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“Space fragmentation and extraction of divine power; It’s exactly as you said.” Both Stern and Alice looked solemn.

Alice’s eyes which were previously filled with charm now looked cold. Softly, she said, “Also, judging from the technique displayed, it had to have been from a god level individual, or even someone beyond that. Extracting divine power can’t be done this quickly without an enormous disparity between in divinity. At least I can’t do it so quickly. Damn, we only realized after this is done.”

“The problem is—what would someone want with divine power? Why does he dispose of the divine weapon, and only seek the divine power within?” asked Yang Chen. He had been troubled by this question for long.

Stern shook his head to express his incomprehension. Clenching his teeth, he spoke, “It’s insulting that he did it with our presence. He obviously doesn't take us seriously.”

This matter had even perturbed the carefree siblings.

Stunned, Sauron stared at his empty hands. When he thought of how the box suddenly disappeared before the Sword of Thanatos fell from the rift, he suddenly realized it was the ‘mysterious person’ mentioned by Yang Chen before!

He couldn’t help but feel terrified. If the person didn’t intend to steal the divine power on the sword, but had instead wanted to kill them all, wouldn’t they have vanished just like the black box tracelessly?!

“Your Majesty Pluto, what should we do now?” Despite being an experienced fighter, Sauron had never come this close to a near death experience where he couldn’t control anything.

Yang Chen naturally didn’t feel too good, having been fooled repeatedly. “Do whatever you want. It’s fine to throw the sword away or bring it back as it’s nothing more but an ordinary item now.”

After he finished speaking, Yang Chen returned to where he had parked the car, while the siblings gazed upon the Sword of Thanatos on the ground before leaving as well.

None of the three spoke, however the fury that were in their hearts spilled out of their bodies and into the air around them.

No one on the island dared to speak when the three left. Fodessa wanted to thank Yang Chen for saving his wife, but he decided perhaps now is not the time.

After returning to the car, Yang Chen noticed that Lin Ruoxi behaved the same as before, dazing off while staring outside the window.

Yang Chen would say something to tease the woman usually. It would even be fine to make her roll her eyes. However, Yang Chen wasn’t in the mood right now. He immediately started the car and headed to Paris once the siblings boarded.

It was dawn after a few hours when the car parked outside Hotel Sofitel.

Yang Chen had been silently cultivating Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture while he was driving, and finally managed to calm himself down enough.

When he wanted to get out of the car and open Lin Ruoxi’s door in an attempt to please her, she opened her own door this time, quietly walking toward the hotel.

“Oh, it sure looks like your woman is mad. Hades, I wish you the best,” said Stern before he chuckled, while Alice who was clinging on her brother’s body smiled in joy.

The siblings had recovered their usual behavior. Stepping out of the car, they returned to their residence while kissing and hugging each other.

What the heck is wrong?! I’ve managed to deal with the clowns, but failed to stop the mysterious person in the end! More importantly, Ruoxi has found out a lot more of my secrets. She seems to be treating me with even more coldness than before! Why is that?! Yang Chen didn’t understand. Even if she’s angry at me, she should at least give me the chance to explain myself!

Yang Chen scratched his head in agony, staring at Lin Ruoxi’s slender figure which was making its way to her room, feeling the urge to smash the Maybach with his fists!

In a dimly lit business suite of Hotel Sofitel, Goodman who was dressed in a white sleeping robe held a crystal glass filled with red wine, dancing away on the carpet with his bare feet.

The music box by the bed was playing Schubert’s waltz music, giving off a pleasant rhythm.

Having abducted Lin Ruoxi and passed her to the Realm of Gods, Goodman felt an unprecedented joy.

Thinking that Lin Ruoxi and Yu Lei International would belong to him after tonight, Goodman wasn’t in the mood to sleep anymore. Recklessly ordering a few bottles of Lafite aged at least twenty years, he danced while waiting for tomorrow’s good news!

“Your dancing is not very impressive now is it?” A man’s voice echoed from the balcony, causing Goodman to be astounded.

“Who’s there?!”

Goodman violently turned around. Gazing upon the ceiling-to-floor glass door, the silhouette outside slowly became clearer.

“Ya—Yang Chen?!” Goodman failed to hold his red wine properly, causing the glass to fall on the ground, dying the carpet red. Pointing at Yang Chen, with his shivering voice, he cried, “Ho—how did… how did you…”

Yang Chen pushed the glass door open expressionlessly. Walking toward Goodman, without speaking a word, he grabbed Goodman’s waist before overturning him!

Just like a toy, Goodman’s body was suspended in the air, with one of his feet being held on by Yang Chen.

“Wh—what are you doing?!”

Goodman found it hard to speak with his body was upside down. It was causing his blood to flow down to his brain. He had no clue how the supposedly dead Yang Chen appeared outside his room. Since Yang Chen returned safely, how about Lin Ruoxi? How about Goodman’s long-awaited dream?

Goodman felt that his mood plummeted from the clouds to hell. He even ignored what Yang Chen was doing to him.

Quietly, Yang Chen held Goodman’s body like it was a weightless, insignificant object. Exerting a little strength, he jumped out the balcony. With Goodman’s foot in his hand, he jumped off Hotel Sofitel from at least ten floors high!


Goodman was dumbstruck by Yang Chen’s insane leap. Because his body was upside down, everything was ten or more times scarier for him.

Soon, his eyes turned white while Goodman fainted.

After a few minutes, Goodman felt a hot liquid flowing on his face, which had a disgusting smell. He couldn’t help but open his eyes blurrily, only to find various lights with a red tone. The lights flashed repeatedly, as if people were walking swaying in front of him.

“Hey, White Pig, you’re finally awake! Haha, look at how white you are. Your skin can rival that of a woman now!”

The rough voices of a few men resounded beside Goodman’s ears. He felt really cold in that moment. As he regained awareness, he quickly realized that he was completely naked!

Where am I?! Who are these people?! What happened to me?!

Goodman reached for his face only to find some liquid drenched all over it, and he almost fainted when he took a sniff!

It’s urine?!

“Haha, guys, look! This white pig is smelling my pee,” laughed a man.

“What a moron. But since this play is free, I don’t mind getting a little dirty,” said another man.

Goodman finally noticed where he was, causing him to instantly pale!

He was lying on the ground of a certain type of venue., surrounded by a bunch of tall and strong black men!

These black men wore a special kind of fancy clothing, one normally worn in nightclubs. These people naturally lived a licentious life!

At this moment, Goodman who was a noble descendent and a director of a multinational corporate was peeled naked and treated as a toy by the men whom he saw as filthy, good-for-nothing insects!

Goodman didn’t have to be a genius to know that he was thrown here by Yang Chen who had suddenly appeared earlier!

Before Goodman made an explanation to seek mercy from these huge guys, his body was flipped over by the excited fellows before they did something which made Goodman hate his life!

“Hey! Mmh! Listen to me! I can—”

Goodman wanted to say that he could pay them a ton of money as long as he could leave this place untouched.

Screams of agony echoed from the colorful place. But the sound wasn’t surprising in the brightly lit streets.

This district was Moulin Rouge. Located in Montmartre, there were numerous bars, dance halls, casinos, and various grey businesses, causing the nightlife here exceptionally fulfilling.

Yang Chen was sitting on the roof of this venue. Holding a bottle of Martell in hand, he listened to Goodman’s screams while downing the alcohol expressionlessly.

This punishment although cruel, was not enough for someone like Goodman. Yang Chen hadn’t gained much satisfaction from the revenge.

Whenever he thought about how cold he was treated by Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen felt that it would still be meaningless should he be given a hundred Goodman’s to vent his anger upon.

Despite knowing that he shouldn’t consume alcohol, Yang Chen didn’t stop downing it in large amounts.

“You’re not dead yet?” Yang Chen jumped down from the rood and came to Goodman. Looking down from above, he stared at Goodman without the slightest emotion.

Goodman lost his will to live. It was evident in his lifeless eyes. He had lost his dignity as a man. What good would it do if he still lived?

However, when he looked at Yang Chen’s blackhole-like, depthless gaze, Goodman fell into utter despair, realizing that death could not come any sooner!