. As Yang Chen was really low-profile a moment ago, Gabriel failed to notice his existence. Now that he realized, his facial expression changed instantly. He walked forward to Cruyff to verify Yang Chen’s identity.

Once his identity was confirmed, not only was the Vatican nervous, the other members of different organizations had a change in their expression as well.

The people from Takamagahara and the Sword in the Stone were aware of Yang Chen’s identity, so they weren’t overly shocked. Nurarihyon, Prince, and the others who held a grudge for Yang Chen had turned malicious and cold. On the other hand, the representatives from Panther Mercenary Group, Blue Storm, Soviet Medal, and many other organizations revealed fear and astonishment on their faces.

Yang Chen had stayed under the radar for give or take two years now. This person who had unprecedentedly slain a god certainly held countless mysterious and astonishing records!

Cruyff who was more than a hundred years old wasn’t moved. He felt a little frustrated when Yang Chen appeared to be ignoring him. Now that Gabriel had affirmed Yang Chen’s identity, he couldn’t help but snort with contempt. “Two years ago, you’ve shocked the world by killing a god to become a god. I didn’t expect Pluto to be such a young man.”

Yang Chen stood up and glanced at Cruyff. “You should leave. I’ll be taking Lilith and Sargeras away. Don’t waste your time here, I did not plan to drench my hands in blood coming here.”

“Humph.” Squinting his eyes, Cruyff raised his head and said, “Pluto, you look nothing more than an ordinary guy. Don’t expect me to be deceived. According to the Treaty of Gods, even if you really are strong, you have no right to unseal when you’re faced with us, the non-gods.

“You don’t have the help of divine power, but us at the Vatican have two six-winged angels within the holy bodies. Their luminous divine power is nothing to be trifled with!

“Even Sargeras of the demigod level had fallen under my Lance of Longinus. Pluto, you’re an ordinary human being who can’t unseal now, do you really think we’d be afraid?!”

As Cruyff spoke, the two six-winged angels behind him had expanded their wings before attacking Yang Chen from both sides.

The wings formed by the condensation of luminous divine power exuded an overwhelming pressure. The vague golden halo caused the waters to ripple, wind to howl, and sand and stones to rise, forcing most of the people present to back off.

The terrifying aura had made many of them lament in their hearts… Perhaps, without unsealing, Pluto will not be able to defeat the Vatican which has two six-winged angels…

Cruyff currently looked extremely confident. Disdainfully, he swept his gaze across everyone.

Yang Chen stood still at the same position. Pouting, he said, “You don’t look like the listening type."

“Listen to you? Haha! Young Man, don’t look too highly of yourself. Others may call you a god, but in my eyes, you’re no different from an ordinary man!” Cruyff laughed like a maniac. “In the name of Lord’s kindness, I won’t hurt the innocent. Should you hand over the pair of filthy dark creatures, and surrender the ominous divine weapon, the Sword of Thanatos, to us at the Vatican, we’ll forgive you for your actions.”

“Oh? You really desire that sword, don’t you?” asked Yang Chen with indifference. Pointing his hand behind, the black box in Sauron’s arms flew toward Yang Chen’s hand.

Holding the black alloy box in hand, being gazed upon by everyone currently, Yang Chen smashed the seemingly indestructible lock.

Yang Chen opened the black box, revealing a three-foot-long, silver-grey, gladius-like weapon within.

Quite a number of them swallowed their saliva audibly. They wondered if the divine weapon would have a special response since it was opened this easily.

However, the result was evidently disappointing.

Yang Chen swung the ordinary-looking sword, but it didn’t exude even the slightest oppression.

The runes carved on the blade were the only pattern the sword possessed, while the point was so blunt that everyone was even doubtful that it was useful as a regular sword.

“Is that the Sword of Thanatos?”

“It’s fake, isn’t it? Why is it so normal? My dagger looks like it poses more of a threat…”

“Is it because we have yet to understand what it’s used for…”

Many of them started whispering to each other, obviously disappointed in the sword’s mystery.

The aura exuded by divine weapons was unlike those of holy and demonic. The Lance of Longinus owned by Cruyff and Lilith’s Massacre Blade were imposing and magnificent; one would know that they were great weapons at first sight.

However, divine weapons had always been much more low-profile, just like Ares’s seemingly average copper spear which could be used to lock spacetime and deliver incredible strengths.

As if the power was kept within the sword by a true master, ordinary people would be none the wiser.

Currently, Cruyff, Nurarihyon from Takamagahara, Lola from the Sword in the Stone, all had their gazes fixed on the Sword of Thanatos held by Yang Chen as their eyes blazed.

The others might not feel it, but their keen senses allowed them to feel a passive oppression, which ordinary weapons just didn’t possess!

Yang Chen snickered and put the sword back into the box before closing it. “This sword sure looks important to all of you. In fact, I’m not interested in it at all. I like to fight using my bare hands. But since the Vatican seems to hold it with such high regard, I think I’ll just keep it with me for now.”

“You’ll regret your decision, Young Man,” said Cruyff in fury.

“I only did that because you displeased me,” answered Yang Chen in dullness. He then tossed the black box behind to Sauron.

Sauron held a stiff bitter smile on his face when Yang Chen passed the much-desired divine weapon to him, but he dared not refuse to take it.

“Alright, alright!” Cruyff reddened while his gaze turned violent. Laughing, he announced solemnly, “Since you chose to go against us, I won’t advise you no more. I know that we failed to kill you in the plot in Japan, but do you really think we at the Vatican have run out of ways?!

“You’re a god, but without divine power, you’re no more than a human. You shall have a taste of the two six-winged angels’ true power. I, Cruyff, do not mind slaying a god!”

After Cruyff finished his speech, he pointed the Lance of Longinus at the sky, causing the Rain of Light to intensify, strengthening the two six-winged angels significantly. As if they had become light, holding their platinum-colored light swords, flapping their wings, they rushed right toward Yang Chen!

Breaking the sound barrier, the six-winged angels even distorted the surrounding spacetime. They were so quick that everyone found it unbelievable!

Apparently, they weren’t fighting at their best when facing Sargeras earlier!

Yang Chen was expressionless. He didn’t look at the angels. Without any reaction, all he did was stare Cruyff, and took a step forward.

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