Chapter 4/7.

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Everyone thought Yang Chen was going to bring the Vatican away to safety. Unexpectedly, he crushed Cruyff’s head without hesitation!

Gabriel gazed upon his headless cardinal, eyes wide with shock. Staggering backward, he soon came to the realization that he wasn’t having an illusion!

“Yo—you… you dare to…” Gabriel stammered blurrily.

Yang Chen revealed an evil smile as he flung his hand to get rid of the blood. Slowly and clearly, he explained, “Why wouldn’t I dare? Damn… This man was fated to go by my hands long ago, but you told me I’d regret, so I was slightly frightened of the major consequences that may follow.

“You should’ve told me about these insignificant matters from the start. Did you really think you could survive by buying time?”

Many of the people on the island were overjoyed as their lives were spared. They didn’t expect Yang Chen to disobey Apollo!

On the monitor, Apollo was evidently stunned. Furiously, he yelled, “Hades! Do you know what you’re doing?! The life of your woman is in my hands! I could end her life anytime I want to!”

“Yeah, I’m aware. Tsk, tsk. You’re surprisingly lucky. I have quite a number of women, but the first one you decide to kidnap happens to be my wife.” Yang Chen shook his head and sighed.

Apollo seemed slightly confused. “You don’t seem to think I am ready to take matters into my own hands. Hades, as a god, I won’t hesitate to kill Persephone at all.”

Yang Chen’s face turned cold. He scorned, “God? Fool, did you really expect me to believe that you’re Apollo?”

As soon as Yang Chen finished speaking, not only was Apollo on the monitor stunned, everyone on the island was shocked as well, staring at Yang Chen doubtfully.

So was it possible that… this Apollo was a fake?

“Hades, your bluff is futile. Should you suspect my identity, I don’t mind shooting a few more arrows to annihilate all of the ants on the island. However, that would just be a waste of my efforts,” Apollo said, “If you refuse to obey, your woman will die next! While you, similar to the others on the island, will die under the detonation!”

“Oh? If you feel that I can be killed by nuclear, why do you need to kidnap my woman?” laughed Yang Chen.

Apollo squinted his eyes. “You’re trying my patience…”

Yang Chen was completely indifferent. He continued, “I feel the need to tell you that this show of yours means nothing to me. That’s because I knew you were fake from the start.

“Although you possess a decent weapon, and you’re rather strong as well, you obviously have no clue what gods are.

“You will never hear another god speak or even utter words close to world domination and the likes. To the gods, ignoring the fact that none of these matters to them, they wouldn’t need so many people to complete this task.

“I guess you’re mainly trying to cause the world to panic by slaughtering the organization representatives of different countries.

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to kill the chairperson of the European Council, who happens to be the French president now? You know that a disturbance would arise sooner or later if you did that, and a world war might follow…

“This way, you are most likely to gain the benefits of so-called world dominance from the war.”

“Humph. Bullshit all you want. I just have one question for you. Will you choose to kill everyone on the island, or die together with all of them?” asked Apollo.

Yang Chen furrowed his brow. His silhouette flashed once again, before appearing before Gabriel.

Gabriel suddenly realized something. Instantly, he raised his large sword to resist.

However, as if Yang Chen’s arm was an unbreakable spear, he didn't bother withdrawing it. Instead, he gripped the sword tighter!


The huge, dense sword made by stainless steel was no different from a piece of paper—disintegrating into pieces upon being vibrated by the overwhelming Xiantian True Qi!

Yang Chen didn’t stop there. His hand followed through with the motion and smashed through Gabriel’s chest!

Bam! As if a bomb was detonated within Gabriel’s body, his body exploded into chunks of flesh that scattered all over the vicinity!

Being gazed upon by the stunned audience, when Yang Chen withdrew his arm, the area surrounding his feet was filled with bones and flesh…

Many of the people present felt that their scalps went numb. Most of them excelled in killing, but none of them had witnessed someone who exclusively used incredibly violent means like blowing the head or shattering the entire body.

“Why must he kill in the most disgusting ways?” Disgusted, Abbess Yun Miao frowned.

Sauron let out a bitter smile. “His Majesty Pluto is simply too strong. It isn’t his intention to cause a scene like this. All he did was exert a little bit of power. What you see is just the terrifying result that follows.”

However, Yang Chen wasn’t done yet. Having gotten rid of Gabriel, he extended both his arms, one toward each holy body, and broke their necks.

The Vatican four weren’t able to resist at all—being dealt with by Yang Chen in merely a minute!

On the monitor, Apollo was enraged, but he couldn’t stop Yang Chen.

Most of the people present believed Yang Chen’s words. Indeed, they had indeed fallen into a trap set up by the Realm of Gods and the Vatican from the start. Should they all die here, and soon the French president in suit, the European Union together with the rest of the world would certainly be terrorized.

Once the situation got out of hand, the authorities from all over the world would start a war, giving rise to an unimaginable consequence!

“Alright… Pluto, it looks like our discussions have come to an end.” Apollo laughed weirdly. “Since you’re this irrational, I shall get rid of my hostages, starting from your woman. Then… all of you will finally experience the destructive power of a nuclear bomb…”

Following his speech, Apollo turned around and walked toward Lin Ruoxi on the deck.

“Yang Chen! Stop him now! Ar—are you really allowing him to harm Ruoxi?!” yelled Abbess Yun Miao anxiously. She refused to believe that Yang Chen wasn’t stopping the enemy from killing his wife.

Yang Chen, however, let out a look of surprise. “Oh? Abbess Yun Miao, you still care about Ruoxi, don’t you? I thought you hated Ruoxi because of Lin Zhiguo.”

“Wh—why are you talking about that nonsense now?! No matter how much I dislike her, she’s still one of the Lin clan!” Abbess Yun Miao was so mad that her face reddened.

The Lin clan? Sigh, she has a much more profound family background than that, thought Yang Chen. Of course, he wouldn’t say it aloud.

“You guys should leave,” Yang Chen said to the rest. “Quickly get back to the cruise and get as far away as possible. The nuclear bomb might really go off soon.”

The people present thought that Yang Chen had a way to stop the explosion, judging by what he had done earlier. So this fellow was waiting for the bomb to go off instead?!

“Ar—are you kidding me?!”

“Your Majesty Pluto, why did you kill those from the Vatican if you knew the explosion would take place?!”

Being gazed upon by the crowd, Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders. “That guy has the remote control. What more can I do?”

The Panther Mercenary Group, led by the female shaman, sped off the island instantly while her weaker teammates soon followed.

“You’re indeed a madman…” Even Prince couldn’t help but feel afraid.

Although the ones from Takamagahara and the Sword in the Stone were aggrieved, they knew that they had to get away as soon as possible, so they didn’t stay there as well.

While the range of detonation should be enormous, they hoped that they could survive the explosion if they got far enough.

These people were all elites from different countries, so they naturally had a special way to leave. Soon, only Yang Chen, Abbess Yun Miao, Sauron, and the others were left, while Fodessa stood upright in front of the monitor and his subordinates ran away.

At this moment, Apollo took his time to slowly walk toward Lin Ruoxi.

Unconscious, Lin Ruoxi lay on the slightly upper ice-cold deck, near Stern and Alice, while Harry and his mother were further away.

A few men in black immediately backed off when Apollo approached, to show respect.

Apollo turned around and said with contempt, “Hades, this is the result of your own stupidity. I’ll turn this beautiful lady into ash. And then… Deputy Director Fodessa’s wife and child will be next. Haha…”

As he spoke, he raised his golden longbow once again, pointing at Lin Ruoxi who was around ten meters away.

Abbess Yun Miao and the others paled. The longbow managed to shoot an arrow which hit two members from Blue Storm from a distance which even the best marksmen were not able to reach! Being ordinary people, if Lin Ruoxi and the rest were shot, even specks of dust wouldn’t be left, let alone ashes!

Expectedly, the men in black retreated in fear of the terrifying weapon.

A flame arrow materialized on the golden longbow once again. The radiant light also heated up the hearts of the people on the island.

Yang Chen stood calmly in dullness while the rest were immensely nervous.

“Goodbye, Persephone. You shall blame your foolish husband for this,” murmured Apollo before he released the flame arrow…

The dazzling light was shot out from the bow in the blink of an eye!



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